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【图】Akimbo – Budgets and Allowance
【图】Akimbo – Budgets and Allowance

Akimbo – Budgets and Allowance iOS

Akimbo 简介

Using Akimbo with Apple Pay has never been easier! Add your card to Apple Wallet in just a few taps.

Akimbo – The Card for the Modern Household

The Akimbo Card is a unique budgeting and allowance tool designed to help manage your household finances. Link your bank account and set up regular loads to your card(s)*. Then keep track of your spending with real-time purchase alerts and our web and mobile apps. It all starts with one small goal – create a card and let the budgeting begin!

Add up to 5 additional “sub-cards” with any name. They are great for setting up specific budgets and allowances to family members or anyone.

Plus, send money easily to anyone with an Akimbo Card. Find friends by entering an email or phone number. You can send money to friends with a click of a button and they have access to funds by using their Akimbo Card.

You can use your Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard® everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at ATMs around the world.***

Getting started is easy: Just download the app and if you don’t already have an account, click the “Sign up” link at the bottom of the App’s login screen. There’s no fee to signup and no monthly fee!****


Apple Pay support with in-app Apple Wallet provisioning

Add up to 5 sub-cards for budgets, allowances, family, or friends.

Setup one-time or automatic loads to your card and your sub-cards from linked bank accounts.

Load by direct deposit, cash, or with a paper check.

Send money free and quickly to any other Akimbo Card member or to any email address.**

Real-time text alerts for purchases (standard messaging rates may apply).

Add photos and notes to transactions.

24/7 Customer Support (phone, email, online).

No monthly fee and no charge for swipe and sign transactions with you Akimbo Card.****

Use it everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at ATMs around the world.***

*U.S. bank accounts only. Successfully completing an account verification process is required before transferring funds. Bank transfers are executed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and generally takes between 2 to 4 days.

**Enrollment requires valid U.S. mailing address and identity verification (please see “Obtaining Your Card” below).

***The Akimbo Card is accepted at any ATM that displays the MasterCard or ACCEL® Acceptance Mark.

****Other fees, including ATM fees and POS PIN transaction fees may apply. Please see the Cardholder Agreement for more details.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PROCEDURES FOR OPENING A NEW CARD ACCOUNT: To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account. What this means for you: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see a copy of your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

The Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A., St. Paul, MN 55103, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. This card may be used everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the Cardholder Agreement.

All trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. Akimbo is a trademark of FiCentive, Inc. © 2016 FiCentive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Akimbo 下载

App Store 官网美版


KeKe 1981

I have been trying to access my account but every time I log in the app crashes. Very disappointed


It won’t allow me to log into the app! After it asks for my passcode it says it’s sending a 6 digit code to my cell but I have not receive anything. I tried logging in by changing password but it takes me right back to the prompt that it’s sending a code to my cell which again I do not receive. My daughter tried as well from her phone and same thing says it’s sending a code that is not received. I cannot access money for my daughter and they only have business hours mon-fri which means I can’t get ahold of anyone since it’s the weekend/outside of their working hours. This is awful and unacceptable, people need to have access to their money/ accts at all times of the day, if an issue arises there needs to be customer service available 24/7. This has not been my first issue with this app, but it’s now the last. I want cancel and get my money out… but I CAN’T LOG IN!!!!


Akimbo Card has unreliable customer service. Unreliable is almost an overstatement, as in my experience, there seems to be zero customer service. My employer is forcing us to use this card, which I would be okay with if I could link the card to my bank account and transfer the money from the card to my bank. In the mobile app, my bank is not listed as a possible bank to link. So I called customer service about a dozen times over three different days. There was either a dead dial tone or I would be transferred to immediately be hung up on. My coworkers who have tried to contact customer service have also told me they waited over half an hour on hold to only be disconnected. Finally, I got in touch with a CS rep, and they told me I could link bank accounts by emailing them a bank statement. I did that last week and still have not received a response. I try to do the cardholder login on their website and the web page is broken every time. At this point, I have almost $1000 on my card that I need to put in my bank account and I just can’t. Not only that, but there is seemingly no way to get a hold of them to fix the problem except to write reviews like this. My wages from work are locked away from me. I could use the card in place of my debit card, but there are fees for purchases and the card isn’t even accepted everywhere. Do not get an Akimbo Card if you don’t have to. If you run into a problem, you’re out of luck as there is no customer service.


