【图】vear – Anime Avatar Camera下载
【图】vear – Anime Avatar Camera
【图】vear – Anime Avatar Camera

vear – Anime Avatar Camera iOS

vear 简介

Wearing virtual-vear

vear is an app that allows you to stream and record using your 3D avatar.

■ Your 3D avatar is ready to use!

vear supports VRM, a 3D avatar file format for VR,
The model of the VRM file uploaded to your iCloud Drive can be used in the app.

■ Expression can be given with one smartphone!

With ARKit’s face recognition technology, you can apply your facial expressions to your avatar as soon as you launch it.
In addition to “blinking” and “mouth pacing”, the body angle naturally adjusts to the angle of the neck.

■ Motion is added by motion capture!

Two devices can be connected and one can be used as a tracker.
The movement of the body recognized by the tracker is transferred to the other vear so that the avatar can move in real time.
* Please use the tracker in a large place more than 2m away from the whole body.

■ Free background setting!

You can set a background by selecting a free image from the album, and you can set an image of a spherical image taken with RICOH THETA.
You can also set the background for composition such as green background, so you can edit the video recorded with vear later with your favorite editing equipment.

■ Distribution function using ReplayKit Live!

By using ReplayKit Live, you can distribute with famous distribution apps such as Mirative, Ichinana, TwitCasting!

* Available only for ARKit compatible models.
* Operation is not guaranteed on all devices.

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vear 下载

App Store 官网美版



i have seen people use this app . it’s so good & i really want to try it out for myself . so could you please make this available for iphone 7+ because i really want to make videos with this app . i also want to make my own anime characters . i used this app on my cousins phone since she has a iphone xr and it works so good . so i’m wondering if you can make this available for iphone 7+ please . thank you very much .


For what I’ve seen i think this app is good I have a iPhone 7 and I really want to try out this app but I cant bc the app does not support this device or if you can’t could you make a new version that is a available for all iPhones perhaps? After all I’m giving this a four bc I haven’t tried out the app yet but the app looks good

Leon go

Please make it so i can play on iphone 8 like


It would be dope if u can make ur own character and use it.


I love the app but I just don’t know how to change my avatar :/

oikawas simp

Doesn’t even work with an iPhone 8


Can u make it for iPhone 8 Plus please I can’t use it I wanna please thanks


Make it compatible with more devices it’s kinda dumb that it’s only available for iPhone 11 and above. Why should I be able to download this in the first place if I can’t even use it? It’s not even compatible with android. It’s a shame that a good app like this is going to waste. For anyone who’d want a similar app just download vroidstudio on a computer.

cat lover 689

So this isn’t mean to be rude but can you make it so iPods can’t use this app to


I have a gen 5 iPad can you make it so it works?☺️👍


I only have an android phone and ipad, i thought it would work yet it doesn’t, and you’re not supporting android so either way, i cant even use this app.


it would be cool if you could make it available for the ipads new generations i’d appreciate that and thank you


I love the app but how do you sync the body? I’m confused


I wish I could try but when I get an iPhone I will and I would give u 5 stars but I already am!


I wasn’t able to play cause I have an iOS and it really sucks😔

alexa panda

I have an iPad Air (3rd gen) and I can’t get in the air is there anyway u can make it so I can go into the app

Legal Mikan kinnie

It says it works on my phone but when I open the app it says otherwise


I just figured out how to make perfect sync work and it now works flawlessly. I’m really glad I paid 10 dollars for the premium. This can be a very very powerful tool for vtubers if they make or commission their own vroid model that’s compatible with perfect sync. The rest of the app that is free is also great. A reminder to people who are reading this, your device needs to have face id for this app to work!

good game but a litt

Make it compatible with all devices 🙁


Make it available on iPhone 6s 😡😡😡

ulfTSA tv syww FCC h

It says it’s compatible on my device but when I open it says incompatible so I’m really confused

gerald the skeleton

cant even use the app 💔💃


It says on the app store this game is compatible, but on the app it says its not.. any help?


Why do i need to have an iphone 11 and above?? It makes no sense, even if the app is good i wouldn’t be able to know because i have an 8 🙁


Says compatible on here but the app says incompatible?


ahh! it not work on iphone 6S why?!!!!?!?!!


I downloaded it thinking it would work but then it said it was incompatible.. why should we be allowed to go download it if you can’t use it??


It won’t let me use the app at all,it said my phone was incompatible and every time I updated my phone it didn’t work

rat go brrr

could you all please be able to make it compatible with other iphones? i downloaded vear because it seemed really fun but i ended up being sad because i couldn’t even use the app.


pretty cool, wish it was in english


I downloaded the app, and had no complications. But when I tried to use it, it said my device was not compatible, even though I could download it. I’m currently using an IPad with IOS 14, so why doesn’t it work? Please help


Iv see people use it before and it looks super cool though I have an iPhone 6 so normally check what devices apps are useable on and the App Store said I just need IOS update 13 or higher though I open the app and it says I am not able to use…. wut (@-@)


I hate it so much because it won’t let me login and I am doing everything right so let me login plz



killuas bb

it seems like a good app but i don’t have the right phone for it maybe try to make it all phones?

Luna Da Silva

Hi! I just downloaded Vear but I’m a bit confused on how to change the waifu. But over all the app is amazing and fun!

Jerm vvarfare

It says it works for iOS14 plus but why isn’t it working?


I wanted to try vear since it seemed pretty neat, on the app store it says its compatible with my phone, but when I open it says it’s incompatible? Not sure if its the app or my phone, I updated to iOS 14 to see if it was the software version— Still said incompatible. I know its probably the app version because the app store says my phone is compatible, but I think its a bug? If it is, please fix it? I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing it so uh,, yeah.

miss maam

why can’t it work on iphones 6-8? i have a iphone 8 and it won’t work.


Is there a way to make it so I can play with an iPad mini4? Any way?


If it’s available on an App Store of a device that is not able to use it why is it here ? It’s just stupid


I want to use this app, but it’s not compatible with my iPhone.

nick name idk



Hello! I did not create this but if you’re having trouble trying to figure out how to put your avatar in the app, here’s how! 1)Go to Website of the Avatar you want to access 2) Download it onto your phone 3) Go to the three dots on the right top corner 4) Press “Select Avatar” 5) Choose your avatar I hope this helps.


won’t work because I’m on Ipad, please make it on iPad and iPhone please.




Why is it just for one phone? 😡 Why isn’t this available to Samsung Luna pro? There’s gotta be another way to play this.


A tutorial video pretty please because I can’t figure it out


You can’t you move your hands or legs but super fun!


I tried googling and searching how to use this app but it’s very confusing for me to use. Right away when you open the app you see the default avatar which blinks and moves it mouth but I tried to change the avatar but couldn’t figure out how. I saw on the images of this app on the AppStore so I was confused about how to get other avatars. It would be very helpful if you had a tutorial for this app, if you did I would make a 5 star review. Thank you for reading this and I’m very excited to see what the future of this app will be!


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