【图】Pacific Warships: War Shooter下载
【图】Pacific Warships: War Shooter
【图】Pacific Warships: War Shooter

Pacific Warships: War Shooter iOS

Pacific Warships 简介

# Pacific Warships: World of Naval Armada Warfare #
Play a FREE modern warship navy game and become an armada fleet commander! Welcome to the future world of naval combat games!

Try PACIFIC WARSHIPS wargame in a massive torpedo and missile sea skirmish. Get your crew and guardian ship ready and deploy to cruise the Seven seas. Sea shooter meets tactics in an ultimate naval modern warfare. Calls of lethal weapons, artillery and warships to combat your enemy with a tsunami of missiles and torpedoes in a REAL-TIME online team PVP.

Collect your ships in a seaport to form the best fleet from Atlantics to Pacific rim and boat the seaways where oil tankers used to sail to face the enemy in ocean war. Become the War Armada of the seashore in a challenging battle!

More action-packed than a ship simulator, PACIFIC WARSHIPS offers you new modern and realistic navy game on a modern fleet battlefield.


# World ONLINE Multiplayer
Compete with other commander armadas from all around the world on the multiplayer battlefield of naval battles

# Absolutely stunning 3D graphics
Future is here! We created the most realistic visual shooter for mobile devices. Play the sea game and check it out! The game will run even on a budget device!

# Abilities
Get aggressive in your warfare tactics with a warships cool abilities. Master the perfect shooting dmg to become the best navy commander of the modern and future ship world!

# Upgrade system
Upgrade your ships and war ship to become stronger in any conflict! Conquer a variety of guns, missiles, chassis and deck improvements that forge your battleship into an ultimate lethal weapon. All of the upgrades are actually changing your ships’ look and armor.

# Captain’s skills
Improve your stats by researching a skill tree. Remember, it’s not only about a ship – the crew matters too. Learn new skills and sink enemy ships in a quick blitz!

# Call of Armada Fleet
Super detailed warships such as Arrow, Avenger, Spearhead, and Eclipse, divided into several classes from lightweight destroyers to battleships and dreadnaughts, which look like floating fortresses are on duty!

# Capture Points
The team that has retained more points wins! Form a battle alliance with the teammates, do not let the enemy capture your point! Use torpedos or active abilities!

# Skill Blitzkrieg
Naval squad of different ships from around the world! Pick ones that match your playstyle tactics. The goal is to spot, scout and sink enemy ships, you decide to torpedo enemies in close combat or barrage them from afar like a juggernaut.

# Advanced Matchmaking
All sea battles in the game are created automatically, all you need to do is click the “FIGHT” button, teams and opponents will pick up automatically so you can start having fun fast!

# Easy controls
Intuitive control and easy interface won’t leave you struggling to master the learning curve of naval warfare!

# Amazing Gifts and Rewards
Make sure to come back to the game for the waves of battle rewards, upgrades and gifts!

Option to select graphics for weaker smartphones
A weak device? You can choose the graphics options, from low to high!

### Our multiplayer PvP shooter is completely FREE to download!

Perfectly drawn battlefield textures, beautiful sky and islands, vivid sea. We created a next-level naval shooter. Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you in online multiplayer games of 2018.

Still not sure what to play? Choose PACIFIC WARSHIPS

Dear users! We are constantly working on improving the game, create new maps, new features, new ships, improving graphics and working hard on the optimization! Please write us on the mail or in support if you found bugs and issues.

Want to ask about the game or find friends and allies?
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames
Support: assistance.gdc@gmail.com

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Pacific Warships 下载

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Love the game, but maybe we could get it where we can add more friends more like 50 total instead of 30, also would be nice to have ships that have been fully upgraded be in like elite class that can earn like 10% more in credits and exp. how does these sound and if not good can I get a reason why??

Kareem Abdul Sabr

Why does my sink/kill assist count as capture assist? Strange. Most enemies, if not all are droids. But the game is very fun. Need to keep it honest; some “people” in the game are not people.

No General Aviation

I spent the money on one of there promotions. Got the best carrier in the game. Not sure what good that did cause I cannot fly any planes off it. Have a Jupiter now also. Same problem, have tried to look up support and troubleshooting. Haven’t found anything, beyond disappointed. The only thing I can figure is it’s not compatible with tablets iOS?….