Website and cards are great, but app is completely inaccessible and unusable for blind customers using the RoiceOver screen reader.

David Maldonado05

What is the invitation code?


Don’t get it they will scam you happens to me I had money saved on my account then a few weeks later they didn’t locked me out of my account and suspended my account.


I created my account on the web no problem, waited a week or so for the cards. Pleasant experience up until I tried using this app. I consistently can’t login. I was able to login a single time and that was it. Can’t recover the password because it keeps saying my SSN or my birthdate is wrong (it’s not), even the set PIN to access the app doesn’t work. I’m able to login fine on a computer. Craziness. Customer support is only available during business hours also, somebody should tell this company that people use money 24/7 and they should probably have a costumer support team that operates past dinner time.


I can’t login half the time, and sometimes I can but can’t see my children’ subcards (the whole point of having this account is for my kids’ cards. Transfers take forever, and if you miss an auto transfer (which I recently did) you are immediately prohibited from bank transfers. And the only way to turn it back on was to contact customer service, who take days to respond. Can I give this less than one star?


Every time you return merchandise and receive a credit on your card, they freeze your account and you have to call and spend 20-30 minutes getting it sorted out. In the meantime, you have NO ACCESS TO THE APP OR YOUR MONEY. They ask for your purchase receipt even if the purchase is made with the card and is the last transaction you made with the card. This makes the card almost unusable.


Version 10 is really bad. Many things that used to work are no longer available, such as attaching a note when I transfer allowance to my daughter. Thankfully, you can still do this on the web.


Budgeting at the tips of your fingers. Been using the card for years and couldn’t imagine managing my money without it.


I love using my akimbo cards. The sub-card functionality makes managing my subscriptions a breeze, and using hard-to-cancel subscription services has no impact on my peace of mind knowing I can segment card transactions by the cards.

Ala Mode76

The card setup, ordering, activation and such has been a long process. Three+ weeks and with money on card and confirmed card has been activated through the app we still cannot access money on the card. I do not recommend this company to any friends or family.


The interface is friendly and I’m glad I can use Touch ID, but it crashes whenever I try to set up a recurring transaction. Really annoying.


They will let you pod money onto the card and make one purchase, then they will place a fraud alert on your account resulting in declined attempts thereafter. They will give you the runaround when you call the 800 number and fraud department saying trees is. Pathing wrong with your card. Was a hassle to get back my money I loaded to the card, STAY AWAY

jonysalgo1245 musica

This app is trash it doesn’t let me request money and when the “owner” or main card holder tried to send money it said until a week to transfer this whole all app is really confusing I really don’t recommend it


It won’t let me transfer any of my money to my bank or work on apps like Venmo. I have tried to log into my 2 bank accounts and it says my information is incorrect and the account may lock. I am sure that with resetting my passwords with Face ID, it should be working. Please make an update to accommodate that!


No matter how many times I attempt to open this app, or uninstall and reinstall, it keeps crashing up launching the application. This is the only app, out of hundreds I have installed, that I cannot open at all. Please fix this. This is annoying as hell.


Or maybe it’s because I’m running beta on my phone🤷🏽‍♀️. Whatever the case may be it’s not working on my XS. Try opening the app and it closes.


I have been trying to log in to your app for over a week and it crashes every time no matter what I do. Which is ridiculous and hindering. How am I supposed to successfully use your service if I can’t login to the app? This could be great, but right now it isn’t. Please FIX!


