【图】Mind Magnets Info Organizer—Visual Grid Checklists下载
【图】Mind Magnets Info Organizer—Visual Grid Checklists
【图】Mind Magnets Info Organizer—Visual Grid Checklists

Mind Magnets Info Organizer—Visual Grid Checklists iOS

Mind Magnets Info Organizer 简介

Free sale! Organize bits of info VISUALLY instead of using lists. TOGGLE your labeled “magnets” on/off with a tap. MOVE them, ARRANGE them, give them COLORS and SHAPES. It’s simple and fun!

Mind Magnets is like a little “bulletin board” you can fill with mini-notes about anything you want. Your magnets always snap into place in tidy grid rows. Each magnet has three states: TAP it on/off, or DOUBLE-TAP for “maybe” with a question mark badge.


• Lists lack organization. But Mind Magnets can be moved around and grouped any way you like, with 10 shapes and 40 colors.

• No scrolling: see 45 items at once on an iPhone, or 108 on an iPad, or 300 on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

• Quick and easy: color, shape and position help you remember where each item is at a glance.

Use Mind Magnets as a visual shopping list, to-do list, trip packing list, task organizer, habit tracker, or a way to track any small bits of info—from game scores and character sheets, to event RSVPs, to brainstorming and planning, to exercise routines.


• Finished with an item for now? Tap to “check it off” and it will turn dark until you need it again.

• Want a label with no shape around it? Just choose the black color.

• Export a screenshot by clicking the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time.

LIMITATIONS: This app does not support emoji, Voiceover mode, or cloud sync. Magnets are quite small on 10.5″ iPads—but on the bright side, this lets you fit the same 300 magnets as the largest iPads!

THANKS FOR TRYING MY APP! I’d love to hear what uses you find for it. Problems? Feature requests? Let me know at adamsimmersive.com.

YOU CAN HELP me improve this app by telling your friends about Mind Magnets! (Formerly: DotSpace.)

— Morgan Adams

(If you like organized thinking, you might also like my iMessage sticker pack: “Logical Fallacies & Cognitive Biases.” 36 popular logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and red herrings, ready to rubber-stamp your friends’ messages.)

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Mind Magnets Info Organizer 下载

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Great app!


This is an incredible App, the ease of use and multiple configurations makes this App really stand out. The Design team did an exceptional job in creating this App. This App has so many possibilities for application. I have been playing around with it and find that this is an incredible time management tool as well as elegant checklist. Fantastic job, Eric


I’ve been using this app for years! I have tried others but categorizing by color and shape is so much fun, love it!


I can’t put in words how much I love this app. PLEASE, please- multiple pages. Shopping list Travel packing list House cleaning list Repeat daily tasks- exercise, 60 oz. water, etc. So many things in our life repeat. I tried ‘to do’ apps, even one that allows repeat but your app is so much easier to see and use! PLEASE, please- multiple pages. And thank you for an app so great I wish I could install multiple copies to use until we get multiple pages. 😄


I’ve changed my rating from four to five stars since you replied. To answer your question: small notes. Only 4 words. I was using this app to create a system that rates the severity (color) and urgency (shape) of threats. (Yes, I am a nerd) 🧑🏽‍🏫 I typed in the words “big threat, low urgency” onto a squircle, and it cut off the word urgency! I’m pretty sure that only happens with the squircles though. And I know that some people need the lighter colors (Including me, yellow means an average sized threat!), but it would be nice to have readable text on all colors. Add the ability to change the text color, maybe? Or if that’s to complicated for this app, make the text automatically turn black on the super light colors? And one final note: I love finding these types of apps. By that, I mean free apps without ads (some in app purchases are ok, developers need to make money!) that are made by one person or a small group. They’re like the App Store version of small businesses. So thanks for this app. I’m looking forward to the update, but take your time! Original review: This is pretty cool. I use it for many things. I just wish I didn’t have to manually delete all the magnets individually and add all the new ones every time. I wish I could save pages, and delete all magnets at the same time. Landscape mode? Background color change? Also, the font is tiny and it sometimes cuts off at the bottom. And why is it always white? It’s impossible to read white on yellow. It would be nice to be able to change the color of the text as well as the magnet. Well, I just gave a crap ton of suggestions, so I should stop now. You should keep it simple and free and without ads, but if you added some optional paid features, we would get more features and you would get more money! Win win.

