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The Prepaid2Cash app makes getting cash for your prepaid cards and gift cards easier than ever before. Download the app, create an account and you are ready to go!

Our customers love Prepaid2Cash because it helps them avoid prepaid card and gift card fees while providing the convenience to spend and use cash how they want. To date, we have successfully helped our customers liquidate millions of dollars in prepaid cards and gift cards.


Prepaid cards and gift cards are restrictive and full of fees. Hidden monthly fees and online shopping restrictions significantly limit access to money on your prepaid cards. Physical prepaid cards and gift cards also lack any loss or theft protection. If you lose your card, you lose your money—it’s that simple. Consumers don’t realize that most prepaid card and gift card owners never end up redeeming the full balance of their card. Don’t fall into the fee trap—get cash for your prepaid cards and gift cards today!


Prepaid2Cash allows you to easily access your prepaid card and gift card funds. We deposit your funds directly into your bank account for prepaid cards, which allows you to pay your bills or save up for a much-needed vacation!


Prepaid2Cash charges the lowest fees in the market and you can choose to receive your money in as little as 15 minutes or the next business day.


Prepaid2Cash makes cashing out your prepaid cards and gift cards quick and easy, and we take the protection of your Prepaid2Cash account very seriously by using security measures to help protect your account information.


1) Scan your card – using your phone’s camera or enter your prepaid card information manually.
2) Pick a time – get your cash delivered in 15 minutes or the next business day.
3) Pick a place – we offer direct deposit into your bank account and we support multiple accounts.


“This company is very professional in how it conducts its business. Its fees are the best online and smooth transactions make this company the best gift-card-for-cash website.”

“I’m glad I found P2C because it allowed me to finally get some value out my stack of unused prepaid cards that sat at home unused.”

“I needed the cash to pay for rent. Great and fast service with reasonable prices. I love this site and I would definitely recommend it to friends.”

“Prepaid cards can be a hassle to use. They often just end up in a drawer. This is a convenient way to use any prepaid cards that you have laying around.”


Prepaid2Cash was founded by two financial technology entrepreneurs and is based in Birmingham, AL. The founders frequently received rebate and award gift cards from buying goods online and could not find any way to redeem the cards for cash. After experiencing this consumer pain point first hand, they partnered with leading banking and payments institutions to offer a simple and fast service to help consumers redeem their unwanted prepaid cards. The company and service came to be known as Prepaid2Cash, which was officially launched to the public in early 2016.

Prepaid2Cash is an agent of Evolve Bank & Trust. All money transfer services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, including capturing funds from gift cards and transferring funds to your bank account, subject to Evolve Bank & Trust’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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I was only able to use it once. I tried Friday for a second time and not only do they keep declining my card but won’t tell me why. When I emeiled the help desk, which by the way, you can only email not call, Ellen literally just told me that my card cannot be accepted at this time thanks. I emailed her back twice and no response. And they won’t let me remove my bank account information. DON’T TRUST THIS! I’m checking my account constantly and I have my bank on alert just in case. You may get one use out of it but that’s it. I think this may be a scam to collect your personal info.


Garbage app. Tried 3 visa gift cards, I activated all 3. Every time it tells me my card is not activated. Clearly doesn’t function properly, hold this 1 star review.


I can not instantly cash out at all I’m in Chicago I been using you guys for 2 years and I like you guys but please fix insta cash out

Never got cash

No Bueno


Always same stuff and never get the info to go through while before same cards worked this place is a joke . Needs to get shut down


I tried to sell my gift card and all it kept saying was my card wasn’t activated when I had just used it at a store prior to attempting to sell it through this app. Don’t waste your time with this app it doesn’t work!!


I mean I understand this is a good way to get cash for unused gift cards but to only get $29 + $1.50 transaction fee for a $50 gift card? Idk about this app anymore 😅


They take $10 out of a $100 Gift card plus 5% ARE THEY CRAZY THIEVES??


If you’re always getting gift cards as a gift and wants to liquidate those cards into raw cash. Then look no further because this is the “PERFECT” platform to exchange those unwanted gift cards for actual cash . Plus this service is easy to use once you’ve signed up and verified.

spartan Mook117

Do not use. When I typed in my card information it become void. Do not use this SCAM app.


Crashes every time I select continue on prepaid card option


Never went into my bank account

J Hanover

Don’t get this app it is filled with lies. My first problem was buying the quickest way to receive your money and it took a extra week and I still don’t have it. So I wanted to cancel my transaction and guess what there isn’t a way to do once you make the transactions and it’s approved you can’t cancel it if you wanted. Do t waste your time

Qouphie Poundz

I see this app to be a savior as I have ripped a lot anytime I try to exchange my gift cards to cash. Then I saw Prepaid2Cash whilst searching for alternatives. I have never been failed by you before. I am hoping you would extend your gift cards to more other cards like iTunes, BestBuy , Steam , Amazon, Google play and others.


This is my new way of getting rid of gift cards I don’t need. I’ll keep you all updated on if it works for me or no. Edit: It did come when it said it would, it does definitely work like it saids. I’d say the only thing that I don’t particularly like is that I didn’t get as much as I’d like for it but that’s not their fault, it’s the market for gift cards. Honestly, this is a great alternative to get money for the available gift cards and prepaid cards to choose from. Just keep in mind that you will only get as much as it’s currently worth/offered. Besides that, lovely app and good timing.


I downloaded the app , put my information in an had to wait till my request was approved. Went back to the apple store to see the reviews it got some said it was fake and didnt work an some said it was a scam so i was kinda worried but i still went threw with it. the expected date was 4/28/20 but i got my payment a day early I would have gave them 5 stars but i didnt want people to think this was a fake review


Used it a couple of times already. It does take a little while for the approval or not to go thru. But for the most part, extremely happy with the service they provide. My company gives out gift cards for incentives. And 90 percent of the time they just sit in my office drawer.


