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【图】Backgammon Deluxe Go
【图】Backgammon Deluxe Go

Backgammon Deluxe Go iOS

Backgammon Deluxe Go 简介

Backgammon Deluxe Go is an excellent version of one of the oldest two player dice board games. Players win by removing all of their pieces from the board. Although luck is involved and factors into the outcome, strategy plays a more important role in the long run. Play against the computer or with a friend.

3 levels of AI gameplay (easy, medium and hard) lets you keep having fun as you improve your game.

– 3 levels of AI (easy, medium and hard)
– Play against the computer or against another person in 2 player mode.
– 3 different boards to choose from.
– Great background music and sounds.

We hope you enjoy Backgammon Deluxe Go!

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Backgammon Deluxe Go 下载

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CoMputer cheats won’t let me move, tells me I can’t move when I have I man left and won’t let me move! Lots of updating needed


As the programmer couldn’t play with any skill, he has digressed to fixing the play by non random rolls fit to the situation. It takes away from the “sport” and the win by expertise rather than programming. Too bad…it was once a 3 star game.

Patzahn PSS

I have been using this app a long time. In the past week an ad for Honda CR-V plays relentlessly, I have to reboot my iPad to clear it


This is my favorite Backgammon app, or should I say “was.” The ads have ruined it. It’s stuck on an ad that WON’T go away, even when the little x in the corner is pressed.


Way to many bugs that need to be fixed!


I enjoy playing this game!!! However, since the latest update it has been crashing as soon as I open the app. I’m anxious for it to be fixed so I can continue to play.


I love to play this game played it everyday but since the last update July 5 I can’t get past the first roll it crashes every time. I have an older iPad with IOS 9.3.5, can’t get any newer because of age. Don’t know if that makes a difference would love to have my old version of backgammon back. Help please fix


The new update is causing the game to crash….please fix.


I’ve played this for years and loved it. Now I can no longer play without getting ads. I have spent the money 2 times now and still get the ads. You have ruined my game.

Real Odds

Had this game for years loved it ! The new version has serious anger issues, once you start winning the computer cheats so much that you don’t have a chance of winning! I’ve never seen so many doubles in a row (5-6)to clear the board? The amount of exact rolls to knock my pieces back blows my mind ! 😱 💩. Developers lighten up its just a free game !


This backgammon I bought to get rid of the adds/commercials And now it’s not working properly and this game needs to be updated please up date this fun game I hate playing with other players I like to play with the iPad Air and pro with me only I would give you 5 stars but it’s missing up on me and I hate to play with other players. I enjoy playing with the iPad and iPad Pro Please update this game Thank you Leanne


I always loved this app but this latest update has caused the entire screen to go black every few seconds and then appear and disappear like a strobe light. Not only can I not make it through a game without getting a headache from it, but I also have to wait for the buttons to be accessible again when the screen does finally reappear. It seems like when I hold the phone in its normal upright position is the only way to minimize the blackouts. Please fix this cos other than that, this has always been a great game. Thanks!


A close game in doubles count 6 to 1. I play hard level. It is also uncanny at how often it hits other players. The game is a joke.


The computer makes very bad decisions, even on the most difficult setting. Fun to win, but not challenging for any experienced player.

Beeboppin Rockin Rob

I win 95% of the time but that’s not the point. Your offense is bad in my opinion but your piggish amount of doubles is truly incredible. As my friends watch me play, I’m the queen of double ones and 6-3 to open. As I can predict your rolls, if I have a lone man out, you inevitably give yourself the exact rolls to hit and cover. You always have anywhere from 4-8 men in MY house! Don’t like paying rent? Don’t want to go home? Truly amazing the only point open was my three, I had up to three of you on the wall many times and yet you would get doubles threes each and every time! Wonder what odds of that would be. But it’s your game, I guess I should feel privileged for letting me play! Gee thanks, I am truly humbled by your brilliance!


Playing on hard and I beat it the majority of the time. Needs another level to be challenging and the option to roll exact number to go out. Otherwise it is a good game.

Junie moons

The computer chests like crazy, giving high count doubles, giving the puck on the bar JUST the right number to get to the open space on your side, giving just the right number to knock you off. I play this cheating game a lot so I see this over and over. I get so p***ed I will start over when it cheats. The other back gammon games aren’t all that great. Wish someone would develop a fair game that would just play fair. Almost to the point to delete this.

Ozark hillbilly



Entertaining for the most part. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an add.. that’s VERY nice. I agree computer seems to make irrational moves leaving itself open to numerous captures. I do win more than the computer which would be more satisfying IF it truly was a more challenging level. However… after bad day at work it does feel good to sort of kick some butt😉 Great way to teach children their numbers and to critically think ahead of cause and effect


Played a dozen games, won them all and that shouldn’t happen.


