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World Phone iOS

World Phone 简介

World Phone provides you with clear and reliable voice calling. You can make and receive great quality calls worldwide at great rates.

Try World Phone now and call family, friends and colleagues for free with our App to App calling feature.

Key features:

Clear and Reliable voice calls – World Phone intelligently routes your voice calls over the high quality phone networks to give you the most reliable, clearest calls possible.

Text-searchable Virtual Voicemail – easily navigate, search and manage your voicemails. Listen or read your messages and call back contacts directly.

Easy contacts – Don’t wrestle with separate contacts lists. World Phone integrates simply and seamlessly to your iPhone’s existing contacts! You can even make a World Phone call from within the native Phone App’s or Contacts App’s contact lists.

Be Local™ – Effortlessly rent a local number, in-app, either for travelling or for speaking with distant contacts and/or relatives. Numbers available in more than 70 countries!

World Phone now supports full screen incoming call notifications, call waiting, call hold, recents integration and more.

High-performance OPUS codec support: State-of-the-art voice encoding, with ability to survive low-quality wireless data connections. In regular conditions it delivers near-CD quality audio, App-to-App.

Full media encryption support: Now encrypting call media using high-performance SDES/ZRTP cryptographic standards

Gorgeous, high-performance UI / UX: We’ve optimised the user interface, delivering far better performance. “Buttery smooth” on iPhone 5s and later devices. Uses latest iOS 11 design language.

Improved Accessibility: Broader support throughout the App for larger Dynamic Type text sizes.

World Phone delivers an amazing telephony experience – try it today!

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World Phone 下载




After installation the app crashes during the activation process. iOS 12.3, iPhone XS Max.

cos ferd

I can’t activate this apps on my iPhone, please allow me to get it activated

Wise Boss

the application is quitting on my 12.1.4 iOS version what can I do to be able to use your the app correctly ? Please reply


thank you for this app.my caller id didn’t show when i make call.also hide caller id didn’t work.please check and help me.

Gr8tDane Lover

I have tried many different “free” or close to free phone/text apps. So I check this one out, and it was pretty cool that you could have multiple phone lines/numbers. You could have a virtual phone line for $2.50 a month. The Quality was really good! I was quite impressed. So I went to make a call, and I had to pay 2.1 cents a minute for a local call— and I had to purchase a new # for 10/ mo. With no explanation!! Okay— are you flipping kidding me??!! No thank you—- GOOGL3 voic3 will do fine by me— and that is FREE!!! What a joke!! Don’t waste your time!!!


Please fix this app. I have $ credit and it won’t make calls. This is frustrating.


Superb, excellent performance and awesome. Improvements must be geared towards the ability to send text messages, WhatsApp etc. All in all very very extraordinary application🙏🙏🙏


At first the app was working fine never stopped working at all used it for over 4 months when I got a new phone that’s when all the trouble started. It keeps repeatedly saying registering I contacted the costumer service and they answered in an instance. I give them credit for that later on the app started working again. And then a week later I hit the same problem I would really appreciate if one of you agents can purchase a new server database that would be able to hold all your users.


This is a very convenient app and easy to use. More importantly , it enables you to make calls even to mobile numbers and fixed lines who do not have internet connect. However , you need sort out your billing system. My app is showing two different balances , so I am kind of confused .


I likes app. Very good


Great, It’s a great app, it’s reliable, it makes calls to friends and relatives with the best quality. Thanks


This app is very easy to use. I hoped developers will continue to make app like this


I have downloaded and tried this app. It’s very easy to use and smart. This app enables simply the clearest, most reliable voice call. It’s very useful. I really like this app!


I just downloaded and started using it. Does everything it claims. I do travel a lot internationally so will see how it affects my bill. Otherwise it’s exactly what one needs without having to carry two phone and the voice quality is pretty good also


It was very easy to buy credit and make a call. I used it to call to Germany and had no problem connecting. I will definitely continue to use this app instead of having to buy phone cards. I have to say it is perfect, crystal clear on wifi, since my ipad is wifi only. I like this app because it has features which gives utility users. Call anyone at any time for more than 200 countries and exchange 10 to 20 minutes. I appreciate this app.


Great phone app and it’s very cheap.


I purchased 10$ and I am unable to get a number I ordered ..its call scam


Keep it hope this is amazing app thank you so much!! From now on I can call my friends Hahahah and share to them about this app..👍🏼👌🏼


Great idea and design! 🏆👏🏻😄👍🏻


Cool app very useful nice interface


good apps


لقد صار التطبيق سئ جداً بعد اخر تحديث لا يتصل ونتمنى من الشركة ان تقوم بتنزيل تحديث جديد لاصلاح المشاكل


Where is the support? Trying to add contacts under “invite friends”. From there it takes me to my contacts and when I try to add one it says “no mobile # or email for (in this case) Dad”, which there clearly is a # and email. Fine, can someone at least explain what’s going on, how to fix this, what I’m missing here, please? Fix this, and if I’m able to make an app to app call, I will give a good review. But come on, support, please.

