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MOTI Chat 简介

MOTI is a new video chat platform for the new economy. We want to create a new on-demand service marketplace where consumers are hiring the experts they need, whenever they need them. Professionals in various fields can use MOTI, such as lawyers, teachers, doctors, musicians, celebrities, tutors, therapists, motivational speakers, executives, to start. If you’re already running a business and have an existing client base, MOTI will expand your availability and unchain you from your office.

MOTI features:
* A unique video recording feature, that lets either party record the chat directly to their phone – as long as the other person grants you permission
* Landscape and Portrait video chat & recording
* Recording status icons at the bottom of the screen shows you when a user is and isn’t recording
* Recorded videos are saved directly to your camera roll
* Pro Users can set a per-minute rate, and every call is timed (rounded up to the minute)
* Standard Users can set a time-limit so they know they will only get charged a maximum amount
* Calls can be stopped by either party at any time, and Standard Users only pay for the time you use
* Pro Users can request payments from their customer during a call
* Pro Users can choose not to charge a per-minute rate using the “Cover Call Fee” feature, and use in-call payment requests to get paid
* Standard Users can call other Standard Users; the user that requests the call must pay the per-minute fee
* Anyone with a U.S. bank account can become a Pro User
* A unique split screen video chat view so both parties can see each other clearly
* Fullscreen mode for when you want a clear view of the other person
* Add contacts from people you know in your device’s address book, or search for them by name or username
* Only approved contacts can call each other, so you won’t get random call requests from strangers
* Rate the other person at the end of a call
* 3 visibility modes: Visible to All, Visible to Favorites only, or Invisible to all
* Maintain a call history, favorites list, and contacts list in a familiar way that you are already used to on your phone
* A statements page shows you a monthly summary of how much you’re spending or earning
* Apple Pay is supported as a payment method
* All video is AES 128-bit encrypted

MOTI Teams features:
* Any PRO User can apply for a Team Account
* Teams consist of a single US based merchant account – which can be setup with bank account/routing info or a debit card connected to your business checking account
* Team Leaders invite users on MOTI to join their team using a web-based admin interface
* The Team Leader can monitor their member’s performance on a month-by-month breakdown that looks just like the Statements tab from the app
* Team members are have PRO user status even if they never signed up as a PRO
* All income earned goes into the active team bank account or debit card. MOTI currently does not handle transfers between the team account and the team members. That’s up to your payroll services to handle.
* Team Leaders can remove a member at any time, at which point their account reverts to its previous settings
* Team members can use the app in any country MOTI can be found below
* Don’t forget, team members can always maintain multiple accounts (Team accounts or otherwise). Join multiple teams as long as you have separate MOTI accounts for each one.

* Available to Standard Users in 50 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Republic Of Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Republic Of Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saint Lucia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turks and Caicos, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Virgin Islands)

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MOTI Chat 下载

App Store 官网美版



This app has had no useable upgrade in the past year. Nothing seems to get better and now you can simply use zoom which is free. Waist of phone space


MOTI app has been such an amazing app to generate extra revenue for my business!


Best app hands down !

Chaz Van de Motter

Moti is insanely cool. It gives you access to tons of amazing mentors and consultants. This tech is a big time game changer.


Great app if you are young and looking for guidance in a field that is new to you or just interested in. Easy to use and a great way to connect and gain some insite in areas of interest with professionals that have already done what you are striving for. 5/5 would recommend!!!


so much easier to use than Skype or FaceTime, well done 👏


MOTI is the most efficient all in one business app I have seen …it has video chat, in call payments, and enables me to bill for my time in one place!!

Hip Hop Purpose

I’ve been needing an app like this for literally years. Been on it for months now and it’s a blessing that I can finally coach people about social media and charge them directly through the app instead of taking an hour phone call I can’t even record then charging them through PayPal or Venmo. This app lets me record the call so I can use it as content later and set my price when people call me. And the person I was coaching can watch it over and over as well. Jesus I wish this thing came out years ago when I started reaching people how to use social media.


A lot of this reviews say it’s good but it has some terrible UI design and it’s super hard to navigate.


I had my first call today and the app worked perfectly. Easy to receive payments and the ability to record the conversation is essential. Best communicating app on the App Store. Perfect 5 out of 5.

Olumide TheGlobopren

This app is a gem for the consultant & entrepreneur community and I’m so happy they created this. Will help me pick up more clientele that don’t want to start high ticket.

Matt Anices

This App is a game changer in so many different levels. Founders and the team will take this to a whole new level.


This app is already changing the way I connect with others and how we do business! We highly recommend it because of the ability to have access to top leaders like Casey Adams and Braxton Miller!

Matt Hubble

This is going to be an indispensable tool for myself as a consultant. In short, MOTI fully integrates with every tool a professional needs to run their business from their phone. It removes all of the pain points I endure trying to utilize other systems out there from uncompressed video recording to processing payments. Overall, it allows me to increase my efficiency and deliver superior service to my clients.

Reef Colman

This community is amazing. I love being able to look for and find an expert in any given field. Then I can share my wisdom of 10 years in corporate level marketing. Huge shout out to Casey Adams for bringing this app into my life.

shmoney team

I’ve had many experiences in the past with other platforms for communication with coaches and trainers such as Skype, Oovoo, and uber-confrence. I can honestly say that the Moti App is the most user friendly and secure platform I have ever used! Its really changing the way professionals communicate with clients AND has a flawless payment system integrated into that app that gets your paid for your time! Awesome idea and a awesome team of guys behind the scenes at Moti!!

