【图】Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score下载
【图】Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score
【图】Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score

Super Boy: Run Jump Tap Score iOS

Super Boy 简介

Super Boy- one of the best classic old school adventure or platform games, will impress you with a brand new and wonderful adventure.
Your mission in this journey is to help Super Boy fight all enemies on his way through the different lands.

– 5 Iconic Lands
– Delicate interface
– Easy control like in the classic platformers
– Enjoy exquisite picture and plentiful sound effects
– Plenty of coins to collect and become a Treasure Hunter

Help props:
– “Power” to become the Big Boy.
– “Bomb” to smash the monsters by the destructive bombs.
– “Shield” that will protect Super Boy in a limited amount of time.

Time to get yourself relaxed and have fun hours, just so easily!
Download the best classic adventure games and Become the best Super Boy now!!!

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Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game

BotHeads苹果官网最新版下载,Guide your little flying robots through a beautiful handcrafted world filled with things to fly past, bounce off or dash through!


Super Boy 下载



Grrnt McCaarlol

It took me a long long long time to save daisy but I think I’m almost To daisy that’s all the end‍‍ ‍‍


I am going to be a good little Mario I am a good little Mario I love the name Mario.

Bg nNiouH

You see I was going through the reviews and they were all horrid but I saw two that caught my attention they were both FIVE star reviews and I had downloaded this and deleted I have no idea why I deleted it in the first place but one thing was I don’t understand why people complain about having to pay I don’t know if I forgot but I’m pretty sure you have a choice if you want to pay for something but overall I love it and it’s great for if you get bored easily and I’m like that so this is a perfect game! 

Lhhe cicMalak

Hey,I was wondering if you could make a update for having the power to merge toads with different colors.you should merge them by using tickets‌ 


I love this game and I had sega’s fist bump and jump up superstar by you guys 

Biosam Hannasua

Great game , but it could of been free to play rather than paying for all the levels. Mario is still a fun experience for a mobile game

ll aashiNath HarKalk

This game is AWSOME but I think you guys should add more items than just stars and mushrooms like ice flowers or propeller mushrooms and add more things in the link Nintendo shop please 

ASbprt naeialo

It is a amazing app but it has a few bugs. ​

Chrisup okO

It’s like from the nintendo switch game there is only one bitty problem it keeps on telling me to download a different game to but other than that it is the best game ever you should download it it is AMAZING.‍‍ 

D vidngoaT

It’s a great game but it needs link as a skin my user name is more on nentendo‍​


I love Mario but I don’t like karts cuz when they race people just win by cheating‍​


Plays like brief blips of Mario Kart Wii/7/8 with a high score and RNG reward system that doesn’t require me to pay to win. Surprisingly satisfying. Would recommend.‍‍


This game is amazing but the only problem is that whenever I play my game always crashes for no reason! Please help make this app better!  

KAahun m frrm eaoth

This game kinda died but all though I still had some good memories with the game last year‌​​


Everyone should have this game if they don’t the are a nobody

iaumMcRo iarirez

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and the creators have made a lot of really cool changes. It is still difficult to acquire the high end drivers you need, but not nearly impossible like it was before. The tour gifts make it to where you can get the harder to obtain items if you persist in playing.  

okV ChenNyuo

This is the best mobile game I’ve ever played!​‍ 

JePoeg reBnhauserron

You guys should put the Blue Soda Jet in the shop and change selections in the shop instead of most of the same ones being over and over and I really want the blue soda soooo bad! Overall this game is awesome!!!‍ 


Love it please add the balloon battle and coin battle like the wii.

ZalK daiach

Wow. I can’t believe this is a free game. No ads. Updates every two weeks. New events. I am so impressed with this game. In the mess that has been 2020, MarioKart tour is my shining star.‌

good day xoxo

Good day xoxo


Mario super boy run game with a great concept and I think InnerSloth should add a school map!​‍

rAtr huTsai

PLEASE add a friend button!! I’ve met the literal love of my life on there and then disconnected. I love the game but I hate getting disconnected and losing all my friends‍ ‌

dharrei ankas

This game is my bestie I got it today I allready love it!!!my friends and I love the game we play it everyday‍

aTe ChPong neng

This is the best game my family has ever played it’s really fun I think it’s a good game for friends and family  ‍ 


This game is awesome me and my friends would be in school when we have nothing to do we would take out our phones and play this game we like to see what the imposter is we would set up a private game and just keep playing and we even got our teachers to play‍


Hey! i was thinking that there should be a way to chat through voice instead of text like how on basically any online game you play there is where you can talk or not talk like having your mic on or not having it on i think it would be so much more fun to get talk to the people you are playing with


This game is amazing I love the murder mystery aspect but you have to and I mean I cannot stress this enough join a discord it makes it a whole lot easier than just typing also you don’t get voted out for no reason by random‘s with no brain cells in normal public games‍​‌ 

wlel smaaaa

I love the game but it needs an add friend option and able to use mics​‍


This is such a fine game to play when your bored at home! But one thing that I will say about the game is that when you buy a kid or dog and you die they don’t die with you witch is SO SAD they just sit there anyways yeah‌‌​

WLhnae uke

The music is great, you can design your own little characters, and it is just so fun.‌ 

h vmsziusdi

I tend to be more of a quiet gamer via app store games, i feel like im pretty easy to satisfy in that respect…and I gotta say this game is fun as heck ‍

FolAisak rttila

I love this game not many apps can keep my attention but this one does! I have nothing bad to say about it but maybe if I can request if with head phones you can chat love with everyone only in the meeting and once you die you can’t tal​‌ ‌


Love the game! So fun to play with my friends! The only thing I would change is…here let me give an example; if yellow, red, and purple were imposters and yellow kills somebody. ‌ 


This game slaps just found it but this game is so fun all around​ ​​​


I love the game and everything about it but I wish there was a way to add people as your friends and it would tell you when their active and what server their are in so that you could meet up with them because I don’t feel comfortable with giving random people my number so that why I think this would be a idea.​


This game is so addicting and fun to play


This is the best game I ever played in my life ,and I mean in my life and I will highly highly recommend to every body on this planet please download it , you won’t regret it ‍‍

DaeKd iaisvr

mario super running is the best game ever it is so fun I love it when I’m the imposter​ 


My main favorite thing about this app is that there are no ads except for when you finish a game, and even then the ads only go up to 5 seconds. Also, I I’ve being able to send my whole family a code and us all play together in a private room.‍​


This game is super fun and if u r reading this u should get it, one minor complaint is that one time whenever I went next to this guy it would glitch to where I couldn’t walk and whenever we were in a meeting he hacked so that everyone was saying that they were the imposter, otherwise it is a great game, would recommend​‍ 

Fsiaa EllWainn

Never one to review, but I love this mario game. Takes a second to get everything figured out, but it’s so much fun once you get the hang of it




This game is so fun you can play with friend or by yourself it is fun so you should play it!​ 


This game is amazing! Your at the will of real people! This could also teach us trusting! I’ve always thought of this game as weird but when I got it, it was AMAZING‌​


If you like mario games, this game is perfect for you. Great concept and mechanics. 

Fre dBrrgee

Make sure that u can search up a host’s name‍‍ 

neal vai nswngee

I love the game but I wish they had voice chat​‌


Really fun game, works cross play with PC, but controller support would be nice​ 


Super Mario running is really good and a really great game 


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