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【图】Learn Languages: Michel Thomas
【图】Learn Languages: Michel Thomas

Learn Languages: Michel Thomas iOS

Learn Languages 简介

Learn another language the way you learned English! Choose from French, Spanish, Italian or German. Get the free preview now, then “pay as you learn,” purchasing lessons hour by hour!

Millions of people worldwide have learned a language using the Michel Thomas method: you listen, he explains, you speak – right from the word go.

• Be fluent in hours
• Learn from celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas
• Relax, listen and respond – no books, no pens, no memorizing
• Fun flash card feature – helps you practise and track your progress
• Includes ten hours of lessons

During these ten-hour live courses, taught by Michel Thomas, you will learn the language along with two students, hearing both their successes and their mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course. Within the first hour you will be able to construct simple sentences. By the end of the course, you will have the confidence to understand and speak. You will learn at your own pace, pausing and repeating where necessary, and complete the course in about 25-35 hours.

Download your free preview and start speaking a new language today.

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* * * Independent: “highly rated for learning-on-the-go” * * *

What people are saying about the Michel Thomas Method:

“A unique and perfectly brilliant way of learning languages”
– Stephen Fry

“The most extraordinary learning experience of my life”
– Emma Thompson

“The nearest thing to painless learning”
– The Times

“Works like a dream”
– Guardian

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Learn Languages 下载

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I’ve used Michel Thomas 5+years ago to learn Spanish. It was an incredible tool. Loved it. I immediately thought of this program when the need to learn French recently came up. Problem being, this app is old and outdated, and has not been maintained to function well with the 10.2.1 iOS. Once content is downloaded it seems fine, but the time and babysitting required to constantly resume downloading of this content is hardly worth the $7 per hour you pay. I still haven’t successfully downloaded the first hour, and I’ve spent over an hour trying to download it. As much as I love Michel Thomas’ approach to language learning, I wouldn’t suggest this app any longer for the technical issues.


This app has not been updated in almost 2 years. I tried it on an iPhone 7 Plus and the display was pretty messed up.

MIB hard Player

Its so good application , i hope add swedish edition of it & anyone that bought the hardcopy of it , can softcopy of it be activated on this app.


On the train from London to Paris I learned enough French to get around passably well on our 4 day adventure. Looking forward to continued listening!!!! Thanks for this incredible language learning approach!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Purchased app, changed phones and tried to download previous purchase with out success. No response from developer..


The app just stops. Can’t reload it. Contacted company, weeks later a response, but could not fix it. Refuse to buy it again. Don’t spend the money!


It would be nicer if you could fix it so it will play in the background. Passive learning is very effective. Can we get rid of the beeps in the other languages. Only the Spanish one is nice without terrible loud beeps.

Timbasdett 1101

Cannot download previous purchases I purchased entire series and switched Iphones. Now I cannot re-download. Please help


The purchased content for the app stopped working. I get a message that I need wifi but the wifi is working. I tried contacting them but got no reply. The purchase prices are very high for a product that has no support when it fails I tried deleting and reloading but it’s the same problem


Resuming my Spanish studies, the first thing I did was return to the app. I love the method and how it has me building sentences in my head right from the start. This version solves the multitasking issue (I can lock my phone or open another app and it keeps playing- yay!), but has a bigger bug. Every time I open the app, I have to re-download all of the lessons. On the days that I’m not around wi-fi at all, this means that I can’t even use the app. Please fix this and I can write the stunning review this app needs. While you’re at it… I like to listen with my headphones while I’m cleaning. However, I can’t pause the app with the buttons on my headphones. If I could do this, the app would be awesome.


Even though my wifi works perfectly, this app is unable to download the hours I have purchased. Do not make the mistake I made. I will revise my rating when the app is fixed. Until then, stay away!


I foolishly downloaded the update last week. Since then, whenever I close the app and open it again, all my content is gone and must be re-downloaded. This is a major pain. Please fix ASAP.


I love this language app, BUT the most recent update appears to only be designed with the new iPod touch in mind, as the app’s user interface extends longer than the screen height of my iPod touch 4th Generation with iOS 6.1.6. I am no longer able to play any of my purchased lessons because the start/play button is completely off the screen, and there isn’t a scroll bar to scroll down. The previous version was fully functional on my iPod, but this most recent update has made the app nonfunctional for me … please fix this!


I had bought the “Start” program from Amazon for both Japanese (has its own app) and French (included in this app) and enjoyed both of them and the way it taught. When I began to look for options to continue the course they seemed way too expensive for me ($110+ at the time of writing) until I found this app. The app itself is free which is the first great thing, and then the in app purchases are by the hour up till hours 4-8. So for me, having bought the Start program which is an hour long, I was able to skip buying the first hour again and go straight to the second hour immediately. It picks up right where the Start leaves off and the first hour is the Start for those who have yet to begin their language learning journey. Each hour also comes broken down into parts with each part focusing on different grammar rules or new words. These parts also contain flash cards to help review what you’ve learned as you go along so you don’t have to repeat the lesson to know what words or phrases were learned in that section. All in all, the app goes a little past the Total program for each of the four languages contained in this app (Spanish, French, German, and Italian) and is a great way to learn on the go at a price that I find way more affordable. I really love what they’ve done and can’t wait for them to either expand their language options or make it even better. 5 out of 5


The app could use an update-iPad compatibility at the minimum. The app is pretty good. It’s very helpful at learning the language (French). The woman on the recording makes me feel a little bit like I’m wasting my money because it takes her so long to get it and I’m just sitting there screaming “COME ON!” at her. I’m shocked the other guy on the recording isn’t doing that. He picks it up quickly.

