【图】Tofu – The Game下载
【图】Tofu – The Game
【图】Tofu – The Game

Tofu – The Game iOS

Tofu 简介

Roll to the Goal!

Slide to roll the Tofu to the direction you wanna move to.
The Tofu can only roll if there’s blocks below it.
You can let it lie down or stand up.

Choose smart moves because you’ll need to fit your Tofu to the Goal Blocks.

There’s a lot of levels with 100 stages for each one.
With beautiful oriental background, this addictive game is waiting for you to clear all!

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Tofu 下载

App Store 官网美版



Ok so I’ve completed every single level in this game. 3300/3300 stars, not bad. If you want to avoid ads, just turn off the WiFi and play it. Some of the levels were really tricky, but majority of them were easy. It’s a great game overall, but it can get to the point where it’s REALLY BORING. Like this game is one of those games where you pick it as a “last option” in my opinion. I’m still giving it 4 stars for the playing experience. I never really used the cheat how to beat the level using money tutorial. But it was still somewhat relaxing.


I didn’t like it.


I purchased like 200 coins i believe, and it was never given to me. I waited a week before I finally got fed up and deleted the app. It’s fun, but don’t put any money in unless you’re sure you’ll get what you paid for.

Mya Lynn Madison

This is a really fun and cool strategy game that I really enjoy to play on a daily basis. The one thing that I am really dissatisfied about is not being able to play in full screen. I have the iPhone XS Max and it is just really annoying sometimes to not be able to play this game in full screen. Besides that minor little set back, I think this game is absolutely amazing and fun. The gameplay is stunning and I think that the developer did an amazing job on this app.


So I just got this game today and I love it,But theres some problems. Problem 1. Idk if this happens to anyone else but when I go down it goes up and when I go left I go right. This doesn’t happen in all the levels, but some of them. Problem 2. Sometimes when I hit FREE PRIZE!!! I watch the video and it doesn’t let me spin the wheel. This doesn’t happen very often but it happens sometimes. (Also idk if this happens to u or just me)


If your looking for a game like this your better with a browser game that doesn’t cram an ad Down your throat every 2 clicks


The game itself is decent, but it is literally just Bloxors from CoolMathGames.com, which is cool, but really?!


Literally a 30 second ad after every round ridiculous


This app is great! It’s very aesthetic looking and once you start to play Tofu, it’s VERY addicting. It’s also a game that keeps you calm not only because of the setup, but also the setting and how it looks. Five out five stars recommended!❤️


Great game. Levels can get a bit difficult but never super frustrating. I’ve only needed a hint once so I can’t comment on the merits of the hint system. The tofu block is so cute the way it jiggles and the art/scenery is beautiful in a minimalist way. Lovely design and relaxing/entertaining gameplay throughout! There were quite a few ads though…I just paid to remove them…the price was very fair. I love playing without interruption. This game’s worth it!


I have literally never written a review for an app before, yet I play new ones constantly. It’s true, Tofu lacks in a few features. The only way to get coins is watching ads. There are limited skin options for your tofu. However, this game is addicting, soothing, and super fun. I play it on my commute and I play it watching movies. I love to watch the tofu jiggle. The levels are easy to get through, and once in a while a challenge comes up. There is no time pressure and it is exhilarating to feel the BZT BZT haptics of your tofu plopping its way to its red destination. It is a beautifully simple and aesthetically pleasing time of puzzles that don’t stress you out.

Jimmer the Winner

I like this game a little but the problem with me is that the game don’t always take the direction commands but other than that I quite like the game.

miss hokage

I love this game and it’s really cute and relaxing. Some issues though. You have to pay to get hints and there are a lot of ads. Maybe if you toned it down with the ads, this game would be perfect!! I recommend it, but the only downside would be the ads ❤️


A 30 second video after ever 10 seconds of play is too much. Deleted before I did 10 levels.


I saw this game immediately thought if bloxorz which I played so much as a kid please just get original game and not this stupid ad filled copycat

im a heather

Addictive-yes Graphics-yes Coins-UGH! In order to get points/coins you need to watch ads. Then you get to spin a roulette wheel and can get 25-300 coins. There are no points for finishing levels, boards or even getting a perfect score on levels.


do not install, many flaws along with boring levels to completely waste your time


Play on airplane mode to completely avoid glitchy ads—you’re welcome in advance 😉 Controls are kind of finicky but it’s a fun time waster nonetheless.


30 second ad, 10 second game, 30 second ad, 20 second game, 30 sec ad, 5 second game, 30 second ad… you get the point

Snow Leopard luva

I’ve been looking for an app that isn’t very challenging and relaxing. This app is perfect! It doesn’t get unbearable hard and even when it rarely does, you have the option to use a tip that shows you how to complete part of it. This makes it so easy and relaxing! I’ve read other reviews about glitchy ads but I can’t seem to find anything glitchy with the app at all. I actually think they have very few ads that only pop up here and there. Overall, and amazing app that’s both fun and easy!


The game itself is very cute and relaxing – if it wasn’t interrupted with an ad every time you finish a level. For people who are familiar with Bloxors (I think that’s what it was called), a lot of these levels are familiar and fairly easy at first, and it’ll feel like you’re being bombarded by advertisements. A real shame, it’s such a cute game! Also, those who are weary the two games will be too similar, there are a couple variants in the puzzles so they’re not too bad to pass the time if the ads weren’t there.


I love this game! Very satisfying and not super frustrating like some other puzzle games. I just wish that the block made some kind of noise when it folds over, that would make the game 100x better!

