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Pollo Tropical 简介

Download the MyPollo! App to get more out of your Pollo Tropical experience. Earn points for every $1 spent. Every 75 points gets you a $5 reward.

Use the new Pollo Tropical app to browse our menu, place orders for in-store pick-up, curbside or delivery. You can join our loyalty program to receive exclusive offers, save your favorites for easy re-ordering, and earn and redeem rewards.

• Search for locations near you by current location or zip code.
• Browse the menu and discover new items.
• Order as a guest or sign-up to join MyPollo! to earn rewards.
• Place orders for in-store pick-up, curbside or delivery.
• Save your favorite orders for quick re-ordering right from the home screen.

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I have tried all 3 of my email addresses and I can no longer sign into my account

Meche Pozo

El día de hoy hicimos una orden online y la orden de maduros estaban súper quemados en vez de maduros deberían cambiar la orden y cuando ordenas online no se puede cambiar


All of a sudden my receipt can’t be read or it’s still searching for receipt


Nice user friendly interface but the fact that after every purchase I need to type in that long barcode really ruins it for me.


10/13/20 at 16:30 Miami Flagler street and 107 ave store. This is the third time that they fail to my my yucas fritas and plantains. I think the manager doesn’t like me or something else.


Why do I have to call to have a curbside order delivered???? Every other app either does it when you arrive or tap a button.


I’m so tired of ordering food from the app for delivery and when it’s delivered the order is incorrect! Missing items and items are made incorrect! It frustrates me when I have to drive to the location to fix my order. What’s the point of delivering if I still have to go back to correct the situation. And the manager at location 800 n university drive in Coral Springs doesn’t care!!

Kristopher Perovic

Others have pointed out the email and scanning of receipts issues, but for me, I’ve discovered that holding my phone or receipt sideways (90 degrees from each other) makes the receipt scanning work.


I tried to put my information in and the information is saying to me that it’s wrong something went wrong. All I was trying to do is update my name .

lenron jume

The Receipt Scanner App Doesn’t Work


I can’t change my location. I tried. When I change it and try to place an order it still got placed to the other location and I went to the wrong location to pick up my order! Then they tell me that I have to go there that they can’t issue a credit and let me order there. Terrible.

Pedro E Rodriguez

Every time I order in this app i get something different from what i ordered. For example I order two beans and when i go and up I get only one bit charged for two. By the time I open the package Im already home so I cant complain to anybody. I do not recommend using it. Better go and order in store. Very sad since it would make everything easier


Issues with signing up for Pollo Rewards, after getting the app. Entered personal info, but cannot save – as it keeps saying a favorite location was not chosen, however that is NOT one of the questions!! 😳.. Hence the 1 Star rating.


This app is great! Really easy to order a quick meal.


Let’s me put in all my information and then says you must enter your favorite location. That field does not exist on the join pollo section.


The latest update is nice and more user friendly. However, there are still some bugs like I can’t change the email address. With the new update, a new unknown email appeared in my profile and I can not change it. My actual email will not save. I like the new updates app but will not use it until this potentially security issue is resolved and we are able to save our email addresses.


This is a pain in the ass. Why does it show “Punch” in my passwords instead of Pollo Tropical? And why won’t it recognize my password or let me change it??! Very frustrating and disappointing.

Super sonic 9090

The app does help a lot with letting you schedule and order food whenever you need, and you can customize however you want the items. My only problem is a few minor glitches and i wish they would give more offers!! I love using the offers


So many bugs. I wanted to love it but it was frustrating. It was not user error. I may not be good at many things but online/app shopping and order skills are exceptional.


Service & quality of food was disappointing @ the BVL compared to the Loop location! Food was cold rice & beans could have been better meat portions skippy service was slow & not to friendly…..needs improvement 👎🏻


The transition from old app to new app was not straightforward, but now that its working it is pretty intuitive. I’d give 5 stars had it been easier to get it working.


Keeps telling me to agree to terms but have fine it multiple times even deleting the app.


