【图】Age of Kingdoms : Civilization下载
【图】Age of Kingdoms : Civilization
【图】Age of Kingdoms : Civilization

Age of Kingdoms : Civilization iOS

Age of Kingdoms 简介

Play with millions of online players from all over the world.

Build a great kingdom with your hard work,conquer the world with your great knowledge,kill the enemy with your unparalleled courage,save your people with your kindness.

Show no mercy to the enemy! LEAD your Kingdom to the GLORY of the victory!

************ GAME FEATURES ************
* Play & chat online with millions of other players

* Build your EMPIRE and expand your territory!

* Fight the worldwide players across the vast world map by using proper strategy.

* Accumulate RESOURCES for your empire

* Upgrade buildings, research technology to strengthen your EMPIRE!

* Use wisely the various ITEMS to upgrade in a faster way

* Join or create a mighty ALLIANCE to start massive EPIC fights

* Train a mighty army of Swordsmen,Archers,Cavalry and Catapults

* Participate in solo and multiplayer battle for abundant Experience, Gems and Equipments and much more items!


My liege, you must lead our land to strength,The fate of the Kingdom is in your hands now!

Having any problems?Any suggestions?You can reach us at mongogame010@gmail.com


1> A network connection is required to play

2> Age of Kingdoms is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

We hope you can enjoy the game and have fun.

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Age of Kingdoms 下载



Gamemonger 1

Great game!


Game is very boring.

david genesis

Gm and game owner let other people being racist against Germans calling them nazi worse game rules and standards, I complaint plenty times and the only thing they care is money and they support racism


No app support


I’ve been playing this game for 6yrs now and while I plan on playing longer the game seriously needs to change/improve some things I know you’ve gotten suggestions b/c I’ve sent in a few myself please listen and apply them literally 90% of players have or will quit b/c of these problems/stagnation


Great game


New server comes out 3 weeks ago, so what do the developers think make sense in a war game? Hell yeah let’s merge it with a server that’s been out months. Moral of the story, the new server became a new farm. This trash is getting deleted.


Game is fun just have to spend a lot to be a major player or have a ton of time to spend on game to grow free. Best to join up with Alliance that is strong and play you’re role.


Ok,game except to many welfare recipients buying power


Hard to figure out, getting easier


the attempts to monetize every aspect ruins the gameplay. it is pay to win


Enjoyable game! Love playing it


Very addictive


Ok, not the best. Not the worst


The game is easy to start.


Fun so far. Easy to understand.


Dont have to spend alot and game is fun. Way better than mobile strike which has gotten way out of hand


The same as any game, money will be the key to being bigger, stronger and out lasting others. You can build but at a much slower pace. Gaining the protection of a stronger player will be the only thing that will get you through. Bottom line can be fun and can be quite frustrating


To this point it’s been a good experience. The next level could prove interesting.

Grubbe shoppe

Great game to play

CocaCola Barbie

Got account disabled after red flagging an obviously misleading glitch. Was told that I could stop upgrading if I didn’t like it. Very unprofessional. This is a wannabe version of similar games-which are much better. The biggest reason I stayed is that it is supposed to get better. Thank god I didn’t invest any $ into it before I found out how they take feedback lol.

Hellsyeah 2

Once you start to learn all the different things you can do daily it really helps you get moving forward in the game I would suggest a note board for beginners of what to start with and how to It took me a couple weeks to realize what all I could do,now if I started over I would be quite powerful in the level I’m in now


Good game. Don’t have to spend a fortune.


Wow just wow



Jamie B Motley

I love it!


Worst game ever. Top four alliances control everything, they will not let you participate in all events unless you are a member of one of them. 100s of bases that our not occupied because people quit the game. You need speed ups galore in order to attack dragons before they are attacked by anyone else. The increase March speed by 50% does not work. Last I checked half of 30 is 15. And if the top alliances do not like the way you they contact the creator and have you kicked. So all the money you invest to the game is lost. They will not refund your money for packs that don’t work. Do not waste your time I thought mobile strike was bad but this game is even worse.


A bit grinding

Great game 7000

It’s ok


come and join !




Millions of players. Lol


Free gems for a review




Great start on a new server. Gets boring after a while.


Pretty fun


This game is very engaging. Keep you entertained

Tha Squisher

Fun way to pass downtime



HR Hero

Only 10 minutes into the game, but I like it so far…

Hominy rickets

Game managers are biased to those who spend more money than others. They claim otherwise of course. Find a different game.

Baja Al

Age of Empire is maintaining it’s dominance in the world of strategy war games. You will not win this game without a good strategy.

Neerg raeb

Game is a great way to decompress after a long day! But very addictive! Be ware


Could use some more events and a few gameplay tweaks, but overall good



Kaven j

Great way to pass time


Just like all the other ages of kingdom games, but seems a little more directive, which is nice. I like the new events too!


Needs new troops, new events, and more space for farms

shafiq tutakhail

wonderful game but its too hard


Great game.


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