I keep hitting resend code during the sign up process and your stupid app won’t send me a text to verify my phone number. No I’m not signing up with Facebook. Fix your app. It’s garbage if you can’t even sign up to try it.


Super easy I wish they had this when I was younger


Excellent service and great response time to inquiries


This is ez process they take transaction fees I guess that makes sense so still useful


Offered me $27 for a $50 gift card


Couldn’t cash out cards kept declining them support team EXTRA trash wouldn’t even tell me why then they closed my account. Nice job.

Ftl g googgochococh

They locked my account after they took the money out of my Visa card now I can’t even sign In


Starting to think ppl are lying. Hasn’t worked for me at all


This app is CRAP. I have tried no less than 8 different gift cards, which are different merchants, and I just get an error that the transaction can’t be processed at this time. When I tried a Vanilla prepaid card, it tried to tell me that the Vanilla card wasn’t activated yet. Which it was, and had the full funds available. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT HERE!!!!! It deserves zero stars.

tMobile family 2019

Great great great

Lo LaPerriere

I can’t even make an account it just keeps saying Error in one or more of the fields. In the put in your email or log in with Facebook. Both ways to create an account don’t work. Sooo I really was counting on this but I can’t even make an account. Been trying for 25 minutes. Keep getting the same error.


First: You consistently get an error message when attempting to upload a gift card and when you contact customer support get a generic message telling you to please try back in a few days because they are experiencing difficulties with certain cards, but are working hard to fix the issue. Second: If you scroll through the reviews, which I always do, almost ALL of the 5 ⭐️ reviews are from either January 7th or March 12th. Yeah right?! Either those two days were days with a lot of business or two people sold a bunch of cards and decided to keep writing reviews for each card they sold on your site. Hmmm.. Better yet, they’re just fake reviews to bolster your bogus app!


Sadly they don’t support amazon gift cards


Why would they include pictures of a Starbucks card when that isn’t on of the available gift card merchants.. LAME!


The App is quick and easy, we will see in a few days when the funds show up.


This app is a SCAMMMMM it’s takes your money then shuts off your account. Apple will head about this. And so will law enforcement.

just dont waste time

I tried several times to redeem a Lowe’s and Buffalo Wild Wings gift card and they haven’t worked after a week of trying. It always says there’s some type of issue and when I contact support they tell me to just keep trying. Not really helpful at all. It did work my prepaid cards but not for regular gift cards so it seems the app was made just for that. Not great.


I’ve tried seeking two gift cards on here and they stole my money and deactivated my account. This is crazy. This shouldn’t be on the app store.

Dumnezeu ii bune

I have downloaded this app about 7 times now because as soon as I try signing in the whole app glitches and kicks me off, after that happens the app won’t open up at all. Not a functional app don’t waste time


Charged me 13$ to cash my 25$ gift card from Nike !


Downloaded the app to cash out balance on my gift card. Filled out the information. Took over 3 days to get a rejected response and my card was DEBITED. Do not use!


Finally something that can get rid of all the old gift cards. I tested it out with a $100 visa prepaid card. I chose the next day delivery for 7.5% charge. It took about two days to get it. I got $91 back. So might as well use the 5 day option and only get charged 5%. I also have a Starbucks gift card and even though Starbucks card is the logo for their “Gift Card” option in the app, Starbucks isn’t listed as one of the cards they can cash out.


Prepaid2Cash made getting cash off my prepaid card super fast and easy! Highly recommend this app.


I love this app thank you !


Do not use I did a 500 dollar card never got an answer as to why it is now 2 days late. Very unprofessional and still waiting for my money which of course my bank is trying now to work with them but no luck. Even tried reaching out to ceo. Very disappointed.

Commander Los

This app is awesome it works great and is a very convenient way to sell your gift or prepaid cards.

aet mllkkb

I PAID FOR NEXT BUSINESS DAY. They gave me a estimated delivery day of 2 days. It is now the 3rd day Nd my transaction is still pending and I’m still waiting for my money.


I like the app i just wish you can cash out 15 and below instead of just 20-100 dollars


Do not do this they take the money and do not return it. You can’t cancel the transaction and when you call the office, it goes straight to voicemail. I repeat DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! all the reviews are fake!!


Not had a great time with this app. I tried to turn my gift cards into cash and it said it can’t do that. But yet, you’re supposed to be able to. Kind of a let down. I don’t really recommend this app.


An absolutely fantastic app! I get gift cards for performance incentives, mostly visa gift cards, and normally I just end up using the money for coffee and lunch. This time however I had two, and was looking for a way to get cash instead. I was searching around online and found the website. The app is quick and easy to understand and one of my cards was manually approved the same day and I had cash in my bank account next day. This service beats all others out there that take days to be approved or only offer PayPal as an option for payment. Most websites don’t allow you sell Visa/MasterCard. I am grateful to the developers for realizing this service is needed! I deducted 1 star because the scanner doesn’t seem to work with MasterCard gift card.


I used a $25 gift card and a $50 gift card with this app…biggest mistake. The transaction was declined which took 2 days. But I still will never understand why the money never came back into my $50 gift card…this is ridiculous. NEVER USING THIS APP AGAIN


I have a Darden restaurant gift card so I gave all my information I hit submit and I was given a message Prepaid2Cash could not process my gift card. I went to another site CardCash and they gave me cash direct deposit for my gift card. Don’t bother downloading Prepaid2Cash.


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