Sherry rescue lover

I love this app! I mostly use it for my grocery lists. It’s so easy to keep your items you buy over and over. Just highlight when you need an item. When you pick up the item tap to go back to no center color! The one thing I find myself wanting is more space!


I am excited to see that the developer responded to another reviewer and is planning on an update. I was afraid this was yet another abandoned simple list app of which I’ve gone through several. Complicated list systems are good for some things but I need a simple checkbox system for my daily goals. This app is so close to what I want. I hope future updates will allow turning all of the buttons off at once or even a group of buttons as the other reviewer mentioned. It gets a little tedious having to turn them all off one by one at the end of the day. Also, syncing in icloud would be great but that’s pretty obvious. One other potential goodness would be having a second larger button size for things of a higher priority. Those are minor though. Really love the app. Have used it off and on for a few years. I would also pay a one time fee for syncing. No subscriptions though. I hate subscriptions. I had to come back and add one last thing. Horizontal view would be awesome. I almost always have my ipad on a stand in horizontal view. I just turn my head to read the buttons but horizontal view would be fabulous.


This is an intriguingly simple and intuitive app, the only improvements I could recommend are multiple pages (as mentioned by others) and to have connected objects move together as a group. The latter would improve workflow by being able to move groups around the screen rather than having to move blocks individually. Then potentially a long press and drag could allow you to move it within the group or disconnect it from the group entirely. I understand that this is probably easier said than done, and that this app doesn’t get a lot of attention since it’s free, but those would be my nice-to-haves. Keep up the good work!

Cow Milker

I’ve had this app for a couple years and it’s the best thing to make shopping lists. I can add items during the week and group them by retailer. I’ve tried the pick lists and misc apps and this is the easiest to manage. 5 ☆ This is still the best shopping list app.


My organizer is bursting at the seams, but I still love being able to drag “to do today”, “to do this week” and “to do this month” bubbles around to work with the ebb and flow of ny schedule.


I absolutely love this because I can sort out my thoughts and keep track of what still needs to be done by turning on and off the buttons. No more looking for where problem is you can do only one page of ideas. You can’t save it to a folder and start a new page.


It’s a handy visual to-do list for iPhone. Nice that it’s all on one page, for simplicity. Issues: No update in a year? Really needs to sync between iPhone and iPad. Thirdly, it would be nice to have in landscape mode. Mind Magnets has potential; certainly hope developer hasn’t abandoned it.

Anhlac Pham

Thank you for creating this. It is exact what I need.


For visual organizers like me, this is the best app I’ve found for brainstorming, mind mapping, and prioritizing tasks. The black background is easy on the eyes and on my tablet’s battery, the glow of the colorful magnets makes me think of neon signs, and it’s really intuitive and fun to use. I’m looking forward to the next update! My only complaint is that to start a new magnet board for a new idea, I have to screenshot my old one, then totally dismantle it. I would *not* like the ability to zoom in and out on the magnet board, because it’s just not necessary and I can already do so much in the space provided.

Stats Girl

This app is so versatile, functional, and simplistic that it truly stands out.

Love Squishy

I LOVE this app so MUCH which is why it is so frustrating that it only gives you one page. Like I need a page for each project I can’t just pile everything on one page. It’s such a bummer because out of all such organizational apps I have tried this one works the best for me I would use it everyday for everything. GIVE US MORE PAGES PLEASE !!! Thank you 🙂


Thanks for the new shapes—another way to prioritize items! I love Mind Magnets—I’ve been using it for years. It’s so versatile you can use this ingenious, compact little app for anything. —Chicago Blue

52 Apps

For those of us who use a keyboard, and never use profile mode, please allow us a landscape mode! Otherwise, the app is great.


One developer request up front – please allow multiple pages but don’t change anything else (unless syncing goes on fire sale). OK, with that out of the way…. Again to the developer – huge thanks! This little gem is so, so good and visually appealing in its sheer simplicity. It has become my preferred project management tool, daily task list, and morning habit tracker. I love every little detail, from the sounds to simple text entry, and find it strangely meditative to work with. Probably because it allows for creative planning and organizing of…well, whatever you want to organize or track. Anyone with multiple projects on the go can use this to vastly simplify their effectiveness. Trust me. Again, add multiple pages and I would gladly pay for this.


