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HSA Bank Mobile iOS

HSA Bank Mobile 简介

Save time and hassles while making the most of your HSA, HRA, and FSA health benefit accounts by quickly checking your balances and details. Our secure app makes managing your health benefits easy through real-time access and intuitive navigation to all your important account information on the go! Powerful features of the app include:

Easy, Convenient & Secure
• Simply login to the intuitive app using your same health benefits website username and password (or follow alternative instructions if provided)
• No sensitive account information is ever stored on your mobile device

Connects You with the Details
• Quickly check available balances 24/7
• View charts summarizing account(s)
• View claims requiring receipts
• Click to call or email Customer Service

Provides Additional Time-Saving Options (if supported or applicable to your account(s))
• File a claim towards your medical FSA and HRA
• Take or upload a picture of a receipt and submit for a new or existing claim
• View, contribute and distribute HSA transactions
• Pay bills from any account and add a payee
• Using the Dashboard, enter medical expense information and supporting documentation
• Retrieve your forgotten username/password
• Report a debit card as lost or stolen

Powered by WEX Health®

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HSA Bank Mobile 下载

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Contributions, managing disbursements and navigating my account is first rate. A nice end user experience


HSA Bank is great! The app is so easy to navigate. I can do all my banking via the app. Their customer service is helpful when I have questions. Such a convenient way to pay for medical bills!

Granger Dave

The ap is so easy to use . I’ve used it a few times and it doesn’t take very long at all. Two thumbs up!


Works great for me.

willy by

Great app!




Quick and easy to process reimbursement


perfect. no glitches at all.


Love that I am able to get my medical needs met without stressing over how to pay for it.


Love this app. I can quickly see my HSA balance and transactions and easily make contributions or distributions with my linked checking account. HSA Bank has wonderful and professional customer service as well.

Dan Italian Stalion

Easy to use and understand, time saving

sammi jo waxler

I get my password set up, Face ID enabled, and it works for approximately two months then Face ID disables itself and by then I can’t remember my password. So I have to go thru the whole rigamarole of changing the password and resetting up everything. It’s a pain, and no one can tell me why it stops working every single time within about two months. Seriously wish they’d fix this part of the app.

Batavia Bill

Easy to use and good recordkeeping

G Cracker

Good to go.


Faster to enter expenses than laptop! Less info required! Love it! Saved me so much time


hsa helps keep medical expense separated


Easy to navigate and super easy to use!


Pretty straightforward and easy to use. Only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to be very up to date. Unsure who’s actually to blame though


It’s fast and easy


Easy to view my balances and make transfers

The king luthius

I totally appreciate the ease and user friendly app on my cellphone to manage our account.


Have been using for a couple of years and site is user friendly and intuitive.


I’m grateful this bank made it easy to get around. Links are easy and guidance is so helpful!


Everything on this app is user friendly! I can get in, get it done, and get out! Quick & Easy!


I was super excited to use this app but am disappointed from not being able to log in. I know my username and password and had them both resent to me twice, with the app continuously telling me something I entered is incorrect, however, I can log on from my web browser so I’m not sure what the issue is.


More information and options would make app better.



lyndsy Johnson

Great app


HSA bank is a great HSA


Top notch easy to use!


When I request reimbursement via the app from an uploaded health care claim, I always select our checking account as our reimbursement method. I double check before completing. Once finalized, when I review the completed transaction it automatically changed to check as the reimbursement method. When I use my laptop or a desktop computer I don’t have this issue. Please escalate and fix this system issue with your app.


Very user friendly app with a clear layout.


I like that I can track expenses that I may save for later. I hope there is a way to export this if app changes or company. I hope they create more functionality with application on phone, there are a few things you have to login for.


Easy to use and log payment information.

Island Tasi

There isn’t a way to delete a recent transaction or set a future date to pay a bill. That would be nice.


I downloaded the app and wasted time trying to log in. I changed my password and still couldn’t log in to the app even though I logged in just fine on a laptop. HSA Bank’s marketing materials shouldn’t advertise a garbage app.

Linda Gee Gee

I couldn’t be any happier to have such a great benefit! I do love my HSA Account and how easy it is to use. Thank you!


Prompt. Efficient. Reliable.


Need to be able to transfer funds to bank account would definitely make easier


This app is easy to use to file and monitor my claims.

Audio dog

I find it to be easy to use and works for all transactions


Easy to navigate and love that I can make transactions easily!

Danny Explosivo

Nothing bad to say about it. Maybe make the interface a little more user friendly but great app.


Terrible product and service


HSA bank is so fast an convenient. Really easy to use.


No issues ever in navigation of the application. Easy to use.


Awesome app!


Easy access app! I can manage on my own without hassle! Love it

Yes bro Yes bro Yes

This mobile health savings acct is really something. It’s super easy to use, and pretty much a personal savings account. I love it

Mon Vil

Easy to use. Stress free. So happy to be part of this program.


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