【图】Spider-Man’s Web-slinger下载
【图】Spider-Man’s Web-slinger
【图】Spider-Man’s Web-slinger

Spider-Man’s Web-slinger iOS

Spider 简介

Ever wanted to star in your very own Spider-Man comic? Now is your chance. With the new update of the Spider-Man Web-slinger app you can see yourself as everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Share your stardom in the comics with friends and family.

That’s not all! Purchase The Amazing Spider-Man DVD/Blu-ray at Walmart and use the magic of Augmented Reality to bring Spidey to life. If you purchase the Spider-Man-themed Marketside pizzas only available at Walmart and use the Web-slinger app, you can bring the Lizard to life! Put both the DVD and Pizza box together and be amazed as Spidey battles the Lizard!

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Spider 下载

App Store 官网美版



Cmon guys fix the game


I love this app/game its very fun I just can’t use it anymore because the developer needs to update its capability with IOS 11 please do it developer


I expected to be able to be swinging around like spider man. Needs more comics. Needs update


I love this app when I was 8 in 2012 I played it all the time I got this IPad in 2012 and this was one of the first apps I got I loved playing AR spidey vs Lizard but… Now there’s no lizard vs spidey web slinging it was awesome PLEASE bring it back I love the comic fun but I loved the AR better


I love spidey but I can’t do the ar thing and this got boring after a while. I could do the slinging/ comic but those got boring


Wow this is bad

Ronaldo rules

How doe some people hate it? But it is awsome how can’t you not like Spider-Man (: Plus it’s F-R-E-E-!-!-!

Banana Bunns

Its unbelievable that I downloaded this game. How have 90 people downloaded it?


Can’t play the actual game just ads they make me click



John Leidner

Complete peice of $&!?@

Kick but

I love the comics but I want different ones. I like the web shooter thing too.


Omg this app is…….is……AWESOME 🙂 😀



Haha no

It was a really boring game. I expected better.


Boring pointless not fun

Mucle mentor

It’s fun but all you do is play a level and shoot webs.


It pretty good

Gods among

God game ever game this game its fun a very very nice this game is recomended aniway peoples nice

Captain Pangaea

AR won’t even respond. Horrible.

Jan Erin

Wheres the old AR stuff and the web shooting game can you make more realistic?


I expected better from this! It is not worth it at all, and its a piece of @&?$

Guitars are cool

I love this game it took a Wild to download but it’s awesome


It’s asome app you should try the web shooter thing


Horrible game!!!


Kept crashing.


It is awesome

Quran Review Daily

Extremely realistic! It’s awesome!

Fritos rock ur mind

It would be cool if there where more special effects like stuff Overall its a good app


It’s cool but they took out the lizard game and they took out the comic book animation where we watch the lizard fight spiderman on the building plz add them back I would totally put in 5 stars plz have an update for those things


Wheres the game pls update with the game and make the game awesome then ill give 5 stars


Does anyone know what this music is called?


This is a cool app:)


Absolutely terrible game




Hola es la mejor app que tengo para mi iPad, pero en esta version se ha n disminuido las opciones en el menú meet spidey ahora solo puedo ver 2 animaciones y antes podía ver 4 o 5 por favor arreglen esto.


It takes for ever to load and there’s noting to do do not get

By butterfly

Awesome for me


I like the movie and the game but I hate this app I like the the amazing spider man movie game


this is..awsome!!


It’s a cool games


This game is amazing but you could only fight once


The app is amazing I love it, but the scavenger hunt was a scam it was terrible so I will give it five stars if you come out with a update to automatically unlock and just able to hit repair to fix it and start the second part of the lizard battle. You did the same thing with the avengers ar super hero app. Please do it please!


It took extremely long to download and it wasn’t worth the wait. I like the background music, though.


This ap is reAlly cool and Epic


I reccomend this to any spidey fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Handsome and cool

the only thing it does is let you play the spider shooting dont download waset of free stuff

Anthony banana kooko

Funnnn!!!!for any spidey lova


I can’t even download the dang thing 🙁


The freakin game won’t load and freezes my phone. :(be


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