【图】PA Lottery Official App下载
【图】PA Lottery Official App
【图】PA Lottery Official App

PA Lottery Official App iOS

PA Lottery Official App 简介

The official app of the Pennsylvania Lottery offers fun, convenience and information to players on the go.

Features include: 

• The ability to take iLottery with you and play on the go anywhere in Pennsylvania!
• Ticket Checker – Scan Scratch-Offs, Draw Games, Fast Play Games, and Keno to see if the ticket is a winner 

• Ticket scanner to enter current Second-Chance drawings
• Daily & Past Winning Numbers 
• Current Jackpots 

• Exclusive mobile app giveaways
• Latest Scratch-Offs and Scratch For Fun 
• Scratch-Offs Prizes Remaining 
• Current Fast Play Progressive Top Prizes 

• VIP Players Club access 

• Retailer locator

• How to claim your prize 

Subject to all applicable rules, regulations and laws. Must be 18 years or older to play. Please play responsibly. Compulsive Gambling Hotline: 1-800-848-1880. 

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning numbers, prize payouts and other information offered via the Pennsylvania Lottery’s mobile app. The official winning numbers are those selected in the respective drawings and recorded under the observation of an independent accounting firm. In the event of a discrepancy, the official drawing results shall prevail. 

For questions or comments regarding this app, please contact the Pennsylvania Lottery at 

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PA Lottery Official App 下载

App Store 官网美版



This app crashes and forces me to redownload to fix. Can we please get an update for this god awful app? 12 times now Are we listening? Do your app developers read this ? What is wrong with this app? I will write this review every single time I need to redownload. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE Using iPhone Pro with most recent IOS. It’s not the device…

Paradise G56

Half the time it won’t accept your credit card to Play the games. The pay out is horrible.. can someone please develop a way to play all numbers on line for the handicap and people who Has no way to play their lottery.. Pa lottery is losing a lot of revue because of the COVID a lot of place has shut down and there is no where within walking distance for a lot of people


A horrible app that continually asks me over and over to download the app on my iPhone, even though I have it on my phone. Works fine on my Mac. Also, it shows me “new games” and it’s really hard to get to Mega Millions directly. Obviously, nobody at the lottery has ever tried to use the app.

Kyle weaver12345

Look everyone I have tried almost every gambling app available for iOS. I’ve been victim to apps that take FOREVER to pay out. I was worried after reading some of these reviews on this app. However!! Less than 2 days after submitting a withdraw request the money is in my PayPal!!! Maybe I just got lucky or maybe they have made improvements. This app is very fun and has games you can’t give anywhere else worth a try if you ask me!!!


This app is a total waste of time, the only good thing it does is scan your physical tickets. Don’t try to buy and play games from this app. You will be disappointed!!


Results are on time not live but gives you a scan checker to check your tickets and easy to use . Much better than the other apps for PA lottery results. Perfect for checking your winnings.

Ruby shiny

Don’t waste your time. iLottery odds are the worst ever! iLottery is a TOTAL waste of money.

bananananaaa batman

Every time,e we win I go to ticket checker to check it


What kind of operation doesn’t let you add your card information again? I deleted my card info from making a deposit. I changed my mind and wanted to use it again and it wouldn’t let me. Found out from tech support that you’re not allowed to add the same card more than once! Now I can’t play lottery online anymore. I’ll just take my money elsewhere to play online. I wonder how much potential profits they’ve missed out on due to this?


There needs to be an update. I have iPhone 11 and every time I tap the home button trying to back out of a game, it glitches and zooms in and you have to force quit and sign back in


Second chance is so rigged . Who picks the winners ???? How do they pick them ? Is crazy how can the same person win twice in 2 different occasions is it because that person knows someone at the lottery and they can split the money ?? I will like to know how the winners get pick ????


This app needs an update ASAP. It doesn’t work with the newest OS on the iPhone! Nothing loads. Most apps update every 2 weeks this one hasn’t updated for over a year! Come on.


This app stinks. It doesn’t scan tickets, even though there is a scan feature … doesn’t work.


I use this app daily to check my scratch offs and the winning numbers. It was perfect until I realized I have to uninstall and reinstall every few weeks because it crashes a lot. Really annoying please fix this ASAP! If that didn’t happen it would definitely be 5 stars.


