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Nara Baby Tracker iOS

Nara Baby Tracker 简介

A scheduled baby is a happy baby.

Babies crave routine; as a parent, you do everything you can to provide a comforting and predictable schedule for your little one. Nara Baby is here to support you along the way. That’s why we’ve created an app that is intuitive, fuss-free, and shareable across multiple devices— so you have more time to spend on the important stuff.

Nara Baby is your shared hub for tracking all things baby. Parents and caregivers can log activities throughout the day for seamless communication, making scheduling a breeze. Add breast and bottle feeding sessions, pumping, sleep and diaper changes with just a few simple taps, and review the day in an easy-to-read log. You got this! And don’t worry, your data is only shared with users authorized by you.

Key Features:

– Easy-to-use shareable log with a seamless and intuitive interface
– Time breastfeeding sessions and your baby’s sleep with a simple tap
– Keep track of which side you are breastfeeding or pumping on
– Add diaper changes, bottle feedings, and more
– Add notes to any item
– Set reminders for the next feeding, pump session, diaper change, sleep, or medication
– Supports multiple babies
– Works across multiple devices

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Nara Baby Tracker 下载

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Great application, simple design, syncs between parents. I tried several others, this is one the best for tracking feeding and sleep times etc. Definitely worth checking out.


Tracks everything I need it to and more without the in app purchases. Love it.


This app has been a lifesaver! It lets me track my little guys feeds, diapers and naps all in the same place. It is compatible with my Apple Watch too, which makes tracking even easier. It also has a section that allows you to input the important data you get from your pediatrician (height, weight, head size, etc). Highly recommend this great app for new moms!


It’s pretty and it keeps me sane!! Would be cool to add on a few more trackers – baths, for example.


Super helpful on keeping track of baby’s needs when used correctly. Super satisfied.


I’m a new mom, so I’m super scared & exhausted. I wasn’t keeping track of her feedings & changes and I didn’t like that. I tried about 4 different tracking app and this one by far was the best!! It was easy to use and the best part is others can use the app as well and you all will have access to the information you track. Love it!!


Very easy to use!


I LOVE this app. It is so functional, user friendly, and helpful for slew deprived moms who can never remember how long her kid has been awake 🤦🏼‍♀️. I litterakly never take time to reviews apps- but this one was that good. No adds, I love the looks- just great.


Love love love this app. It has everything you need, but it doesn’t make things complicated and the interface is so cute and easy to understand. Highly recommend for new moms!


I am loving the Nara baby tracking app. It is so easy to use and has just what you need. I love that I can edit my home screen to eliminate things I don’t need to make it more catered for me! Also a plus, it works with the Apple Watch so you can track diapers and breastfeeding when you forget where your phone is, like me 99% of the time!


I love this app. It’s exactly what I needed, and no ads. It’s wonderful Had one suggestion- add a generic “note” section to attach to a day- that was we could just note that “baby slept great all day but had a rough night” or something. Nothing really to track but just for our logs to reference. Regardless- it’s such a great app. Thank you and kudos to the developers.


I needed an app to keep me on target with feedings and I found this app to be most useful. My newborn needs to gain weight for an upcoming surgery and so far this app has helped me meet my target. It’s very user friendly, if I can handle it at 3 am with no sleep…. anyone can.


Very simple and easy to input data


I am so impressed with the ease of this app. It helps me so much with those night time feedings as well as the last side I was feeding on. It helps to keep track of the naps and the amount of sleep obtained. I appreciate the trend tab to compare the previous days stats. Any help I can get is so appreciated during this stage. I absolutely love this app!!


Very easy to use!


Easy to use and track feedings so I don’t forget when baby last ate and when I pumped!


This app has been an indispensable tool in the management and understanding of child’s needs. The intuitive design helps make it easy for both parents to easily input information and apply the results. This app has been a great help – highly recommended.


Love the Nara baby app. Easy to use, great customization, and streamline presentation of data. My nanny and I use it religiously. Would like to see an option to note when baths are given. Otherwise, highly functional and efficient app!


Simple, easy, and quick to use as a new mom. I love how they track each day and have the days data to compare so you can look back to see how much you pumped, baby are, or slept a certain day or even a certain hour!


Love it, but would love it more with a feeding alarm I could set up.


The design and functionality is unbelievable. It is hard to make simple, beautiful and yet powerful products but Nara did it. Thank you for this!


A beautifully designed app. I love that it’s free and flexible. Easy to use. I’m enjoying the trends and data views to see how baby is adjusting.


I downloaded pretty much all the baby apps out there and hands down this is the best one. It’s simple and adds the totals and shows u a summary of the totals and you can edit it! Graphics are nice and it includes pump sessions and gives you a nice total as well. If you want a simple app free of advertising and sums up the activities of your day. This is it! No bombardments of random stuff you don’t care for. Does not include milestones which is great.


Probably the most helpful app I have right now.


This app is the best one I’ve used to track my baby’s sleep, feedings, diapers, etc. Simple and easy

JC 1801

Seriously a life saving app! I’m 2 days into my newborn joining the world and I’m able to easily track all of his important stuff (eating, diapers, etc) The app has an easy and beautiful interface with no ads. Seriously amazing!


Super user friendly. Love that it allows multiple users to log in and record things. I only wish that there was somewhere to record milk stash for those pumping and freezing milk.


Easy to track baby’s feeding and diaper activity across whole family , really love it !!! I use it every day.


There’s so many things to keep track of with a newborn, this app has made it so easy to keep all in one place. From feeds to pumps to diapers to weight and height. We love this app and use it every day!


