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MOD Pizza iOS

MOD Pizza 简介

The MOD® app is your ticket to earning points and getting rewarded just for being MOD. For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 1 point toward a great reward. You can also order ahead and breeze past the line, locate your nearest MOD store or get special offers sent straight to your phone.

Hot Tip: You get 75 points (limit 1 per customer) just for downloading and signing up for an account through the MOD app. (In other words, you’re already so close to something great).

Conditions here: modpizza.com/rewards

*Currently available at participating locations. Full list available at modpizza.com/rewards.

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【图】高級ブランド干物 銀座伴助
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【图】Имбирь-маркет – Стерлитамак
Имбирь-маркет – Стерлитамак

MOD Pizza 下载

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Just hangs at loading screen “bringing up your account”. What account, I just installed the app I don’t have an account yet. iOS 14.1

itunes frustrated

Update: weeks later and it’s still NOT working. No response from emails to thief support. I get the message. Time to order pizza elsewhere! —- Was working, today when you try to order, it just keeps asking to be restarted. Only reason they got my business was they had a working app. Too bad.


Stuck on “Bringing up your account…”. It did this after initial install for the first time, and even after force closing and reopening. I guess it’s better than the last few versions that crashed upon opening. Some developer needs to “MOD” this app just to get past the loading screen, otherwise it’s just a paperweight eating up device storage.

Ben the amazing

Our family loves the Pizza but the apps stinks. The rewards are a hassle and the barcode almost never scans. Don’t bother

Best Dating App Hone

Not sure why there are so many negative reviews. Maybe I’m lucky but I’ve had such a great experience with this app and it’s honestly the only pizza I’ll eat in my area. I’m grateful it exists

wouda thought that

So what’s the point of using the app?


Love Mod Pizza and used the app to make several orders. First problem: you can’t edit a prior order…it’s the same as you got last time or you have to do it all over again. 2nd problem: can no longer order through app. When I click on the order button the app says “Please restart the application to use the online ordering feature”…which I did about 50 times. I’ve logged out and back in several times and deleted and reinstalled the app twice. I guess Mod Pizza just doesn’t want my business. Don’t understand what happened. Used to work fine.


Just downloaded and earned points right away!


Every time I open your app and scan a barcode it says your offline when I clearly have internet and it’s an app issue


All I ever get is “network error” when I try to sign up. Has never worked for me, tried half a dozen times over the span of three months.


App works okay if you’re only ordering 1 favorite pizza or you want to build a pizza each time. The app should allow the user to select which favorites and how many of each to be added to an order. This would make family pizza night easy.


If I wanted to use doordash I would have


Randomly gets “connection lost” error and randomly crashes. Convenient when it works, but frustrating when you can’t even place an order.


The app never opens. I saw an ad for teachers to buy one get one free. It said to download the app to make an account. Well, I’ve tried the past couple of days several times, and the app won’t go past the loading screen. Bummer.


Make this app easier to use. No one wants to hunt down their credit card for payment. Other apps link directly. Get in the game


App doesn’t work.


I placed an order on the app for a curbside pickup and it said it would be ready at 7:57. I got there a few minutes before the time and was waiting in a parking spot right outside the restaurant. There is no way to say when you’ve reached, what spot you’re parked at, nothing at all. I ended up having to walk in and pick up my pizza which was already cooking off after waiting for 10 minutes.


App description says you get 75 points just for downloading and signing up, but never saw the points. Attempted to order pizzas last night, but continually received error messages until it finally said that either my address was outside the delivery area (yet I’m a mile away) or there was no delivery person available. So, I give up and deleting. Too bad…I was excited about trying Mod.


I originally purchased gift cards specifically so I can use it to order with the app. Now my gift card amount is just few bucks below my typical order total, and there’s no way for me to apply the gift card balance to an order and pay the rest with credit card. So I have $20+ balance I can’t seem to use via the app! Also need to support Apple Pay. The reason I purchased a gift card in the first place was that I didn’t want another business with my credit card number on file.


No Apple Pay option, not interested in giving my credit card information to any company unnecessarily


The pizza is great! I go frequently. I on occasion I order pizza for my family but I can’t save the order or favorites if you go to another location. It’s so frustrating. The app doesn’t allow to change the location and I have to reorder pizzas off the list. Not time saving or convenient at all. So disappointing because the pizza is great.


Not working!!!


App throws an error message and then dies.

Austin Mahone Rocks

Just like it’s beautiful site, Mod Pizza has been fairly consistent in their crap technology. The website is the underworld of the internet, forget about anything loading. At the pay section, I let it “load” for 15 straight minutes before refreshing several times and was almost worried I ended up paying six times. The site never loaded but I did get an email. Much confusion around that. But this app…..whole other story…. we won’t divulge.


