【图】Beat The Intro – Music Trivia下载
【图】Beat The Intro – Music Trivia
【图】Beat The Intro – Music Trivia

Beat The Intro – Music Trivia iOS

Beat The Intro 简介

Are you ready for the ULTIMATE TEST of your music knowledge?

– Know your Ariana from your ABBA?
– Your Cardi B from your Tenacious D?
– Your Stone Roses from your Rolling Stones?

We spin the tunes, you guess the tracks…

– The faster you answer, the more you score… the higher your MUSIC IQ!
– Super simple to play, insanely fun, and crazy addictive
– 1000’s of officially licensed music tracks to unlock, from EVERY MUSIC GENRE
– Challenge your friends or go it solo
– Score yourself a number one on the Leader-boards

Download and play Beat The Intro now!

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Beat The Intro 下载

App Store 官网美版


Try Google Translate

Everytime I tap on something it won’t load—the vs the playlists none of it!!!


So I decided to load up the game after a long time, was going through the things and noticed about 99% of the buttons I hit made noises when tapped but didn’t actually do anything, reinstalled it, nope app is broken I guess


It won’t let me play!!!!


It’s a fun concept and gameplay is pretty good until you get into the monetization. What really got to me was the amazingly long launch times while it checked and downloaded new song packs. It feels like very poor app,design to make someone wait 5. Imites for the app to start. 5 minutes is an estimate. It got to 3 minutes today and I just deleted the whole game.


I chose the pack I Wanna Rock, and was super bummed out that it wasn’t actually Rock. It was what people nowadays call rock, like some alternative crap. When I think of ROCK I think Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, The Who, Queen, AC/DC, Deep Purple, etc. I didn’t even recognize any of the bands, let alone the songs. Maybe the packs should be labeled better, or more clearly.


I enjoy the game very much but when you first start playing you are limited to the tracks, and every track section after costs 300 coins and that can be tricky to get that much. Also for the energy required to play each round, like yes you get 5 energy and you get one back every 10 minutes and then if you watch an ad you can get 2 extra energy once an hour….. but nothing for leveling up. I like the game, but it can use some work.


Game loads and is fun to play to pass the time but with a few things I think could be improved upon… 1. For the amount of songs you get for 300 coins I am not all that impressed. There needs to be more variety and mix up of the tracks -on each round many of the same songs tend to repeat which can get old real fast. If you are only going to allow only a handful of tracks, each pack should be 150 so a user can at least have the ability to get two different packs for more variety which would = longer game play more often. If i get bored then I quit the game. 2. Upon setup, why do you need access to my pictures, video and music library? That’s a bit eerie where individual privacy is concerned and further I don’t see how it really contributes. 🧐 I denied this request and the game runs just fine? 👀 3. Developers or company needs to release an Android and/or Kindle version so that you have a larger pool of users to play with even if just a random player. While many of us use iphone, not everyone does which means I am a bit limited as to whom I can invite to play if some of my friends do not have an iphone. Think of the success of games like Words with Friends have, just as one example by being multi-platform. 4. The requirement for energy is annoying. If I’ve already exhausted all ads to get energy then how can I proceed? Most people, including myself are more akin to quit the game and come back later rather than let the game sit running on our phone for five minutes and wait around. The concept of this is stupid. Change the way you earn energy or get rid of it altogether. Just a few thoughts to consider going forward if not already working on it. Otherwise, has a lot of potential.


Just curious how I’m supposed to play a music game that has no sound. And yes, my sound is on. Apple actually promoted this app? It doesn’t even work.


Could not get past the beginning logo…tried 5 times 🤬

Jimmy 913

Very entertaining!

Krystal Rock On

A must for Music lovers! Got it 2 hours ago and can’t stop playing! Can’t wait to do challenges


The first minute or so you’re downloading and then there are long load times for every scene it loads. To select songs. To start a stage. Then the ad frequency is really high. And they’re all 30 second ads. And the bottom half of the screen converts to download now. The load times and ads are killing a great premise. IPhone XS.

