【图】Merry Christmas Games Holiday下载
【图】Merry Christmas Games Holiday
【图】Merry Christmas Games Holiday

Merry Christmas Games Holiday iOS

Merry Christmas Games Holiday 简介

Help Santa match gifts so he can deliver on time for Christmas!

Match presents of the same color to create powerful combos and blast your way through hundreds of fun levels!

Hours of holiday fun are at your fingertips!

● Easy and simple gameplay – just match same colored pieces!
● Tons of unique puzzles!
● Create special combos for powerful explosions!
● Gold Coins – collect pieces to earn free boosters!
● Leaderboard – compete with your friends and other players!
● Dozens of Christmas characters to help you on your journey!
● Amazing graphics and special effects!
● Save your game between your phone and tablet!

Download now for FREE!

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Merry Christmas Games Holiday 下载

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I did give this game 5 stars at first , but changed my mind quickly . While I understand they need to make money this game is completely greedy. I play several match 3 games and usually if you don’t complete a level you can use your earned coins or watch an ad for a few extra moves , this game wants $1.99 for extra moves . I’ve spend money on many games because I enjoy them but never would I spend money for extra moves . It seems like the higher levels end with you only needing one more piece to complete and I find it suspicious that it happens several times . Deleted it since there are so many other options out there .

Fun N Happy

No ads, which is nice. Graphics are nice, music is best left off. I wish there was a way to quit when you know you cannot complete a level in the # of moves left. After a while (level 19) you have to buy more & more boosts. So it is no longer a game, just a slot machine that you do not make money on.


Like the game, but you can’t skip the graphics when there are moves left. This is annoying and takes too long.


Looked fun so I downloaded it and when I opened the app, there was a demo that said to match 3 but not a darn thing happened. I deleted it and reinstalled but nothing changed. Disappointing.


Fun match 3 Christmas game. I’m happy I tried the game, you will be, too.


Game is fun but , us on fixed income can not afford to play !


I have played this game for several years and I loved it. I thought the new update would make it great, but I am very disappointed. On the other Rank One games you earn things to help in your quest to beat the level. I don’t earn anything except the chest which does nothing. If I click on the chest, it just tells me to spend money. If I click on my points, I can “purchase “ some items, but they disappear and I don’t know where they go. So I am playing a game with no rewards or helps to get through when needed. No reward every few levels like the other games. Hoping you will change this. I have several of Rank One games on my phone and iPad.


I actually searched for Rank One match 3 games. They are my favorite…easter egg has been frustrating to say the least but this one seems much better, like halloween. I am up to level 65something!

Shoulder pain

Back to one of my favorite Christmas themed games. Still love it


I started playing this game about 3 years ago loved it now it’s changed a lot I get these chests says you need 5 to use I keep collecting them I go to use it and tells me I have to buy the chest oh well can’t use that then back a while ago I was told the game needs to be updated so I went to update was told the it couldn’t be updated at the time my phone deleted it so mad I was at 1035 level had to start all over


I love the new updates and have always loved this game!! Kudos


love it so far! Pretty and moves quickly. 12/21/18. Well, I see this is the second time I’ve rated this, which tells me I deleted it and downloaded it again, which means something made me delete it the first time, but I can’t remember what. If it comes up again, I’ll come back. I do like the game right now. I’s very Christmasy, pretty and fun.


Adorable and fun game


Game moves right along, which I appreciate. Love match three games. Just started playing & hope my enjoyment continues.🎄🎄🎄👍🏻

joan bookheimer

All these kinds of games are fun, except, when ya get to the last few moves , then Whamo, you lose🤔

christmas crazed

Love this game! I’ve been playing for two years and I play it Year round!


I think the first few levels are super easy. But I love the shooting star effects and the positive words at the end of each level. One thing I wish I knew was why can’t I go back to an earlier level to beat my score. And what do the gems mean when I win a levels?


This is a pleasant, fun, addicting game. Very relaxing. Super graphics, great music. 5 power ups available to use to help you along the way. Would recommend for anyone who enjoys match three games. I do have a few suggestions for the developers for improvements. 1) at the beginning of the game, explain what the function of each power up is used for, 2). Those beautiful diamonds you earn at the end of each level, use them to earn something and incorporate them in the game, and also make them harder to earn three at the end of the level. 3) do a daily spin, or daily reward where you can earn diamonds or power ups. That being said, this is a great game and I highly recommend it, and look forward to it becoming even better. Thanks.


Love this game! Very addictive!


Just uploaded it just in time for Christmas and I love it!

I luv mysteries

Love the beautiful graphics and Christmas music! Really puts me in the Christmas spirit! FYI: they also have a game for Halloween!


I feel this game cheats you in order to coerce you to buy items. There will be moments on levels where you don’t even have enough of an item to win, and then if you purchase an item it seems to give you an abundance on the continuing levels. Eventually it’ll go back to square one where you don’t have enough of the interns again. Plus what’s with this free game crap? I don’t want a free game! I would like a free special move to use in the game!


Cute little game.


My daughter loves this game. She seems to be mesmerized by the graphics and sounds of this game, as well as several others created by “RATE ONE”. Thanks so much!


fun game – good graphics. enjoying so far.


Nice to pass the time and the instrumental melodies are soothing.

Mona Hoffman

Nice Christmas Touch🕊


Cute game and a lot of fun


This game is great.I really like.My Grandaughter who is six years old plays it with me.

Annas got your back

I love this game! Fun and relaxing.


You need to fix some of the levels.. Unable to dentify which ones i am supposed to get rid of, not clear.. Then i will give 5 stars

Flip flop45

Great game relaxing and great fun🎄🎁


Very enjoyable game times passes quickly love it


Playing this game makes me smile, so what more could I ask for. Thank you for a little joy.


love this game 😊😊😊

Chippy Chic

Love this game! It’s relaxing and fun!




I enjoy the game.


I love the visuals, and it makes you think.


Great colors, cute graphics. My little girl loves to ‘hi-5’ the characters. Nice to be rewarded every three levels. Just passed level 1000!


Pretty good

Living in a 3D life

This game is so much fun and since I love Christmas that just makes it even better!!!🎅🏼

Ben T Lee



Love everything about it


This game is nice and fun to play. It has cute characters on each level and pretty Christmas backgrounds. I have no problems with it. ~RainyDay

Joining Giggles

Only on Level 17. Fun so far.


Fun, addictive game but I don’t like the purchase screen at the end of every game.


Love the graphics! Very addicting! Don’t change anything, lots of fun!


Great lil game

Ranger Joey

This is a fun game. I’m enjoying playing.


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