【图】50 States and Capitals下载
【图】50 States and Capitals
【图】50 States and Capitals

50 States and Capitals iOS

50 States and Capitals 简介

Learning will not be boring with this great app. Learn the States, Capitals and Geography of United States of America with different game modes. Customize the states list to learn quickly & efficiently. Unlock all 50 states pieces to complete the us puzzle game.

• States & Capitals
• Locations and Statehoods
• Abbreviation

NO internet needed. NO signup required. Just download and play right away.

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【图】States and Capitals Quiz !
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50 States and Capitals 下载




Use it to help the kids learn about our great country


I’m using this to teach my 4-year-old US geography. She loves it.


I like how it has all the states and it doesn’t go so fast.🙂I also like how I have a test on the states and capitals and get a B or a A


This game is very help for everyone that needs help with the 50 stats I love this game

Meagan Gibbs

I mean it’s a good app but it’s like u pretty much know where everything is bc it has a star in it and plus I wish there was more to do and it’s a bit boring


Frustrating only getting 10 free states and having to “earn” the other 40 for the quizzes. I like the way the quizzes are set-up; it could have been a great way for my daughter to learn the states and capitals, but it takes forever to earn extra states…we’ve been playing it over and over the last couple days and only unlocked 7 additional states!! Other free apps available that give you all 50 states without having to earn or purchase.

Heather the Unikitty

I love this game because I like how you can choose if you want to figure out the right answer among all of the different answers or just click on the right answer. I like how you can do puzzles and explore. But there is a reason why I rated this game four stars. Well,…the game can just kick you out, like when you click on something and then it accidentally…kicks you out. So that’s why I rated the game four stars. I hope they fix that error, and if they do I will be really happy.


Was so happy UNTIL….I have 2 accounts that need the app but that requires me to buy it twice since the full version is only available as an “in-app” purchase.

I can make a diffren

I am bad at geography and usually don’t like it. But this app made it easy and fun! There are adds but they are easy to get rid of! Also if you get bored you can change up the states and or play a different game! I love this so much!

andi boiiii



My daughter has loved the game

yellow hammer state

Shaking just because




I love it


I hate how they make you unlock all of the states because I have a test soon and I only need to study certain states. This is a horrible game, do not play this game. You are wasting your time.


It’s so good! It lets me learn all the states before just trying to guess! If anyone wants to get a good geography app, this one is the best!


I think it is a little glitchy but it is very fun and educating

quip day dc B

This is great! I love this and use it all the time although I only have 12 states unlocked. I wish I could earn them faster! I usually get the questions all right but nothing is unlocking! I rarely get one wrong! This angers me.


50 States is fun


yes you are my favorite


This map has the eastern shore of Virginia as part of the state of Delaware. As residents of Delmarva, this is important to my fourth grader as she learns map skills. The app is great, but please fix this error.


I Love That It Lets You Progress Well And It Doesn’t Just Give All The States And Capitals For You To To Memorize At Once, Kids Love The Amazing Feeling That They Achieved Something When They Earn The New State. It’s Just I Wish It Let You Go Back And Change The States You Chose Because In The Beginning You Pick Ten States To Work With After Every Round You Earn A New State I Just Wish It Would Let You Go Back And Change The States You Picked. Overall It’s A Great Beginner App I Highly Recommend It, I Just Really Hope The Creators Read The Reviews So They Can See This And All The Other Things People Would Like To Be Better About This App. P.S. I Recommend The Bubbles, You Will Know What I Mean When You Get The App


It is the best game ever it helped me sooo much thanks a lot for it😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😍😍🥰🥰😘😛😛😛

Aspen Irving

When I get the app in the app Store I though it was going to help me with my states and capitals ‼️test but it does not really have any thing that will really help me 😤 but I found a better app😀


It’s the best game 😋


This is really good, and I was able to memorize a lot of a states with this thing! I could do without the ads though.


You don’t unlock all the states

jeff the doofus

Love it! Great way to study for my upcoming test!


This app has taught me the States & Capitals better than any teacher could have! Definitely recommend if your trying to learn every State & Capital in the US in a fun quick way.


To dumb

unicat corn thing

I think that this is a good app but there are some issues, like if I need to study for a states and capitals test and I need certain states to study I can only use the ones that you give my now I only have 20 out of the 50 states I need! This can be way more frustrating than most states and capitals apps so you are lucky I gave you 4 stars because I felt like giving up and giving this app half a star!


This state’s game is really good 😄😀😄😁


It’s really fun and a lot of time to learn

5 grader

It’s such a great app for you kid to use and you even get to pick the ones you want to learn!


Had I known from the start that it would pester you about a $40 annual ad blocker I would have never downloaded it. Skul & Cross bones this app!!! Also, Delaware is in error, it has part of Virginia connected to it.

sophia puff



I have a states and capitols test and I need all fifty states and I have to BUY it.

Fire Gunslinger

I love 50 states because I have a test on the10th and this helps me prepare for it.


Awesome app to learn states and capitals!

Rosie Jw

I’m ten years old and I like this app because it is helping me with my school test


The game has been a great study for me but I think it’s just not the best game. It’s kind of hard to use and I wish it could let you change in the settings, for the stars to not be there because it could have been more challenging for me. So this game is good but not challenging enough. That’s my opinion and it’s pretty good.


I used to know all the states when I was younger and wanted to learn them again. This app made it easy and quick to know the states, their location, AND their capitals!! What a great app!



P e r s o n m a n



Love it so much learning a lot


Great game! Really helps during school when you are under pressure and have two weeks to memorize the states and capitals!


Great ways to identify, associate, and learn states and their capitols!


This game does not have any glitches or bad stuff


This app does not work. I downloaded this for my fifth-grade son, I paid the $.99 to remove ads, and I paid 3.99 to open up all the states. But every time he tries to use the app by pressing the play button, all we get is a black screen. We’ve tried the classic, bubbles, and puzzle options, but nothing works! Maybe it’s just a bug in this version, but I feel like I got ripped off. I’m going to request a refund from Apple and see how far that gets me.

fschooll no i dont h

So basically am going to 8th grade this year and I remember every 8th grade goes through a test that see’s if you know the 50 states and me being the boy that never cared about history or anything about this subject but now knowing about the test I am trying to lear all 50 states capitals with the names to get a good grade and make teachers proud of me so I would recommend this to people if you want to know all 50 states for anything or to know them and be very smart on them 😊


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