I Like It A Lot But

I like beat the intro but when i play against other people they always get all the answers wrong and i have wait a very very long time for there response. Also you guys should update the songs most of them i dont know. But it is really easy to get coins and packs that you dont have to pay real money for. other wise beat the intro is a really good game and personally enjoy it. Thank you for your time (if you read this)🙂


I’m guessing a considerable amount of songs only by virtue of elimination having virtually no knowledge of vintage British pop; which seems to frequently appear. Definitely nothing I’m going to pay to play for.


Best game ever! Heres a little tip. If you dont know the name of the song look at the artist ur givin and of its a girl eliminate the boys and yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏻


Like the app think it’s fun good choice of music. But I found it logging me in under someone else and I have others I invited to play if I can’t challenge friends cause I’m logged in under a different account then why keep the app fix this soon

Complete Sellout

The game makes you buy packs, but after you buy them buy them in the app. It wants you to keep buying, doesn’t make it easy to find purchases.


If it crashes while loading, you lose that chance and you have limited chances. Seems like a lot of the same in terms of other music and trivia apps of old. Nothing really new about it.


It’s literally exactly like Songpop, but worse because of the pay to progress model. Sure, Songpop had a little of this, but this game makes it way worse. Life/energy systems are obnoxious, you can only play a few games before it locks you out. Doesn’t even give you enough time to get “hooked”. Then, the coins to buy new music packs are 300 coins. Okay, fine, until you realize you only get 10-15 coins per game and the levels are SUPER repetitive. Even if you watch an ad every turn for 3x coins, it still takes forever to get up where you need to be with the energy system. And there’s no “lifetime” way to bypass the energy system. It’s another subscription situation. If you’re wanting a Song Pop rip-off, just don’t. Go get Songpop.


Have no idea how good this game is, because it will not load. Right after the developer logo it immediately kicks you out.


This app is very money hungry. You can only have one pack and you have to pay 300 coins which is a lot of effort to get another pack. Playing the same pack 10 times gets boring.


I love the game and it’s a good challenge. I wish there was Korean music in it, so I will literally play this all the time with my friends.


Too many songs from today and not enough oldies. I don’t listen to today’s music. I prefer the music of the 60s, 70s & 80s. When the app asked to access my music, I thought that that was what they were going to use. I was wrong. When they offered an 80s pack, I thought I would hear: Queen, Duran Duran, Huey Lewis, Adam Ant, etc. Instead I got a lot of obscure artists that I never heard of.


Kept freezing/hanging after the load screens the very first few times I ran the app. Never got to actually play the game, or even get to the main menu. Loved the concept, but the execution was absolutely terrible. (And no, not interested in helping you fix your [shirt]. iPhone 8 / iOS 12.3.1 (current version) is NOT an unusual combination, and definitely shouldn’t be hanging at startup.)


The only problem I have with this game is the fact you have energy. I could play this game for hours on end but I am limited.


I was not even able to play the game because it didn’t load


I have one friend that i like to challenge. Unfortunately the challenge system is clunky. I can challenge my friend, but once she has a result, it doesn’t automatically update my phone. Further, if she doesn’t exit the result screen, i can’t challenge her again. For friendly challenges, stop requiring they send back the result before allowing another challenge. I should be able to challenge as many times as I have energy. Create a queue system that allows multiple challenges to the same person. Old Quiz up used to allow it, then they screwed it up and now I don’t play it. Don’t give me a reason to think the game play is too tedious to keep playing.


I wish this was actually song intros and not just a random song snippet. The way it is now almost makes it too easy. I’d enjoy the challenge more if I had to recognize the actual intro of the song as the name of the game suggests.

Z Man 2013

Sound doesn’t work and when you play music on your phone and then open the app the music that was already playing will still play. Overall nice idea as it is the exact same game that came with my iPod video back in the ‘00s.