When I first downloaded this app I won 1000 off of foxwins and then I refer my boyfriend he won 700 off goldfish but after that you win small stuff like 20 30 dollars here and there but it takes forever I been gave them the money back that I won playing to win


Nothing works on this App and I’m sure my tax money paid a pretty penny for the crap that we get here in the Commonwealth.


In total I’ve won 5 dollars.. not 55 bucks… 5. Odds are worse then the normal lottery.

Chucky Firebet

THAT’S IT!!! You’ve been warned…


Frequently offline.


Spent a lil won way more than i expected


It’s fun for what it is have won quite a lot with it lots of various types of games nothing more then 30.00 so just like the scratch off tickets just virtual versions but don’t play unless you can afford it cause you can lose a lot real quick too but I did get big wins over 600 3 times which was pretty cool

A WING swag

It’s essentially impossible to be up o ur winnings with your bonus money cuz you can’t use it until your balance is zero, first time I didn’t know that I thought it was an incentive to get u to deposit for deposit match bonuses up to 250 plus 20 bonus for signing up and some other codes I had , well added 25 real money and won a 5 dollar game and had $70 real money now in balance and panicked and withdrew it (horrible system there didn’t work with PayPal, and takes too long on other options with too much info required they definitely don’t need..sketchy) anyways I withdrew my $70 real money in a panick cuz I wanted to see what this app was all about ..good for second chance entries, but when I withdrew all $70 real balance I lost my 45 bonus money and the chat lady said in order to use that money I need a negative balance so to make money off that after withdrawing money you should really (If ur not betting or playing for much) take out all ur money except 5-10 bucks and try to win with that repeat the cycle if you win and if u loose the use ur bonus money until u loose all that.. increases ur odds of never loosing if ur lucky enough to win the first time which In sure it’s somehow rigged to make u win to get u addicted.


App has problems with displaying properly after leaving landscape view games. Also as with all gambling, you lose more than you win, but that’s the point

Sweens x x

Easily one of the worst apps ive ever seen. Scan tickets twice to be able to scroll down. Wont let you sign in most of the time. Layout is also bad.

Sue W1

Is there something wrong with this app? I can’t get it to open anymore. I just used this last week.


I wine the second top prize for cash4life and it still hasn’t deposited in my account after several days I reach out because my ticket won again two days later with a $500 prize I always take screenshots luckily but my ticket won’t display in the app in the middle of me trying to get help this idiot named James just closes the chat and refuses to answer my questions or help me I will be contacting corporate.


I hit the buy now under the powerball aection and it tells me i need to downlod the app to play….im in the app! Impossible to play

Jenny jo 201

You can be logged into the APP and go to buy a ticket and it will tell you to download the app. I have talked to customer service and their solution is to delete the app and redownload. Every time???


They don’t verify your account ever. They also don’t have anyone responding to live chat. This app should get shut down because of how useless it is. Don’t give them your information.


Horrible App


I guess the government of Pennsylvania doesn’t believe that blind people or those who are visually impaired! Has enough intelligence to play the lottery. They’re like everyone else out there. When they make an app they do not consider those who are blind or visually impaired. I guess they think because their eyes do not work that we’re stupid and retarded. And leftover garbage! If they did not think that vendor apps would work on Apple products for those who are blind or visually impaired that use voiceover. They are just as bad as all other corporations out there or developers who do not consider those who are blind or visually impaired. I give this thumbs down 100% as I do not recommend it for anyone who is blind or visually impaired. A app that is made poorly as a bad app and not a good rap for the government or any corporation or app developers.


Someone needs to look at this app and get their act together. You think there is a problem with your login when it’s the iLottery site is the issue. You can confirm by logging in to the VIP site first. Once you logged in switch over to the iLottery site and then you can play the games. This has happen more than once 😡 Remember don’t be deceived into changing your password. It is not the problem. Deposit is another problem When u maxed out on 3 cards and remove one. Trying to add a new one gives the E4107 error. At first I thought it was the card but trying them on other cards gave the same error Then remove all the cards (max 3) and enter them back in. It still give an E4107 error. Now cannot enter any card It’s like the system is still holding on to the deleted cards and prevent you from entering any more Your only recourse is to call support You spend more time trying to solve your issues before you can go in and play 🤬


