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myMcCoy Mobile Banking iOS

myMcCoy Mobile Banking 简介

Free Mobile Banking for iPhones.
With MyMcCoy Mobile from McCoy Federal, you can bank on the go with immediate and secure access to your MyMcCoy & Bill Payer accounts without making a trip to the credit union.

MyMcCoy Mobile gives you the ability to:

– Check balances and transfer funds between your accounts
– View your transaction history
– Pay bills from your mobile device using free Bill Payer
– Find ATMs and branches quickly and easily.

To learn how we protect your privacy, please visit:


To use MyMcCoy Mobile users must be enrolled in Free MyMcCoy online banking. Free online Bill Payer is required to pay bills from your mobile device. For more information on Free MyMcCoy and Bill Payer, visit:


MyMcCoy Mobile is free to access but messaging and data rates may apply. Please contact your wireless service provider for details.

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myMcCoy Mobile Banking 下载

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This app isn’t worth your time, and I’m not sure what’s more frustrating about MFCU- their customer service reps or their online accounting! I have never been able to log into my account. It gives me an assortment of security questions, and never actually logs me in. When I call their customer service, they are usually less than helpful. I wish MFCU would come into the new millennium and get a decent online center, where we can actually look at, track and make payments online WITHOUT a fee! I wouldn’t recommend this app, or this company to anybody.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


I have mobile deposited checks in the past, but the last update ended that. Called the bank to get help….no help. I deleted the app, powered down the iPad, powered up, then went to app store to download app again…the MORE tab on the right side now shows, but I can only get Deposit check HISTORY. Nor can I sign up for fingerprint sign in, that too is GONE!

J problem

Disappointed: app is so annoying! Jeeeeshus It locks me out after one failed Face ID attempt!


They were able to pay an app creator to develop one of the most useless apps.


Mobile deposit rarely works. Right now it breaks if i take a picture of my check. But very helpfully it works if a take a picture of a blank wall.. sometimes..


I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus all it does is load and doesn’t show my information at all.


This app is stuck in reverse. No rating. Why is customer service farmed out for a bank this size…


The app never works


I really like the fee prices on this bank but obviously you get what you paid. This bank is slow for everything, the app never work properly and you will always need to be in person at the bank to resolve many situations that you will perfectly do throughout the phone in another bank. The app is not good at all


Says authentication failure, app is garbage


I’m quite frustrated with the lack of functionality McCoy provides its customers with this app. Specifically, I have never been able to see my credit card transactions. Why does it show share transaction history and credit balance, but no credit transaction history 🤷🏽‍♂️? Wrapping a link to another site within the app is cumbersome and unacceptable. Fix the app by adding useful features that have long existed with your competitors.


If I could rate this as zero stars I would! This app is horrible! 90% of the time I can’t even get into my account because the log in will not work. Either be prepared to do everything in a bank branch or atm because doing it through the app or online is now impossible.

Yes I mean it

I’m not gonna drive across town to deposit a check, so I’ll soon close my account after 20+ years as a member. I’m now with another credit union that has mobile deposits on their app so it’s an easy decision. McCoy needs to wake up to 21st century banking.


I love the new app. New interface is modern and easy to use. Love the fact that it has the same interface on all my devices whether phone, tablet or my desktop. Now packed with tons of new features, this is my main banking app for all my finances – I will be moving all my accounts to McCoy. Great job!

Jenn Madd

Really nice app that is easy to use with great new options. Love the “pay a friend” feature.


With the newest update I am not able to log in. When trying to log in the app is telling me authentication had failed, and then trying to change my password it says my account has been temporarily locked. I hope this problem is fixed soon.




Please IPhone X upgrade, Thanks.

New Disappointed Cli

That at this day and age there’s a mobile app that accept check deposits. Spent hours thinking that something was wrong with my iPhone only to read the the reviews and find out the sad truth!


Doesn’t do the one thing I most need a mobile banking app to do: deposits. Good thing the branch isn’t far from home, since I have to haul my tuchus up there to deposit checks. I use two banks for business and another credit union for personal accounts, and this is the only institution whose app doesn’t take mobile deposits. Welcome back to the 20th Century. Other than that, the app works okay. But all you can do with it is check balances and make transfers.