Matt the dincus

If you are a consultant, this app is so much simpler to use than zoom or Skype. Clients can pay with Apple Pay right in the app, so there’s no need to send a bunch of separate emails for invoicing.


Been in the consulting industry for a while now and love how easy it is to talk and network with others. Also, easy to get paid of course


This is a great app! Great development of an app for different consulting services! Easy to set up and understand how to use!! Would recommend this to anyone who owns a business or offers a service🤘🏽

Zach Razorback

I really enjoy using MOTI for my clients & people who need help with random questions! I highly recommend if you do any consulting to use this awesome app!


Something about making money by the minute is really fun 😂. but for real —> moti is changing the game. hopefully they’ll add a price per call option so i can completely move my hypnocoaching business over to the app


MOTI is revolutionizing the flow of information and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is more recognized than college educations pretty soon.


An outstanding app!! You can use it for consulting You can use it for coaching You can use it for podcast & interviews You can sell things through it You can use it to network and connect with your mentors Records audio and video You automatically get paid for your time So many things this app just simplified! Thank you for such an awesome app


The team at Moti is genuinely changing the consulting game for the better. Love the app 🔥🔥🔥


The app runs smoothly and is very clean with solid colors allowing it to be user friendly. The concept itself is wonderful because it’s like a mentor or a lesson you learn from others from the comfort of your home or wherever you are as long as you have your phone so that idea just fascinates me! Amazing app!

Coach Ernesto G

I’m Loving the MOTI app! Awesome concept with real world functionality…. It allows you to have face to face video chats with professionals without having to leave your home! I love it ❤️

Jordan Gilman

This app has revolutionized the one on one consulting space. Not only am I able to work with more clients than ever before, but I’m no longer having to chase them down to get paid!


This is definitely a cool way to connect with clients and business partners when conducting deals and making connections.


Just downloaded the Motiapp have to say I’m very excited to Connect with mentors around the world! A must download!


This app allows you to talk to high calls people dominating in their industry. Allows you to get payed for your time and meet with people who can help improve your business or craft


Haven’t used the app yet but I enjoy how smooth it is to navigate it. There is no confusion and I understood what to do in the first five minutes. Going to utilize this more in the new year. Thanks for the awesome app idea 🙌🏾


The Moti app is brilliant as it makes consulting, working with students and being a online business owner more seamless than I could have ever pictured it to be.


Moti is awesome for those who want to connect with other like-minded people. It’s a great place to find mentors and connect with others. It’s perfect for all the different things I have going on and I can see the value in it. This is a game-changer for sure!

App reference 33

I’ve been looking for an easy way to charge people for my consulting calls. PayPal can be a hassle with customers refunding and wire transfers are way too time-consuming. I love this app because of its modern design and usability that makes it easy for me to book calls with people and so people can book calls with me. 5 stars earned!


Best app I have ever had !!!

B Rains

This app is perfect for people in the profession of educating other and getting paid. It’s legitimate and super helpful. Not only that but it really helps with learning from other people and being able to communicate with them. 🔥 Definitely give it a shot and download it 👏


If you like money and better yet want a platform to simply provide value and help others, which is why most entrepreneurs exist (the successful ones at least) than simply download it. Mic drop. Download it. Why are you still reading. Stop reading an download it.


Excellent way to connect with professional and seek advice at a reasonable price. Excited to see this platform grow and help individuals worldwide

Hannah Ingram

This app is just what I’ve been needing. Makes calls simple and is easy to navigate. The layout and design of the app is very modern and pristine. Such a great app!

Greg Nowacki

Our most valuable thing is TIME and which this app you can actually set a dollar amount based on what that is worth to you. Everyone only gets 24 hours in day and each minute is time that you could be making money. People who pay, pay attention. MOTI is great for that exact reason. End the free call frenzy of people who are just looking to ask endless questions

Jigga MFN James

Sleek, simple modern design. Easy to use and is overall one of my favorite apps!


So many amazing individuals using the app! From the entertainment industry to pro athletes everyone should have this app!


This app is a waste of human nature and that being said Instagram and iPhones already can FaceTime and record. Your late bud ! Invest in something better don’t waste your time on this app…


Amazing game changer app!! It is a must to download and use!!

Dont Keep scrolling

I love Moti because it allows me to conduct my business on the go. I’m a business coach and often work remotely from coworking spaces or coffee shops. Moti allows me to pull out my phone, connect with clients 1 on 1, and get paid for every minute. This is new age business.


Prior to using the Moti App, I found myself consulting for free. Once I started using the app, I gained time back, made more money in the process and got more dialed in on the clients I enjoy working with! Thank you Hugo and the rest of the Moti team for such great customer service!

Honestly Wack

Very much love to use this for consulting.


This app will literally get you in contact with many people who are all going to give you a opportunity to be a part of the knowledge they’ve received in their life! So come monetize and be a part of the future!

Worst f amp

I’ve been using this app for my business iLegendz and the results have been phenomenal! Recorded video calls and payments right through the app has been a game changer. Say good bye to skype and say hello to MOTI!


I love how I can receive my money instantly. With out no hassle or having to worry about my information getting out there. This app is great


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