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【图】Upward Basketball Coach
【图】Upward Basketball Coach

Upward Basketball Coach iOS

Upward Basketball Coach 简介

This app is a must-have if you coach any Upward Sports Team. It provides an easy and convenient way to conduct practices, manage game days, and communicate with parents all season long! Your league director will help you create a login to access your app.

Now you can…
• View your game schedule
• Watch skills and drills videos
• View rules of the game
• Remain logged-in for 24 hours
• Email and text parents inside the app

Even easier to…
• Access player information
• View practice plans and devotions
• Complete player substitutions
• Track and distribute game day stars

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Upward Basketball Coach 下载

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This app makes substitutions on game days so simple—love it! I also appreciate being able to input star awards at the end of each game. However, I’d like to be able to see all the stars a player has received in each player’s profile… that would be a big help! Thanks for this tool!

Mom payne

I really like this app! It makes doing substitutions between periods so easy. I also love the practice plans and videos showing how some drills are done. I would give this app 5 stars, but I often have to sign in when I’m in the middle of the game or practice which is very inconvenient.

Randall B Hanson

This is a very good app. It literally does all your organizing.


As with any app, there is always room for improvement. However, I love the convenience of using the Upward app in the locker room, at home, on the court or just anywhere! I like taking notes on each player for the star distribution after each game. The app allows me to assign a star, take notes, edit the star, and keep track of star distribution for the whole season. After one game I noticed that a player’s comments got cut off. Maybe I ran out of characters or something. It’s much easier to do substitutions too! I could go on and on. If you haven’t tried it, give it a “shot!”


Good app but I get annoyed when I constantly have to log in. I use the app during games to set rotation and keep track of fouls but still f your phone shuts off due to inactivity, the app frequently logs you out even if you choose “Remember Me”. During the last game I had to log back in 4 times during the game.


So many features are wonderful. Having easy access to practice plans, devotions, game day schedules & line ups, and being able to contact all my players straight from the app makes this an invaluable coaching tool!


This app is very helpful. The improvements in the last couple of years make communicating with my parents, game day stars, game day roosters super easy barely am inconvenience. Thank you for upgrading.


I’m a new coach for 2nd grade girls and I’m in middle school and this app really helps me with organization!


I have to log in every time. Even after hitting the remember me button. Super annoying to have to log in every time


I really like the app it makes setting up the play schedule very easy One thing I wish it did was keep me logged in so I don’t have to re-log in everytime it closes Thanks

brady 77777777

Been using this app for several years. They really upped their game this year. Can now get contacts added direct to your phone contacts, text and email from the app and it remembers my log in. Great job improving this app over the years!!

Travis Risher NKY

This app has changed the way I communicate and organize. Love it!!


This app is awesome. It has made coaching for me a lot more fun and has gotten rid of all my nervousness. It has supported me with be the best coach I could be. I just love it


Very helpful app for coaches, but need the ability to send or print the practice schedules. They are too small to read on the phone during practice.

Coach Van FFWBC Pr

This app is very helpful. Instead of carrying around or trying to keep up with a handbook, this app on the phone helps save time. Also, showing players certain plays or defensive sets gives them a better visual. Thanks for this great app.

Upward Coach 19

This is my first year as a Head coach for upward basketball and I got the hang on what to do. Easy to communicate with my parents.


All inclusive coaching app that has everything a beginning or experienced coach needs to progress through a season of practices and games. Also helpful for contacting parents and communicating team info.


I have played/coached in dozens of organized sports leagues and Upward Sports is BY FAR the most efficient and effective. As a coach, this app provides a “one stop shop” for accessing all the tools I need for communicating with parents, practice and game schedules, preparing weekly training, reviewing objectives, and many other necessary tasks that would ordinarily take dozens of hours to complete. This app allows coaches to spend more time investing in the children, which to me, is the most important thing.

Brisco County Jr

This is a wonderful tool for Upward, but it does glitch. I have already lost all data once. Having to log on each time is also a hassle…once on my device it should be able to open and run without a log in. There is nothing that merits bank account security measures.


Not a bad app but never leaves me signed in, even when i toggle to stay signed in.

Big Teets

It’s better than it was last year. The login issue seems to be better. I would like the ability to email thru the website login and not just the app.

Buck Tucker

This could be a very valuable tool for coaches. If it weren’t for having to log back into the app every time I try to use it even after I have clicked the Remember Me box! I have tried to use this app for he past four years while coaching and have had troubles every year with this app. Not sure who or how this app gets updated, but someone should look into it in detail.