Helpful to anyone learning to play. Not enough challenge for more experienced players. Game has closed a few times toward the end.


I love Backgammon but, this game you win all the time. I tried the hard setting and I still win every game. I like a challenge. Winning all the time is boring.

Tugboat Bob

This app works perfectly. The computer opponent is a little week in his game but the app works perfectly.


Even on “hard” I have never lost a game. Computer needs to step up its’ game. All dice games have unpredictable out comes but some skill is required. All it needs are some basic probability tables!

Not a happy person n

Once the program starts losing, it cheats on throwing the dice all the time! Cheat on every throw…unbelievable


I got bored after playing. CPU made too many bad obviously bad moves.

Paris Yank

Game poorly designed. Moves early in game are simple and meant to let user win. Very boring. Also does not utilize doubling cube.


Have had no problems whatsoever. Other versions would freeze or experience a problem and you had to start over. Not here. LOVE it.


This version of the game has no built in cheating feature and that’s the reason I love this version! Great work, guys.


1st review I’ve ever posted. But, when the dice continually favor the cpu past level 2…..it warrants a post. How does the developer expect anyone to keep or continue to play in level 3 and beyond when the rolls are no longer random ? I was very pleased with the app in levels 1 & 2 because it was truly random. Some of the cpu moves in those levels were frustrating (as previously mentioned). If you are looking to learn or are at a beginner level this is a decent app for you. If you want challenging random play in intermediate to advanced play, keep looking, this app won’t make you happy.


Absolutely no problems Thanks


I love how the rolls are actually random and not always exactly what the cpu ‘needs’. But…I hate the decorative dice at the bottom and the rolled dice on the board, it throws me. And after finishing a game and closing app, when I return, the app is stuck at the end of the previous game wanting me to take the unused move even though I’ve already beared off all pips. Have to actually quit the game and start new. I haven’t had the app like long enough to see stats if there are any so I don’t know if it affects them. I don’t play for stats I just enjoy the game. I’ll keep the app, but am hoping for improvements.

71 fibes

…almost too easy to beat. On the hardest setting, I win nearly every game. The computer makes some pretty careless moves – moves that players with even marginal experience know not to make. Still, entertaining, and no crashes. Given some of the apps I’ve seen, that alone is an accomplishment.

Aloha Nikki

I’d say not bad…have same comments like others. Winning is good but not enough challenge…love playing it tho especially at airports while flights….


Game is well designed, and fun to play. BUT dice rolling is rigged and not random. I would rather play where I have a 50-50 chance, than where the dice are fixed.


The software is unstable and crashes from time to time, usually toward the end of a game. Amusing how it rolls the dice to its advantage–adds to the challenge. Would be nice to have real random deals. Nice when it works but, gosh, fix those crashes!!!


I play this regularly. It is very frustrating that it is so glitchy. Also I wish it had a change last move option. Too often I move stone to wrong spot due to small screen. Second, it would great to have it more difficult. Even the most difficult option is too easy.


The offered backgammon games for iPad are AWFUL… Almost every game is programmed to be in favor of the cpu instead of moves being random. This game seems to be a rare offering where the cup moves are random. At the same time, the cpu doesn’t take advantage of moves against the player when it could, at least in the medium difficulty setting. Still, at least you don’t have the frustration of skillfully playing to advantage only to have the cpu make a series of moves that are statistically impossible. So I’ll give this offering a good score, but not perfect.


Great app. Nothing to buy. Free game. Ads only after game is complete. ***** for sure. Great for learners as well.


One of the few backgammon games with random dice

RR Oasis

fun to play. I just wish it would be a little more challenging and have various levels to advance to. Too many adds in between every game. Is frustrating and just turn to another game.

Friesian horses

The dice always rolls in the computers favor.


This app works great. I haven’t experienced the glitches others have mentioned. I play this on my iPhone 6 and enjoy playing.


The computer plays the game like a true beginner, and seems to be programmed to make very basic mistakes… If you have played just a little bit, you will win much more than your fair share of games. Other than that it is well done and will absolutely entertain any beginner.

Big buck to play

Good game for free

Frank Right

This is a good game to practice some of your skills when it comes down to the real game with friends and family! Practice does make perfect. Enjoy

Miss Carla sue

There are lots of things I like about it (even though the computer does make stupid moves- it sort of balances out since the dice rolls favor the computer lol…) The thing that has bothered me lately though are the ADS – I don’t mind that you’ve doubled up on the ads but WHY must they ALL be SO LOUD?


Great fun!!


No doubling or competition for that matter.


If the girls in high school were as easy as this game, I wouldn’t have graduated a virgin.


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