【图】KCBD First Alert Weather下载
【图】KCBD First Alert Weather
【图】KCBD First Alert Weather

KCBD First Alert Weather iOS

KCBD First Alert Weather 简介

The KCBD Mobile Weather App includes:

* Access to station content specifically for our mobile users
* 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available
* Future radar to see where severe weather is headed
* High resolution satellite cloud imagery
* Current weather updated multiple times per hour
* Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models
* Ability to add and save your favorite locations
* A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
* Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service
* Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe in severe weather

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KCBD First Alert Weather 下载



Revolucion Si

Advertisements work fine, but video has no sound.


This use to be a great app but for the last couple of months when I try to open it I get an error that says it is not currently available for your area. Sometimes it will work after I close and reopen 5-6 times. I guess will have to delete it and download a different app.


Ever since I’ve had this app the radars never predict the correct storm layout, I canceled a trip because I thought it was going to be stormy because of the radar but turns out it wasn’t this all really needs to get the radars correct because the info it truly false and can ruin peoples days because we think it’s going to storm when it really isn’t.

All American Dave

Did not like this app! Although there were options for customizing alerts, it just doesn’t seem to make a difference. Then when you try to view an alert you have to view a video ad. I understand that’s how we get this app for free, it’s understandable to have some ads. However if I’m coming into the app from a notification sent by the app then giving the info that warranted the app should take priority over some video ad. Furthermore you can’t get to the home screen and access the menu without first watching these ads. Newsflash news people – weather apps are downloaded so that people have instant access to critical information, if your going to play games and force people to watch ads when they need to be getting critical info, they will go elsewhere.

wont let me reply

Fail to start after a few times. Happens over and over. Have to cancel and reload.

Frankie Justice

I use to love this app. Now it is inaccurate a lot of times and the ads are awful. Why must we have to endure ads to check the weather?


I really like this app until you made alert overlays are so opaque. Doesn’t help if there is a storm headed your way! 😡 please fix!!!


You recently did an update and it is now very hard to read the radar. I am looking for a new app to use and will delete yours.

godthe FATher

I can’t Even use it it won’t even let me in all It does is show me the home page and kick me out.


Upgraded phone and now my severe thunderstorms are in red instead of tornado warning and the quality is horrible. I could care less about how many ads there are

nickname forced by A

This app has always worked well, though some ads have slowed it down at times. Starting May 10, 2019, it will not open. It showed the ad for the app to load, then closes. Please fix the app. It generally provides better forecasts than other apps—but only if it opens!


The most recent update causes the iPad app to crash and will not open

billy b bad

Terrible app. Musical ad plays when opening the app. Cant figure out how to shut it off. Radar takes forever to show movement. Tons of ads!


This borders on obscene, the amount of ads they throw at you. Don’t bother.

Not awesome 4576

That statement doesn’t apply to this app. I have it on my Xs Max and it constantly crashes. The ads are way too excessive and should be at least bringing in enough profit to make the app to where it doesn’t crash 24/7. NOAA Radar works so much better and will actually send you alerts.


This app has gone to cr@p with the loud auto play ads. I can read, i dont need some loud annoying music when i try to check the weather.


Doesn’t even work on the iPhone time to removed.


This app used to be one of my favorites. But I don’t like the layout, and worst of all, it’s unusable in a quiet environment because loud annoying videos start playing at random!!! MUTE THE ADS so I can use it when I want!!!


I’ve replaced my Weather Channel app I’ve used for several years with this one. I’ll agree with some of the other reviewers who do not like the amount of ads. I’m willing to pay a reasonable price ($2) for an ad-free version if it were available.


Awesome app except that 1/2 the time the current temperature doesn’t show up and an add is in its place. Hard to have a good weather app when you can’t tell what temperature it is


I’ve given this app plenty of chances but I’m done. The ads are way to intrusive and overwhelming. There are much better “free” weather apps that while still have ads, don’t shove them in your face and hinder the overall experience. In addition many of these other apps offer the option to pay a one time fee to remove the ads. Furthermore, the app is never updated and formatted for newer devices. The iPhone X has been out for almost a year and this app is still not formatted for the display. Considering that the app still hasn’t been formatted for the the iPhone 6 Plus, which is a 3 year old device (and no, stretching the app just just go fit the screen does not count as formatting it), I don’t have much hope that it will be updated for newer devices anytime soon. KCBD, if any of your app developers look at this, major changes need to be made. If you’re motto really is “Coverage you can count on”, then you should probably make services such as your mobile news and weather applications fit within that motto.


I completely understand the company has to pay for the app, but when it sends me a severe weather update and I open the app and have to watch an advertisement and then I get to see the weather, come on people. What if it’s to late to take shelter because of the advertising? Seconds count!