I like this gameI want that and I want to continue but I will have one problem I can’t get on the game I haven’t been able to run the game in a week that’s ok but know I have lost money on upgrades that could have gone to one of my other sea battle games

8 Baller

I like this game, but there’s no app support for the game? Like I got an aircraft carrier but how can I get my planes in the air? Your on your own trying to figure things out?

proteus 84

The Jupiter cruiser does not always work. It’s one of the most fun shops to command but sometimes it simply just won’t deploy. IOS


I spent a hefty 300$ into this game and now im kind of regretting it cause i dont see much of updates and new content no ingame chat which looks like people been wanting for over a year, i think we are just playing with bots but i cant tell which really frusturates me and i wish the devs would take into consideration an in game chat, i want this to be an online multiplayer but it doesn’t feel like an online multiplayer need a lil more human interaction aka in game chats

Poncho and the cisco

I erased the app to take a break for the game and reinstalled. Now all the progress I had made and ships is gone. Never asked for a password or email. Angry. I even spent money on this game. BS


This game is def worth getting. But i just bought a carrier and the button to attack with planes simply doesn’t work. I’ve tried reaching out to support but don’t know how to get help. I’d either like money back or a fix. otherwise 5 star review.


Playing with the carrier ship, it will not allow me to launch the planes


My carrier hasn’t been able to take off aircraft in combat. What’s the problem?


Interesting game, looks like better than other same type warship game! I like it


I don’t really know what to rate because the game won’t let me play. If you can fix this then I will play and give you a new review


I would like to know y I’m unable to use any skills on my carrier, it just comes up nothing the firing button is set on zero and I’ve tried pressing the button constantly holding or anything of the sort but nothing it feel just a cruise ship? Is this some sort of bugged or am I just using it wrong?


I played this game and worked my way up to my first carrier. Then I discovered that the game for some damned reason didn’t allow the carrier overhead function to work . Complete waste of my f—ing time and thanks for creating such a nice P.O.S.


It’s everything I wanted in a shout warfare game besides adjusting your camera to like a bridge view and having visible humans and droids on the deck ingame. Needs better graphics, would be better if you could zoom in and out during battle have the multiplayer needs fixes.


Hey, tnx for your beautiful game. I have a problem,my aircrafts dont work on my aircraft carrier. How can I fix it?!!!


This game is awesome I will download this game for my brother he is 4 years old I hope you make another game like this! They are spaceships it’s awesome

Stellar Wolf

This looks like a great game. But it crashes on a tip screen every time I start it. I’ve reinstalled the game a number of times, and I have tried both local and server accounts, but it never gets as far as an interactive menu screen — it always crashes before it gets that far, nearly two dozen times so far. I’m really excited to play this game. Please help! Thank you!

Dont mess with the M

This game is honestly one of my favorite, I WOULD play it every day, but I can’t!! I suggest u get it, Mabye u won’t have the same problem, but for me after having it for 3 months, my game started crashing, at first I thought nothing of it as I have an old phone it’s like 4 years old, but soon it started to go mad the game wouldn’t let me play anymore! I would tap the app then BOOM immediate crash! I have spoken about this a lot but nothing seems to work, I’m replacing my phone soon Mabye that will help but till then, it’s a fantastic game and it’s filled with brilliant gamers and designers! I hope they continue to build on what they already have and improve on the shape and overall look of ships, I also hope they add the capability of making ur own ships! Fantastic game! The Supreme Dalek approves!

your friend JB

I loved this game but it just stopped working for some reason


The game is becoming unplayable. It has started to crash a lot. It use to never crash; then it would crash on rare occasions; and now it is crashing about 50% of the time. I’ve checked my internet, and I have used my data to see either one were the issue. No problems on my end. I will improve the rating once this issue is solved. Another issue is that I can’t starts battle with my carriers because I can’t send planes. I can use a carrier without issue if I don’t use it first. Once this issue is fixed, I will improve the rating even further. Outside of these issues, this is a fun game. The graphics are great, and I love the attention to detail. Please fix the problems so I can once again enjoy this game.


I was able to play this game last night but when I awoke this morning the game refused to open, would open to a gray screen then immediately close to home screen, don’t know if this is a bug I really enjoy this game and want to play it, please try to fix it.


Dont say it is multiplayer if all your playing aganst is ai. And make blue prints more common or make gold easier to get. Other than that great game.

buggy shooting

WHYYyYyYYY caNT ThE gAme loAd????


At first, this game’s grind was bearable. I was able to earn anywhere from 10,000-15,000 credits per match, to work towards unlocking a high priced ship. In a recent update they added a limit to the maximum amount of credits you can earn per battle, so now I only earn about 4,000 for the same kind of battle. The gameplay itself is pretty fun, and although you’re almost always up against AI, the AI is smart enough to put up a challenge.


