【图】Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold HD – A Hidden Object Adventure下载
【图】Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold HD – A Hidden Object Adventure
【图】Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold HD – A Hidden Object Adventure

Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold HD – A Hidden Object Adventure iPad

Mystery of the Ancients 简介

Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete the adventure!

You jump at the chance to visit your best friend Kira and her husband in Baumholder. You’re greeted with a freak blizzard and thrown into a fight against ice giants. Find your way through the cold and help save Kira!

A beautiful summer day is rudely interrupted by an ice storm and suddenly, the beloved town of Baumholder is ruined. Defeat the frozen army before it’s too late!

Work through a number of interactive hidden object scenes and slowly discover the truth behind Kira’s husband’s past.

Play entertaining mini-games and solve unique puzzles in order to successfully finish this quest.

Continue this adventure in the bonus game and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including a detailed strategy guide.

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Mystery of the Ancients 下载

App Store 官网美版


lovely pirate

Graphic very good game was hard to put down I just wanted to keep going


Interestingly, I played the game once previously maybe a year ago. I’m playing it for the second time and am enjoying it more. IMO, well worth the time

Drunken dwarf

I have bought many games from Big Fish, and this is the only one I’ve ever had issues with. Hard crash half way through and had to re start. Two games would not respond and could not be played. That said, the story line was nice, the graphics pretty and the characters all like able. The ending leaves you hanging, so I hope the bonus game ties up the loose ends.


Other customers have reported this problem with no response, so please FIX IT. If you don’t, the game stops there and we should get a refund.


Fun games. Good mixture of hidden object with other games. Not to much going back and forth for one item at a time. Good graphics.



blissful chef

Love the game..simple and fun

ella is a genius

I am really enjoying this game. I don’t usually write reviews but after some real duds over the past few months I have to share how refreshing this game is turning out to be. The storyline is coherent and I don’t have that feeling that I’m just running around gathering items to unlock other items. There’s a teleporting map but I haven’t had to use it – another plus! (I hate games when you have no idea where to go so you just use the map over and over.) Interactive items that are supposed to work with each other make sense. (I hate when I have a perfectly good rock in my inventory but I have to wait to find the hammer to smash open the bottle.) All in all – a well designed game that is a pleasure to play. This is a rare gem – get it!


nothing very challenging but plenty of interesting and sometimes innovative things to do to keep the story advancing—liked it


I am seeing that others are having the same issue near beginning of game where the red book on the table can not be picked up. I thought uninstalling it could fix it but after reading recent reviews, I see that isn’t the case. I’m frustrated that this happened after I paid the 2.99. It appears these reviews similar to mine have just occurred within the last 48 hours. Please fix


Had some hard times trying to click and capture. Could not even swipe for the final run at the end of the game. Otherwise a fun game.


Enjoyed but found many times that I wasn’t sure exactly what the game required to keep moving forward.


I’m barely into this and it won’t let me get the red book. I’ve deleted the program and reinstalled and it has done the same thing. I wish someone at app support would assist. Looks like I’m not the only one this is happening to.

Frustrated Big Time

I was looking forward to playing but game will not let me pick up the red book in the living room. I started over 3 times. It brings you to a stand still pretty much at the beginning of the game. Very disappointed. Never had this problem with the other Big Fish games. Sent an email but have not heard back. I would skip this one.


Finally a game that mixes it up. HO games were different. Puzzles challenging but not frustrating. Story line was really good. Graphics were a little dark in some areas but just deal with it. I’m excited to start the bonus game. I’m hoping we’re going to find Victor. I highly recommend this game.


Could be a little longer


I can’t believe I missed this game in 2015. It must have not been on sale at the time, so I passed it by. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one of those games that has a lot of searches and games throughout PLUS a storyline that’s easy to follow. Good storylines are a not always found in these games, but this one did it well. I plan to replay it in a few months. A fun one.


I tap the hint button it sends me forward. I hit it again it sends me backwards right back to the same place. I’ve never had a problem with Mystery. I wish I had played it before I bought it.


