【图】ASMRtist – ASMR sleep sounds下载
【图】ASMRtist – ASMR sleep sounds
【图】ASMRtist – ASMR sleep sounds

ASMRtist – ASMR sleep sounds iOS

ASMRtist 简介

“I use this app on my patients during heart surgery so we don’t spend on anesthesia.” – Dr. Jon Doe

“I once used this app to help me sleep and woke up 2 years later, I wish I had left my goldfish enough food.” – ASMR Monthly

“Best app in the history of apps, the app developer is also very handsome”. – App Developer’s Mom

*********APP FEATURES********

– 36 ASMR sounds to choose from
– Shuffle mode so you can relax while we mix for you.
– Lock screen mode listening, can’t do this with youtube videos!
– Countdown timer you can setup for falling asleep without worrying.
– Dark background, this is an ASMR app not a flashlight.

Sit back, plug in your headphones and Zzzzzzzz : )

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ASMRtist 下载

App Store 官网美版



Great quality sounds! I love how simple the app is to use. I love how you can put multiple sounds at once and also set a timer for it. It’s great how it still plays even when you exit the app or close your phone. Please add more sounds!! 😍


May we get English whispering


so there’s a total of 36 sounds. you can play one, all of them if you’re so inclined, or anywhere in between. the volume of each sound can be individually adjusted. there’s a button to pause everything, a sleep timer, and a “shuffle mix” toggle which i love! it simply composes for you an ongoing symphony of different sounds. i use this and a 15 min sleep timer every night and it’s wonderful 🥺 its simple and all free no micro transactions or ads


Oh what did u say i was sleeping this app is sooo great


It’s amazing. No ads. Everything free. Listen to this during bed and you’ll fall asleep in no time. Love the customization. I listen to this every night and it has helped me a ton.


When I saw all the features of this app and that it was completely free, I thought it was too good to be true. This is the best give I have ever received. No ads, no fees, easy on the eyes, all of my favorite ASMR sounds, full control over customization, it keeps playing off-app, and a sleep timer. Thank you to the creators!

3 P T

I downloaded so many asmr apps and this is the only one I like. The app lets you listen to sounds with your phone off, and you don’t have to listen to ads or pay for a subscription at all!


I have always had trouble sleeping so I tried getting customizable asmr sound to help but there was always ads or something that would pop up to get me to pay money some how. fortunately I finally found an app,this app is amazing there is no ads and no in app purchases I absolutely love love it, thanks to the creators.


i love this app!!!! the sound labeled “consonants” makes my ears feel fuzzy tho its super weird. i think that lullaby and piano together is so soothing 🥰🥰🥰 overall 4 stars!! also no ads! miracles!


SO GOOD! Every asmr app makes you pay for stuff like whispering and the ear oil massage, but this is absolutely free! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good asmr app Stay Alive ||-//


1.helps me sleep well 2.i like that you can create noises like how I put bonfire, brewing coffee, and tapping(which sounds sooooo satisfying)to create a perfect sleep sound. 3.One thing I love about some apps is that it continues the noise while out of the app Thank the genius(es) that envented this app

Hwang Emmy

if you have trouble relaxing this app is it 🙂


So happy that I don’t have to sift through a sea of ASMR videos to find exactly what I need. Thank you so much for making this and keep up the good work.


I used to sleep horribly at night, and nothing would help me sleep. I was supposed to wake up at 5:00 am and sometimes I wouldn’t fall asleep till 3:00 am! This app was amazing and I thank God that I found it! Thank you so much!


The app is amazing but there’s a couple things that I wished were added on. The first thing is that the piano sound/song, I wish it was finished or it plays more than 2 or 3 different notes. The other thing is that the whispering in different languages doesn’t have an English setting. I would love to hear what they’re saying without having to learn another language. Other than those two things, the app is pretty good!


This is so good,its free you should get his if you want to falll asleep or relax

qwerty appleducks

This is really awesome!! It doesn’t really give me tingles but it is very relaxing. 😌


So this is kind of creepy it’s one in the morning I’m 8 years old so to hear sounds in my bedroom is weird


Hi I am 12 and I have trouble sleeping I have anxiety and can’t sleep… period. I got this app because asmar relaxes me. And I tell you THIS IS THE MOST RELAXING THING EVER I love how everything is free because felling safe and happy should be free right? I recommend this 10/10


Unlike most apps in general, it doesn’t bombard you with ads or asking for you to sign up for any paid premium subscription. Everything you see you can use! The sounds in the app are really high quality and enjoyable and you can tell how the people behind it are doing it for your benefit. All it does is give! I have some trouble with my mental health and this app helps to calm me down when I don’t feel the best. Thank you for making this. 🙂

bvby kay

This is a great app bc it can put you to sleep in minutes for me seven but the reason why I gave it a four is bc there not really many sounds that you can lessen to so I would love if you were to be able to have more sounds!!!But other then that it is a great app for any age.


i love this app just think it would benefit from some more triggers, maybe more “classic” asmr style like mic brushing? lovee this app xo


I live this app really much and the “Piano” sounds like one of the theme songs from Rusty Lake’s cube escape.


Great concept and excellently executed. Would love to see more sounds, languages and features added to the app!


