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Depression Test iOS

Depression Test 简介

The Depression Test is a powerful tool to evaluate depression and monitor treatment response.The test questions are based on Patient Healthcare Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9), the most widely used and trusted questionnaire among mental health professionals. The test can be self-administered.

With Depression Test, you can:

– take the PHQ-9 test to screen for depression
– check the severity of your depression
– store the test results and monitor improvements over time
– keep a journal to track your mood
– gain access to high quality depression resources on the Internet

Depression can be effectively treated. Don’t wait until things get worse. Find out if you’re depressed and then take action.

Disclaimer: This self-test should not be used as a replacement for professional treatment or guidance. You should consult a medical professional if you are concerned about your symptoms.

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Depression Test 下载

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my parents refuse to get me help so i’m downloading a ton of apps like this on our family apple account so they’ll see it and actually take action. i scored a 26/27 and this is my last attempt at trying to get help. ***anyone within the 20s reach out and get help!!***


So I really wanted to try it so I downloaded it And I answered the questions and I had a score of 19/27 I was kinda in shock but not sure if it’s true.. so is this real? But also an amazing app 🙂

zoe in my cochie

i took the quiz and it says 21/27 and i’m nervous bc i’m only 12


Even though I am only 12. I got 16/27. This tells me that I may need to talk to someone. Rather then shut people out. Cause shutting people iut is a thing I’m good at. So I would recommend this app.

Avacado sy

It’s great but I’m at the age of ten and got a 24/27 and I don’t know what to do how am I gonna tell my mom and I don’t have the guts to do it


This helped a lot but there is no way in setting up reminders. Fix please.

Bill of Eureka

IPhone 7 , ios14. Trouble with new entries. Swipe motion not working

Tehila Roseman

The app is great but there is one problem. I wrote a journal entry yesterday and today when I pressed write a new entry it took me to edit the journal entry I wrote yesterday. It wouldn’t let me write a new entry. Please fix this!


I was already diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety but I take these test to how accurate they are, and I think this is very accurate on how you ask questions just like my counselor usually does. It not a bad app if you think you are feeling depressed. It’s a really nice app.




It’s a good app but I’m kinda scared so I’m still 10 which is Very young age to have depression but I’ve been feeling a little down lately and there is so much going on in life other then that I might have a little but I’m fine 😄

Miki was taken

i got a 23/27 so i don’t know. i don’t think i have depression, but i’m too scared to go to a professional to get checked.

Buttermilk Waffle

So I’m under the age of 18, I’m actually diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I have to take medications and see a therapist and psychiatrist. They tend to give you a form to fill out with similar questions to these so they can keep data of your feeling and emotions. The only difference is, this test is much shorter therefore may be less accurate. Is it a nice way to reflect and track the days you’ve felt depressed? Yes! Will it tell you if you actually have depression and you should probably seek greater help? No! If you scored 20-27 i recommend getting immediate help!!


I have been diagnosed with MDD (a type of depression), so i didn’t really need this app. i wasn’t expecting much, maybe just a score and that’s it. When i got my score, i also got an option to “look for help.” For people with a 20-27 score, please find a way to cope. Thank you for making this app!!


I don’t know anymore I just thought just see that m depressed but yea i am depressed but I don’t it will be over


Umm I’m 11 and I got a 23/27 on the test I have thought abt self harming a lot …um yea I guess it kinda helped


I noticed for 2 or 1 month now, I have had depression signs. My mom says,”you have nothing to be depressed about” “depression has a reason” and my best friend does not care for me. I told her, she said “um” and that’s it. This helped me a lot, I got a 25/27. It says on every quiz I take that I have severe depression. I cry for no reason, and I have suicidal thoughts.

thelazygaminggirl ig

This app is incredibly useful! Context: It’s a test (PHQ-9) with nine questions and will give you a score out of 27 based on the severity of your depression Advise: Although I used to use it for self diagnosing when I was younger, I realized that the only way you can really know is to go seek professional help. Purpose: This app can be used for tracking and monitoring mental health and educating people about the symptoms and what to be more aware of. Advise: Overall this app is amazing but if you cannot see a phychiatrist and you are in school the you should see a school counselor and figure out a plan. ❤️❤️Wishing whoever reads this good health and happiness❤️❤️


I’m 12 years old and I took the test and got a 20/27….I impeded something this high because I have been feeling awful these last few weeks so I got this just to “check-up” on myself however I didn’t expect results this high and I don’t know what to do with this information but hopefully it helps soon 🙂


Is it bad that i have a 20/27. This app helps but I don’t know what to do


I just turned 11 years old yesterday and I did NOT sleep because I was having suicidal thoughts and was just crying every 5 minutes so I contacted a doctor in the morning and I am currently waiting results

inquistormaster fan

Turns out I’m sudical


I am a 11 year old girl and I took the test and it said that I have a 22/24. My brother who is 16 says I am too young to have depression. Everything in the test is what is happening to me. It even had a bar that said Get Help.

kiara the kid

I took the test but I’m scared to tell someone.. I was sad a lot last year I told my mom she helped me and I pretended it stopped. It never did.. should I tell my best friend or my mom again?


