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One Minute Pause iOS

One Minute Pause 简介

The One Minute Pause is a simple way to reconnect with God in the midst of your busy day. From John Eldredge, the New York Times Bestselling Author of Wild at Heart and Captivating. Based on the One Minute Pause chapter in his newest book Get Your Life Back, this app invites you into the simple practice of releasing everything to God, restoring your union with God and inviting Him to fill you.

Start with the one minute pause and then unlock longer pauses as your progress in your practice.

1 Minute
3 Minute
5 Minute
10 Minute Pauses are available

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One Minute Pause 下载

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Lea Travino

One minute won’t cut it. 10 minutes should be the start and lead up to 30 – maybe 45. Also, should include pauses for personal prayer. Let the listener be guided but not continually spoken to by the guide. Finally, if you’re trying to reach non believers I would make the delivery more cerebral.


I recently purchased a iPhone 11 and the pause sessions do not load. I am having the same issue on my iPad 8.


This app has been a lifesaver for me. My soul is in so much need of restoration. This is refreshing and healing! Highly recommend


I like the app for quieting my mind. I wish there was a choice to have quiet on the 10 minute pause.

Sammy B1

I love this app it has helped me so much!


Love this app. But it would reach tens of thousands of more people if you added an option for nonChristian spiritual people. Simply switching the word Jesus to God.


This app is amazing! I find it a great way to end my day before falling asleep.


I’ve had to listen to the same one minute pause three times before that let me go to the three minute one. I don’t see any other options. It repeats the same one over and over and over. How do you find other one minute pauses etc? It says you have to complete 31 minute ones before you move to the next one. But it only gives you one, one minute one to listen to three times


This app is so comforting and an incredible way to focus your mind on Jesus and his promises. Love John’s voice as he prays. Highly, highly recommend.

Gideon K

The perfect respite for transitions during the day. Hard to believe this is free when so many others charge, and it is worth paying for. Thanks John and the Wild at Heart team. Get your life back!


I found this app as the result of needing more from Jesus during the pandemic. I have grown up in the Church and practiced spiritual disciplines for well over a decade. This one minute pause has not only taught about about the life giving discipline of benevolent detachment, but has taught me how to exercise a muscle I didn’t even know I had. Starting with one minute is ingenious, because we all have that to start. After using it consistently for 5 months, the 10 minute pause is no longer difficult and I find myself wishing it was about 15 minutes. Thank you, John Eldridge and team, for providing this resource.


I used to be able to listen to the music and person reading he text but now every few seconds I have to click a button for the audio to come back on. This happens even when the app is open on my phone and it’s not being touched the audio stops even though the progress bar continues. Otherwise I used to absolutely love the app and listen/pray through things while I was talking a break at work. Addmittingly I have used the app recently until now and noticed this distracting issue. Thanks. Otherwise I do love the app and it’s been a blessing in my life in the past.

All ears listener

Dear John Eldredge, and administrative team (for One Minute Pause app), Here are some changes I’d like to formally request be made to the app (for iPhone XR). 1). Please make it Responsive to “play/pause” button on Bluetooth headsets, as with a podcast or YouTube video. 2). Change it so the app will halt (not continuing to play thru the current “Pause” in progress), if I happen to be interrupted by my phone’s alarm or an incoming call, etc. Thus, after I’ve ended the call I’d be able to simply resume the Pause in progress, rather than coming back to find that it has “completed,” without me, leaving me to decide between starting over or trying to find my spot again. 3). Give us play/pause control from the lock screen (I do LOVE the fact that the Pause will continue to play in the background, even if the phone is locked!). 4). Give us the option to download these files into our app, so we can do a Pause, anytime, anywhere–even if we’re beyond cell service. Last but NOT least, I want to say, THANK YOU for this phenomenal app! It has been instrumental and transformational in my relationship with Christ! May God bless you all, every single day!


I Loved this app, truly helpful in getting back and centered in Christ and practicing benevolent detachment . However now none of the practices will play…can anyone help or give support?!


This has been my go to app for the past 5 months. We ALL have 1-10 minutes to stop and refocus and GOODNESS, who doesn’t need to do that. It’s simple and I love the prompts. It’s exactly what I need to get my mind and heart back in line with truth instead of scattered and distracted by circumstance.


