【图】Slots of the Caribbean HD Fun下载
【图】Slots of the Caribbean HD Fun
【图】Slots of the Caribbean HD Fun

Slots of the Caribbean HD Fun iPad

Slots of the Caribbean HD Fun 简介

AHOY MATEY! Adventure and treasure awaits ye on the seven seas!

Slots of the Caribbean, along with many of our other slot machines, participates in our progressive jackpot that increases continuously until someone gets lucky and hits the big one!

This free version includes iAds, the paid version does not.

* 5 different bonus rounds to enjoy!

* Play up to 25 lines per spin!

* Win free spins from skull coin tiles!

* Compete with your friends in Game Center leader boards!

* Lock columns in place with your coins!

The FREE Fun Vegas Casino Experience on the go! Don’t forget to check our Slots, Slot Machine and other casino apps, including blackjack, roulette, craps and poker.

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Slots of the Caribbean HD Fun 下载

App Store 官网美版


Leon Beard

These games are like gas guzzler hummer. Money money money

Frontier Frank

I play the game every day. The pop ups are driving me crazy to the point I will delete this game. Sad!


I love this game comparing to all the other slots this one is great. I have only played it for 3 days and I don’t want to stop playing because it is so different and exciting. ***** five stars

Mafic rxs

Have been playing this game for some time. Paid to have ads removed. Latest update wants to be paid again to remove ads! Is this some form of extortion? Tried to contact Support, but the message goes nowhere and generates an error. There are lots of slots games out there, find a better one!


I really enjoy playing this slot! I play it everyday. I like the graphics, very nice, and I do tell my friends about it! I give this app more than 5 stars. Are you getting my post? I don’t think so! Please let me know cause none show up

Fred Dollar

Love this game, a lot of fun!


Love the graphics, skulls, ship, little crabs on bonus rounds are pretty cool.


What happened to the daytime background. I liked the old ship background better with the moon and the sunsets.


Awesome games the bonus rounds are the bomb ,They are to Die for ! If you are looking for outstanding graphics and first class game this is a game that you want to choose ! You even earn bonus when u use them 3x’s total winning. And 5x’s winnings also 10x’s the you’re winnings. You earn leveling up much faster ! The bonus games some are: Rats,crabs, treasure chest, box stay away from 3 x’s then the bonus round ends. Treasure boxes about 8 to choose from for free spins. And so many more as u level up ! Thank you for all your time and skills for making this game one of the very best games in 2015. I do believe no one can top any of your games ! I give U a AWESOME 10…. I have passed the word to friends and family about your Awesomeness !


I LOVE THIS GAME !!!!!!! enough said….


Get the stupid parrot off the screen during the bonus round. You can’t see bottom of the first reel.


Nice sound and graphics but the Constant interruptions with ads for other games that take me off the game screen are terrible. Before you can hit the X and blow the ad away it’s firing up my browser to then I have to shut down the browser operations and revert back to the game. Nice game but Way Too Much Advertising making it not so nice a game.

Thunder horses

The new game is not as good as the first game.The coins by day does not change to the advance days, and won’t even add the coins. It also is too hard to get the 3 coins without using too much cash, old game gave more . And that Parrot covers the first row so can’t see why it is netted, have parrot go away until each spi is finished.

Cleo T Cat

The new update needs some work !!! The daily coin bonus doesn’t work anymore 🙁


Received note to collect my 500 Coins. It will not update my coin total. This worked yesterday. The start page with Play, shows All the totals for each Item as 10. Once inside , the totals are correct. PLEASE FIX ASAP.


We love the slots of Caribbean HD. We had forgot we used to plat it, and found it again. It seems as though that’s all we play now. My husband needs 60,000,000. Before he can level up. He’s getting really close. Oh my, he’s addicted. Thank you for putting this game out there for people like us to play. Lots of fun for us. ,

Scott Valdez Dallas

Great way to pass the time


Won jackpot but did not receive credits.


I’ve got almost 200,000 credits in relatively no time, up from starting 10,000, but the max bet is 210 per spin. What’s the point of big credits if you can’t raise the bet. Generally fun for the first day of play, but once you hit that wall of max bet, it’s boring. No thrill of huge wins.


Fun game.


I love this game and the graphics are really good. It is one of my favorites,


Just like casino slots, except you win more often.


My coinage amount too decreased substantially a few times.


Good fun. Spent lots of time with this one


Great game, how do you increase the max bet.


Not a lot of them, but the bonuses are fun.


Been playing for almost 1.5years and this was my face, daily game. Since update the bonuses are rare and often the payout stinks! If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! Sorry I did the update!


It is okay, but the bonuses can be better!

Mac w5


Ed Phoenix

A lot of fun. I even won the jackpot, while other games hardly pay anything. I enjoy this game.

Red Stargazer

Great time passer. Fun and easy to win.

Wild hog 2

This is an awesome, awesome, fun game!


Love the graphics. Always enjoy Avalinx products. The ability to lock reels adds to the gaming pleasure.


Very enjoyable, have given up on other slot games, but just really enjoy this one. My kids think it’s lots of fun as well

mink two

I have had problems twice. Once I did not get my jackpot and once I lost 4000 points. Both were returned when I contacted you. I am very impressed. Thanks.


I will be deleting this game it stole all my coins and money after I upgraded!!! That’s bull$hit!! Hmmm they truly are pirate thieves.


I love this game!

Minx diamond

Awesome game!


This is a great game, lots of action – fun to see your nickname come up as playing. Time seems to fly, great way to pass time!


Out of all the slot games out there, this one is entertaining enough to keep playing.


A good game, but I’m pretty disappointed that the bonuses are the same as Slots of Gold. Why not just add it to that game rather than roll it out as a new game?


The game stole hundreds of thousands of credits and coins from me. Not cool.


Originally the game was fun and the free spins and bonus rounds came around frequently. The more you play the less often you get free spins and bonus rounds. Not much fun anymore! Bring back the free spins and bonus rounds!!


Like playing, but still no jackpot.


Had 19M one day, gone the next day!


Not that bad, but the bonuses sometimos are pretty hard to get.

Vava 1

Wish the bonuses were more often. Very few.


Great game…the support team was wonderful in assisting with update mishap..


Avalinx apps are the absolute best. Any problems, they fix immediately.


Good game! Lots of wins and bonus games.


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