【图】Skin Creator PE for Minecraft下载
【图】Skin Creator PE for Minecraft
【图】Skin Creator PE for Minecraft

Skin Creator PE for Minecraft iOS

Skin Creator PE for Minecraft 简介

Skin Creator PE is a new skin creator by Seejaykay. We’ve focused solely on Pocket Edition optimization for this awesome creator and you guys are going to love it!

You waited a long time for Pocket Edition skins and now it’s finally here. Create your skins and show off your friends in Pocket Edition!

Features include:
– Pocket Edition and PC Compatible
– Skin Stealer
– Free, full featured Skin Editor
– Latest Featured Skins submitted from our professional Skins Pro Creator app
– Share your creation at MinecraftSkinsPro.com
– Change skin body parts in the editor!
– Advanced skin support
– Tons of share options: Apply your skin, save to photos, and more!
– ‘Edit in Skins Pro Creator’ option
– Name and rename your skins whenever you want!
– Latest news updates from Seejaykay
– YouTube bar! Check out our Minecraft Let’s Play channel. Family friendly!

Tons more that all of that too.

We’ve taken all of the feedback we’ve gotten from our other apps and made sure to take all things into consideration. Want a new feature? Email us at seejaykayapps@gmail.com and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

— Important —
This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

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Skin Creator PE for Minecraft 下载

App Store 官网美版



I was making a skin and it was working fine until I got to the hat. I was not able to get rid of the hat once i made it. I erased it with the eraser tool from all sides and it just kept on popping back up again. This made me very frustrated and ruined my skin.

props are fun

Game is so stupid it doesn’t let you save your skins if you make a mistake you can’t go back to it it’s the worst game ever made never get it is the worst game ever made the people that made it need to let you save

jordan moran

May seem like a good game. But watch what you download. Every time I try to add something to the head the design shrinks


I love the app but I don’t know how to put my skin on Minecraft


Ok when i was making my minecraft skin I always mess up on colors because I can only see the top part of the color selection, but still

user1real fan

There is alot of bugs and the color bar you cant press a color


The app is really fun but the ads are not fun and now I can’t search for skins anymore it, only lets you create them, the weird thing is I used to be able to but now it doesn’t. Please look into this for me. But other than it’s really fun.


It is awesome 🤩

Blox ben

This game used to actually be good but now there’s someone that controls what my skins look like just get a different game this one is the worst thing ever !!!!!! There is no point in this game. Today was one of the happiest days of my life because I deleted this thing


The number 1 bug in this game is if the player makes a mistake and tries to erase it… the mistake is still there. This is a common complaint. Please thank us for our review.


People are writing reviews saying there’s a lot of bugs and stuff in this app, and I’ll admit that it is kinda hard to select the color, but overall it’s not that bad and it actually works for pocket edition so cool


So I try to make a skin and when I went to draw everything moved to the side I can’t draw anything!


I really wanted a app like this to create a skin but then when I hit menu cause it told me to when I want to create a skin it only lets me share the skin or add it to Minecraft so I can’t make my own 🙁 I just wanted to get a fnaf skin cause it had springtrap on the front but it didn’t so I feel like it’s clickbait so can you add a “how to create a skin

creeperhiss 20

This is trash, to say the least. I cannot do anything without an add for something and it is sooooo confusing as you can’t see the color wheel. I would recommend getting skins.


It deletes the color on the head over time and I can’t make the skin.


Why there is herobrian skin? Hero brine is so powerful


So when I was drawing my skin it was disappearing and left me with a 4×4 square to draw in

lucas and the boys

This app just wowed me and yes I just made up a word I made a dragon with a hoodie on thinking it wasn’t going to be real but it was now I’m just playing this game and not playing Minecraft🙂🙃


I’ve used this for 4 years and it’s still good creating skins people hate it for some reason but thank you for the creativity


I can’t even edit a skin when I try to draw on it it just gets smaller and go into one corner and I can’t do anything


I like this skin creator a lot and is really cool. I have made so many skins just when I’m bored. The thing I don’t like is that you can’t delete the hats that you make from your character. When I accidentally put down a square on a hat it will let me change the color but won’t let me delete it. So if you want to make skins then be careful when you make hats and those other things.


Such a let down so horrible it looks good but don’t buy you can’t get any good colors it is very limited all the photos you see up there are so fake you need to buy I another app to get templates it’s just horrible i hate it


I like this app so much. I downloaded a different app where I thought I could develop skins, but it was all just downloading Java skins. My only negative for this app is that the colors are a little hard to tap. Other than that, it is perfect and I have fun developing skins! Plz download!


The hats I made a knight everything went great accept for the hat.The face covering I tried to delete parts to make a hole to make the helmet but it filled!I tried to fix it but it wouldn’t work so I had to go on please fix and allow us to delete the fill ins and let it have empty spaces. P.S. Please add a jacket covering.


This app used to be good, but now it is a glitchy mess.


So long story short, I made a skin and saved it, but when I went to save it to the camera roll it had failed to save the skin as I made it, so I had to make the skin again and then it saved it again, but this time more messed up than the last one.