So I’m 12 and I got a 21


Amazing app. Very high quality. Its insightful and very helpful. No lags or glitches. It’s amazing


I can so if I have depression I take it once a week to Know if it is getting better!


I get 27/27 every time

Mariam Kadiri

I’m still 12 years old, and become a teenager in a few months. I took the test and got a 16/24. It told me I have severe depression, and that makes me really anxious. No one in my family has ever been diagnosed with depression. Some people say that I’m a little off, you know like, I’m not being myself. I think it’s a good app and all, and I’m still not sure why I am depressed, but it did make me feel really scared for the future and myself


Don’t waist ur time

Lil k

Helped me diagnose myself, and tell someone. If you think you might be having trouble, downloading this app.


It’s a basic app, but that’s a good thing! It’s very straightforward. It provides a handy way for tracking depression symptoms over time with its history feature. If I had to ask for anything, I wish that the history feature could chart things based on time, rather than just using a constant interval for each measurement. I know that it would require storing more data, but I think it might be worth it.


Certainly the questionnaire my pcp gives me every time I go for my annual.


This is a really great app to keep track of how you’re doing over time, and it’s really rewarding sometimes when you see you’re progression over time.


I’m 10 and I got it and took the test at the end it said in really depressed and and I need a doctor. So I showed this to my parents and they didn’t believe and I got really depressed and I hope I won’t get depressed ever and the app was okay but I deleted it


This is a bad idea, saying you have severe depression off of 9 questions isn’t even remotely accurate. I’ve seen tons of reviews saying their 11-12 year olds talking about how happy they are now that they know they have “depression” which isn’t accurate, you need to be diagnosed by a real doctor, not some random 9 question test on the App Store.


So I’m 11 and I got a score of 24 of severe depression and I’ve told my family. They all have beed diagnosed with depression but they say that I don’t have depression at all. None of them are doctors and I really want to see a doctor to be sure. I know this is NOT for self diagnose so I may be wrong. The questions make sense and so do the answers.


I use this app every two weeks, but now I can’t see my progress from the beginning. Does the app not record past a certain point? Or am I missing something and there’s a place where I can look at overall history?


This should not be a way to self-diagnose but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the app to track your progress. Answer the questionnaire frequently and see if there are any general trends. This is a great way to track your depression and it’s progression!

Joelle J

Well I have severe depression. idk whether or not to give 5 stars or 1, but here you go. I scored (24/27)

Safari giraffe

I like that this app allows users to take a general depression test. But this app should not be used in place of an actual medical diagnosis. Much more goes into diagnosing depression than a few questions. This app, however, can help start discussions regarding how a user feels, and/or allow a user to really pinpoint how they feel.

Black people need he

“Don’t worry, be happy” is a patronizing sentiment and any mental health professional with any sense would know that. As usual, thanks for nothing.


This is mostly about a review that was posted on March 19th by a username ( Cosby mom ) if you are reading this Cosby mom do not feel alone I have a littler brother that is 12 years old that is going through depression as well you are loved you should try an app called Wisdo you can communicate with people going through the same process you are , please try it and if you feel like hurting yourself or think it you can also call this number 1-800-273-8255 you are important don’t forget that.

Itz me hopeee

I have been feeling down about a lot of things, and I am trying to get better, and this helps me track whether I’m getting better… I’m not though, but this app helps a lot thanks for making this!


I am only 11 and lately I have been feeling terrible, helpless, and ugly. My energy levels have gone down a lot sense 5th grade and I was supposed to see a therapist, but that never happened. This app helps me when I am feeling the most helpless. Thank you

Kenna bear

This app helped me. It told me I have severe depression (score: 22) and my family has bad depression and I have it I’m guessing so i have to look for help. Thank you so much for this app


I am 12 years old and my parents have though I have had depression for a long time. This test told me that I have depression and that it’s very severe. Now I can get help to get over my thoughts and emotions.😊


I have severe depression and this app helped me find a doctor to help me get over it

Budgie Pepper Face

Not helpful at all 👌 heck


I downloaded app and it was so interesting to me. It has 9 questions about depression and it can track the depression scores with history graph so it helped me to control the mind and treat with my mind. Very helpful.


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