I like the game. It looks cool with lots of detail. Good graphics and the ships look great too! Thanks for making the game! What’s the name of the in battle starting music?


This game has taken a real hit since the update in iOS. For some unknown reason the developers have decided to change how ships interact with one another. Shields don’t work properly, some ships (higher end) have an unfair advantage in that their shields regenerate very quickly. They have also reduced the cornering and top speed of the Interceptor destroyers in order to sell their new ships. I don’t know if the red team is the home team but the developers stack the lineup with Battleships making gameplay less than fair. Sad, this used to be a fun game, not so much anymore! Developers have gotten greedy and they are changing things on the fly. Now the developers have increased the cost of gold by 1000%, how is that even possible. They have finally taken a step too far.


It’s the best because you can get daily rewards and level up your weapons.


Llevo mucho tiempo jugando este juego, sin embargo, tuve que cambiar de país y celular, ahora no puedo pasar lo progreso y estoy en diferente servidor, necesito su apoyo para resolver este problema, recuperar mi progreso y seguir en el mismo servidor que me encontraba. Atte: Capitan_Peligro_FDL


I didn’t know that is for kids not for pre teenager it was 4+ that means it’s for KID

UnKnown Comic Hey

It’s not loading on iPhone. Help!


This game is really fun i like to upgrade ships and figure out how to hit enemy’s. But there’s one problem its the enemy team its bc I’m in the Jupiter section and the enemy’s are still using the galaxy section and now its just boring and cant get good stuff anymore except just try to do my quests. Thats all i have to say for now. But please fix this developers.

malachi caunec

I can even open the game and I want to play it really but it won’t really let me in so I would like y’all to fix this bug for me to be able to get in. Although this is a good game I’ve had it before but I can’t play it. :,(


This game is so fun and I want to thank you for being my favorite game!!!🤗🤗🤗


Easy to learn. Easy to play. Easy to get addicted to. If I had an objection…if…it would only be that I’d like to see more battle fields. If I had something to complain about. Fortunately, I have no complaints. The game was more than I expected. Time to go back to sinking the enemy!



Tony Snow 86

Love this game but maybe we can get a tournament going on??? Please. With chat.


App fails to launch, it lost my progress twice and a after I purchased my in app upgrades. Lost the money I put into it. You can’t skip the training section at the beginning. Also, there is no way to restore your purchases. It’s a fun game with lots of potential but not worth trying until the fix the major issues

im just dad

I spent more time playing this game than all other games combined, UNTIL, the last 2 weeks. You tap to open app and that’s where is sits, and sits and sits!!


This game used to be really fun. With the new update that has changed. You used to be able to completely heal your ships, but now there’s a healing cap, as you get damaged the amount of HP you can get back becomes less and less. With aircraft carriers you used to be able to drop your torpedoes right near your target, but now there’s a minimum distance you have to drop them in order for them to activate, which now makes it hard to hit ships with the torpedo destruction skill. So far the only thing I like about the update is that there are 4 new ships, one of each class. But that hardly makes up for all the other changes considering they are event ships or can only be gotten from buying lock boxes. If you’re new to the game you might like it, but as for me and probably other players that have been playing awhile now it’s just meh.


As soon as i downloaded this game it shot up to being my most played mobile game. i liked it because it was very balanced and allows for a lot of customization. if i can recommend one this it would be a squad/group/platooning mechanic so players could play with friends This is my first review but i have clocked over 7k hours in games to know what is good and what has potential


I like this game but there is no free roam which I don’t like. But overall it is fun and entertaining. But there should be free roam with a big map with other enemies on free roam.


I started playing this game and loved it enough to drop over $20 bucks on in game purchases. With that being said the game consistently now crashes and I can’t even play it. Don’t waste money on it till the crashing is fix!!!


Really fun game but now it won’t open. It’ll open and then crash back to the home screen


So this game great and I love that it’s a futuristic world of warship a lot simpler, but for some reason my game won’t open it keeps crashing. Does anyone have this problem?


Dis game good, but the firing system is weird. But it’s ok, one problem for me is that I cant see up and down when firing. Also, please fix the invisibility because you can still track the boat by the water tracks. Please fix, overall 5*.


Graphics are top notch. Gameplay is too simplified compared to similar games like world of warships blitz. Aiming shells is only left to right, with the game automatically taking care of the range. This takes the skill out of aiming and dodging shells. Enemies are spotted at any range (other than cloaked destroyers), again taking away the skills of staying unspotted. The tech tree is very limited as well.


Easy controls easy to learn great game quite surprising how well made

MGS Wolf808

It keeps crashing in the training when you about to shoot your first target


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