No longer on the fen

I’ve tried this app in several countries – also calling long distance from the US. I have been blown away by how good the clarity is when calling people – every time I used it. It is amazing and leaves the other apps in the dust! The calling rates are now displayed as you dial the number and the rates to all my favorite destinations are FAR lower than my current cellphone plan – I am saving a fortune!


I really hate giving bad reviews but this company really deserves it; I subscribed to a foreign No. earlier for my account, but never got it, and when I reported the problem, their customer service kept tossing me between their staff like a dodge ball giving me the worst unprofessional excuses, and completely ignored my case at the end. I’m sure some people might’ve had a better experience, but to me a company that doesn’t care about its customers should just go down the drain where it belongs


Are you guys crazy $5 for 15 minutes and $15 minutes for 60 minutes…where as other providers provide between 1-3 cents per minutes …and you guys charging 33 cents per minute….Do you think customers are big fools ?

Abu siham

Works great as long as you adhere to their ‘fair play policy’ not to exceed 70 minutes daily or 1500 monthly. I’m on my third month subscription and I will continue to use this awesome app! Also let’s you rent any numbers from around the globe really cheap. Keep up the great work world phone 👍

Radwan Alzomor

برنامج جيد جدا وكان في البداية من افضل البرامج ولكن بعد التحديثات المتتابعة للبرنامج تم تقليص مدة الاتصال من مفتوح لمدة شهر الى ٢٥ ساعة في الشهر فقط وايضاً اذا استمر الاتصال في اليوم الواحد اكثر من ساعة او اكثر يتم توقيف البرنامج مع إرسال رسائل يعني حرمية بحتراف أتمنى من كل شخص عدم تفعيل هذا البرنامج نهائيا . لقد فعلت البرنامج ب٥٠ دولار وبعد ١٠ ايام توقف والمفترض شهر كامل تقيمي لهذا البرنامج 0 على الشمال 😡

Ahmad sankari

سرقو فلوسي نصابين


نصابين احذر الجميع منه برنامج احتيالي

The king A300

They stole my money 45$ and stopped working

Ahmed Metwally

I used world phone earlier and it worked amazingly, have Always subscribed for the unlimited plane Currently I am struggling with the application as it fails to call certain operators and finally it’s not even getting activated and always on cellular network!!!


للأسف حملت البرنامج وفعلت بقيمة ٤٤.٩٩ شهر كامل واشتغل معي حلاوة لمدة ٦ ايام وبعد كذا ما اشتغل نهائي وكل يوم ما اصرف اكثر من نصف ساعه وش السبب لا اعرف الي اعرفه انه ما اشتغل نهائي شفطوا الفلوس وتوكلو ربي لا يوفقهم بس اشتكيتهم لآبل ويصير خير

M Humpsalot

This app is a scam, they make u buy minutes then it stops working! I tried calling them and emailing them but there has been no response. Apple you have to shut this app down because they are just stealing people’s money!


أرجوا مساعدتي اشتريت البرنامج واشتغل يوم ونص وبعدها لم تتوفر خدمة اتصال وصار لون البرنامج اخضر والايام تنقص كل يوم كيف لا ادري اريد مساعدتكم لي لكي أستفيد من الأيام المتبقية لي وقبل ان اخسر قيمة الرصيد شكرآ

Fake 1789

Is no good is fake

ZMan 43

A F…ing Rip Off, Takes Your Money And Shows No Credit

Mohammad Sargati

This is Fake




took my money!! and it’s not working!!!




They just take your money and you don’t get any service don’t bay it save your money


App is worthless, Apple should delete it, it takes your money and after days it doesn’t work.


Dont work this application.




The program is shown that low balance whereas I have the ultimate plan and I have 19 days remaining I need reply as soon as possible

Steve in Tel Aviv

I don’t like to give bad reviews but my iPhone displayed the price in my local currency (which is a quarter of the price in dollars), when I was billed, it was 4x more. I know about caveat emptor and it was only $4.99 but I wonder how many others got caught out this way.

World phone lover

For the 3rd time I buy the ultimate plan with 45$ but I use only 3 or 4 days then its unable to call . That happen to me 3 times the last time happen today when I was steel have 26 days . You have to give it back .

Window of light 1234

Don’t bother Took my money Never worked Heap of crap Save your money


Do not buy any mins, its a fake. iTunes must take a look.


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