I’m not sure how to use this app, is just looking at 5 skins in different places? I’m a little disappointed about your game 😒. From Aurora


It’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood I wish I could give it as many stars as there are O’s 🥳🤣😂😅😰🥳👍

Theasomeboy 21

Ok so at first I thought this app was amazing until… I finished my skin and tried to apply it to my Minecraft P.E. It didn’t work and now I’m disappointed because I worked so hard on the skin and I can’t even use It! PLEASE FIX IT OR ELSE THIS APP I PRETTY MUCH USELESS

cheese 469

I have been trying to make a skin and it won’t work it’s said unlocked the skin creator but I don’t have it


I like it but it can’t edit legs!😭


I absolutely love this game. But this is my feedback, so if you would like to know about this game before you purchase it, this is where to go. I like how you may save your skin to your photos and play with your customized skin, however there are ads after ads just when you hit edit. That feature bothers me, but here’s another thing! It takes a loooong time to learn how to work it, especially when you do not read instructions. That most likely is only me, but the last thing is that it will take you a lot of time just to make your skin look amazing. Other than that, I realize it takes a lot of effort into the making of this app, so I only had three things to say. Other than that, this app is great and I’d recommend it to everyone who loves Minecraft!!!


Every time I try to edit the face it zooms out or something. This is VERY annoying and I can’t even do anything with it so please fix it.


It is the funnest app it works for me

cj gmaer

This is awesome and I’m glad I can finally create my own skins but the eyes and hat didn’t make it onto the actual skin in the game


This app used to be so good and the best app I’ve used for skins, but then it updated and now it’s terrible

tangel girl

Good job nothing bad just one problem need more girl skins


I was playing and when I went to the color section it was cover I hate this app and I hope no one will get this again!

This needs an update

Why does some people hate this app. This app is way better than just paying $29.99 just to create more skins or to upload a skin.


I just wish they had options to “create” your own colors. I wish that they at least had gray.


I was trying to make a skin and was making a hat but when I switched to another body part it glitched and multiplied the design! I erased so many F****ING times and it just kept doing that! And then it was like a virus! It was happening to the other body parts as well! PLEASE FIX THIS IN AN DATE OR SOMETHING! Then I will write five stars. Till then, I still rate one!


If there was a zero star option, I would choose that. The app doesn’t even give you different colors. This is a complete waste of time. Unless Seejaykay doesn’t fix this, this app stinks. #Stupidity

TimiAnn Harrison

Okay, I go into the menu to create a skin, everything seems great so far. I go to press the color to change it and.. my screen has a grey filter on top of it not allowing me to press anything for 5 seconds. I tried rebooting my phone, turning it off and on. Nothing worked. I’d just say this is very hard to use, as my only color options are black and white.


I got this app today and i was surprised when I clicked the create a skin button. When I clicked it, at first I was confused. I thought, “what am I staring at?!?” But then I clicked the green body in the left corner and I saw all these options. There was a jacket option, a hat option, it was so cool. Before i got the app i was on a website of how to make your own skin and it told me to get the app. I followed the instructions the website said to tap the small black square in the right corner and that their would be tons of colors. Sure there were, but they weren’t good one’s. My hair is blonde, so i use yellow, when I try to make Minecraft skins. When I searched for yellow, I didn’t see any. I went after the orange colors and before the green ones, but it literally skipped the yellow!!!!!! It went from red orange green blue purple and pink. Also, the color options are barely even a centimeter. It’s so small. The main problem is the color choices, but i would be glad if you fixed that too. I was so mad, and I still am while writing this. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE READ THIS DEVELOPER AND FIX THE COLORS!!!!!! AND THE SIZE OF THE COLORS!


Dear developer, this app is really great but when I use the hat, sleeve or jacket thing I can’t erase it,I would like it if u fixed that and I also have a suggestion, what if the hat space was taller? Please consider this.


I downloaded this skin creator and while doing the hat I made a mistake and erased it. After that I went back to add another detail onto it and it had somehow reverted back to the mistake. It also happened to the left side so I was going back and forth to fix the same mistake. There is no gray either.


Ok,this is a nice game,but I would like if you could fix these 2 problems.1st there needs to be new colors,because I need to put texture on my skins and it’s annoying to make them with the plastic Minecraft texture.And the other problem is that it’s hard to get to other colors since I have a IPad Air2.


See that one star? Pretend it’s not even there. 0 stars. You don’t even care about your players. You haven’t updated this “skin creator” in forever. Do not get this skin creator it is a waste of storage on your iPhone.


This worked surprisingly well!!! This isn’t a fake app or fake review! Only Reason I gave 4 Stars is because the Colors are too hard to tap and you have to tap them many times! Other than that, great App

Mega Sceptile Time Y

I was trying to make a skin with the hat and I filled several parts in and then shaded them with a different color, and every time I went to do the next one after erasing the parts of the hat I didn’t want, they reappeared. I’ve even tried erasing the unwanted stuff, copying it, leaving that side and coming back, pasting it and leaving to see if it worked and not even one pixel was changed


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