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The One Call Now App is a mobile companion to the on-line mass messaging service. It gives clients access to automated tools that send SMS text, voice, and email messages to any size group, turning your phone, tablet or your computer into a mass-messaging powerhouse. Users can quickly record and send messages to all contacts, or to one or more subgroups. All messages can be stored for re-use as needed. Record the message in your own voice using the app, or use the text-to-speech feature to type a message instead and have it delivered in a natural-sounding automated voice. View message reports on your phone or tablet to see who received the message, no matter where you are. Use the app to send emergency alerts and closings, appointment reminders, employee notifications, event announcements or any other type of message that needs to go to a large group of people quickly. Contacts can even reply to the message via phone, email or text.

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Momma BBQ

I used this for my PTO group and loved how quickly I could send updates, reminders for upcoming meetings, and requests for help. It certainly is not perfect, but worked perfectly for me and is a great time-saver!!


Says I have to login with the group ID but there is no where to get one or sign up for one things are described very well need better description


The last update was over 2 years ago. That should tell you something.


Got the brand new iPad Pro and there’s a huge black line running down the middle of the app and the app icon isn’t even right. Works fine, just annoying.


This would be great if the text opt in worked. The voice message for the text opt in feature called and hung up without leaving a message three times for one of my employees. Another employee tried to text to opt in and was denied. Frustrating.

NBC Chobee

This is a great idea but it’s not quite there yet. Just today, I sent a message and my wife’s went straight into her voice mail, mine restarted three times before I received the whole message. I have had complaints from others who are getting the call, but no message. I’m running out of answers for the usefulness of app. We’re paying for this!

concerned user 1234

Please add the send now button the app used to have. It was very functional.


Hate how I have to keep entering my group ID and password every time I open the app.


I love the idea of this app. It is useful when I’m on the road. The frustrating part is that I need to keep logging in with my password. It takes so much time to login every time I use this app. No other app that are use requires this constant logging in.


the app used to work fine until someone had the brilliant idea to unnecessarily update it. now it makes random phone calls when you choose to send only an informative email to clients. not only embarrassing but totally unacceptable. once in a while my clients get to listen to some lady read my entire email. yeah the app is free, but I pay dearly for the service. $350 per year. FIX THIS!!!


This app used to work fine–nice and simple– UNTIL last spring when they decided to make everything “new and improved” now it doesn’t work half the time — I’ve tried to complain but it’s useless– I have a message to send to my church and it won’t go through and I can’t save it– real nice– I wish they had competition because this service is too expensive not to work!!


This app really needs re-worked. I am an elementary principal. I have a lot of contacts and subgroups. My full list of contacts is not available in the contacts list. Without a full list, the app is not useful. Also, I find the app to be clunky and time consuming to use, rather than a time saver. Rather than use the app, I use safari to log in to the website to send messages. I am disappointed. I had hoped that the app would be more convenient and save me time when I am on the go. Please re-work!

Scottys iTunes

As a minister some days are very busy with hospital calls, home visits, and getting from one place to another. The One Call Now Mobile App, lets me send messages to our congregation on the go. Thank you so much for making ministry easier!

Kyle Beard

I use this app for my church to send out calls, emails and texts. We use it very often. It is very conveinent to use while out and about and not in the office.


So helpful for communication. The new app is great!


Really don’t like new app. Old one was bad and it got worse. Should be more straight forward. Should be able to include text and email all in one message. Should not have to do multiple messages. Other companies have much better apps. Still like One Call. Please make it more intuitive. Thanks


New update is very modern and easy to use.


The new update is great! Awesome job One Call Now!


Horrible update! Loved it before, now I cannot send a message! What are these people thinking!


This new update is awful. Before it was updated the app ran great, the interface was very intuitive, and you could save your login information so that you didn’t have to enter it every time. Now you have to enter your user number and password every time which is a pain. The new interface is very hard to follow, is not intuitive (it took me forever to figure out just how to record a voice message and I’m pretty handy with technology); it is not an improvement on the old one which was very good. I don’t really understand why the changes were made, but the one call service is still the best thing for a church or other organization.


I don’t like the way you can’t see who answered or did the machine pick up. The worst part is you can’t have saved messages and just send them one you want. I use this app with my camp and I would send messages at night from the hotel but now I can’t just use a generic message because I can’t find a way to save it. So I have to redo one every time I want to leave a message. I hope other people feel the same way and they change this back. I wish I can go back to the old app

Superwholockian revi

The app is so simple to use! Just follow along, anyone can do it! Love the 320 character text feature!


The app now supports sending saved messages created on the website! Much better interface and the ability to send phone, email, and text without having to send three separate messages. Great improvements!


Love it! Quick and Easy!!


Amazing update! It’s so much better!


Nice interface. Easy to use. Big improvement.


We are delighted with this update! The app is simple to use and gives us the flexibility we were looking for. Thank you, One Call Now!


Finally multimodal messages with the app!!!


Great improvement!!


Easy to use and more convenient than the website. Better reporting and makes it easy to see who has responded to messages. A must have for any scenario when you need to communicate with your group.


One Call Now on my iPhone? I am free! I can contact my team anytime, from anywhere. Thank you so much One Call Now!


“Where it’s at”as Beck says. Two thumbs and an iPhone and we are in touch with our kids sports teams, school stuff, or friends. A+ app. Use it all the time.

NJ Eddie

As a group administrator, before the update, you could see who was sending the messages out on the report screen. After the update, you can no longer see this. Please bring this feature back.

Amanda C14

Didn’t think this service could get any better! This app makes messaging super easy and convenient.


love the new features, very easy to use now


Updates make this app easily a 5 star. More characters, more features and much cleaner interface.


This is the easiest way to use my One Call Now subscription! Love not having to be at my computer to text a subgroup.


This new app is awesome! I love that I can send a single message all three ways! It’s fast, and trackable, all through the app. Plus, the ability to send text messages with up to 320 characters…that’s a win!

Lisa Tbird

This app is great! It is much better than the older version. This service has saved me a TON of time and money!!


This new app is much easier to use! I can even see survey results on this app!

Mr Phone Guy

I love it! So many more features!


The team did a great job. Very easy to use and with the features that we have been looking for. The quick send capability is great and I can send multi-modal messages without seeing each one.


Hats off to ONE CALL NOW. The update is great and provides compatibility with the survey/polling which easily lets me get feedback from my groups. Much easier to send a call from iOS devices. Looks beautiful on my iPhone 6!


This app is great it lets me send a message when I’m away from my computer 5/5


This app allows me to type in my message and send it to my whole team through phone email and text all at once. I can dictate a message and take a survey. This app has saved me hours.


Love this useful app

Todd Winchester

What a great way for property managers and their teams to communicate with their residents! The One Call Now Mobile app allows you to communicate with all or some of your residents in minutes!


This app is easy to use and very intuitive. Now you can call from anywhere.


Took me 30 seconds to send my msg… Fabulous!!

A dj app lover

I didn’t think sending a message could get any easier, but One Call Now found a way to make it happen!! I love that I can send a longer text message now!! So many new cool features! Thanks One Call Now…great improvement and worthy of 5 stars!


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