Mike Spike

Don’t purchase until it’s working


The app has stopped working. Tried re downloading and nothing has changed I can’t click on anything it seems frozen. Please fix!

Aline BR

The app is not working. It gets frozen and I can’t keep it up or restore my purchases. I have already email the app support but got no answer so far.


Doesn’t work with iOS 8 at all and hasn’t been updated in years. And I have mre than $40 in the app. Not cool.


current app version does not work on iphone 6 / ios 8.1 . no response when i emailed MT’s support.


Can there is please be an update for iPhone 6

Mark Tatham

I bought all the French lessons and all the Spanish ones as I love the program but now after the iOS 8 upgrade it doesn’t work. I am dissappointed since I have a big investment in courses that I now can’t listen to. I wrote to the developer but no reply. So I love the material just very dissappointed in the support.


Downloaded, launched, says “Pick a language”. Can’t! App doesn’t respond to any inputs. Uninstall. Please fix!!


I liked this app, and was enjoying it, until I upgraded to IOs 8. After the upgrade, once the screen lock is on, the app is paused. Didn’t have this issue before. Do not buy this app.

Productive Commuter

I had high hopes. I bought all the content for Spanish and it was going great. I was progressing quickly. Then several iOS updates were released. Now the app freezes before I can even use it. I can’t access the content. I can’t access the settings. Fix this!


I am only a beginner but it seems that Michel Thomas has a successful method for forcing a new language into an old brain. I have had more difficult Ty learning French than anything I have ever tried to master and this app has boosted my mastry by leaps and bounds.


Excellent app, easy to use, allows easy rewind and study course is really good

El cucuy blanco

I really loved this app and I bought several of the lessons in Italian but when I tried to re download the app all the lessons I had paid for were gone and it gave me no option to retrieve what I had paid for. I wish I could get those back because I paid for them.


I have this course on CD and now I have it for review and refresh.


I learned French and German with this app so far. I used the Russian before taking classes and I am far ahead of my classmates in speaking and translating. In order to be successful wit this app, do like they say; sit still and focus on nothing but this, or you’ll forget it. However, it can get boring if you do it too much. I have the Arabic app, just haven’t done it. If they made Hebrew, I’d buy it immediately. Please make a Hebrew version!!!

Desiree Dessi

I feel very lucky to have discovered Michel Thomas. This methodology of effortless learning should serve as a model. I am using the program to teach my son and his friend Spanish and also to refresh my high school Spanish foundation. We are having a lot of fun while we are mastering the language. In two short weeks, the progress has been just unbelievable.


This app is a wonderful reintroduction to French. I studied in school and have traveled to Europe several times as an adult using the little bit of French that I could recall. I picked up this app during my last visit with my daughter and uncle and have been using it ever since. It’s great to listen to on my way to or from work. I’m actually taking a conversation class and it is nice to solidify a lot of the concepts by listening to Michel Thomas. I think it is wonderful!! DG ATL


If you really need or want to learn another language, this is the real deal. Forget Rosetta Stone. Michel Thomas is what you need!

BOYCE 1959

This is an incredible program. It takes you logically and methodically through the correct steps to learn Spanish. I feel the bad reviews are written by competitors and NOT real students. I have the cd’s and love having the course on my iPhone. It starts out with small words and builds to sentences. It is an effortless way to learn. I’ve never wanted to learn other languages except Spanish, but want to now because it’s easy with this method.


I love this app, I am learning German because that’s my gf’s native language! She was so impressed by how much I have learned! I can attest to the great method used by Michel, I would recommend this to everyone.


I think this is the best language app ever. Forget Rosetta Stone that’s craps wack, this is the bomb


Michel Thomas is the best method for learning the basics of speaking another language. The foundation course will not get you speaking in your target language fluently but it’s a great start! Buena Suerte!


Different than other language apps. Still remembered what I learned months later.


Hands down the best language learning app out there.


This is so far the best teaching system I have witnessed so far


One of the best language learning programs. Broken into bite sized chunks with plenty of review.


Great vocab for everyday use


Lousy ap. don’t waste your time.


Amazing! I’ve tried tons of language apps. This is the first one that seems to be working with the process of how one moves from thinking to speaking!

PETE the Greek

The best learning device on the market! I’ve studied French, Italian, Spanish, and now learning German. I recommend that you know the history of Mr. Thomas. Very interesting!


The app is all auditory learning and it’s been working well for me. The instructors voice isn’t a problem. He teaches two actual students in the lessons so you put yourself in the class with them. Quite clever. You learn while they learn and you get to some complicated sentences within a short time.


Makes you think in Italiano. Wish I had this years ago!


Easy to use with instant results. I love learning with this method. C’est tre bon!


This is the best method I’ve ever tried. It’s the best way to learn besides surrounding yourself with people who speak the language. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Old guy with iphone

Very easy way to learn


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