【图】Flick Basketball Arcade Online下载
【图】Flick Basketball Arcade Online
【图】Flick Basketball Arcade Online

Flick Basketball Arcade Online iOS

Flick Basketball Arcade Online 简介

The worlds only multiplayer basketball game where you can win real money and prizes.

*Compete For REAL CASH & PRIZES or just Play for FUN*

Experience adrenaline pumping game play with FLICK BASKETBALL ARCADE. Ultra realistic graphics and physics will leave you feeling like a pro ball player.

Compete against other real players from all around the world for FREE with virtual currency or play for REAL CASH PRIZES in the most ultra realistic basketball game.

Challenge people around the world with SKILLZ, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, cash or virtual currency prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! SKILLZ: eSports for Everyone.

Become the next STEPHEN CURRY and WIN REAL CASH.

FLICK BASKETBALL ARCADE features amazing 3D graphics and environments. Compete in the park or on the streets in an underground garage.

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Flick Basketball Arcade Online 下载

App Store 官网美版



This used to be an awesome game until the most recent update version four weeks ago. This was one of my favorite skills games and now you can’t even play the game without the game crashing. It seems to work better on his cell phone you might be able to get a game or two through but if you’re working on any other tablet or device good luck. I’ve tried to take this to the management of the company and explain the issue and they just don’t seem to care.


I wrote them and explained to them the second I updated there app all my games were crashing and making me lose. I tried all there suggestions and still no change. And I don’t believe we should be treated this way they can go see exactly when I updated the app and when the crashes started!!!!! They were very helpful for a little while refunding all my money until they claimed my rate of crashes was too high and that I had to play at my own risk. It your stupid update that is crashing because it worked absolutely perfect until the second I updated it and I spent a lot of money daily playing there game and this how I got treated and it’s really freaking sad too because I actually loved spending my money and playing this game because If it weren’t for people like me who choose to play THIER game daily over millions of others there wouldn’t be any game to play to begin with and they have forgotten that rant OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


App updated and now it just crashes everytime and ends with aborted score. Game used to be the best but won’t be playing again until the bug fixes have been fixed in a new update




Past few days everything has been working fine – thank you for listening & love the game

eddie n venom

Awesome game


This game crashes wayyy too often during cash matches!!! I’m now afraid to play for cash as i fear it will crash mid game causing me to lose out on potential money and hurts my trophy progression!!! I really hope this gets fixed soon. This is my favorite game but no fun when it crashes. And I have followed instructions to a tee and it still crashes. Please fix developers!!!


Awesome fun

rodricus butler

Y’all need to refund my money back on my card


I put my moms card info in and it took 30 of her cash app an she yelled at me an said she wish she can put her hands on my an she said my dad need to come get me NOW


Awful. The same player keeps closing games before you can play and wins 5 bucks at a time and he is still allowed to play. Shady and awful !!!

Bad gamer56262772727

The feed back for swiping is trash so I cant even get a high score


Love this app!


The ball doesn’t flick like at all. Idk if I’m doing something wrong or what




So much fun!!!


Can you really win cash from this game


Needs cash games


Could be better more characters and perks


Nice game not too bad !


I can NOT play for real cash!!! I absolutely love the game in itself! I finally found a game that I like in Skillz! Now I can be cool like my fiancé and win a bunch of real cash all the time playin these darn games. BUT nooooooo I have not and still can NOT enter the pro league to play for real cash! Even dominating the practice league time after time after time etc etc. Support was no help at ALL multiple times! Did I say i still can’t play for cash…..cuz I STILL CAN NOT!!!! Fun game to play though.


Love this game although the challenge is very addicting


Why I can’t play with real cash ?


Fun and easy game to play I like it play it all the time………………


So addicting


Love this game hard to stop


Can’t play for money, access cash tournaments or play in the pro league; the whole reason I downloaded this game.

Me Rokstar

This is a superb game and a lot of fun to play.






It’s a good game, but you can’t play for money please fix.


Real money virtual game


Great app

El chapo pr

Jaja ja fun game I love it


Game crashes and fix glitches. Need improvements once issue is fix give app a 5 star.

hitman nop



New update is off the mark on iPhone X display and makes things difficult, please fix.


There is no competition for cash

ill make my own on m

Great game to pass time and even win some real cash with Skillz e sports if you think u got the skillz then why not download and prove you got the skillz to pay the bills


Really good game! I love it


I love this game.


Fun game! Actually win money!


This is a fun game to play!!!


Very entertaining




Fun game!

bone ksd

Good game

Justus Elijah

Very fun!!


So awesome I can’t stop playing

Tom C 44

Love this game man!!!!


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