【图】Weekly Ads & Sales下载
【图】Weekly Ads & Sales
【图】Weekly Ads & Sales

Weekly Ads & Sales iOS

Weekly Ads & Sales 简介

Do you like finding great deals and saving money? Weekly Ads & Sales app helps you do just that! With weekly ads for 96,000+ stores for over 100 major retailers accessible in seconds – it’s easy to save money, and a few trees!

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== Features ==

– Instantly find stores near you
– Includes weekly ads for over 96,000 stores around USA – double tap or pinch to zoom in
– Browse by state/city
– Get directions to the stores from your current location

== Stores ==

– Groceries
Safeway, Kroger, Publix, Food Lion, Save-a-Lot, Meijer, Jewel-Osco, Smart & Final, Giant food, Shaw Supermarkets, Albertsons, Food City, Henry’s Farmers Market, Stop and Shop, Dollar General

– Office Supplies/Electronics/Appliances
Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Wolf Camera, Ritz Camera, RadioShack, Game Stop, Comp USA, Best Buy, Conn’s Appliances, BrandsMart USA, ABCWarehouse, Aaron’s

-Home Improvement
The Home Depot, ACE Hardware, TrueValue Hardware, Lowe’s

– Department stores/Clothing/Pet supplies
Target, Kmart, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Old Navy, Macy’s, ToysRus, Michaels, Sears, Jo-Ann, BabiesRus, Dillard’s, Super Target, Naturilizer Shoes, OSH, Bon-Ton, Elder-Beerman, Younkers, Lamps Plus, Boscov’s, Carson Pirie Scott, Boston store, Parisian, Hawthrone, PetSmart, PETCO

– Sports/Outdoors
Gander Mountain, Sports Authority, Dick’s, Big 5 Sporting Goods

– Pharmacies
Walgreens, CVS/Pharmacy, GNC

!!! More stores are added weekly!!!

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Weekly Ads & Sales 下载




It is awful and just the wost like not good at all


I really not one to write a review in fact hardly ever rate? This app has been great for me. It enables me to see all my local store adds. Without one pop up! Imagine that!


Love that my local Kroger and ALDI weekly ads are in one place. Allows me to save on my every week grocery purchases.

Mary Kim

Wish there were more store coupons.


Love it! Saves me half an hour a week!

Feisty Goat

Love this app! It collates the weekly ads from all my favorite stores. I feel like I never miss a deal now!


Amazing APP! I was able to score some essentials for the household without having to comb through the internet or papers. Definitely makes budget shopping much easier! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to save time and money.

creme soda 29

Easy to use app. Exactly what I need.


I cannot access my grocery store ad because the store which is closest to my home is closed for renovations. I get a message that there is not an ad for that location! I am now shopping at another Publix store until my store reopens. It will be many more months because the store was completely torn down and is being rebuilt as a much larger store, taking in several additional spots in the shopping center where other stores used to be. The entire center is being reworked and affected smaller stores have been moved into previously open spaces. I can’t change my preferred store to the one I now use, at least for the duration of the renovations. If there is a way to change the store address, please tell me how to do it!

oh my goodness

Every store I wanted to see an add said sorry no information at this time and then asked if I wanted to upgrade 👎for sure


I got the app to get Publix weekly ad as the App Store shows Publix Weekly Ad picture. But…. THERE IS NO WEEKLY AD IN THE APP!!!


Wouldn’t let me see deals. Doesn’t work. Don’t download

lots os bad ratings

I am seeing stores that closed. Food Lion’s ad is still last week’s and it’s Friday. I can’t chose the stores closest to me. I can’t even view ads I want to because it won’t let me select the store. The developers need to start over. If I could rate this no stars, I would! It’s useless to me. I will be deleting and using Shopular.


Very fun and unique


There are stores listed on here that closed down 10 years ago. How accurate can the ads be if the stores listed aren’t even in existence?


Ads came out today, but the app is showing ads that expired a week ago. App is a good idea, however who wants to see last week’s ad? Not me!

Lady Bella Luna

What happened to Publix and May other weekly adds??? Are you not going to have them if so I can delete the app!!!

Elaine Adair

This use to be good but no longer is not!


No store have any sales going on? Deleting this app

CT Consumer

Some store locations need updating and some stores have closed and should be removed from the listing.


I’ve had this app for a while. I remember when all the stores would show ads and sometimes the next weeks ad would show up, so I could plan ahead. But lately I see very few ads and nothing at all for the following weeks ad. Stores that have ads on their own website… suddenly don’t show in this app anymore.

Count Monkeytoad

It shows “no deals for your store” even though I’m holding the sale flyer.


