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【图】Stickfight Infinity
【图】Stickfight Infinity

Stickfight Infinity iOS

Stickfight Infinity 简介

From the creator of Stickfight: Legends of Survival, now second game is out!
Stickfight Infinity is a physics-based fighting game.
With new game mode, this version of Stickfight will give you best experience.
– Endless level campaign
– 18 new weapons
– 60 levels
– Again explosion EVERYWHERE!
Pick up a weapon and start fight!

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Stickfight Infinity 下载

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This game doesn’t have an online version and has many bugs 👎🏻

i write reviews on g

The game is great except every couple levels red and blue get stuck in the wall and i have to restart the game.

Yeah you are my frie

Make it multiplayer so we can go against people, add more guns and make it so you can add people and you can 1v1 them it would make the game 10 times better


I keep getting stuck in the the walls


It’s cool in all I have played it for two days but every couple levels I just get glitched and it’s only a 1v1 instead free for all could you please fix it


Do NOT get to much adds


This games great but every once in a while you will get stuck in the wall. Please fix this game and the ads need to be reduced


Let’s get to the point. My first issue is that sometimes the spawn can spawn you out the map. I don’t know if it’s my iPad or if that’s a bug. This isn’t funny. Please fix this. SECOND issue. Ads. AD CITY. AFTER EVERY 2 OR 3 LEVELS THERE IS A AD. if you can fix the amount of ads then that’s good. Third issue. Controls. It seems like the controls of a rag doll you play with. When you double jump while moving. You land in spikes. Please make the controls less wobbly. Fourth issue. Music. The music is very distracting. If you could add a turn off music button to the game, that would be helpful. That’s my review. Please update the game.

Carlitos beast

Can you add an online game mode so that I can play with my friends


Plz fix this a lot of the time I play and when I play most o& the time it glitches so that only yellow guy and green guy are playing it’s soo annoying

Chyren backstrom

I like this game but it has issues-Issue 1=It puts you in walls Issue 2=Music Is Annoying But Soothing Music Is Fine.. Issue 3 = WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ADD SHOOTING SOUNDS?.

Aislinn Perez

I like the game anyway but I don’t like it because when I play some levels I spawn but I don’t show up


In the game it glitches me out by me spawning outside the map and then I have to double tap my iPad cause it’s stuck so no one can win.

my name is name the

U desert big guy hey best crime crushing Jesse back


So this is a good game right but at the start of every match I have to move or else my character get stuck off screen along with another stick man apparently I’m still somewhere in the map so the fight never ends over all it’s a good? Game


I like the game but on some levels I can barley see my character is only the other bots fighting


I got into this game ever since I seen you tubers play the original on pc or console. It was a pretty nice experience except on the levels when either I or the blue cpu got stuck in the wall. I also want to know if you can add a sandbox mode or something. A mode that is just like the original. Everyone gets infinite lives and once one remains the map changes, the previous winner earns a point then it continues on from there. Also on some maps if you spam left arrow you can get on screen and into action. It mainly depends on the distance between fighters for instance. Look at the map and the green and yellow cpu. If they are close but you are not on the screen try spamming left arrow or jumping while holding left arrow if they are farther even both might not work. But yeah this is a way that I did it. Looking forward to better updates and so far the game is not too bad just having problems with agreeing to the dang thing.

ummmmm what is this

Just like the title there are still some maps where you can’t get out of the invisible wall

matt poopy butt

I love this game I really do but it’s kinda bad because so rounds I get stuck outside the arena so a few updates please and 😊


I love the game it’s really fun but there are some bugs because when there is another stage the game puts me inside the wall and the game goes on forever . Creator just fix it please


There is a issue with some maps it won’t let me be in it and I’m outside the boarders same thing with another but I’m in and a computer is out and I can’t finish it


I like the game but it kinda messed up with the walls also I would like if u made more weapons to add more spice to it but more maps to and thank u for this game👍🏽(•<-)

Yeshaya Espinosa

I love this game, but the NPC’s keep killing me and they get infinite amount of bullets and kill me! They made me crack the back of my phone and I want y’all to fix this update! Everything is so expensive like Las Vegas! I have to pay so much money on a stupid gun! I am only 9 1/2 and this game is 9+. I’m the appropriate age to play this game! Please fix update for good Although your game is fun because I love seeing noobs get #rekt >:) I give a 3/5 though.


