【图】Sudoku — Next Number Puzzle下载
【图】Sudoku — Next Number Puzzle
【图】Sudoku — Next Number Puzzle

Sudoku — Next Number Puzzle iOS

Sudoku 简介

The classic logic puzzle game, Sudoku with time attack and world ranking features. It helps you with training the brain, serving as recreation and relieves stress. We have not only common 9×9 Sudoku puzzles but also 4×4 and 6×6 Sudoku puzzles.

Complete Functions!

· 3 sizes of puzzles (4×4, 6×6 and 9×9)
· Different levels (simple, easy, medium, difficult, hardest)
· Time Puzzle
· Time Competition
· World Ranking
· Duplicates highlight (simple mistake prevention)
· Pencil function (memo function)
· Eraser function
· Clear all function

· Error searcher
· Hint suggestion
· Number first input method, which can be easily switched from Cell first method.

Also Great for Sudoku Beginners!
There are smaller sized Sudoku puzzles (4×4, 6×6) prepared for beginners and children, which is a feature that cannot be found in other Sudoku apps. This allows beginners to grasp the technique behind Sudoku quickly to move on to the 9×9 puzzles.

Battle SUDOKU (NEW!!)
Two players, one puzzle. Lock in more squares faster than you opponent.

Daily challenge puzzles make beginners more familiar by questing smiley emoji stamps every day.

Time Attack Mode Available!
Challenge solving puzzles as fast as you can! Of course, every size of puzzles (4×4, 6×6 and 9×9) are playable for the time attack mode. You can try to break your personal record and challenge your limits. In addition, you can compete with players from around the world by speed.

Ranking Function Available!
This app is also designed to make users feel like a game on top of the contentment of solving the puzzles. A certain number of points are added when each puzzle is solved. The number of points changes according to the level of difficulty. You can challenge the rankings every day as there are different types, such as those that last for a day, a week, a month, and forever.

We promise to make improvements on both regular and irregular basis to make the game more enjoyable. We will read all the reviews carefully and take them into account, so please give us any feedback and improvement points that you would like to see done.

Please try playing Sudoku in the way that can only be done in apps first!

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Sudoku 下载

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Provide warning before you try a puzzle for a 2nd time, NOT afterwards.


In the past, sudoku is known that it is a classical game and maybe boring game. But now, this app will brings you a new experiences and I think you will like it.


It is one of my best games. I can’t wait to compete with my friends everyday.


many functions in this app are better than other applications about Sudoku. I like the new creation.


My girlfriend downloaded it for me and now she don’t like it because I spend ~ 3 hours playing this game. I like it!!!


I like Sudoku game. This app certainly is suitable for fans of Sudoku like me.


People who made this app are so creative. This is an old game but in a new generation.


You won’ stop yourself from playing it. I sure that you will like it.


I can’t stop myself from playing it twice a day. My mom said I became addicted :)))


I like games which are helpful for my brain like this application. It is my best game I ‘ve ever played.


I have played lots of game like Sudoku but this application is a new thing. I like time puzzle feature in this app


Sudoku game has a new image that we can’t expect :))). But it is a good change and I support 5*.


Lucky for me when I found this app on store. I think other players also like this game. Hope that the developers will continue to create many new features


I’m hapy to play it everyday. I also challenge my friends and we had many great times together.


No one has known that Sudoku could be created like this application. I downloaded it and play it everyday.


Actually, I didn’t know Sudoku game before, but this application helps me understand how to play quickly. Many thanks!!!


Love this app for it’s easy to use. Great application. I really love it.


wow wow and wow. I can’t say anything to express my feeling. This app brings me a new experience about Sudoku.


I am a fan of Sudoku. After knowing this app, I more and more like playing Sudoku with battle feature.


I can’t believe that the boring game like Sudoku could be interesting by this application. Better than I expected.

Sally L Harmonds

I love it. This game is created for me. I voted 5 stars!!!


You will not regret to play this applicaton. I tried and I will give it 5 *


Not only it has a lot of puzzles in many different size but also it has new functions such as time competition or world ranking. I love it. Thank you!!!


So impressive!!! No one can think any new ideas for Sudoku but they did.


I spend almost my free time playing this game and now I am a super high player.


I play it because it is the best choice for my brain excercises.

Marcus Auers

I like this game! It’s not easy but not too hard. when I finish soon, I am so proud of myself.


This app is really perfect app for me. I can’t help playing it everyday.


As you know, Sudoku is a classical game but this app makes me think differently. I enjoy it. I recommend it for all my friends.


This app is exactly game I am looking for. I can play it with my friends and we have many relaxing times togetther.


More times playing it, more funny I feel. Sudoku is my favorite game.


This app is so amazing. I like battle function. I become more competitive to gain more points.


I think this app was really awesome. I’m very satisfied. Give this app 5 stars


I didn’t expect that this app was so fascinating. Give 5 stars for new Sudoku game.


I am very good at sudoku and i want to challenge with any rivals on this app. The new functions are so creative. i like it!!!


This game has been played before but now it is more interesting. I can challenge myself everyday.


I have known this game but more boring than this app. After trying to play, I feel happy and very excited.

Stephen H Lheureux

I share this app for my family members and everyone likes it. This is a awesome game for anyone.


Maybe Sudoku is a basic game but the producers renewed it. I am enthusiastic about time function.


I like a feature that is suitable for beginers. It cannot be found in other Sudoku apps.


How nice the app is. Not only easy to play that also attractive to relax after busy days.

Sabrina O Handley

I like a lot of games but this app is the best choice for me. Playing this kind of game helps me train my brain everyday.


Try it if you want to find some games that are not so easy but not so difficult too.


This app help players not only relax but also improve their skills such as training brain, patience, competition,…


This is a free app so it is so easy to download and play. It also has hint suggestion feature, so players will not be boring soon.


There is no doubt about the attraction of this app. My friends also like this game.


An old game is made more funny. I feel comfortable whenever playing this game.


I can’t help playing it everyday. My wife also likes it but she can control herself not to play it much like me.


An amazing app is for every ages. I like small size puzzles because I cannot play it at high levels and luckly this app is for me.


Thanks to people who created this app. The features are nice. Your creations gave me a useful game.


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