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【图】Duck Donuts Rewards
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Duck Donuts Rewards iOS

Duck Donuts Rewards 简介

Welcome to Duck Donuts Rewards! Ordering the donuts you love and earning sweet rewards just got a HOLE lot easier. As a Duck Donuts Rewards member, you can:

– Order ahead in the app and Skip the Line®
– Scan your app in-store to pay
– Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend
– Unlock sweet rewards as your status level increases
– Enjoy a free customized donut after your first purchase
– Receive sweet deals on your birthday, for referring friends and more!

Donut wait! Fly to your nearest Duck Donuts store to start earning rewards today.

Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/duckdonuts/, Instagram @duckdonuts and Twitter @duckdonuts.

Questions or comments? Email Duckdonuts@thelevelup.com.

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Duck Donuts Rewards 下载

App Store 官网美版



I wish I could have gave 100 stars because it was the best donut I have ever had


I love Duck Donuts but the app is the worst! It’s incredibly hard to navigate and place an order. You should be able to look at a straightforward menu, pick what you want, pick the location and the date and time you want it, then submit your order. This app works backwards from that, you end up placing an order before you can choose the time to pick it up…someone just needs to streamline it. If it weren’t for the points I would never use this app.


I couldn’t find how to build your own half dozen with out building each donut individually. There should be a way to select from the pre but donuts like bacon in the sun and beach ball, etc


If you could rate this app ZERO stars, it still wouldn’t deserve that. This app is so infuriating. If you plan on ordering online and picking up, here’s a tip: DON’T! If I’m lucky, I get this feature to work 1/10 times. What’s the point of the app if you can’t do this one basic thing? Also, this app fails to tell you stores that close seasonally so on top of it, I wasted gas. I will say Missy at the Duck location is an absolute pleasure. She made my frustrating morning better with her kindness and friendliness. Fix your app Duck Donuts! Absolute garbage!


I love Duck Donuts, but ordering on the app is terrible. They should make it easier to order common options like “Sunrise” or “French Toast.” The current app makes you input each type of topping and then you can’t even change the quantity.

Nirvana knows

Currently, If you select 12 donuts from the “fan favorite” section then the total is way more than the price to build your own assorted dozen. You should be able to select donuts from the “fan favorite” donut list to make your own assorted dozen, for the same price, instead of having to customize each donut.


This is purely feedback for the app. Needs Apple Pay and need to be able to duplicate doughnut orders. Need to be able to add favorite doughnuts for easy ordering. Also I can log into the app but the same username and password does not work on the website. It’s not syncing up or something. Doughnuts are outstanding!


Best doughnuts hands down! Always great customer service.


Fantastic donuts, good coffee, friendly staff. I love cinnamon sugar. My kids love s’mores and oreo


Cant connect to store locations down here.. would be nice if they told you that before creating your entire order (which takes a good 10 mins). Good donuts though.

Minion h

Best donuts ever!


I have tried multiple times during my vacation in OBX to order through this app, but after spending way too long designing my order, I continually get a message about how the app can not connect to the store. It’s useless.


It is impossible to order 1 dozen donuts that are all the same flavor. You have to order 1 donut, 12 times which is pointless. Please fix.


Just made an order for tomorrow morning and indicated a 7:45 am pick up time ( yes, I checked before ordering). The app changed it to 7am which mean my donuts will be sitting on the counter for 45 minutes before I arrive. There is no way to edit the order once placed.


Nice app. Would be great to order ahead thru the app. Unfortunately, I’m OBX it simply doesn’t work. You can load up your cart to order, but when you try to order you get “Sorry, we’re having trouble connecting to this location, try again”. Over and over. With different locations too. So the app is useless. If this is the stores’ issue, the app is still useless until they get on board.


A huge, massive waste of my time


Yplease put the frappe on the Mobil app

Hockey puck14

Great shop, very friendly staff, quick service and AWESOME donuts thanks Bill


Order format is hella jumpy and it wouldn’t let me place the order once you went through the hassle of creating it 😂


I wanted to build my own dozen of their “fan favorite” pre-made donuts. In order to get the standard price for a dozen, I had to figure out how to make each of their pre-made donuts and manually enter each ingredient of each donut. It was a pain. There should be an option to choose a dozen of the pre-made donuts.


Great Tasting Donuts! Good Number Of Selections and Reasonably Pricced!👍🏼


The list to choose donut icing, topping, drizzle is really hard to navigate when putting in a big order, and hard to read afterwards. It’s like every “what not to do” example of UX design. Worse, after entering an order for 2 dozen donuts over 10 minutes, it says repeatedly “Sorry, we’re having trouble connecting with this location. Please try again later.”