This app used to be really nice but you are now forced to see ads. The layout is hard to follow. I have switched to KLBK.


If you send out an “alert” saying strong storms are possible, you know what I want to see when I open your weather app? Weather. I do not want to see, and refuse to sit through, an ad. Im going to keep using WeatherBug — it’s way more accurate anyway.


This used to be a daily app for me, but not anymore since it’s been overwhelmed with ads. The notifications are no longer trustworthy because they over exaggerate what’s really happening to get clicks.


I’m about to delete this app due to all of the added advertising and alerts. It’s becoming too much to wait on and get through to simple get the temp and forecast. It use to be a great app to get quick information, but marketing has taken over.


I updated my app last night and now it crashes before it even opens up. Please fix fast!! I love my app!!


Was getting tired of the incessant alerts about checking the app for the latest weather forecast. I understand that you’ll update the forecast in the app. I don’t need an alert to remind me of that. Final straw was when I opened the app and received and ad w/ sound. :(. Uninstalling.


After updated, it won’t rotate on my iPad. Radar takes wayyyyy to long to load. Don’t like the new format. Other than that, it’s a good app.


Wish you would give wind speeds instead of “gusty” or “breezy”. Those are relative terms. My idea of breezy could very well be different than yours. Tell me 15-20 or 25-35. It makes a big difference in Lubbock when trying to plan outdoor activities. I also don’t like the dark look and transparent screens that are hard to read b/c you can see things under the screen you are trying to look at. Recently downloaded weather channel app and prefer it’s layout, clear and bright screens and most importantly wind speed forecasts.


I just got the new iPhone 6s and downloaded the weather map. The live radar does not work, I only see a blank screen. I’ve made sure all of my settings are correct, location is on, and even downloaded it again and still the same thing. Please fix this glitch.


Good app but when bad weather comes and it speaks to me that there is thunderstorm watch… Great. But when it keeps telling me a few min later and I can’t turn that part off, then your app becomes annoying. UPDATE: you have to edit sounds in device settings, not app settings. (Might mention that in app settings). Score goes from 3 stars to 5.


The “new” version of this app is very annoying! What happened to straightforward weather without the carousel? It’s difficult at best to get to the map, hourly and 10 day forecast. Life in West Texas revolves around the weather however, I will not be using this app to check conditions.


This app was great, but since the update it is so frustrating. It is too busy and takes too much time to find what you need. As farmers we need to see the current data and the map when we open it and not have to scroll through pages to find this information. Plus I hate waiting on the ad. The ads at the top and the bottom were much better.


Going back to the “old” version


The latest update is awesome! I’m weather nerd and have many weather apps on my phone. Until the latest update I hated the kcbd app but this is now my by far, hands down favorite weather app! I love it!


This was a great app until the update. It really needs to change back to the original. I loved it because it was local and easy to use. Now I’m going to switch to something else. Really disappointing.


Very hard to read and not user friendly. I like having immediate access to the current and hourly temp.


I really do not like this update. It’s very hard to read because the print is too small. I don’t think it’s as user friendly. I liked the previous version better and would go back to it if I could.


This app is downright terrible! I just move from Dallas to Lubbock earlier this week. I was curious about the weather. I downloaded the app and I was sorely disappointed I couldn’t find my way around the app and check the future weather. You should get a professional make your abs on a six-year-old in the basement working for minimum-wage!


College student with no cable or satellite. This app is very good and includes all the info I need to be on the lookout during severe weather. Alert feature is great! Could use live feed option during tornado season. Thank you!

Person 3464478961086

Keeps crashing on me! And it’s lagging with slow reaction 🙁


Love app but lost arrows on each side of city! I know you can press the home icon & pick different city but its not as convenient as the arrows! Why fix what isn’t broke? Please return the arrows! Thanks!


Last update is missing the arrows next to city for a ‘quick’ look at other saved favorite cities. Slow to load. Should have been fixed before release.


What happened?? With the last update, the arrows around the city name is gone. To scroll through the cities now, I have to tap the Home icon and select a city. It’s not stellar to begin with but now it’s even worst.


Good app, but please fix the notifications. They don’t work. Also if you try to report a problem with the app, it just takes you to the website. Five stars if notifications get fixed, they work on the iPad app. Thanks!


I’m a weather freak so I like to stay up to date on weather.It is vert helpful since I live in the Lubbock area! 😀 Five Stars!

Hound about it

The last update has gone Overboard on the ads. They really slow it down. Not to mention I don’t won’t to look at them. Can’t you just give me the weather. Big let down!


The best weather app I’ve found. Better than most of the ones I have online as well.


I like this app due to it’s simple yet relevant features and the focus on the South Plains region. It’s a solid 4 stars for me, but I would like some type of sound notification when alerts are posted here from the NWS. Do that and it’s 5 stars!


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