I downloaded this app and played it despite the fact that the app would shut down frequently or would not load correctly when maneuvering between games. Three weeks ago I was playing a game and the app shut me out. When I logged back in I was missing $20 ($13 cash and $7 bonus). Apparently when it kicked me out it placed a $20 bet for me (they’re “investigating” and called it humor error). I never once place a bet over .50 other than for draw games so on history alone and the fact that I used the system often, I would have expected a refund and apology. Instead I was told they’d investigate it but I likely wouldn’t see my money and they made me go back into the game and play the game through on a bet I never placed (surprise surprise not a win). If you must gamble, go to the store and get your ticket. This was a waste.

Tip zone

And your unable to reach any buttons so I have to continually keep deleting the app to start all over. As much money that’s taken from us dummies you’d figure you would work the bugs I’m finding it better to on line gamble at Hollywood’s website or fan duel at least the got there stuff together !!!!!!

Hoz Yates

They mind as well dis-continue it, it works for a few days than go blank delete & download over & over again


what i would assume would be a simple app, proved to be a clumsy mess. deposited money and keep getting error messages stating it can’t verify i live in PA, yet had no issues accepting my deposit. at this point i view this as theft. unacceptable and highly unlikely i’ll recommend to others.


I Love how you can check Tickets with this app to see if they are winners or not.


Back and forth download and sign in. Can’t locate me in the state??? A really crappy site. No wonder wehavethehighest has taxes on the USA. I have 65 bucks in the accountandcantbiy five powerball tickets in 30 minutes.


When I open the app it does not load!


You barely win you barely ever win if you win at all I think it’s rigged it’s a rip off worst freakin app out and I think they know that they are robbing us


Ok let me start off by saying the app is ok however there is a lot of things that are in question like why if I’m spending my money to play an let’s say the games I’m play the bet is 3 dollars bet there are ten lines so the total bet is 30 dollars if I’m spending 30 dollars to play I want to at least win the money I bet or more not bet 30 to win 6 or 10 etc like that is a ripoff for real pa lottery trust have enough money to make a million of these app so please update this and STOP ripping pa customers off if I could have gave this app or any app a 0 I would have if you gonna treat this like the real lottery scratch offs then do it right thank you and God Bless The voice of the customers Mr. Joseph Johnson


This app needs a total revamp. Clumsy to navigate. Continues to log you out even while in the app. Deposit bonuses disappear. Support isn’t available.


Deposit wise it only worked once. Anything after that it wouldn’t let me deposit anymore . It keeps giving me and error messages when o reached out to them they said that I meant that the card I was using was declined even though the balance is well over 900$ what a joke. So your fine taking money but you won’t continue to allow to play as much as I want . Terrible app and customer service. Might as well wait for another app to play lottery on


Trying to log in – is one enough of a challenge to frustrate ant desire to play.

J fleisch

Not sure why. Trying to reload


Error message comes up when I try to use any features.


Doesn’t load right ever Crashes constantly Will load a game then screen is too large to move around and gets stuck. Reinstalled about 7 times. No luck


I use this to scan tickets to see if they are winners. It’s useful in that it’s easy to miss a number on a ticket. When it works it is great. The problem is it doesn’t always work. Like now when every ticket I scan says “take it to a retailer”.. over and over every ticket. Or it will say it is not available right now. But overall it does do the intended job. Last version update a year ago. Seems they are overdue.


Pa lottery should be extremely ashamed. Horrible app. Literally play and play and play and nothing. Can’t tell you how many times I played $100 and lost on EVERY turn. Can’t go to the casino in the middle of this covid-19. But rest assured pa lottery should be proud they made my experiences WORTH MY WHILE. Thank you so much for taking my money faster than the atm could spit it out!


This is a rip-off. I played powerball weeks ago when I tried this. They sucked me in for a $25 bonus. I played the game and the only way I knew I played anything was the $2 they deducted from my account. There was no record of the purchase that I could find. I wanted to play mega millions today and kept getting the runaround. They tell you to download the ILOTTERY app which is the same thing I already did the first time I played (or rather the time I gave them $2 for nothing). PLAY IN PERSON IF YOU PLAY AT ALL. DESERVES ZERO STARS😤


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