【图】Run Like Hell! ONLINE下载
【图】Run Like Hell! ONLINE
【图】Run Like Hell! ONLINE

Run Like Hell! ONLINE iOS

Run Like Hell! ONLINE 简介

At the World’s End on a godforsaken island Tribal’s Secret Society has set the Ultimate OBSTAKLE KOURSE Tournament. They have invited the runners from all of the world to finally chose who’s the best. You are among the chosen. Prove you are worth the invitation and Run Like Hell! Online.

– First Online Multiplayer Runner
– Play anytime against the players from all around the world
– World Rankings – Win races and Rank Up
– Run against the President, urban freerun girl and even the former fist fight champion
– Beautiful hand drawn graphics

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Run Like Hell! ONLINE 下载




Love it so easy and fun and competitive


This game is REALLY FUN! I play it so much, I think I am addicted to it! I love the characters the racing the movement, it is AMAZING, I would just like maybe more characters or power ups (maybe some more levels?) to make it new! Other than that, I have NO problems whatsoever!!!!


I’m mean apart from the game itself there are a lot of ads. if there were less ads I would play this game more often then usual


I use multiple devices and what i have noticed that this game is missing from play-store, there are few games but they are fakes ones.. About iOS, th game is having issues fitting iphone xr Screen. Pleas resolve both the issues asap.


no problems whatsoever


You whatever


But WAAAAYYY too many adds . Or at least make them All skippable .


It really freezes a lot buh it’s addictive lol y’all should make a 3rd version or something


I donr think u are really playing against others….U guys are liars !!!!!….All computerized


Fun game


I love this game cause it has good graphics

Berge 24

Me and my brother got this game to play with each other but we can’t friend each other to play each other make it so we can and lower the prices there kind of high please fix


Ruined by the number of ads. Costs of everything is terrible and once you get what you want… It’s okay. 3 biggest complaints. 1 Not allowed background music outside of game 2 ads ads ads. Ads after a level, ads after leaving menus. COME ON! 3 I’m not entirely sure this is really online. Other ‘players’ are always readily available and sometimes I’ll take a good amount of time to move on and still able. I believe they are ‘copies’ of real accounts but not the real person most often. Yes you should make money from your games, but you’ve essentially copy pasted from your other 3(?) games.

Kid clucth123

Great game

Black ops jamin

Just saying




I live it


Some of my friends tested out the game with and without Internet. We can easily begin a game without Internet and the players in there are racing legitimately. Even with Internet, they are running at the same pace. It comes to a theoretic conclusion that the players are actually robots and the ads are actually bluffs for showing you this is a online game when it’s actually an offline multiplayer game. Note : This is an experimental conclusion. Please take it into conclusion before taking it into a fact. This game is still fun though!


I love parkor games and u can show off Character 10/10. 5/5 -IGN

You dont need to kno

Great game to play

Make more content

Keep updating please


This game is awesome you can choose your own character etc😆it’s great


I love this game it is my favorite parkour running game


Great game


The boost goes to waste sometimes when you press it and it doesnt go faster Needs more stuff to buy with coins


Please add the ability to play against friends


To many fricken thing after a game because after ever game a thing comes up.only do one every three games plz fix thing but every thing else is awesome

Jamar c

It needs a invite player option for online play and a private races you can make with friends also the forced 15sec ads are just awful you shouldn’t do that to people. Game needs more levels and needs more characters to choose from


I liked the game, but once into the higher levels of it you’ll feel left out. There’s no skill involved it’s all about who spend most of their money on boost…


Ok, so as you get to the upper ranks, people have like 50 speed boost and use them during the entire race! I thinks it’s not fair when I’m trying to save up to buy a character but having to but a crap load of boost just to win. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY A FAIR GAME, just play fun run. ;)) this game is full of noobs who just win of boost.🙅

Dhdhdn tv

To many noobs please lower the adrinaline to 1 per game

King BC

5 star game but please band the noobs I have 25 bost and don’t use it band noobs please


This is a really fun online game. I really enjoyed it and hope you do to.

Text you

really addicting game I play it all the time when I play I can’t stop !!


It’s pretty good


if you watch tv for a complete month you will have less advertisment then this app in one hour . sorry worst app ever


The game itself is very good and fun. I think they should take off all ads or have it to where we can pay like a $1.00 to take off all ads for the game. Otherwise great game! Big fan of run like hell


This is a great game, incorporating a competitive approach from the original Run Like Hell! But I share the same sentiment with the pros who use skill to win, unlike some pathetic NOOBS who entirely rely on boosts just to win. Please add a limit to the use of boosts, or create categories of race for players to choose.


Would be 5 stars if u can just limit the adrenalin boost… Or make a game mode with no boost plz plz make this update!!!


I’ve always loved this game, I played the deluxe edition a lot. I even left an amazing review on Facebook after about my first 20 wins, all in a row and without boost. Simply skill. After that however, I reached the upper ranks of the game. In that, there is literally ZERO skill involved. It’s all about who has more boost. They’ll literally just boost through the entire game and I’ve seen people with as much as 1000 adrenaline boosts I their inventory. Adrenaline either needs to be removed from the game, limited to one per game, or have a mode added with no boosts. Also, I think the best would be the 1 limit.


Really fun app can’t stop playing

Kick ass346

I like the game but that 50 adrenalin cost 2500 coins.


I agree you should fix that it is so annoying when you are ahead and the person just uses the power up speed so I agree


Is very cool this video game


The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the power ups. Can you make a game mode that doesn’t have power ups? It would be so much better.




This game is so fun it is one of the best running game


I love this game great game


really fun and great app


Only thing it needs is to be able to invite friends.


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