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Thanks all on all your feedback! Working on a updated new version.

Shows the real time locations of Utah Transit Authority’s Buses, Trax, and FrontRunner routes. Quickly and easily shows the route, its stops, and where the vehicle is.

Many more exciting features coming! Working on getting schedules, and a few other fun features as fast as I can get them to you. Thank you for all your support. I ride FrontRunner, Trax and the Bus every day commuting to work, and I work on writing this app while I’m on the train. This was something I wish I had on those cold mornings wondering where the train was, so I built it, and figure you all would like it too. If you like the app, please rate it, and let me know what features you would like in it. I’ll try to build them for you.

Note: Only works for bus and train routes for UTA in Utah, USA. It uses UTA realtime and transit data that is provided as a service of Utah Transit Authority.

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The app works great as long as the routes don’t change. I’ve used it for years as my preferred app but route 626 is not correct. The UTA website, however is correct. The data source may need to be changed.


Often down, lagging, or glitchy


Love the app. Has been very helpful in tracking frontrunner and busses I need. Wondering if you could add bus 628? I use that one everyday but it’s not listed in the app.

Latin gurl

I’ve been meaning to let you know that your app is great. I’ve been using it now for over 5 years and I didn’t realize that it doesn’t belong to UTA until I had called to notify that a route has changed but it did not reflect it on the app #313-( minor adjustment) and it’s better than theirs.It’s less confusing. Thanks again and Happy Holidays😊


This was a great app but hasn’t been updated in awhile. Still shows old routes. Please update as this was my go to app for UTA.


Hasn’t been updated in 5 yrs, no way to contact the developer for support. Developer clearly has abandoned this. Routes don’t keep up with official route changes. UTA site and data has changed, this app won’t reflect those current routes, making this completely useless depending on what you are trying to ride.


Doesn’t have correct route info for bus 200


How about a single link for a schedule. I don’t consider myself an idiot but can’t find a schedule. Why not make a feature where you tap on a particular station and the schedule for that station pops up. When I click on a station, it appears that some type of box shows up but there is nothing in this box. I have an iPhone XS Max that is fully updated and it doesn’t work. Needs work, no Info.


Why not design it like other Navigation Apps using current location and finally destination and your app tell people how to get there?


I love this app. Even better than other apps that track UTA transit. The huge problem is that it hasn’t been updated for years. There has been many changes since then. Please update and I will change my rating to a 5. Even a 6 if I could.


UTA changes lots of routes but they never updated their app.


As an everyday M-F of frontrunner and trax, this app is a lifesaver! It gives me information faster than UTA can announce as to if my specific train is delayed, and I can plan alternate methods of arrival if needed. It is working as often as UTAs locations services on each train is working, which is 95%+ of the time.


Robert, you need to delete 516 route because it no longer exists, and add the number 4 and update other routes accordingly. Sincerely, SMT

uta user

Put the schedule on the app. If is there now, I can’t find it. Make it easier to find

1 way too many ads

It is a very good app and very useful I use it often I do hope that the developer will soon release a update so that it will work with iOS 13.2 it worked fine with iOS 13.1.2 as a beta tester of iOS I became aware upon installing 13.2 that it immediately crashes when trying to open with 13.2 This isn’t relevant to most users as iOS 13.2 is still in beta and yet to be released to the public Its more of a heads up to anyone thinking of installing Ios 13.2 beta and to the developer so this issue can be fixed than any criticism of the app itself have a great day


This app does exactly what the description says, no more and no less. It displays a map that tracks real time where the bus/train is. Select what route you want to see and it will show you all the buses/trains/etc currently running that route. It is amazing for trying to know when the next bus is coming and where it is at so you can know if you need to hustle/run to make it. However unfortunately it does not have information about route schedules so if you don’t know what route you should take to get from point A to point B it can’t help you.

Hidden Player

Yes, I read the other reviews and I agree that it’s missing some capabilities like being able to find your stop and estimate your weight time. But, if you are someone who is already familiar with your route, this is the app for you. I find this especially helpful with transfers when I need to know if I’ve missed the bus and need to find another transfer or simply wait five more minutes. I’m actually about to board a bus that is seven minutes late, which prompted this review, because I was very close to ordering an expensive Uber to make my morning class. Highly recommend.

The Nimaster

This app hasn’t been updated in quite sometime, there are routes on it that need to be included and there are some that have been discontinued, I’m not sure why the app developer hasn’t done this yet, other then that the app works fine


I thought this would work like google maps, where you can type in what stop you want and when the train leaves and when it’ll arrive but it just shows where it goes and how fast which is kind of useless..