I like the idea of Akimbo a lot. Myself and my wife use the cards for budgeting purposes. We each have one card and another one for Kids Activities. We find this works much better than budgeting plus credit cards which for us meant oh it’s the end of the month budget is spent but we really need this let’s just put it on the credit cards whatever. Also thankful app no longer seems to crash 90% of the time on iPhone X.


Love my Akimbo card. The app is easy to use when it works! Constantly crashing. Please fix this!


Never works. Never gets fixed. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it every time or it just crashes. Clearly not an organization that cares about the user experience.


I highly do not recommend this app. It’s a total bunch of people who don’t know a thing about customer service nor how to make their app work under all conditions. If you set it up for Face ID unlock it won’t work until you turn off Face ID unlock

Jack Nunez

Works right up until you swipe to complete a transaction, and then it crashes. Worse than if it didn’t start to begin with, you do all the swipes and it crashes right before you complete.


It crushes instantly at opening. Tried latest app. Reinstall, uninstall does nothing.


I finally received my card today in the mail, but like most ppl, I am not able to access the app because it crashes on my iPhone X! After reading some of the reviews, I’m a bit nervous to even use the card tbh 😞


I haven’t gotten my cards yet, but I was super excited about this app! I signed up and did the setup all from my phone and didn’t have a problem. Now the app won’t even open on my phone without crashing. Need fixes please, I haven’t even started with it! UPDATE: Got my cards, then couldn’t load them without submitting a bank statement even though I linked the account through my bank’s website. I already proved I could access the account, so how is a statement providing any additional security? Ended up cancelling this service without ever being able to use it. Disappointing.

Mrs Schadewaldt

It was great for a lil while, but since the iPhone X the app crashes constantly. Doesn’t have same issue on iPhone 8. Fix!


Card is great. App crashes on iPhone X constantly. Please fix crashes and it will be great.


Please fix and I’ll change my rating I love this card though.


App keeps crashing on my iPhone X. I keep deleting and reinstalling but still crashes …please fix!!!!!


Watch out. They took my 1k deposit and locked my account. They Asked me to jump through hoop after hoop to prove my identity. They withdraw funds from your account then block your account until you provide pictures of your IDs and social security card. They sent me an email telling me to call my bank and dispute the charge.


Where is the add to Apple Pay button

Gay professor

They literally only had ONE live customer service person on duty on a Monday at about noon. (2/13/18) They made a huge financial error on my account and because the ONE agent was openly hostile and refused to not only help me resolve the issue she refused to give me her name as well I was unable to buy groceries or anything else because of their mistake. Very very disillusioned and disappointed as I had been singing their praises for months. Now I will be contacting the banking regulators to report what on one level is essentially theft of my funds. Be very careful.


Positives: you can deposit checks, fees can be avoided easily, the app is decent, and is Apple Pay capable. Negatives: You have to deposit checks through another app, same day deposits have a fee, no chip card, and deposit limits can cause inconvenience. Overall: decent. Haven’t had any problems.


Crashes everytime with new iOS.


The last review: just look up akimbo card customer service and they’ll help you Review: the app needs help but the rest is great


You can’t access the app via cellular only wifi. Very very unacceptable.


Its never worked from my phone for me. And the app freezes a lot.


This electronic MasterCard system is the way of the future!


Love it! – Only prepaid card that supports ApplePay


Not sure how it can be an improved app if it won’t even let you log in…


This app downloaded, let me log in, and then stopped working. All I get is “loading” with a spinny icon. Shows a lot of promise but if I can’t use the app then what’s the point?

Jimmy from Tampa

This application is wasting of time. It can’t accept even login. I am sure positive reviews are paid reviews

jeff Allen

This is not only the most eloquent app on the market but the pictures are truly worth a thousand words.


Love this app! Very easy to use and nice, slick design.


Awesome app very easy to use..


The app is great and it can do most functions from right in the app except for managing the sub cards. If I could just have that functionality, then it would be perfect!

Spencer hurst12

There needs to be an update and fast. I don’t know if it is just my phone but the app always shuts down for no reason. If you could fix it it would be great.


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