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【图】Colors – Therapy Coloring Book
【图】Colors – Therapy Coloring Book

Colors – Therapy Coloring Book iOS

Colors 简介

Tap to color with Colors – Therapy Coloring Book! The best FREE Ad*lts and kids coloring app for a fun, creative, and relaxing experience!

Relieve stress away from work, school, or at the comforts of your home with the best art therapy for all! No more subscription pop-ups and all features are free without compromising quality.

Take a break every now and then. Color during:

– work or school breaks
– long hours of commute
– bonding with family and friends
– rest and relaxation at home

Meditate, enhance mindfulness and concentration, motivate your creativity! Share the habit of coloring through generations! Color with your kids, friends, and families of all ages.


Wide design selection of animals, patterns, mandalas, famous masterpieces, magical themes and ethereal artwork collections available for coloring. Relax, relieve stress, and help kids develop creativity and enhance their imagination with line arts dedicated to them!

Celebrate spring with the unique 30 sakura line arts and sakura color palette in celebration of the Cherry Blossom season!

Enjoy easy coloring with the bucket fill, marker, and eraser tools and add fine details with our various textures. Have a fun coloring experience!

Choose the best color palette – from muted hues to bold ones, that fits your taste and personality. Or have it your way and combine any colors you want.

Boring is out, fun and innovative is in! Choose on any editing effects that will fit your artistic expression, filters that set the mood, and outlines that are uniquely for Colors!

Highlight your artworks with a variety of photo frames to make it look like a part of the museum gallery or a special photo wall at home!

Level up your meditation with the Colors playlist on Spotify! Select through different relaxing music while coloring.

Export your designs and use them as your mobile background and keep yourself inspired by your own art and creativity.

Make your creative juices flow and show what you’ve got to your friends! Easily share your creations with your followers via different social media channels.

You will never run out of outstanding artwork designs with newly added coloring books every week.

Reduce eye strain with the Dark Mode feature that is uniquely available only in Colors! Calm yourself to sleep through coloring even with the lights off or switch to the White mode at any time!

Away from home? There’s no need for expensive art materials and bulky painting tools. With just a few swipe and tap, you’re sure to produce your very own masterpiece anywhere, anytime for FREE!

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・Colors App compatibility
Device: iPhone 6s and later
OS: iOS 10 and later

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Colors 下载

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The wheel wont work so im stuck on the red part


Love the puzzles! Thank you for making them free.


I like all the different designs you get to choose from, and I also like all the different color wheels and that you can choose your own colors. I’m pretty obsessed with it.


Interesting filters and textures with a great mix of designs to color.


I love this app so much! I like how you can pick a color with the color wheel, it’s unique. The artworks are cute and not too complicated. Great job!


Excellent app. Really enjoy using the different coloring options (bucket and brush). Will pay for no ads to support the developer.


Neat app with little to no adds. Has cool effects that can be added to any picture


Hi this is the best game ever try it for yourself its the best because you can color pictures by number which is relaxing and Im a kid and I have finished all the pictures except 3!


Awesome, so far! I can’t really put it down. Is there any way we can get more color effects? Metallic, glitter, gradient, rainbow??


Just love doing this better than watching tv!


I really enjoy this coloring app I just think it would be nice if the edited picture would stay the way we edited it on the My Work page. I think it would be nice too if there were other coloring utensil types.


I like it, different and enjoyable music as well


Fun and helps your busy mind at ease. Just don’t like the commercials (too much) and I am not willing to pay for it to be removed either.


I have tried many color your own apps. By far, this is the best!


I love this game sooooo much! Very different from the boring old color by number. In this game, instead of being forced to use the colors provided in certain spots, I can choose the colors I like and I decide where to put them. Extremely large range of colors to choose from. It allows me to color how I want. Very fun and relaxing. Thank you so much Colors!


Nice app. Good images. It would be great if it had more options like different texture patterns that can be applied. And the option to upload your own background image which some coloring book apps have.


I have recently tried 6 “Coloring Book” apps & this is the BEST by far! I love that I can CHOOSE my own COLORS from a color wheel or palettes!!! This allows me to create truly unique designs that I enjoy sharing! THANK YOU so much for developing this app! It is fun & relaxing & allows me to express my artistic side. The ads are not intrusive. The app runs smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy S9.


This is the best coloring game I have played! Everything you can use by only watching an add for some, so glad this doesn’t have a membership because that really gets on my nerves. I totally recommend this app. 5/5

Melba HOlsen

This is so cool to be able to get different looks on your creations. It is a very well designed app!!! Thank you very much!!! I can paint forever.


I love this game! I was skeptical at first because I have had coloring apps before and none of them met my level. I think this is absolutely amazing because I have ones that I can whip up in under five minutes, and then ones that take me around two days! I would definitely recommend getting this app

Elizabeth W Slade

Love it so much it help me a lot in the time of need when i just need to get a from it all every day

Virgi Peel

I like that you can choose your desired color. Letting me create my own color version. Looking forward for more updates! 🙂


This app is definitely relaxing. As someone with anxiety and depression, I love using this as an outlet, but I also have trouble sleeping at night. Having a dark mode where the outside of the photo is a dark charcoal color would be very helpful and easy on the eyes.


I love this games so much. Especially because if you double tap it colors in the hole square section. It may be hard but it is very fun. Plus there are so many options and a search bar to pick your design. And you can make up your own!!!!


This app was easy to use, and the painting (coloring) is your choice which makes it better, and also amazing artwork.