I would love to understand why I need to be at the restaurant to redeem my free pizza. Ordered four through the app, nothing free, paid with my credit card. Show up to pick up, app tells me to present reward, they scan, no free pizza, no refund to my order. Get it working.


I want to order lunch. I want mod pizza. Online it says to get the mod pizza app. I download the mod pizza app. I spend 20 minutes trying to sign up and sign in. Then it tells me I have to wait another hour before I can use the stupid app. I’ll go somewhere else.


I placed an order before leaving my house to go to work. I just wanted yummy pizza 🤷‍♀️ Too much to ask. After picking the location I wanted, the app changed it to the closest location to my home. No pizza for me. Thanks a ton. Super upset. No time to reorder at the correct location.


App works great food tastes great would recommend


I keep getting emails about special deals through the Mod app; however, the app won’t open. It starts to open but then closes out every time! It would be nice to get to redeem some of my points and maybe get a free pizza. Just a little disappointed that it doesn’t work as it should!


Got me error messages at the last step in the payment section. My card got charged twice (pending charges). Called and was told order did not get placed and MOD was having problems since last week on online orders. Very frustrating experience.


When paying for my order through the app, there is an option to add “no tip”, “10%”, “15%” or “other”. “No tip” is automatically highlighted, but if you check your total, 10% tip is included. Only after clicking another option then back to “no tip” will it remove it from the total. Not that it’s that big of an issue since I always tip anyway. But buyer beware!

Gargoyle Boss

It’s not possible to edit a previous order to add or remove and item when buying again, and you can’t simply change the store you are ordering from either.


Sure would make things easier if the app worked with Apple Pay.


Hello overall the app is ok but please add a feature to remove the favorites


This is an app that just rubs you the wrong way. From the start when it insists on your full name and just onward. Update: And no Apple Pay or work w/ ones in the wallet. 🙁

M Bubblez

Doesn’t work after restarting.


I got this app over a year ago and it worked as intended, I even redeemed a free pizza or two! Love the store and still go. However a few months I had a few apps stop working. As in, they would crash upon launch and never get past it. This was one of them. I reached out to a few of the developers of other apps and haven’t really gotten useful feedback. I thought it was just me but other people have had this problem. Still unsure if this an iPhone problem or an app problem. Luckily I can still donate my points to my friends account since it still works. Still bothered, and haven’t gotten anything back. I’d totally change my score if this got fixed. Feedback would be nice too.


The UI is really confusing to use, buttons are small and it’s hard to navigate. Adding a credit card is painful – scanning my card did not work. Apple Pay is not supported – this would make ordering a lot easier.


I LOVE Mod pizza! Please give the app a way to request my usual extra cheese and extra pepperoni!!

psycho ghost

The app doesn’t tell you if the picked location is closed until you try to pay, then it forces you to redo your order after you pick another location. If it had happened a second time I literally wouldn’t have been going to mod.

The rater 12

Crashes constantly which is very frustrating when making purchases

RDubbsy Dubbz

Character limit on notes section doesn’t allow you to give enough special instructions to your order.


Keeps erasing my reward points. I’ve eaten enough MOD to have enough points to get a couple free pizzas; however, I never even got one of my free pizzas. Due to the app erasing my points.


App is non functional. Crashes every minute. Will not allow check out. I spent 12 min on hold with them on phone and they said it would take 20 minutes to make the pizza (we were already waiting outside while I fiddled with the app). We got something else to eat. If you want MOD pizza call the store an hour ahead and don’t bother with the app.

SRNA until 1212

This app works great if you only have one form of payment. However, I was trying to use up a gift card. I was $1.61 short for the order I was placing. Rather than let me use up the gift card and pay the remainder with a credit/debit card, I had to go to the restaurant, add $1.61 to the gift card and then was able to place my order. Please improve the app to allow 2 forms of payment.

ambient sky

it’s pretty dumb that one can’t reorder a favorite if an ingredient is out of stock. one should be able to add the favorite without the missing ingredients to the cart.


We use this app weekly and every single time I have to re-enter my payment information. And, yes – I select save for future use! It’s incredibly frustrating. Also, there does not appear to be a way to use your rewards when ordering/paying through the app. App needs a payment gateway update!


Online ordering worked great until latest update. Now, it’s broke – it keeps telling me to restart the app to order online, but after restarting, I get the same message. Pretty much worthless now.


The app is crashing and not loading properly. I got to the part where you set you payment and it crashed and completely wiped out my order and then wouldn’t reload.


Tried to order online multiple times in different time during the day. When I tried to complete the payment, just kept saying “Mod pizza is currently experiencing high order volume at this location. Please select a later time” I had been trying all day, still saying the same. Come on you can’t be busy all day!


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