Please this app is so outdated. Add touch id , transaction notifications, make it look a little nicer too while you’re at it. Look like it was developed in the 90’s.


Too basic. Needs option to login with Touch ID.


In this app is missing lots of feature, like Log on with finger print. I can’t deposit checks with it I click in deposit, but no Joyce to deposit, So what’s happening?


Couldn’t login…wouldn’t get past security question. Finally got in after adding my mobile device to my account. Just happened to find this fact by accident!! NO instructions…NO help at all!! A message needs to poo up in app if you have not registered your device McCoy!!


Way too basic. This app operates like it was created when the App Store first launched. Please update and include Touch ID, along with a passcode so that I don’t have to enter my password in every time. Should also be able to see my credit card transaction history. Has your name on it so why not? Step it up developer person. I know you can do it.


Completely useless. Constantly get an error message when trying to log in and has locked me out of my account. Not convenient at all and worst mobile banking app I’ve ever used.


Doesn’t recognize that I signed the check or gives me an error


The app hasn’t been letting me log into my account for some reason or another and now I’m locked out. Thanks a lot.


App is still not working. Over a month ago I deleted the app because it wasn’t working (won’t let you get past the security question). Just downloaded it again and still nothing. You would think with as many complaints there are and with how long it’s been, it would be fixed.


Update… not sure if the app developers are readings these reviews, but I wrote a review on aug 30th which is right below this update, and still the app does not work, I have erased and downloaded and still not working very sad After the latest update it’s stuck on my my sign on, it ask me for security questions and it looked looks like it’s stuck on a loop, I haven’t been able to sign on using this app in weeks!!


I can’t log into my account, just keeps asking security questions over and over again. So frustrating!!


The app won’t get past the sign in questions. It just keeps looping back around. This is only the app, as the website works correctly.


iOS updated and now the app is unusable. It’s stuck on a constant loop in the log in screen.


This app is a complete joke. I can’t believe they would even insult users by adding this to the App Store. I have never seen a more useless app. Even if you are lucky and you can login, you can’t do anything with the app.


This app doesn’t work! They tried to fix my log in at the bank and still didn’t work, couldn’t log in not even in a computer.

Me Dude 76

I had a very hard time logging in. Once I was finally able to log in, the mobile deposit feature kept failing. This app seemed to work just fine before the most recent update. Not happy….😠….Please fix this ASAP.


After the update it’s not letting me log in


I haven’t been able to log in since this update for “bug fixes” it creates a bug and I can’t log in at all I hate it I’m never by a computer so I have to go to the atm to check my account fix it please

Tarynasaurus Rex

The app will ask security questions, security questions I never answered and that do not pertain to me. There are never any ‘correct’ answers so I become locked out of my account instantly when attempting to answer. This leads me to calling their customer service line numerous times with the same issues occurring time and time again.


McCoy’s website states that you can make deposits but when I go to sign up for iPhone or iPad there is no checkbox to sign up for the service. So is the service offered or not?


Won’t accept password asked zillions of verification questions Very limited in account activities Florida Teachers C U light years ahead of Mccoy

Metallica Addict

It’s buggy, takes a long time to load, gives you error messages even when inputting correct information and is not very useful.


Overall a good app but it needs more features like picture check deposit like most other banks offer.

Tiffany Lynnmarie

Whenever I go to check my balance, keeps saying “error” and won’t let me check.


Unable to update on ipod 5 gen…. Can it be fixed?


Efficient banking app that does what I need it to do. Would like to see depositing of photo checks in the next version.


Can’t even sign in it keeps saying error, I would rather bank with chase, they actually know how to run an app


I made the mistake of first entering the least important account ..and even when I delete the app and start over … Still goes back to that account …help …you must make this multiple account friendly ASAP even if we have to do like the computer and sign in … Since all my accounts show up …enabling the transactions to all seems like the easier approach .


That’s all I needed.


It’s a good start for McCoy, but it’s missing the option to log into a different account.


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