There’s nothing like this app and it is perfect for me because I’m easily distracted. The shapes, colors, and ease-of-use helps keep my categories visually clear, so I spend less time sorting things out and more time staying on task.


Well I love the color factor. I have mono contacts ( one for reading and one for far away) and this print is too small to be comfortable. So I will have to pass.


Found this as I was looking for a packing list app. Played around with it and am quickly finding it has real possibilities. The ability to color cod and vary the shape makes for sorting to-do list for various topics really easy and the shapes allow you to highlight one note vs another. I’ve only had for a day, but looking forward to seeing how this works out to keep me better organized.

Celeron Hubbard

Ok really, where are the settings? How do you turn the sound off? This app also needs cloud sync and the possibility to share with others in the household.


The best organizational tool I’ve ever tried! The possibilities are endless. In addition to multiple to-do lists, I set up one area to track my daily meals and calories and another area for upcoming events. The option of including longer lists in a single dot works well for complicated tasks, even if the text is small. I only have to read the list on the keyboard screen to see it larger. I love the new shapes, colors and font. It gets better with each update! Version 2 adds almost everything I need! I installed it on both my iPad and my iPhone. I use the iPhone for my grocery list and toggle each item off as I put in in the cart. No more forgotten items! I use the double tap (?) for complex tasks I’ve started but not completed.


Out of the gate great! Have had App for less than 12 hours, and I have already organized my entire day . . . and beyond! Simple, intuitive, and practical.


Literally not updating because I want it to remain named “DotSpace” dots can be lots of shapes. Change is madness.


Elegance doesn’t always mean complexity. After you’ve tried lots of todo and list apps, try this one and see if it doesn’t fit your needs – I bet it will! I gave up on configuring todo apps with reminders that “slip away” if you don’t complete them in time I use it for project planning on a complicated engineering effort. Sometimes just moving things around and grouping them together gives you new insights into dependencies that you didn’t see before, and this app excels at that type of free-form approach ideas in how to use: -This could also be used for a simple version of Kanban – just label each column (or don’t; you can remember what each one is after you use it for a day or two!) color code for priority, or to group similar tasks. use “?” for task blocking on input from other people or waiting on resources – one column for each day of the work week- motivation to get things done so you don’t have to promote undone tasks each day… or 0-4 days ahead of today (so you don’t need to move them at all) – simple flow charts – diamond or new “?” for decision points, flow right or down from there – table: row is person to talk to, top row is category, and fill in with blank icons to associate one or more people to a category (easy to toggle!) You get the point – the options are endless!


I just found this and really like the concept BUT it does not share between devices. Meaning that I started creating magnets on my iPad and then loaded it on my phone and they are not there. Please fix to share between devices! This is SO cool but as a reminder based tool it needs to be transparent between my devices but are IOS and share almost everything. Easy Peasy.


I only found this app several months ago but it was perfect for me. Since it was so out of date and seemed to be abandoned I scoured the AppStore to find anything remotely similar that was current. No luck at all. It was still usable on my 7 plus running the latest iOS, so I kept it. I’m so glad this was updated, though. I have barely looked at the changes and I’m already loving it.


I still love my Ita for my other lists, but for me this will be the most accessible, intuitive to-do list I’ve ever used. Good job!

Blood chill

Great app! Very user friendly. My only set back is that it isn’t a multi-page thing. Please update! I know a lot of people who would love this app if it was just multi page!

J woodson

Thank you! This is the best list app I have ever used! I would like additional pages that could remain forever and a way to clear all dots at once. But other than that I am Thankful for your app!!


This app is pretty good. It needs multiple pages and the ability to turn off the sounds. It scares other people in the room every time I check something off my to do list.

Gaidzag Chukudnassia

I want to add my voice to the others asking for multiple pages. Otherwise, I’ve been looking for this app for a long, long time.


How can I disable the sound effects?