Daves Van

The app is easy to use and does not fail when placing an order. The only thing I would suggest to improve is the custom doughnut creation controls, whenever an ingredient is selected, the control scrolls you all the way down the menu having you to scroll all the way up, this makes it difficult to see all your selections. Besides this it’s a good experience.


Rating the app, not the Donuts- When I walk into the store I choose the donuts I want from your list on the counter. This app doesn’t allow that, it allows assortments and build your own. I would like the same in store experience on the app. – Quickly choose my dozen donuts, order ahead, pay and pick up. I found myself spending ten minutes on the app just to build my own dozen and order what I would typically get in the store. Would just rather sit in the store to order! 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I’m missing something on the app, not so sure though, I see you could order individual donuts but that at would also raise the price of a dozen. My only recommendation would be that you give the in store options on the app. Without a doubt though…. Great Donuts!! 😋🍩


I would love to give this app a star review but I downloaded the app to use in our new Greenville location. I clicked on the login/signup button, entered my email address and it takes me to the login screen. Obviously I can’t get past it because I haven’t created a password yet. How do I “sign up”?


I LOVE Duck Donuts!! Thank you for coming to Jacksonville! 🍩☕️


Hey I just recently became a fan of duck donuts 🍩 after breaking up with my current donut boyfriend Krispy Kreme. I must say I am impressed with each donuts and the blueberry pancake being my fave! Only thing that kept me from rating 5 stars is the app which is a little clunky and I can’t get over on the rewards section of app i can’t view my points. the text is cut out or too large so I see half of a number which I’m guessing is 115 🤣


This is the perfect donut. It’s like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts had a baby!!!

no f nameeeeeeeee

the process or ordering doughnuts is very complicated. especially when trying to order a dozen it can get very confusing. something as simple as color coding would go a long way to differentiate each doughnut being customized.


The donuts are warm and delicious…lots of variety. What I like best about the app is that it saves your previous order so you don’t have to start all over again with your choices.

Nerdy History Teache

This is one of the most poorly constructed apps I’ve had the displeasure of using. You can only order a dozen donuts, the customization settings are, at best, difficult to use, and it is very inconvenient. At this point I only keep it to add reward points for orders, but even that can’t be done manually by the user – you have to send a picture of your receipt to an email address for them to do. There are hundreds or thousands of web developers who could easily put together a functional app, you should probably hire one of them.


I can’t use the app because the password isn’t accepted. Because the app is associated with Grubhub, I reset the password both using the app and also resetting my Grubhub password. The login and password are both irrefutably correct. This seems to be an issue with apps that use the LevelUp system. I encountered the same issue with the Tropical Smoothie app that uses the same app developer. Please address asap.


The checkout page literally says “No more orders available at the selected time, please select a different time.” IT NEVER GAVE AN OPTION FOR PICKUP TIME.


While the app is pretty and glamorous and somewhat easy to use. I have an iPhone 11 and yet the app is confusing to ordering simple donuts. It only lets order from the sections provided such as “fan favorite”, “Dozen”, “half Dozen” and you can’t mix the orders together without it glitching on you. Unless you want random selection or can remember how to make your favorite donuts don’t get this app. Extremely difficult to add your other donuts like if I wanted 8, end of story complicated to use and much hassle required.


I downloaded the app to get reward points and be able to order ahead. But it doesn’t have any of the donuts pre-loaded. You have to design each one step-by-step. And you can’t build one and say ‘give me six of these. ‘ Nope. If you want a dozen maple bacon, you have to build twelve individual donuts. Genius.

Mike Bryan

I love Duck Donuts. I love being able to place orders through the app for pickup. The only thing I don’t like is not being able to add more than 1 topping like you can when placing your order in person.


The whole point of Duck Don’t TVs is the Made to Order donuts but the app does not allow for the MTO option at all stores. Tried to order at Suffolk VA and the only option was Past Orders and Fan Favorite while other stores allow Build Your Own, Breakfast Sandwiches, etc.

J Fost

Absolutely the best


I am able to earn rewards, but attempted to use the free donut reward & it didn’t come up on the register! Embarrassing … manager gave me the promo but explained how the app is new & the system is still being refreshed. I hope they get it together & soon.


I lobe the app, I just wish I could select more than one topping/drizzle on my donuts! (So I could order the French toast)


I went to Duck Donuts and they were pushing the app and offering a free donut once you downloaded it. I downloaded it but they failed to tell me you have pay using the app to get the rewards. So after spending $20 on donuts I got 0 rewards and there is apparently no way to add them if you pay outside the app.


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