【图】Annoying Sounds and Noises下载
【图】Annoying Sounds and Noises
【图】Annoying Sounds and Noises

Annoying Sounds and Noises iOS

Annoying Sounds and Noises 简介

More than 60 loud and crazy sound effects to annoy your friends and make you laugh! Soundboards include annoying sounds such dog whistle, baby crying, mosquito, body sounds, airhorn, sirens, alarms, high frequency sounds, farts, burps, office, animal sounds and many more irritating noises!

Get all these fun sounds by downloading the annoying soundboard app!

Annoying noises and soundboards include:

– alarm clock
– car alarm
– car alarm horn
– car door alarm
– industrial alarm
– smoke alarm

– Kookaburra bird
– licking dog
– mosquito
– needy cat
– small dog
– whining puppy

– stomach growling
– smacking lips
– slurping
– straw slurp
– burp
– plate shattering

– EAS beep
– emergency flashers
– fire truck
– police siren
– radio interruption
– tornado siren

High Frequency
– alarm
– beeps
– discord
– dog whistle
– sweep
– transformer

– blowing nose
– breathing
– clearing throat
– cough
– snoring
– silly snoring

Human Gross
– burp
– fart
– gag
– loogie
– raspberry
– vomit

– answering machine
– computer error
– cough
– fluorescent lights
– pager
– ticking clock

– answering machine
– busy signal
– dial tone
– modem
– pager
– phone off hook

– car horn
– chime
– elves laughing
– static
– toilet flush
– TV off air

Wake Up
– air horn
– alarm clock
– baby crying
– rooster
– siren
– temple bell

Download the most annoying sound app and annoy everyone in earshot!

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Annoying Sounds and Noises 下载

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Tbone the bo



I have one suggestion, let the sounds play until you stop them!


Whenever I am bored I go downstairs and start playing this for my family and it drives them CRAZY!!! I recommend it completely! Without this app I would never have been able to experience my parents and sister all turn RED with anger! Thank you creators of this app!!!!!!!!!!


Love it

Owen Marsh Roughton

This app is so annoying. The dog whistle, just a sound that is COMPLETELY ANNOYING!


When my sister is yelling at me for now reason I just block out her yelling with the gaging noise. She gets so mad at me that she just goes and sits up in her room and says mean things to me. I tried this many times and it works you should try it if you have this problem. Other than that the game is great I just love it.


How are you one time I was seven years old already go to go to go to Valley

Esme Jacobs

Maybe add a fork scratching a glass plate,crunching,duck quacking,and more.

em v

This is a cool app, you can prank your friends and all that stuff this app is cool and awesome good job 👍🏽




My brother is also SOO annoying I downloaded and he never ANNOYED ME AGAIN!🙈this is the best 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I loooove this app because of the noises… and no ads that cover your whole screen. The only ads are on the top. Also I think this app is not that realistic. And there needs to be more sounds like screaming or nails on a chalkboard. If the owner of this app is looking at this right now, I suggest more. Here is a list of sounds you can add Nails on a chalkboards Kicking a wall Screaming Chainsaw Gunshot Fire alarm Creeking of an old house Heels Oven Door slams Thank you for reading and please add some of these 😁

Christmas everywhere

Why do I need this app if I can just make the noises myself, I’m quite annoying if I do say so myself, but, anyway, the app is still good, and this sentence is a run on.


I do not like this game at all! It tells you what to do this game.And if your electronic dies once it’s all charged it starts playing

Omg Pmg

I use this app for annoying my brother OMG it works like a charm and let me just tell you there are some gross and weird stuff !!! Hope you have a Miraculous day!! And go check out on Netflix Miraculous tales of Ladybug 🐞 and cat noir 🐾.

nickname nickname am

I scared my dad immediately with the smoke alarm and my mom got freaked out with it but it should have more sounds like nails on a chalk board and different pichs of people screaming but its an amazing game you should get it

blow O

I’ve tried on my parents and they hate it but I enjoy it.

google floorf

It fine

gunnis wolrd record

I was looking on how tornado alarms were made and this app is the thing they showed me what it sounds like and also it’s just cool that you have all these noises 5 star I love this game and I also like funny sounds to


Simple, Thorough, Easy, Good Quality. Great Job!

kmn dofjbn

I am with one of the ratings I think it really should have nails on a chalkboard or something else but it needs more sounds

8 Bit boy

Hi I’m jimin and I do not like this game I love it! The game is so funny sometimes I use it to prank my dad because my favorite one is the alarm clock so I use it to wake up my dad but sometimes he doesn’t wake up. Anyways have a great day!

youtobber h21

Its great I’ll tell you the top ones that I love I like the emergency noises so I can prank my mom, well I think there’s only one and this is the one I hate the stomach growling one it makes me hungry.

i street king

I came from Cj so cool and I live this app I always pull pranks on my mom with it


I had no use to it

Xy Xy bw Dp

I love this app it’s so funny


It enjoyment and loving


I had another phone….. Then I used this app and it got smashed into the sidewalk…….


I love this app! I use it all the time to trick people! The one thing that could be different is that, you could add one more sound witch is….. Nails on a chalkboard.



Totally Reddit


Silky Town

Exactly. Not really digging the little devil icons or colors; the red, black, and blinding white background of this version. It’s just such a gaudy and radical departure from the ultra smooth cool vibe of Annoying. That being said, the sounds are still top notch and some may like the new design, hence my middling vote: (2.5) Stars


Woke up my dad with the smoke alarm it was so funny😄😄😄👍👍👌👌

Zoe 401

Don’t give me wrong, I do like the app. And the burp sound is kind of funny, but it gets boring after a while. Especially when you run out of sounds to play, and when people take your phone away. Wait, why am I reviewing this app again?


Your brothers/sisters will kill you So five stars

Their judge

Terrible game not even game

By Author with no na

Seriously, don’t do it…


No sound!


I dido a previous review that I should have read before installing. IT DOESN’T WORK! Only have 1 star because you have to.


I like it


When I got the app, I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe a few animal sounds, and car horn. Well, there were many nice features about the app, like the nice setup and the buttons look very nice. The only thing is… The buttons don’t work. I promise, I had made sure I had my volume all the way up, and they still wouldn’t make any sound when I pushed them… Probably something they should fix if they want to have a successful sound app.

Jamie Saxon

This apps sounds blew my phones speakers! & it wasn’t even on loud 😭😭


Awesome I tricked my roommate in to thinking there was a tornado

Shelby roush

Good for tricking people 👹👹


Old people get tricked. It’s so realistic.


The most annoying part of this app is that it doesn’t work.

Andrew Kirby Allen

People think a tornado is coming lol😛






This game is really good for anoying your brothers and sisters


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