The app won’t open!! Just blank white screen!


I love this app and got into the habit of using it regularly. But it stopped working on my phone- when I try to open it it just stays frozen on a white screen. There are no updates available in the App Store. I would love to keep using this app but am unable to!


This is my first review of anything. Ever! I absolutely love this app. I’ve read some of John Eldredge’s books and when our church did a study on his latest book, “get your life back”, I of course bought the book and downloaded this app. My one complaint is when I’m doing the 10 minute pause, the break to select “guidance”, “inner healing”, or “worship” is a little distracting. Maybe on a newer version, make three different 10 minute pauses. One for each selection. Other than that, this app has been a true blessing. I love the reminder throughout my day to just stop and give it all to God. Even if it’s for just one, three, five, or ten minutes.


Love this app! Hoping we can have it for Apple Watch soon??

Bonnie Dorough

I absolutely love this app and I’m happy to say if it’s helped me get into the habit of releasing things to God. Because the truth is so many tiny little stressors occur within the day and we were not made to carry them! Thanks John E! Love your book on this too!!


This app helped jump start my prayer life again; reminded me of my loving savior. I hope they’ll be new versions with alternate visuals & music. I understand the message remains the same. Thank you for this great ministry.


Loving the concepts. Benevolent detachment. So good. The dismissal at the end kinda breaks the immersion for me. I don’t need my dad telling me I’m done.


In these troubled times I have found this app to be an essential part of my mental health. Starting devotional time, this practice helps set the “stage” for focus and reassurance.


Like all of Ransomed Heart’s content, the Pause App is incredibly needed in today’s chaotic world. No matter the level of chaos you deal with every day, this app is so grounding and SO simple to use, which makes it perfectly adaptable for every lifestyle and circumstance. Thank you to John and RH team for providing such a fantastic resource to guide and ground people in the truth!


I’ve really enjoyed using this app; it’s been very helpful! But lately it keeps freezing up and I don’t know why.


Really helpful to pause and reflect on Jesus. Reminders to pause and reflect on Christ and his love.

Mary B Benson

I’m a first time mommy with a three month old in the midst of Covid-19. The Pause App is such a helpful tool to remind me to “give everyone and everything to God.” It’s so, so easy to let my day be filled with worries, distractions, and then to just feel exhausted at the end. This app helps me to turn back to Jesus, to look to Him for His strength, hope, rest, and peace. Thank you for this! ❤️🙏🏼


What a wonderful app! I use it several times a day. It reminds me to focus on God. It gives me a little peace in chaos or just when I feel I need it. Very beneficial and helpful for daily living.


I LOVE this app for so many reasons. I’ve have been using it twice a day or more and it really gives my soul a much needed pause in the chaos of my day. The simplicity and message are phenomenal. Thanks John!


I started my meditation journey two years ago and always wanted something that brought my faith into the mix. The different lengths are so helpful, for different situations. I am on day 38 since I downloaded and I don’t regret it one bit. I would eventually love to see more meditations added, but as a meditation lover, and Eldredge fan, I highly reccomend.


Thanks for making this app. The new update is fantastic! I can now toggle on background music depending on the situation. It’s really helped me pause and spend time with Jesus more often. Thanks! Less anxiety, too!


I loooove this app and loved it before all this craziness. But now, it feels like a life line. When I can feel the stress piling up in my body, this app helps me to let it all go and receive care. I can’t recommend this enough. Get this app. Use it. Enjoy the life it brings!