This app has truly made me sleep wonderfully and comfortably. Like mostly in the summer I have a fan and not a AC so I listen to the AC one at night and fan myself to sleep. It really felt like a AC, and yes I do know what a AC feels like. Another one I recommend is the rain one. The rain sounds drifts me off to sleep a lot on days where I’m tired but I can’t sleep. I hope you download this app and also enjoy it like I do! 🙂

Yoko Orihara

I love the fact that the app uses a black background. A pet peeve of mine is when I watch ASMR videos is that it’s to bright and I can’t fall asleep. I like that you can layer and edit each sound to make it louder or quieter but, the reason I would still prefer YouTube over the app is that their isn’t much variety. I also really enjoy 3D audio but unfortunately that’s not a feature and that’s a big deal for me personally. The last thing that’s puts me off is the visuals. I like to watch visuals to fall asleep sometimes like finger tracing or so that I have something to focus on while I try to fall asleep which is another aspect. I hope is the developers do implement this that they don’t have like 9 different screen for each sound if you want to layer them. If they were to do visuals than I think having just somebody finger tracing or doing mouth sounds with the sounds that the user chooses in the background would be a great feature. One thing that I like about the app that is better than YouTube is that you can turn off your phone and still be able to listen to the audio. YouTube on the other hand you have to pay for YouTube premium to be able to use that feature. Also there are no adds over all I REALLY THIS APP even if there are some thing the developers can improve on. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


I love this so much that’s why it gets the 5 star but if you could add a water jar that would be amazing. Maybe a 3dio feature as well for war attention

i cant use a user na

This is the best ever in the whole world get this app omg this might seem like I’m a bot but I’m 100% human best app ever!!! I love this in the first second of getting it my jaw is flying away of how good this is I’m so so soooooooo happpppppppppppy omg!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃


You can pick any type of asmr and choose the volume, also you’re able to combine two or more sounds together which is good for sleep 💤

fix that pla

This app is so good like everything idk if you guys are still going to make updates but one thing I don’t like is that when I shuffle or the mix thing I don’t like some sounds like the water or the air conditioner maybe like a block or smt but so far 10/10😄


This is a really good idea for asmr! What impresses me is the sounds are very crisp, clear and induces the tingles!

someone took my name

This is such a good app and it works offline too! Best part, no ads! I think this is really helpful for when I’m on a long bus or car ride and need to relax. 10/10 definitely recommend this app!


This is everything a frugal insomniac, supporting two people and a dog on one income needs! It’s like the unconditional best friend you that always has your back when you have trouble sleeping, unlike your other friends who talk about ads and ask to borrow money all the time. I can’t make any complaints about this app, besides that it can’t break a $20 and it never seems to show up to my birthday party. Don’t just take my word for it. There are three absolutely reliable referrals in the description of this app as well. Bravo!


i just wish there was a favorite mix bar, so i could save my mix and not redo it every night 🙂

bicole coco wang

This is the best app ever it is perfect for falling asleep and I love that you can make your own sounds


I could not get to sleep and I was looking and looking for apps and videos to help me. I have found the one. No ads, free of charge, and SOOOO RELAXING. Definitely recommend it, 100%.

Gaia Bean

This app is really relaxing and good for sleep. I do recommend more sounds though!

Rainbow Mango35

I absolutely love this app. It helps me sleep EVERY. NIGHT. XD anyways, I have a suggestion for a sound! Maybe a sketching sound, I love the ASMR sketching you videos so. Just a friendly suggestion 🤗


I love this app. I fall asleep so quickly when I use it! One thing though, I would add a feature where we can make our own mix. That’s all! Thank you for reading. -Mina


I love this app everyday I use this app to fall asleep and it makes me go to sleep in less then 7minutes and I always have hard time sleeping so I LOVE THIS APP SOOO MUCH!!💕


Very relaxing. The auto play mix setting is excellent. I love how simple and easy to use this app is.


i was planning on downloading tingles or zees, but they barely function without money and i have none. i’m so glad i stumbled upon this, though. the mixer, the ability the turn off your phone while still listening, and the timer are just three reasons to get this app. i love it, thank you so much. (little side note: PLEASE add more sounds! there’s so much more potential!)


With this app I can fall asleep in under 15 minutes


This is amazing! I am very happy you can exit off the app but still listen to it. I have a terrible time falling asleep it take almost an hour and I can’t watch tv because it turns off at a specific time. I really appreciate you for making this app

it wont let me enter

I love this app! It helps me sleep and calm down when I can’t. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, download it! It is A.M.A.Z.I.NG!


This is the perfect app for ASMR it looks like it was intentionally meant for people it has no ads no memberships. The only bad thing is there’s not many sounds and you can’t save the mix you created if you could do that the app would be perfect. thank you for making this app 💕


Many different options for what you like. All I wish is for cap and more water sounds. You can also add layers


it has a lot of triggers && helps me sleep at night . you can even shuffle them & set a timer so it doesn’t play all night (or whenever you use it) . it also has a volume of how loud you want the triggers . i definitely would recommend this app to anyone who has a hard time sleeping . it’s great with earphones too! and without of course.


Had this app last year when I was going through a rough time. It didn’t have as much sounds as it does now. I would customize the sounds and play them for 3 hours on my Bluetooth speaker when it was time to sleep. Of course I fell asleep way before then. I would leave it on if I got up in the middle of the night. The customization and timer is what makes this app amazing. The sounds have there own volumes so mixing is fun and easy.

horrible cramps

It is amazing I deleted this app for more room but then it took me forever to find it again and when I did it’s amazing you can make the best mixes plus I have all my favorite sounds and I can choose which volume is that it’s amazing so much sound selection offer free thank you so much I don’t know what I do without this app I’ve gone through many sleeping as before and none are like this and even if they were do you have to buy everything and do a free trial thank you so much


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