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Nеtwоrk Sсаnnеr iOS

Nеtwоrk Sсаnnеr 简介

Network Scanner is a simple tool that allows you to view the current speed and strength of a WiFi signal.

Learn the reliability of your connection with informative statistics. Download and upload speeds, latency, signal strength and other useful details are now at your disposal.

This application will help you to know exactly the geographical location of the server or IP address.

Using the application, you can also protect yourself when surfing the Internet with reliable VP* connection. Network Scanner will help ensure security and protect your credentials and other data when connected to the Internet. As long as Network Scanner is in effect, any data that you send and receive will be protected. Even when using a public Wi-Fi network.

Enjoy using a professional speed measuring tool with simple and intuitive controls.

You can purchase a weekly or monthly auto-renewable subscription with a 3-day trial period. Payment will be charged 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscriptions in your account settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy: https://networkscannerapp.com/?page_id=3
Terms of Service: https://networkscannerapp.com/?page_id=13

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Nеtwоrk Sсаnnеr 下载

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Do not download it does not work like it says it also tells everybody that they have 27 viruses before it brings you to the app !!!!!!!!DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Elijah Peatross

I deleted the app and it still charged me for a subscription, not even adding that I never agreed to a subscription.


Unknown app. Put me on $12/week auto charge. Scammy!


Hell there charging me when i thought it was go work but it did not please end the payment trial or give me instructions how to end it thank you


They charged me $46 and I had cancelled my subscription?????

Lolita Collins

Phone version of this application work smoothly. Powerful package and well worth the money. Easy to use interface and was able to setup on my devices to leverage my subscription.

Ova Donnelly 1997

I am very sure that you won’t be disappointed by this application as I am using this application from one year I have confidence about this application.

Valerie Deckow1981

We are very happy with this application. Very fast VP* easy to use with good quality connections. All the best for you.


Customer services excellent with rapid response and comprehensive answers to questions. This application reserve 5 star rating for sure.


Application works great and good customer service. I use this application frequently at home to protect online activity.

caleb bess

There is just bots writing good reviews and for everyone it say 27 viruses then you pay money then does nothing


Looking for the best VP* for iOS device then this is the best and perfect for you. This application let you enjoy secure and private internet access in just a single tab.


Easy to install and setup. Great functionality and the interface is super easy and attractive. I am very impressed with this application.

Kaia Beier 1994

It is a great investment for staying safe online and I would recommend this to everyone looking for a VP*. Keep the good work going.


I am very happy that I found out this application which is so useful for me and my whole family. We have generally had very good results from this application.

love scary stories

I got this alert like a bunch of other people and it said I have two minutes to get rid of the virus or else the “hacker” will show my search history to all my contacts. This is a scam and they want your money which is why they sent you to get this bad app. It will ALWAYS say you have 27 viruses but you don’t so don’t worry. Do not pay for this app because it won’t help.


Ultimate online privacy and security with the best of VP* for iPad and iPhone. I came to know about this application from one of my friend. Best of luck.

Adalberto Marquardt

Very simple application but works as a clock


I can watch what I want 24 hours a day and I think this is what VP* apps should be created for so they deserve it


I’ve used many VP* apps over the years but this is definitely the best. It’s also the only one I’ve found with an Irish VP* for free

Amir Hand

User friendly…..and wait for it……it works really well!!! You rock guys…keep it up!!


Dude, I’m like 99% this is scam.


When I was on po*nhub it said I had 27virus and then it said that I need my password or Touch ID so I freak out and then I put my Touch ID then it said to pay to remove the virus

Merl Stoltenberg

Recommended by a friendб we use the premium versions and this feels really good. Hope it will stay the same way

Ila Thompson

Keeps my browsing simple and secured.


I’m not even turning the VP* off. Works as a clock.


Used it in 2 countries while travelling… I’m impressed it worked even while the internet speed was very bad. 5 out of 5 👍

Viva Moen 1987

The app has defintly made things alot easier


Very happy I bought it. This app gives me confidence


It says I have 27 Viruses, but When I press “Remove Virus” and, “Ok” Nothing happens. Geez, you would think I could get some help.


I was on Porn Hub and it said my phone got hacked and I didn’t believe it because it didn’t have correct grammar and it said it was going to send my search history to all my contacts and it gave me a time limit of two minutes he just wants people to download his dumb app


Thankyou to whoever called it out I was about to panic


Honestly this ad scares me, it comes across you when you’re watching a video….and it really scares me so I’m really hoping it is an ad because I don’t like being scared like that To me it also says 27 viruses so it’s the same sentence to all people


I got the app and it said there were 27 viruses in my phone and there were none

five year

It will not let you inter your password to get it going


When u first open the app I bet everyone phone said 27 malware on the screen smh this app wouldn’t help at all also because if u want to take the viruses out u need to sign up all these unessesary forms


No problems experienced I think they deserve 5 stars for that cause the developers are wizards


I don’t do the reviews but this one is pretty good so far. Happy I have the premium

Victoria Kuphal1993

Best VP* apps that I have ever tried It never cuts out and gives mу freedom I adore. No more limits haha


Recently my old VP* was updated and I was looking for a replacement, so I’m happy I found Hotshield Loooooooove it


I connected UK and measured the internet speed before and after the connection and somehow there were no change. I’m using it for 2 weeks already everyday and no problems on my iPhone which is also a good sign


The main problem is it always says 27. Another thing is it wants you to pay for a scam. Please do not buy/download

doesnt kiss right

Is this a scam they just want my money they tell me that there are going to expose photos in my gallery n I just got it for nothing I don’t recommend this it’s trash

Lottie Nolan 1991

A perfect way to improve your phone performance and to encrypt your internet connection!

Tess Lemke 1992

It’s fast and simple, you press one button and you’re ready to go. And the best part is that it works perfect even when I’m connected 24/7

Gwendolyn Boyer

It’s a pleasure to use such an app. You just turn on and forget… Very user friendly


Works as described. Fast. and no limits for the several devices Very pleased so far


Reasonable thing and I hope to use it for a very long time!!!


This is a total scam I want my money back I don’t ever use this app

lilly christina

it was horrible it would not let me remove the virus


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