This app doesn’t work in landscape mode, I’m only able to see half of the ads and unable to scroll to see anything else


I am unable to see ads and unable to save favorite stores. When you click on a store it says no sales available. I went into the sales area through State and by City then had the same issue. Time to update or delete this.


I’ve tried and I still can’t get the current weekly adds for the stores I visit. The ones available are from a month ago.


Doesn’t give weekly ads fake promotion you have to buy it and that is not what it promotes

Cant finish work

Hasn’t worked in a long time


It’s stupid it says weekly ads. It gives me nothing. Sorry there are no deals for this store at the moment. I don’t want deals. I want the weekly flyer!!! Deleting.


More stores need to be added to this site. Some stores, do not exist, have closed, gone out of business. Please update your information. I loved this site, when it first came out.


When I request an app from a store, I want the APP, not a 1 page sale paper from that store. I was able to do this with my android but not with my new iPhone. What’s the deal? I WANT THE BIG LOTS APP AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!

needs new support

This app needs to pay attention to store locations that have closed YEARS AGO, stores that have ads are not on the list. Why have an app that people have to go the the store websites of the ads you want to see. I’m looking elsewhere.


Where is and CVS?? I shop there a lot and do not subscribe to the local newspaper. You used to carry it and then a few months back. Why??


This app use to be top notch sales ad app. You made some changes about year or so ago thru an update and screwed it up very much. When I open your app on my iPad, I use to be able to look at this app from both views. Now since you updated it I can only look at the ads with my iPad on its end with the view being up n down. When you made that update I also lost the ability to use my fingers to zoom in on the ads from the stores to make the descriptions and prices bigger and being up in age it makes it very tough to see and read the descriptions of the items and the prices in the ads. So basically it useless to try and use it now. You need to make these changes back the way they were before your last few updates. This use to be a very good and helpful app. Not so any more. Just buy the Sunday paper, it’s less aggravation and heartache !!!! If I could rate this app a zero I would ……..


This app could do a lot better. There are still stores listed that are no longer in business. Not all locations are listed.


I got the free version of this app a couple of years ago and used it a lot for grocery ads because I don’t subscribe to the local newspaper. All of a sudden one day the local Food Lion and Kroger ads were no longer available so I upgraded to the “PRO” version and it’s not a bit different from the free version. I know it’s only 99 cents but I would have been just as well off throwing a dollar out the window! Save your time and money don’t get this app!


App hasn’t been updated.


Not user friendly. App shows outdated ads. Terrible!!!!!


App is not working properly…was great when it did. Until app is fixed, don’t waste your time!!! Nothing posted weekly!! What’s the point for this app!

Bigwigs total

This app is a terrific tool for shopping for what our family wants and needs. We use it constantly and save on groceries and household needs virtually every day! AAA+++


Used to have circulars for practically EVERY store listed, now out of FORTY FIVE listed stores, they have circulars for only EIGHT. I know for a fact that at least THIRTY of the stores listed have active sales and circulars, also new stores have opened in the area and they don’t come up, I have to look in an entirely different location to find the circular. If I could give it ZERO STARS I would. Deleting app, there has to be a better one out there!


App not keeping up. Stores still listed when they have since been closed. Martinsburg Mall now called Foxcroft only has Bon Ton now. Both Penney’s and Sears long gone.


Desperately in need of an update. Why upgrade to pro if several of the stores near me are missing? This app is useless if I still have to switch to other store’s apps to see their circulars.


Need a way to edit store list, stores on list that closed long ago. Like to delete some stores, stores on list that are far away, while closer stores aren’t listed. Added pro version, don’t see the difference.


It gives me the same above message on every store I try to open? Are there problems with the app?


When I first downloaded the app I really liked it but as new stores have opened in my area it won’t download those stores: Aldis, Meijers, and Mernards are a few examples. The Best Buy ad is often incorrect not updated.


I like and use the app for some stores. I would like to use the app to view my Aldi store’s specials for the week, but the app, according to my Aldi store’s manager, always shows another district’s Aldi ad–not the correct one for my store (7610 Garner’s Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC) where the weekly specials are completely different. WIsh I could contact the developer about this directly, but I’m not (and don’t want to be) on Facebook. Also wish weekly ads were shown for more of the stores near me (i.e., please give us more “green dots” rather than “red dots”).


My ads use to update as the store puts out a new ad, for the past month now all my ads are 3 or 4 weeks old and I have to google weekly ads and I use to use the app daily or weekly just depending..


Some of the stores are no longer open. They should be taken out. All in all the app is ok. Can find deals


No results for 90% of what I searched. They don’t have add for meat, fruits and veggies, eggs or anything that’s not highly branded and processed. Nothing here for healthy families.


I am was expecting more out of this application. Needs more improvements like lay out of pictures, coupons and a faster way to find what you are looking for. Does not support any adds for groceries o supermarkets at all.


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