Mock 1

This app is very user friendly with a lot of directions to go I can see where it would need some improvements /-though for what are use it for it’s great

r the Rat

Need to get the problem fixed with staying logged in

jacksone brown

Every time I log in I have to sign in with everything (even when remember me is checked.) It also just keeps the first practice date in the home screen and never changes. Otherwise it’s good and much easier to keep track of your players and the sorting out.

Minister L

Very glitchy. Get kicked out and the remember me doesn’t always work.


Like many other reviewers, logging in every 5 seconds is very annoying. Even when I click the “Remember me” I still have to enter my ENTIRE email and password every time I go to the app. Why have a “Remember me” option if it doesn’t actually “Remember me”??? It feels awkward and parents probably think I’m just messing around on my phone instead of coaching their kids, so I only use it when I forget to bring the paper booklet along. Actually remembering my email for the login would be helpful, using Touch ID would be better, keeping me logged in would be excellent!


App doesn’t remember your login, even when Remember me is toggled on….even with the latest update. I have to login at least 3 times a week…it’s pretty infuriating.


When I initially opened up the App I blocked it from accessing my contacts because I was not ready to use it but when I did that I was not able to unblock it later. I tried to correct the problem so I reloaded the App but that had no effect and the App would not let me have access to my contacts. I called Upward HQ and the guy who I talked to unsuccessfully tried to fix it but could not so he said he would send it to an IT guy and get back to me. Never heard from them again.


When I upgraded to app yesterday my authentication was lost. I use random passwords and the loss only encourages poorly chosen, easily guessed passwords

freddiep p

Overall it’s good


I have to sign in every other time, it’s so annoying, otherwise it’s good.

Dad of many

I like the app. It would be nice if you could print from your phone.

Bib glider

never seems to remember log in info.


App is useful but asks you to resign with email and password every time. Please allow always on or, facial/thumb recognition. Thanks!


Logs me out every time I open it. The bonus is, now I remember my password! Communication with parents is handy.


The app overall is fantastic….if it could keep you signed in. The login only lasts for 24 hours at best. Most of the time it only keeps me signed in for about 10-12 hours. The accessibility of the videos and practices are good, but I haven’t used it in real game situations yet to see how the actual progression of the periods work.

Does not Remember Me

Remember me function didn’t work last season, doesn’t work this season. Ughh…


Won’t stay logged in… hate having to enter email and password EVERY time


I have been involved with Upward for 11 seasons this year in basketball and soccer. I use this all the way through junior high programs and always praised for having such an organized, detailed and player developing system. A great opportunity to praise Upward and a door to share Jesus. If schools, community and every sporting program used the Upward tools, process, coaching, and methods; it would make them better.

Al Facinho

New season, tried to sign up, app directs to a broken link. Gives a phone number to call for help, but no email address. I will stick with the book.


First, it has reset itself twice now causing me to loose track of what players have received what stars. We’re at the end of the season and there is no data except for my team roster. That really stinks. Second, logging in is cumbersome and you have to do it too frequently. Third, even if it remembers all your star data, there is no way to see who has what stars without going into the game area, progressing through a game, and pretending like you are going to assign stars. Next year I’ll go back to the book/paper if it doesn’t improve.


The app used to have a way to monitor the Stars without opening every game for every player. I want to be able to see player 1 and a picture of all of the stars given.


This is a very nice app and helps a lot on the sidelines. But if it could be downloaded onto an iPad it would be that much more convenient and easier to use.


I have used it in past seasons and it has been fine. This season I can’t get it to let me add my team. I tap where it says to but nothing happens I have tried resetting app still doesn’t work.


Changes made to the app this year are really glitchy. I get doubles of all my players on game day, and it no longer auto populates the rotation each quarter. Pls bring back the functionality it used to have.


Like other reviews have said, most of the time, when I switch away for the app for more than a minute, I’m logged out. And that makes it nearly useless in games (or practices, when I want to refer to the practice plan on my phone).


If I am supposed to use this during a game, I don’t have time to type in my login every time I open the app. Either make it stay logged in or at least use Touch ID! This app is useless during practices and/or games because of the login issues!


The app logs me out periodically. It even happens during games and messes up our substitutions. Substitutions are the main reason I like the idea of this app. Just need some major bug fixes and optimization for newer phones.

Could be 5

I would love it if you guys could add Touch ID so I don’t have to put in my username and password all the time. Otherwise the app is great. Thanks.


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