I use this app to time my walk from my house or work to the bus stop. I find it extremely accurate for the routes I’ve used it on (455, 470 and 471). It’s very helpful to see where the bus is in real time so I know when I have to hustle or can take my time. No more panicked rushing only to wait for minutes at the stop. Thank you!!


I just got on a red line train that wasn’t on the map at all.


This app is good and all, but it NEEDS an update. There will be sooooo many changes this August, they are adding 4 more routes. It also dosent have the 628, which is bad


I took it to the VA hospital and was unable to get on to connect with route 516 and get home. I took Trax instead after waiting a long time and missing my appointments


Southbound trains rarely show up. This makes it so you wait around waiting for late trains. Many times northbound trains don’t show up either.


Keep this app updated please bring it back from the dead come on guys




Very out of date. Some of the stops don’t exist anymore. It does provide mostly up to date info on where the buses are, which is great, but it’s far from perfect.


This app could use a lot of updates. 1. When there are front runner issues it should notify the user what’s going on. 2. There seems to be black holes where frontrunner disappears particularly northbound from Provo.


Overall, this app is extremely useful. Busses are never exactly on schedule, so I find this app tons more useful than published bus routes. One bummer is that it doesn’t have all of the busses available. The ski bus to Brighton, for example, is not shown. I would love to see support to all routes!


When this app works, it’s really useful. The problem is it only shows the trains about half the time.


Unfortunately this app doesn’t work most of the time. The locations don’t update and it doesn’t accurately tell you where the trains are. If the developers could get this to work consistently it would be getting 5 stars. When it actually works, it’s a great app to have… especially when catching the train in the cold or when running late. Most of the time though, this is a worthless app just taking up space on my phone.


This app is incredibly helpful for navigating the UTA system. Are there any plans to include the new UVX line?


Essential for anyone using UTA.


CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE IT!! This app has been super helpful for me. The only issue I have with it is the 830 bus has been discontinued and has been replaced by the UVX or the 830X. Please update.


Really wish the app had the time of arrival for the front runner. Its bad enough uta doesnt provide heated lamps while we wait, this could give us more time to stay in our cars in warmth if we knew the time of arrival.


Great app! I used this everyday until version 2.1.1. Now the trains are no longer shown. Please help!


I think this app does its job and does it well. All 1 star reviews are silly


This app is hands down the best I’ve used for real time UTA use. I miss being able to turn off additional trains/stops to only track what I need. Also, please add schedules! I hate going to the UTA app for those. I wish I could click frontrunner and see the posted schedule. This app would then be 5Stars!


Awesome programming effort!! Extremely useful and intuitive.


This app literally hasn’t been updated in THREE YEARS. I used to love it, but now I live in Provo where they created the new UVX line and I can’t use this app to locate the buses. If the app were just kept up to date with route changes, I would absolutely love this app.

Crs Hand

Most routes have changed , the majority of the routes mapping is incorrect. The only good thing about this is it shows you the location of the bus. The app used to locate where I was at, however that has disappeared.


Love this app to see where the nearest bus is. Any way you can add bus route 864?


Would be nice if there was a functionality to show exactly how many minutes away from your stop it was. Also please get someone to check your grammar on the “about page” it is so incorrect.

Brooks 10937

Going from using transit apps in Europe to this, this app isn’t user friendly and is missing a lot of helpful information. This app doesn’t tell me more than the brochures of a route map. The developers of this app don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Look at apps that do it well. My recommendation is to look at the SBB app. The Swiss do it the best I have seen. Improving this app should be a priority because being able to deliver information is critical to people actually choosing to use public transit. If the information is difficult to access or not there it makes people choose other methods of travel over UTA.


First day using this! I love it!! I’m a software engineer, if you need any help making updates I would love to help!


Garbage app. First off, it can never pinpoint my location nor help me map out a route to different destinations. Sitting there while trying to map something out and trying to understand how the app works is a waste of time. For UTA being so big here in Utah, they sure do an awful job at making a terrible app to correlate and coordinate with their bus/track system.


Will the UVX bus be available to track?


They need to update their routes since the UTA recently changed everything last week! Its been a great app up until now. Updates need to be timely with changes that big!!!

Ricky Rufio

I love the iRideUTA app. This is the best transit tracker app for UTA. The favorite option makes it easy to track the routes I use and not have to deal with any others.


Needs times? Great to see where your bus is. We have to go back to the internet site to see how late or early buses run.


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