Marjorin TShorts

The whole game is what I like my goal is to get all done it is relaxing plus when youre mad / angry it just makes you CALM is that not crazy. One I colored was a girl with a fox


I played this game for the first time in 7th grade. I was really stressed one day and i decided maybe a little bit of coloring would help and it did. i thought it would help for like a few days, but ive been addicted to this game since 7th grade and im now in 10th. Its so oddly satisfying and just takes my mind off the little things that bother me. I really recommended playing this game, its really relaxing.


This game is awesome! I keep on finding out new things you can do, I like that you dont have to color individual squares that are in a row and you can just double tap it to color the whole line. But what I think is super amazing is that you can Chang the color of a certain number to customize your work!


I like being able to choose the colors myself and not have it done for me. Makes my pictures different from every one elses. Excellent coloring app.


I love happy color because if you dont want to draw on paper you can just whip out your phone or iPad and start coloring find your picture and I just want to thank The author of happy color thank you I love this app half of my family has it thank you.


Its charming and so realist that I actually get the silly and ridiculous impression thatI am drawing The butterfly myself. You have to hunt down Micro scopic Lee tiny Spaces toward the end but you know you have found them all when the Color button disappears from your easel


When I first start playing there were so much to do and when you press search there is stuff you can choose like for example:if you wanted to search something up that is easy when you touch it and you dont even need to press e it just pulls up in the category easy, and I love it if you take a pic that you hade for memory it has a picture button and you click it and you can draw your pic ,I love this game and highly recommend it!!!


Hey I just want you to know that sometimes whenever youre stressed out or very upset or mad you can use Color to take whats troubling you off that mindset. You can find pictures you learn skills along the line. You are valuable in your own life so its your choice to do this, or not. So choose wisely, and use your head.


I love this app! its the best coloring app ive ever used! the user interface is wonderful and super easy to navigate. i love how you can add your own photos – it makes things so much fun! this app is great for de-stressing and calming down for the night. its also great for long car rides and for anytime to want to take your mind off something. overall, its a great app and i would definitely recommend to all!


Most relaxing and stress buster app there is. I color multiple pics a day when I get home from work each night. Can you add more Art pics to color? The Blended pics are also the best. My favorite pics to color are the pics with high numbers because it takes a long time to complete. Thanks for all you do!


I absolutely love this app. There minimal glitches, endless free puzzles, fair 5 second ads after each puzzles, and super satisfying pictures with great variety and beautiful color schemes. Ive used a lot of drawing apps and this is by far the best one. I love this app sm and it amazes me that its free


Playing this game while Im stressed out or Im just relaxing in bed is just pure bliss. My girlfriend shown me this coloring app she was OBSESSED (still is) with and now I am obsessed as well lol. The amount of pictures to color is completely endless! I love it. My personal favorite is the blends because there is so much to do but it helps me slowly get sleepy. Thank you so much to these devs that created my #1 favorite app. Keep doing what you are doing! Cant wait for the future for this app.


Its my first time ever using happy color and I love it so many other apps there are so many adds I will give it a 10 star rating if I could and here are some metals thank you so much!


I have the premium account because I love coloring and wanted to use all the designs. I love the colors and effects I can use! Its always fun adding in textures or effects. I always play it when I want to relax.


I can remember when this app first came out and thought the pictures were too easy. The transition from then to now is incredible. It is so enjoyable to see how the transformation from black and white to the color creates a beautiful picture. The addition of the Art category has given me a greater appreciation of the skills of the Great Artists and how the direction of light is so important. This is my favorite app and I highly recommend it for everyone.

Scott M Butcher

This game is very fun and relaxing. The first night I got this game I found myself playing into the night. I highly recommend this game. There are so many different pictures to color and the way everything is set up is easy and fun.


Best coloring app I’ve come across…very relaxing

James D Watson

It is a great app. The only bummer is the ads are a bit inappropriate sometimes.?

Young B Allen

I love this app. I could literally sit and color on this thing for hours! New pictures added daily! Youll never run out of options. There are several categories and cant go wrong with just paying for the app! Youll get your moneys worth in no time also developer response is nice and have made some great changes with recent updates

Eduardo Payne

Love the creativity and variation of line arts.


I love this game so much its so calm. And really addicting but a good version of addicting I have probably had it for a year and a half now. And they add like 10 new drawings every day! Also they have over 10 cattigories to choose from and u can color whatever u want. But just one little thing I really really really really want them to add one where u can take pictures of your own and color them but over all this is the best game ever (PLEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE REPLY) PS. I have already done 1000 something pictures that I have colored

Isabella Olivia

This is the best game ever I love to do it on the plane . It is super fun when you are bored. Get it. Get it. Get it. Also this is the best color app. If you are looking for something amazingly fun.


I love this game so much it is my most played game on my phone. The only thing I would complain about is that there are quite a few of the pictures that are locked unless you get the full version and pay like $10 a month. where the locked ones are cooler than the regular ones. I am aware that you did that for a reason, but I hate it. So you should just make more of the locked ones unlocked for those whose parents will not get them the full version. Thanks!

Alex Kaur

I have had this game for years and its great for just playing while watching a movie or something! Not a huge fan of the fill by double tap but I have it disabled anyways. But I do use it sometimes for one color backgrounds. Overall great app!

Isabelle Cunningham

This is a great app! The developers responded to my last review nearly right after I wrote it. This app is so fun when youre bored, and its super relaxing! I love all the different drawings and topics you can colour.


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