I am a graphic designer and have been looking for a checklist/task oriented app that is visually based in order to help me stay organized. Most of the list apps out there either have way too many options and steps and folders,…… And others are just plain pages with a list, which, to be honest, doesn’t help me much, because it doesn’t visually get what I need to do first and what’s important. This looked like the perfect app for me. But as I started to set it up I realized that I was going to have to fit everything one one page, making it into a jumbled mess of colored shapes with my to dos but no way to truly organize them. When I went back to the app I noticed that the last update was near the end of 2015. There were 3 updates within months of each other in 2015 and then…… Nothing. Have you forgotten about this app? Are you planning to make any more updates or are we going to be holding on to an almost perfect app, in hopes that you will here our pleas, for nothing? Please let us know. We are hoping that you will continue to work on this app because it has the potential to be the best. We just need you, the creator, the changer, the one and only that can make it what it should be. Please listen to us and make it multi paged do that we can all give u 5 stars!!!!!!


I wish you could have multiple pages, at least up to 5. Other than that it’s perfect for everything, shopping, chores, homework, calendar, it’s something that visual people need than just a plain old list.


i needed to get some stuff done today, so I wanted a simple app where I could have the satisfaction of checking things off. It is SO simple to operate this app that you literally don’t need directions to get started. Create little circles, pick a color, write your task… Done. I love the simplicity and the color choices. I love how you can put the little circles(or squares, or stars) anywhere on the page. (Sure wish I could do that with my home page!) I liked it SO much that I decided to upgrade to the paid version so that I could create other pages and use different backgrounds. That’s when I realized that there IS no paid version! I’m only giving it four stars (for now) because it only lets you create one page, and there are no options to change the background. The ability to use a photo as a background would be cool. My Tip: If you take a screen shot of your list, you can use the pic as your wallpaper. That way you can see your to do list whenever you open your device.


Use for all kinds of lists. Really love it, but additional pages are really needed. However, it’s still a keeper.


This is an amazing to do list! Easy to add, delete and modify. Great appearance! Love the colors! Can’t wait for you to add iCloud sync between devices. Another thing that would be great would be able to have more than one page, that way you could separate into categories better. Can’t wait for more updates!


ADD a zoom in and out for large amounts of text in the button shapes so you can see everything you wrote. Please add this because it won’t screw it up by using two fingers and it may not be your original idea but one change and I think it would be a lot better. And the option of a list from behind the buttons when they are clicked ! And a slider for the size of all the buttons on the screen. And a way to comment and rate!! Add volume control. These last ideas just by adding a little cog wheel to the home screen.


So easy and graphically simple, but gets the job done. Waiting for iCloud so can sync with other devices. This is a Keeper!


This would be great for lists, etc., I love that it is visual instead of a list format. It’s easy to use and has lots of colors to pick from, along with different shapes. Though I’m afraid I’m going to have to delete it. I thought it allowed multiple pages to swipe through. (It appears that way in the screenshots.) I don’t want to delete a square one by one to create a different category list. For example, a running grocery list would be impossible to keep. Ugh – the time alone that would take … I also didn’t realize the font color is always white and doesn’t show up on certain colors. My own issue – the text is small so having it just on my phone without the ability to zoom or change shape size and font size won’t work for me unfortunately. I LOVE the idea, but it may not be for everyone. I was ready to get rid of my current app. too! I wish it would have worked out for me.


Should have pages for personal, work, etc… Or presets

Anonymous girl 93

Just got this and already love it! It is so easy and I love the colors and flexibility of it. My only wish was that once you are done with a dot you could put it in a recycle bin…so you could use it again, but not have it visible on the main screen.


This is exactly what I have been doing on paper for years and years. You have no idea how happy I am to use this app and stop carrying my paper list with me. THANK YOU !! (and, yes ! – – – I am shouting)


A fantastic organizer with simplicity and versatility. Easy to use and quick to make an entry (I’ve given up on other apps – too time consuming or complicated by useless features, and you can’t see everything on one page). The possibilities are endless with DotSpace. It’s a winner!! One suggestion: Would love having the option to keep multiple pages! 🙂


Nice, simple, fun. Would like a way to uncheck all on a page at once. Using this for my daily routine, so want to restart then all the next am.


Use it. The possibilities are awaiting.


What an excellent app for keep any set of items in order


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