I had $15 in rewards and 5 points before the most recent update. When I verified my email address this was also confirmed. The app only shows I have 10 points from my purchase on Monday… so none of the rewards transferred to the new app? I want my rewards what can be done?


New app makes me agree to terms and conditions but nothing to click on. Took me an hour to change my password at its insistence but finally did accomplish that. Oh well. No more rewards for me.

El Frantico

I’ve never made an order using the app that arrived correctly. It’s always missing something or has a wrong item. I give it 2 stars since at least there isn’t a delivery fee.


It asks me to agree to terms and conditions but I already tapped the agree button but it won’t let me log in because it is acting like I didn’t hit the agree button. I lost the money that you get back from purchases using this app at least twice. The first amount I forgot and now I lost $10 and whatever credit I was getting for this current meal. It is frustrating! It looks like I won’t be getting any money back for any future purchases. It is the most frustrating app. It does not work for my brother either and we have two different phones. Well no money back for us. Well at least the food is good. Please don’t waste your time with this one. I’ve already loaded and deleted this app several times hoping it will start working again. It is broken.


What’s wrong with the new app?? The old one used to work fine, now I’m not even able to place an order. It is frustrating.


This app is not working. It won’t allow me to agree to the terms . So I’m unable to login.

Sticking fingaz

As others have said since the update I have been unable to login with the app. The app says I need to agree to terms but there is nothing to click or view. I’ve changed passwords, deleted app, even tried a different device. I am able to login on the website just fine though.


Ever since I updated the app, it will not let me log in.. keeps telling me I need to agree with terms and conditions but I already did that…. please fix!!!


Can’t login to pollo rewards since new 7/23 update. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and re-loaded the app, and changed my password. Nothing. I even tried logging in with Apple, to see if my account would somehow sync, and no dice.

something wrong on l

Love the new look but I can’t even use my rewards or place any new ones. I love you Pollo but get it together. I feel like the old was working fine and now I can’t even log in


Easier to use and I can save my favorites. THANK YOU!


Can’t log in anymore and you the discounts I have saved up


Cant login, deleted app 3 times, same problem, agree terms, something we t weing, no success


It shows locations near you but it does not indicate whether it is open or not at the time. I had to use google to confirm. Include this functionality in your app please.

Jae Chills

The update looks much better and cleaner but it has some bugs that need to be fixed. The one I’ve noticed is that the option to scan receipt doesn’t work, I always have to enter it in manually


Update: updated to new version today, and now works. Much needed overhaul to the app, and now looks fantastic! I cannot even use the app. I have tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, but nothing works. It crashes instantly on startup.


I had issues with this app for quite some time but they finally got it fixed everything working now.


When I was obligated to update the app. I lost all my info. recorded and could not sign back in with my credentials to use my $5 reward I’ve had accumulated from old app.🤦🏻‍♂️


Downgraded to one star. It’s a great app but lack of Apple Pay earns the one star. My rating will change once Apple Pay has been implemented. I shouldn’t have to be entering my card information.


I can’t log in with the new app. Reset password and it keeps saying something went wrong need to agree to the terms and conditions which I did. Uninstalled and installed again and same issue. Please fix I have points saved.


Since the new download version I try to sign in after hitting agree put in my email and password still wants me to agree to terms!! Please fix!! Trying to order dinner


Acabo de poner una orden para delivery y nunca llegó. Me robaron el dinero.Mucho trabajo para contactar a customer service. No recomiendo la aplicación.


Thank you Pollo Tropical for supporting military service with this one a month deal even during the pandemic. It’s a nice treat to get us out for some very tasty chicken,


Love it


Needs support for Apple Pay on the app and the restaurant!


Bad customer service


App scan often says that you’re not in range of the store, so it won’t give you your points. Also, if the receipt is not clear enough, the app won’t read it. Manually entering is a hassle when receipt isn’t clear.


With the latest update it asks me to put in my email on file to migrate my points & rewards over. BUT when I enter my information it gives an error that says this email address is already being used. DUHHHH!! & I’m not trying to lose my points & create a new account. What do I do???!!!


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