HIGHLY suggest this app. If you are a believer who struggles with chronic anxiety or are just struggling with extra stress in your life right now given current unknowns… Check this out! Meditation, I think, is becoming more accepted in Christian communities… but sometimes the word turns people off “We don’t want your new age crap!! Holy water! Holy water!” 😉 I’ve personally tried some Jon Cabat Zinn guided mediations and they did WONDERS for me. Literally talked me down from panic attack to breathing and thinking normal. This?! I Love it even more. And! It is definitely a “safe place” for those who who are hesitant with the whole mediation thing. If you’ve been hesitant about mediating, but have been suggested in therapy or by your naturopath to try meditation for your anxiety or depression – try this. It’s a guided mediation led by our brother in Christ John Eldredge. He invites you to pause and focus on the present moment and lean into the Presence of God for Peace and Comfort and to give Him total control. You start with a 1 minute meditation and after you’ve done that 3 times throughout 2 days or so, it unlocks a 3 minute, and so on and so forth until you reach 15 to 20 minutes. So! It’s super slow going; non-intrusive. As the minutes get longer, more opportunities to invite healing into broken circumstances are introduced. Amazing. Absolutely amazing, you guys. Give it a go. Peace be with you ❤️🙏🏻


Thanks for creating this practical tool. It helps me get connected in the a.m. and p.m. every day, making sure I’m letting God have my concerns and worries. It lessens my anxiety and reminds me where my hope is.

Janna VanD

I use the Pause app everyday! It would be awesome to have an additional 5 or 10 minute Pause that is the music background only. I would use this following Johns 10 minute Pause for additional prayer time.

Troy Mangum

I was able to make the pause app experience deeply personal when it had the features of music only, audio only or turning on & off CC Please put those features back. After months of using app I want to be able have this flexibility vs. only experiencing the app one way.


My only suggestion would be to have multiple message options and music options. The current messages are good but various verses and maybe updated to reflect needs related to the current world needs.

Christina Ringer

Despite the reviews which show beautiful backgrounds mine is a black screen w white letters and worse yet is no audio. I’m using it on iPhone 11 and iPad Pro so I know my equipment is not the problem. I have deleted and reinstalled multiple times still nothing. I have a friend who loves this app but it’s not working for me. A few weeks ago I emailed them to report this but still have not heard back.


This is a neat way to spend some time intentional prayer, and recenter the day around Jesus. I like the notifications. Is there any way to keep the music but mute John Eldredge’s voice?


i love using this if i feel overwhelmed or anxious! it really calms me down and brings me in the present. my only suggestion would be to be able to pick different music depending on the mood other than that i love how there is no ads or anything to pay for 🙂


This app has facilitated my ability to calm down in a way I’ve tried and failed to do so for many years. Thank you, Ransomed Heart Ministries for this incredible gift.

MC Barron

What a great idea!!! We all need this! I loved listening to about this app on Annie F. Downs podcast “That Sounds Fun”. My husband and I both loved his attitude and love of Christ! Can’t wait to start using this everyday!

Hurricane Stark

Working in the hospital is often non-stop and it feels easy to get untethered from Jesus – sometimes in the last year I would “take a bathroom break” just to get away for a minute. Now with the 1-minute pause app I’m sure to bring my headphones to reset as I notice God’s presence.

Ransomed Ben

This app is vital in today’s media saturated, technology overloaded world. Care for your soul and take a few minutes a day to center your life in Christ.


Love the app! I’d also like if it would interface with Apple Health to show time spent as “mindfulness minutes” as it would be a good way for me to see when I’m using the app regularly.


This app is life changing! I’ve been feeling far from God like he was another universe away and this app brought me closer to him and gave me peace in a time of such chaos.

Heather SD2U

I have been using this app since November 2019; it is a game changer. I love how it has multiple options. I can’t believe it is FREE! Get it. Use it. Share. Learn to breathe again. Restore your connection with God simply by pausing and inviting him into your day. Grateful to John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries for developing this tool for all of us.


This app has grown my connection and intimacy with God immeasurably. It’s reminders to pause and connect, the music, John’s gentle yet powerful words have me connecting multiple times each day. And the brilliance is that you can choose one minute, three minute, five minute or ten minute pauses makes it easy to do multiple times per day. I have used it every day since I got it, which is now over two weeks. John Eldridge has been my favorite Christian writer for years. This is another beautiful step in his ministry.


With this Panic of the coronavirus it’s so to take on worry and loose focus on God, this app really has helped me to give my panic, worry, and fear to God!

Recovery Joe

I retired early 2 years ago with plans galore. What I discovered is I simply replaced the rat race of work with a self imposed rat race of busyness. I start my day early with this Ap, go to prayer and scripture reading. A good prelude to my walk. Thank you John


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