This game will not let you get past level 2. The character let’s go of the guns for no reason and you just die by other stick men.


I love the GAME SO MUCH! But there’s one problem sometimes in different maps two players from the end get stuck on the wall and the other two that are in the middle are shooting the walls.And I have to restart the game so I can play a match with me playing and not two persons shooting the walls.


Sometimes I get stuck in the wall and I have to double check.

Shelly Cal

I love the game just please fix the bug were you get stuck in the walls 🙁

rather unknown

Issue 1 in some maps it is easy to hide and you can easily win.issue 2 sometimes when u revive it puts u at the bottom at the map and Kills you. Issue 3 sometimes people can’t get shot but the other guy can white out a power up. Issue 4 people always team up on me Evan if there auto aiming and I’m farther. But if I had to rate this game I would rate it 3 stars


When I start a game, sometimes I don’t even see myself and I think it is because of me getting stuck in the walls. It is really annoying to finish a level since I get stuck most of the times. Please fix this problem so I can actually play properly. Thanks.


FIX THE CERTAIN-MAP STUCK IN THE WALL GLITCH WHERE YOU CANT MOVE AND YOU CANT DIE AND THE GAME JUST GOES ON FOREVER WITH NOTHING TO DO. Please make the music optional and your characters color change able. It would be cool if multiplayer was added, really cool.

Love it dood

Well let’s start with the bad news in some maps you can’t even spawn that map is a 1v1 map it’s sooooo annoying I have to close the tab and restart and it comes up a lot! But other than that it’s pretty good it’s fun I like the health bars I like the guns but lower the prices of guns and so yeah.


The glitch that you can get stuck in a wall is so very frustrating please fix this glitch. 🙂

game is good realy

You have to cut off WiFi and THEN play play. No ads!simple as that.


You game is sooooo good but I need Vbox for fortnight my name is Joanlikeyou123 I need 1000 I will tell all people to check your games By joan


Every couple of games(2) there is an advertisement. The games are short and you have to watch a LOT of advertisements. That’s not my complaint but the upgrades and items, guns cost is a lot. Maybe make an advertisement each 5 games instead of two and make items cheaper. You guys need to fix this because a lot of people will get frustrated with it and delete the game like I will rn. Pretty bad game because of this. -_-


I get stuck in walls it’s so annoying so I just don’t play FIX THE WALLS ☹️


There is a really weird glitch where you get stuck on the walls and the only way to get out is exiting the app, and when I do I loose my money please fix this glitch. 🙃🙂.Overall I really like the fight it is really fun.


I am surprised I’m even on level 70 because of the wall glitch it is so annoying when I am about to finish the level


The game is really good good gameplay but the biggest issue is that when you start the game you can get stuck in the wall and can’t do anything about it so you have to restart sadly.

mario master bro

They’s a glitch putting you off the screen when you start and I get less wins because of it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

djshadow ninja

Ok I was just playin winning games on level 20 I was stuck on the wall I wast sure where I was but I also like it because it’s funny my cousins plays this a lot he also showed me this game


That’s it thank you

Alli Floragian

The game is really nice! The graphics are amazing. But there are so many maps that I am not able to play on because I am getting stuck in the wall! Also, when I try to respawn, it does not work! Please, try to fix this bug.


The game overall is really fun. I love everything about the hame except for one thing, you get stuck in the walls sometimes. It’s impossible to get out of the wall and the only way to stop it is to exit out of the game. At least add an exit to hub button or something like that if you can’t fix the wall glitch.


I’m going home I need a new job for my new if Hong


The countdown for respawning takes forever, and if you fix that, I’ll give it a five star


Yeah um if ur ever gonna make a good game, make sure you get rid of most bugs.

fun boys go

The game is fun overall and the ads bother me but I deal with it and being revived in the pit is not fun. But oh my god why do the computers have deadeye and have a butt tun of ammo in guns with four shots they shoot like 70+


So I was looking for a game and I came across this potato so when I play I either spawn out of the map or if I’m lucky I get to play and you can’t turn the music off


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