【图】Wheels Mobile Assistant下载
【图】Wheels Mobile Assistant
【图】Wheels Mobile Assistant

Wheels Mobile Assistant iOS

Wheels Mobile Assistant 简介

Wheels Mobile Assistant requires a Wheels Driver Tools Account.

Company Vehicle Drivers: Streamline your productivity with an integrated suite of tools you need as a driver of a company-provided vehicle.
 Smart notifications will proactively alert you to upcoming requirements, enabling efficient time management. Easily access on-the-go tools. And you always have direct-dial assistance from Wheels Customer Support Team to get the support you need if there is a roadside incident.

Reimbursement Drivers: For drivers on the Wheels Reimbursement program, not only do you have access to the maintenance services for your personal vehicle with included roadside support services, now the app’s Trip Log and GPS AutoLog make documenting your reimbursable business trips a breeze. Trips documented here can be directly submitted for reimbursement. You won’t need to use the spreadsheet method anymore! With this capability, you allow your phone to capture your business driving during set hours, and you can augment the default trip descriptions with notes and business reasons for your trips.


• Biometric login allows for simple and secure authentication

• Get Service – service reminders, preferred network shop search and payment details you show your shop – now improved with the ability to do vendor name searches and start new searches based on where you navigated on the map

• Pushed alert messages – never miss a recall notification!

• Roadside Support – summon roadside help from the app via one click direct dial for help (for vehicles still under manufacturer warranty) or NEW: a forms wizard and see the rescue vehicle come to you on a map!

• For drivers on a Wheels mileage product (company vehicle or reimbursement) Daily Trip Log with the option to turn on AutoLog GPS to automatically capture your trips. You can also export your log history into a spreadsheet you can keep and archive, fulfilling your government regulatory requirements.

• NEW: Take Vehicle Photos – take photos of your vehicle directly in the app for annual inspections, damage documentation, vehicle certifications


• NEW: Submit trips captured with the daily Trip Log and GPS AutoLog for reimbursement

• NEW: Track your reimbursements and see statements for previous months


• Glovebox – easy access to key documents such as registration, and company policies. NEW: insurance cards (policy info only for NY, NV and Canada, full electronic cards for all others), insurance card paper requests

• Vehicle Order Status – receive order status and vehicle pick-up instructions. NEW: confirm you have taken delivery of your new vehicle

• Mileage Reporting – features calculators for quick and accurate mileage entries, plus you can use your odometer history for fast entry. NEW: Now includes a daily trip log with a GPS AutoLog option to automatically document your business driving!

• Tools for Fueling at the Pump (snapping pictures of the odometer to certify your fuel entries, access your fuel card credentials) and insights on your fuel usage

• Registration status – so you are on top of action items when they happen

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Wheels Mobile Assistant 下载

App Store 官网美版


No one 123456890

It takes me 30 minutes just to review and submit my mileage. The app crashes over and over again. It’s extremely slow and syncs forever. Please update to work with iOS 14.

User 101010100

The app doesn’t work with this update. It opens and then crashes before it can even login.

Beau of winfield

Won’t let me use until updated. But won’t allow update. Useless


Trip logging is inefficient


Great app.

ND Nate

When you actually need to use the app, and have limited time before you’re out of service, it needs to be updated, or doesn’t work. This is the 2nd or 3rd time.











Taco man 81

Works well enough, and I’ve read plenty of reviews to know that I shouldn’t rely on the GPS logging feature, so I manually enter my mileage. Unfortunately, and without fail, every time I enter my mileage at the end of the day and reopen the app next day, it magically moves the mileage I previously entered to the day prior. For example, I drive 45 miles on Tuesday and put that into the trip log. When I open the app on Wednesday that trip is now magically on Monday. Simply clicking the trip and editing the date doesn’t stick, but if I delete it and re-enter it does. Seems to be related to entering mileage on the current day only, as entering mileage for past dates doesn’t have issues. I’ve given up on trying to fix it, and just assume since the miles are accurate my company should be ok with it.

Drew Dums

Great App!

Fab shop

App requires you to update before it can open.




Great app


Every time i need to use this, it refuses to work until i download a new version. I have real work to do.

ask sfghiiti

Love it


App works well and is easy to use




The app used to work really well. I have uninstalled it several times and it still crashes on my iPhone 11 w/iOS13+. This is creating work stoppage and have to log in on a desktop to update my miles and other info. I went to APP support and it directs me to the website with no support.




Works ok

mandates reviews

Great app

you bother me

It has worked fine so far now let’s see how the update is.


Keep up the good work 😊.


Convenient and easy to use app


If you’re forced to use Wheels to report mileage and you have to do so on a company owned device it is incredibly difficult with forced updates. I can’t update your app until my company says I can which also means I can’t document mileage or use the app at all until they verify the update.

wheels is the best



App refuses to open and now don’t have access to wheels after the latest update

TBs Ipod

Keep up the great work






Lots of glitches


Interrupts your work day begging you to give a rating/review.


Very good app.




App rarely works, but when it has great features. The great features are by far overshadowed by bugs and poor execution. I have had issue since day one. Crashes on launch, inaccurate GPS trips, crashing and losing information when saving trips, etc


-Crashes -Doesn’t remember finger print sign in so have to enter password every time. -doesn’t auto record trips , so I have to manually enter trips one at a time .


Very easy to work with.


The GPS auto mileage logging function is pretty suspect. It will log trips even when no trip is taken, when it actually logs a trip that was taken it is logs consistently lower then actual miles driven, sometimes it doesn’t even log trips that were taken. The actual mileage logging is all over the place compared to other mileage logging apps, GPS maps and actual trip odometers on multiple vehicles. I hope these issues will be addressed soon, as it defeats the purpose of using an auto logging app that has to be modified everyday.


Constantly freezes up and takes forever to load.


I’ve downloaded several times now. App crashes before it loads.


Used to be a great app but now it’s unusable as it crashes immediately on start-up. Please fix!!!

Captain atoll

Crashes before it can open post most recent iOS update. Otherwise this app has been pretty good. Recent updates provide additional benefits to manage your fleet vehicle beyond mileage logging.


App hangs on opening screen for a few seconds then crashes. Called customer service. They asked me to delete and reinstall. App worked for a couple of days then started the same issue as before. Like most my company requires milage reporting. With a non functioning app this makes the task impossible. App is very good when it works.


The app crashes after a 1/2 sec on all my devices


Everything else is fine but your trip logging is not the greatest. I drove 265 miles and it failed to track those miles. I have noticed that if the wheels app is running for tracking miles it cause other apps (Internet, mail, etc) to stop responding; not sure if it has to do with the gps tracking or LTE usage. It takes forever for it know if the vehicle has stopped moving. If I am making several stops per day it will only catch my first departure and my last arrival. Can you guys resolve this please? Maybe have it be integrated with google maps.


…now doesn’t even open. I have reinstalled multiple times. App hangs on the opening Wheels logo screen and then crashes. My company requires mileage log reporting through Wheels, only their app supports the logs (not an option on their website per company rep webinar) and now I can’t report my trip logs per federal regulations. Called them 2 days ago for support and was told someone would get back to me. No response from Wheels yet – not even to diagnose the issue.


Just upgraded because it made me upgrade. Now it doesn’t open. Plus previous versions never synched the profile info from the website. Very disappointed.


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