This helps me a lot because I’m tired and my memory isn’t working because I’m tired lol did I mention I’m tired. Oh this single parent thing is not hard just lots of coffee and Red Bull. 🤘😎


I tried a ton of baby tracking apps and this was by far my favorite!!!


I really like this app. It is visually beautiful and has all the features I wanted. I was using Glow Baby for the first four months, and I found it non-intuitive, overly complicated, and it had kind of a stress-inducing color scheme. Nara Baby is quite the opposite, simple and intuitive layout, colors and visuals that are calming and peaceful, and just the right amount of features that I was looking for. I think I was also able to customize what variables I wanted to track (feedings, pumping, diapers, etc.) so I don’t have to scroll through what I don’t need to get to what I want to use. Also, wonderful customer service. I emailed the app creator and she emailed me back within the hour. It’s an easy five stars from me.


I love the simple design and customizable tracking elements. Easy to use and share with other caregivers. It has been great to use for our newborn!

Lexi Lozano

This app is nicely designed and helps me document all my newborns feedings, diaper changes, and more!

sheralds name

I absolutely love this app. I am a first time mom and I like to keep track of everything and this app does just that! Also you can share the app and your partner can see what your logging.

why will it not

Very useful app-all I need to track sleep and feedings


It’s a very easy way to track a child’s progress from size and weight to eating and sleeping habits definitely a must have for all parents


I have a premie with a g-tube, so keeping track of her feedings is very important. I love this app because it’s so easy! I can put in the notes section how much she drank and how much went into the feeding tube. It has made my life incredibly simpler, way better than the journal i was keeping. Our phones are basically always within an arms reach, so i never miss a feeding recording.


A first time mom and we’re very new to the experience. We’ve been home with the baby for 3 sleep deprived days and this app saved me from going crazy. Tracked everything. I only wished it had an alarm system to remind me for the next feeding or diaper change of i set it to a default time frame. I love the interface!

p1wothout the p1

Easy to use, not to much information, no personal information needed!!! Easy to share and follow. Great app


Absolutely love this app, better than the ones that make you pay!


I had a different one I was using that was just inputting generic data, but this app really goes into it and that’s soooo helpful for all his doctors appointments. I love this app way more than the other ones, and it’s so great that I can have my hubby on here as well so we stay synced.


I’m so glad that I found this app. I am able to keep track of how often my little one eats, sleeps, diaper changes, and even keep track of me pumping! I wish I could set timers on it to notify me if the next feeding time is, but overall it’s a great app!


I was on a mission to find the right baby tracker app before the birth of our 2nd, remembering how much paperwork was involved tracking the first. I tried out a bunch from the App Store, getting ready to spend some yearly fee or whatever. All the apps I found were either horribly designed, over-engineered, or had way too much going on (like Community Forums and Daily Guides, blinking and notifying for attention). I wanted one that’d work simply between partners, and even paid for one that with an ugly design that had the features I needed. But on Day 1 with our new daughter, I tried to use it and thought, “there’s gotta be something better out there.” Then I found Nara Baby, complete with all the features you need and none of the bloat. No ads! Free! A beautiful design! The UX makes sense right out of the box, even while still delirious from birth. I’m so appreciative to the devs for this app!


Nails all the little details! Love it. Thank you!

annie E 123

I seriously ♥️ this app. I am on baby number 2 and primarily use for breastfeeding and diaper changes. Interface is clean and simple and doesn’t get over complicated like some of the other apps I have tried. It’s designed beautifully too which is a major bonus!


the app is great for keeping up, however, i wish i could see all of the records i have tracked. for instance, the app only shows me the last 3 pump sessions. i would like to see ALL of the pump sessions i’ve recorded.


So I really like the layout of the app and the overall look. Main reason why I chose it. Very clear and easy to see without adds and modern design elements which I appreciate. There is a pretty clear lack of items that I would find very beneficial. Overall I think users REALLY need to be able to create their own categories/tags they want to see on the graph. It doesn’t show you a total time or any breakdown for right/left breast (a feature I loved in my previous apps) I also think there needs to be a section within sleep where i can put how long he took to fall asleep/was crying/fighting etc and where he fell asleep. I have a couple day old newborn that hates to sleep alone in his bassinet so tracking if he slept in our bed/couch or was crying/fussing for 10 mins before he finally fell asleep would be great. These things could go into notes but I would love to be able to set your own categories for the graph and summary portion. I’m going to keep looking for a better app but in the meantime this will do. Would have 5/5 if they had these important features because I absolutely love the look and that you can invite caretakers


Basically this is the best baby and toddler tracking app on the market (honestly you could use it to track for adults as well). The graphics on the phone app are simple and attractive and the interface is super intuitive and user friendly. The fact that there is an Apple Watch app companion is clutch for me being on the go and having a better change or tracking in real time. There are some details you can only add in the phone app (like the color and texture of bowel movements for diaper changes), but you can always log the time of the change on the watch and go back into the log on the phone later to adjust and add details (or as I do just log those in the phone directly). I love that I can log emojis for the solid food meals which makes it more fun and easier to see what the items from the last meal were on the watch. You can customize the categories you want to log as well, so that in your home screen in the phone app, only what you want and need to see shows up; and change it any time you’d like. Helpful graphs and comprehensive tracking details in the history as well. All in all, so glad I found this app and have been suggesting it to others as well!


I love that this app has watch complications that make it super easy for me to keep track of feeding and sleeping!


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