【图】Zombie Age 3: Dead City下载
【图】Zombie Age 3: Dead City
【图】Zombie Age 3: Dead City

Zombie Age 3: Dead City iOS

Zombie Age 3 简介

The awesome Zombie Age series returns with a lot more of savage zombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy the zombie slaughter with your own style. And If you’re about to look for the best zombie shooting game, look no further!

– Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways
– Cooperative gameplay with your friends
– 30+ deadly weapons at your disposal
– 20+ characters with unique abilities to develop
– 10+ different zombies & horrible bosses
– Up to 10 game modes with thrillingly tough boss battles
– Achievements & Global Leaderboards
– Tons of missions

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Zombie Age 3 下载

App Store 官网美版


me spiny

Love it man


This game is really fun


Great game

czunvin ki vol



Yo jugué el dos y este también y este juego me encanta porque matas zombis y es de zombis


Awesome game must play


I love this game but if you lower the ads just a little i would play it more


This is the BEST zombie simulator game I’ve ever played I LOVE it you should add more skins and more skins


Great game 😏😏




Great game


Too many adds


Too many ads, but the game is really good overall


Good game!


Loved this games since I was in 10th grade lol I’m 21 now

Josiah Joseph

There’s ads,it’s still a great game.Worth it,great game,awesome graphics.


Very fun and easy to get into!


Awesome game


This game is too fun I’ve had it for 6 months and absolutely no problems. Download this game right now. You won’t regret it…..


Easy to start, fun to play. Good game.


This game is so entertaining and fun to play it’s a amazing classic


With rice

por k covran

Buen juego 😇🥴🥰


I really enjoy this game


This is a really fun cool good game one of the best zombie games I’ve every played


You will love this game after playing it for 2 min


(●´ω`●) can’t stop playing


It nice


This game is sooo awesome and there to many ads please take some of the ads out


I used to play this game when I was younger and I thought it was awesome but I went threw a couple of phones and then I saw it yesterday in App Store so I got it and it was better than ever

Paco Montanna

Is fun to play and feels amazing

the god luis

Is a good game


Good challenge


Very fun a lot of ads

a really big fan

I like how you have kick ass partners in the game what I wish is like if you play for a day or like a month what I’m saying is if yo play for a month you get a new random gun and 200 dollars and if you play for a day you get a discount on the packs and 55 dollars I love the game it’s so good please put these in the game please I hope u put it in the game thank you bye




It’s a great and awesome game but way to many ads


The game is nice but theirs too much adds and I need the boss fights I can’t just go on survival mode I don’t want it like that I just want to fight the boss the same way like Samsung plz put the boss fights now plz

kale alfred C vitug



this game keeps me woke at night hours of fun and plenty time to do so even when i’m not feeling so good it’s always a choice to play this game i wuld recommend its to anyone

lil l walker

Very very good Game but I wish there was not as much ads. I think this game is very fun, but hard but still very fun. It is the hardest when you are around level 100 but I would recommend this game to anybody who likes zombie games. Best game ever.🤪😀😃😄😁


This game is AMAZING but too many ads like say if you reached a different rank you would have to watch a ad to get the reward. I don’t think you should have to watch a ad to get a reward and after every match it it would show a ad unless you do the 2x coins ad then it won’t show a ad but I don’t do 2x coins and theirs a lot of hacks on this game but if your being honest. I would roll with the hacks so you would be better cause the challenges to rank up could be really hard sometimes. But overall I think the game is Fun but Zombie Age 2 should be on iPhone 11.


Hey guys this is a great game I became absolutely addicted in the span of a few minutes. I discovered this game by downloading it for my nephew but now I’m taking over! I wish you guys would put the first two on iPhone (for free of course) i would definitely download both!! 🚨




It’s really fun


Smooth Cool look Killing zombies What more could anyone really want out of life?


Its good


Very good game


Great game

AKA Penley

Love the game


Is game is a game that I will play forever it’s a fun zombie game thanks who ever made this 😊






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