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【图】Recording App – Re:Call
【图】Recording App – Re:Call

Recording App – Re:Call iOS

Recording App 简介

Re-Call Call Recorder is the app that does it all for recording on your iPhone. The recording app allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls whether it is international or domestic.

You can record calls with your own iPhone or record using the app with a private caller ID for calls. You can call and record domestic and international calls. You can also use a different private phone number for the recordings.

+ Unlimited call recording available
+ Record and tape incoming and outgoing calls.
+ Make cheap international calls.
+ Unlimited voice call recorder
+ Manage, listen and delete audio call recordings.
+ Transcribe recordings.
+ Share and email call recordings to yourself.
+ Recordings are available within seconds of call completion.
+ Record team conversations, business conversations, interviews, etc

How do I record both incoming & outgoing calls?
Just tap on the red recording button and it will walk you through the steps to record calls with your cell phone. Watch our tutorial by tapping on the help icon. Unlimited recording plans are available for call recording using cellular and your phone caller ID.

How do I record a call conversation using a private ID?
Just open the call recorder app and call out. The recording will start automatically. No complex merging of calls, putting calls on hold and fumbling to start the recording and trap in the process..

Can I make an international call?
Yes. The second phone number and recording line allows you to make international calls for cheap and also record those international calls.

What if there is no local recording line for my country?
No problem. You can set the app by going to the Dial pad -> Menu -> Use App for Recording option which allows you to record calls from the app itself without your iPhone cellular calling plan. This also allows devices such as iPad or iPod touch that does not have calling capability to record calls as well.

Re-Call Call Recorder offers a subscription plan for your premium numbers and unlimited call recording.
– Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription.
– Your account will be charged for a renewed subscription within 24 hours prior to the end of current subscription.
– Your account will auto renew once a month or yearly depending on the package you choose and provide you access to premium phone numbers and recording services.
– Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
– You can manage your subscription and switch off the auto-renewal by accessing your account settings after purchase.
– You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.
– Unused portion of free trial will be forfeited when user cancels subscription.

The following subscription plans are available:
– Unlimited Recording Monthly plan that includes 3 Days Trial – US$14.99
– Unlimited Recording Monthly plan – US$9.99/month
– Unlimited Recording Yearly plan – US$79.99/month
– Phone numbers for $6.99/month – $14.99/month depending on country

Privacy Policy: http://www.appverse.com/Privacy
Terms of Use: http://www.appsverse.com/Terms

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Recording App 下载

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First time playing around with it.

Sana sarwar

It says 3 days free trial after subscription you have to pay…I only used it for almost 3 hours and unsubscribed as it wasn’t for my country code..so why charged me when it’s free trial?..I want my money back.I’ll appreciate that..

mell mell ballhog


hi ho cherry o



The app was easy to install and use but not worth $15.00 a month.


I love this application very resourceful


Cindy AFoc


Love it. Wish it was free cuz I’d use it longer!


A great help


If you download this app I cannot find the way to cancel subscription and get charge for nothing be careful!!!

girl trying it out

The recording quality of the call her on the other end is great. But they said they couldn’t hear me very well


No longer needed


Not what you think.


I’m only using this for roblox if it works 🙂


The only thing I’m confused about is why do I have to select whom I record? Is there a way to automatically record every time I call out or every time I receive a call?

Endless Sales

Nice recording app


Easy and does the job.


I had a very important call and it said it was recording and the entire 77 minutes is static. It worked on calls prior but is clearly not reliable.


Doesn’t identify different speakers in transcription, but ready to stop and over all well done


Most freemium apps at least allow you to try the app before being asked to sign up for a “free” trial that will no doubt be hard to cancel or send me even more spam than I now receive. Please enable at least a few recordings before asking anything of me. Removing 30 seconds after installing.

Polka Dotts

This is a FANTASTIC App. Works like a charm . Took me less than 2 minutes to set it up and make my first test call.


Have to pay


I don’t like this app because when I hit the record button it pops up the premium thing. So it’s basically saying that if I want to record even ONE recording I have to get your stupid premium. Terrible app.


Awesome I love this app


Followed the directions, when i merged the calls, it stood there for a bit. Then the recording number disconnected and left me talking with the person by itself… none of it was recorded, neither that one bit of time we talked.


This app not what I thought it would be and now I can’t delete it can’t find a unsubscribe or a number to call


Terrible, the worst. An important 65 minute phone call is 65 minutes of white noise and no hint of anything else. No quality, no recording!


Can you tell me how to cancel


The second a person opens this “Free” app it asks for money. You children should be ashamed. Perhaps it’s time to hang out with the Ad*lts that allow words to have and retain their meaning rather than deceptive time wasting childlike behavior. Please don’t even start your childish rationalizations upon reading this review, just reword, rethink and grow up to your responsibility to others and internet Ad*lthood.


I downloaded this app to record the voicemail/answering machine information from the community I reside at because my rent was due on a day they closed earlier than normal. I was unaware of the schedule changes and it has caused me to not be able to make my payment at the office today. Unfortunately I am unable to make it there tomorrow and needed proof that the office was closed Friday when I arrived at 4:00pm. This call recorder done an excellent job doing just that. The only mid leading part was that it indicated that was free and that you had Unlimited recordings. To me that means everything is free, but once I downloaded the app it immediately it requests payment for a 3 month free trial. So it isn’t free you have to have a payment method That is able to be processed in order to get the red trial!


Just getting started. Easy to download. First test fine.


Great app

Brock Biddle

I just downloaded this app not even 20 minutes ago and I want to cancel it, but can’t ! How do I cancel my my 3 day trial


I try to find a way to cancel the subscription, and can’t find any option to do it!!!


Great App


Very good quality


I love it help with a project


You advertise it is free the. The minute you open it up it says $29.99 free 7 days so you do not even give time to review it no thank you


Keep looking.


It seemed to record the conversation well but it has a way if operating that’s a little confusing because they want you to choose to record using the “record line” or choose a line. I’m not sure what the difference is because it works by merging the call with a recorded line that’s never really seen to anyone including you. Therefore, I’m confused why I would need to pick an additional line. I guess if you have a business where it helps you to call from an unrecognizable number you could choose one of their lines they offer within each area code where when you make a call it’s coming from that line. I don’t have that scenario as I want the people I call to know I’m calling. I’ll work thru it but as far as it recording the call it definitely does that.


It didn’t record anything


I used this app last year and it worked fine. It no longer works and no easy way to text/call support and get Money back. Don’t bother.


Advertising as free then you open it and have to pay. Trash


I downloaded this app and paid for it. When I tried to use it the app still required more money. Find another app, any app is better than this one!


Easy to use


I had to test the app out a few times before I got the hang of using it. Transcript cuts out after a minute but full length recording is clear. Must subscribe to forward call for future reference or editing but worth the price for avoiding the hassle of obtaining additional equipment.

t mccormack

App is easy to use and works great


No option to cancel subscription!


Love the app


great app


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