Really fun app!!😊


It succumbs to the lame trend of punishing you for playing often, energy systems. They don’t make me want to spend money – they make me feel like you don’t want me to play your game more in one sitting.


The game was fun until you start challenging people. When you do that it randomly freezes on the loading screen so you have to quit the app. When this happens it uses a energy point and then will randomly log you out so you have to uninstall the game. After installing the game again it takes multiple times reloading the app in order to relogin and get your progress back. The developers need to fix the issues inorder to make this game worth it.


If you love music, this is a fun music app, but the problem is that, they want you to pay more money to download more games. This should not be like it. Fix this problem , have some playlists free to play. If you do this, more people will download it and Play it.


Game is cool! Played on someone else’s device! Really wish you guys would fix it so others could play it on our own devices! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


This game is fun for a music lover like me but it is not good enough to try and get me to buy stuff after playing it a couple of times. Looks like a lot of effort and refinement were put into the development, unfortunately it does not translate into gameplay catchy enough to want to hand over money just to play again.

movie playlist

The game keeps crashing


Game is trash. Won’t even get past the loading screen.


The game is fine, a typical music trivia structure. It’s downfall though is the speed of earning coins. Sure you can watch an add to triple the rate after every play, but the tripled number should be a base for earning. I can only play the same set of songs for so long before the grind isn’t worth it anymore.

Crystal Sundae

I like the app and concept. Only hang up is that I can’t get the challenges to work. Both me and my friend are in the app at the same time and the challenges don’t go through or show up.

philisophical gangst

Lag, constantly restarting app due to freezing , and repetitive songs completely kill the long lasting appeal of this music trivia.


Every time I re download it o It wouldn’t even work it will start up and once it gets to the logo it goes to my home screen


I kept getting kicked I never made it past the loading screen.


You should add Spotify on it so you can have more music…..


I loved Songpop when it came out. But hated that I had to have someone else to play with in order to enjoy it. So when I saw that this app had a solo option, I was excited. It said that it would work on a 6s, so I downloaded it. Can’t get past the load screen before it would crash. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still crashes.


Could not get to boot on iPhone 8


good idea, it’s been done before (songpop), it’s just not really too good. online takes forever to load, it’s just not worth your time. download if you want, just don’t keep your expectations too high


Can’t even get in… I installed this app in hopes of quality content and great gameplay. I can’t even open the app without it crashing. Disappointed


I love the game itself and have been looking for a good name that tune type of game. I do believe they have a big bug or issue to fix though and that is with the VIP subscription. I signed up for it recently, got a notice it went through fine and got an apple store receipt letting me know it will automatically renew soon. However, I currently don’t have access to any of the advertised features and haven’t since signing up several days ago. I’m waiting to see if my issue will be fixed, or if it’s a bug or error within the game itself that needs to be fixed. I would caution people not to sign up for the VIP subscription yet until this issue gets fixed. Otherwise, as I’ve said, I do like the game and hope things improve soon. Update 4/17/19: Finally got a response from the developer about the VIP subscription. They are looking into the issue, but I would suggest removing that feature until the issues with it are fixed. I will say they were kind enough to give me some coins in compensation for my troubles. I will refrain from signing up for the VIP subscription until the issues with it are fixed and would suggest other users remain cautious as well.


It was fun(ish). I liked the free coins to buy a pack, but it’s way to hard to earn enough coins to buy other packs. I definitely don’t like it enough to spend real money on coins. Also, I found the songs so repetitive! I played one of the pop packs and each level had at least two songs repeated. I had one ABBA song every time! What’s the point if the songs are just going to be the same per level? I’ve already deleted it because of the coins issue. Also I think battling random opponents would be way better than hooking up a social media account.

sj pierce

Every time I open it it say can’t connect to Internet. Even though my internet is stable and pretty good. Idk what is happened but can you fix it?


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