Izzy bee8

It won’t even let me download it so it’s obviously glitchy I don’t even want to add one star it looks fun but it’s their loss cause I can’t even play the game so I am just going to assume that this is a very glitchy game


Level 15 is a joke you can’t get past it.


The simple gameplay is great, very relaxing. I just wish it had some sound. Perhaps different noise for each type of tofu as it slaps on the game board. Background music track would be nice as well. Just seems to be missing something. It a a great little game.


If you played Boxorz as a kid on HoodaMath, then you will not have a problem playing this game. It’s very cute and soothing, however it is very simple. It’s great that they have different size blocks to make it a little more fun but the game itself is really easy. It gets repetitive after a while because almost all levels look the same and they’re all easy. Not much of a challenge but has good animations.

Puppy Kitty b

This game would be sooo much better if it was easier to move forward he tofu block.

stinky tofu 2

The game is very cute and I completed all the levels and stages. Most of the levels were pretty straightforward and easy, even if the levels progressed. Even by the last set of level, the stages were equally challenging as the beginning levels. I’m giving it a two star though because I didn’t like some of the lack of features it had. When you buy hints with your coins, your hint doesn’t save. So if you go to another stage, then back, you will need to buy the hint again for it to show. Also, it doesn’t save the hint so if you want the second hint, you will need to buy the first hint again then the second hint. Also when you were watching the ads, when you want to “spin again”, the button doesn’t work all the time. I would just keep on tapping the button until it works again. I don’t know if there’s like a short period of time I need to wait until I can spin again but that’s what it seems.


This game is too easy and there isn’t a lot of variation. Once you get a hang of the different patterns it takes seconds to complete each puzzle.

Procrastinating At W

I repeat: IMPOSSIBLE. 1 star until you fix the level.


Wonderfully relaxing with the way the tofu jiggles. And, contrary to most rolling block games, the tofu does not fall of the sides and the game does not count your moves – relaxing as hell. Beautiful background. Many many levels to satisfy all your rolling tofu desires. If you turn off your wifi while playing, there are no ads.


So many ads I can’t even enjoy the game… I really like concept, the puzzles are fun, and the visual style is lovely! If the ads were removed I would recommend the game, otherwise not worth your time.


Love the game! But I already finished it! Would love more stages!!!


The direction on this game gives me a headache. The entire stage is set on an angle and it wants you to move in four directional turning that doesn’t work with its movement. It’s a small thing but so extremely aggravating I don’t think I can play it past a few stages without getting angry.


solutions are incredibly obvious and most levels are linear and can only be solved within seconds. maybe if there was more quantity to compensate for the lack of quality their would be worth it. The difficulty never scales beyond the first few levels and there’s no reward for completing them. This game is an insult to proper game design.


It reminds me of a game I used to play as a kid and I’m so happy to have found a mobile version of it! Only critique is that it would be nice with some soft background music and some sound affects for when you move the tofu, other than that it’s a great game that I highly recommend 🙂


The game is relaxing and sometimes challenging. But after almost every level, you get a long video ad. I understand banner ads and the occasional video ad, but this was too much. Not worth playing if 90% of the game is ads.


The game itself is fine. Relaxing, soothing, and not all that difficult. The problem is the ads. I have an iPhoneXr which means i don’t have a home button. When something asks to open another app, i can’t go back to my home page. When i pressed cancel, it just kept popping it back up, rendering my unable to go back to my home screen. I ended up just having to restart my phone. I’m deleting the app, but if you could find a way to fix that, I wouldn’t have a problem getting it again.

Epic people

100% needs more Levels!


Horrible game! I bought money and it didn’t work don’t even bother buying this game it is a scam don’t but anything it just takes your money. Horrible game don’t bother buying anything in it.


game is good just needs work the levels feel repetitive and isn’t challenge at all really. it’s a really relaxing game to play though

Leafy Fan

i saw this game when i was in photo shop express and at first I was gonna press X but then i saw it was tofu. so I downloaded bc it looked easy and honestly it’s easy (so far) so I mean I would recommend this but if I weren’t for the ads, I would definitely give it 5 stars.


Every time you level up after so many rounds you get an ad. It doesn’t make me want to get the ad free version. It’s the reason I’m deleting it now. Plenty of games on my phone, not interested in buying one for $3 when this is all it does and it’s zoomed so far out that it’s hard to see. Helpful hint, make the controls better.


I downloaded this game and had fun playing it. But it puts up an add for other games about every 2 levels. Too much. Deleted it.


Most of the levels are way too easy, taking maybe 5 seconds. But it’s still a fun game and every now and then, a level is challenging. I give it 4 stars.


Ridiculous amount of ads


I can tell you this, the tofu can be satisfying while you watch it jiggle. But then still I don’t like the game because it’s a waste of time just swiping you phone and trying to get the tofu in the right spot I’m just saying this it has to many ads it’s a waste of time when you could be doing other things and you get bored super quick worst game ever👎👎👎

too many adssss

this game is the exact same as a game called bloxorz, its a browser game they just made it more fancy and took the game

Doodle loop

I really like this game! Although music would be great and it’s difficult to move the tofu in the right direction.


People are saying there aren’t any ads, but THATS NOT TRUE!!! I keep getting ads and it’s annoying. It’s a relaxing game even though it doesn’t have music or sound. That let’s you to be able to listen to anything on the same device while you’re playing! I love it because it can be a brain twister and challenge. I love challenges! I love the way the tofu jiggles, very satisfying! But the ad part goes for every game I have. They all have ads and I hate that they make you pay for not having ads and I can’t pay for it. Love the game besides some other things and keep up the good work!


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