I am finding this game very interesting. It has easy to follow directions and so far the game makes sense. I have bought several games lately and been frustrated because they were so hard. I really like this one. Keep up the good work!


This game is ok. it’s pretty easy, but lots to do. I like a bit more of a challenge

Kim snead

One of the best games yet! Keep coming with challenging games like this. I’ve been playin B.F. games for years. This games has all kinds of different kinds of find. Worth the money!


Interesting and good game! Like you can purchase game and not keep having to pour more money into it to finish game.


Very intuitive


Very fun game


Not a bad game. The response time was a bit slow following the messages but no major glitches. I enjoyed it.


I loved this game. I have never written a review but this one is awesome


I bought the game in in the beginning, you have to take a book from the window sill but there is no way to get it. I ended up paying for it twice trying to load and fix the problem. Very disappointed.


I usually don’t rate the games unless I feel their worth. It was a nice (not crazy difficult) game. Story was fun to follow. We will see how the rest of the game finishes. Looking forward to the rest of the game with anticipation.


I thought it was a little short, but over all the puzzles and the HOs were pretty good. I prefer maps that show where there are still collectibles.


Best hog in awhile. I play for the hog’s not to jump from one place to other


Ignore the shallow reviews regarding how the characters look. This is a wonderful game that requires a lot of thought with inventive tasks and good length of play. I’m glad I bought this one!

Indigo baby

Now THIS, I liked! The story was interesting and the games were a bit different than I’m used to seeing. Best of all, while there was an element of suspense (as much as you can expect from one of these), it wasn’t gruesome or depressing, and didn’t rely on shock value. It’s a good one!


I am enjoying this game. Easy puzzles, cool hops, interesting story. Nice length.


Really enjoyed the game. Has hints, transport map, great puzzles. Played casual which went easily. Maybe try next step up second go around.


The game was lame, way to short for being forced to pay 6.99. Not worth the cost unless you are about 10 yrs old. No challenge.

Love wolf game

Want more of these, like the HOS especially!

Sue babe

Interesting storyline loved playing it!


The trial was good, though short, and I will probably buy it, but not for the price they’re asking. I don’t know where they think their customers come from. I’m a retired, disabled senior, who plays to distract myself from chronic pain. With the prices they ask for these games, they think I have money to burn! Not so! Good games at reasonable prices makes customers happy, and keeps game developers in business.


I liked this game. The puzzles were interesting and the game was long enough.


Ok game

Olive Ann

Plenty of stuff to do, kept making it fun!


Thumb Up!!!!


I love this game, it is very addictive. I love having the challenges it gives you. It helps keep my brain thinking.


Perfect game. Lots of hidden object placement games, storybook interludes, and great flow from scene to scene. I’ve played dozens of these games and this one is awesome!!!


Great game beautiful scenes and nice voiceovers. Only problem I’ve had is that the guide button is in the middle of the scene, so I constantly need to back out of it.

Sheri Bauer

First of all, what is a gorgeous prince like that doing with such a dork! The fact that he wasn’t strong was a turn off, so he should have been a geek like her! And as for her, she was just useless. I almost felt more the urge to help the father. After all, he was just trying to man up his son and keep him from wasting himself to some dippy child like little girl. I don’t think I can finish the game. I can’t stand seeing a hot guy with an ugly chic.


Like HOP, medium play level, like extras and lack of creepy scary characters.

Play too often

Great graphics and story. The only problem I had on my mini iPad was accidentally hitting the Guide button many times.


Huge fan of Big Fish…. But this game, is lame!


Fun story, good puzzles. I liked that the hidden object puzzles switched it up. It’s not a short game, which I love. Sometimes they are just too short to justify the price, this isn’t one of those. Graphics were clear and pretty. There just wasn’t anything about it that I disliked. However, in order for me to give five stars it has to be a game that I absolutely love playing from start to finish. This ones good though. The five star ones only come around so often. Why not play this one and those like, until they do. 😉


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