【图】My Town : Beauty Contest Party下载
【图】My Town : Beauty Contest Party
【图】My Town : Beauty Contest Party

My Town : Beauty Contest Party iOS

My Town 简介

Calling all aspiring stylists and fashionistas! If you and your child love fashion, design and hair My Town : Beauty Contest is the perfect app for you. There are six different locations to explore as you get your favorite character ready to compete.
In the main show room, you design the show! No beauty contest is complete without a stage and you can choose from over 400 items to design the perfect backdrop. Once the stage is set, it’s time to visit the flower shop to customize over 60 different floral décor options. You then can even choose the music to be played during the show!

Once the stage is set, have your contestant begin their spa day so they can get their hair done by the leading hair stylist in the industry. So many hair styles to choose from! After hair comes makeup! Our My Town makeup artists are ready to treat you to facial treatments so your makeup will look flawless.

It’s almost show time, but first you have to visit the clothing store, so your contestant can pick out their contest winning outfit from over 50 choices.
Can’t get onto the cover of the My Town magazine without having a photoshoot! Select from a myriad of backgrounds, then choose your magazine cover and print out a poster for your contestant. Don’t forget to hang the posters all over to promote your winner!

*14 characters to choose from, including: contestants, store keeps, stage managers and more!
*6 locations to explore including a closet, makeup room, hair salon, flower shop and stage.
If you can imagine it, you can make it. Everything is possible in My Town : Beauty Contest!

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

You can easily contact with us on Facebook or Twitter at any time to let us know what you would like changed or added. Maybe you’ve come up with a new My Town game all on your own – let us know! We promise to read all messages and reply. We love to hear YOUR ideas, so please connect with us!
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mytowngames
Twitter – https://twitter.com/mytowngames

The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open ended play for your children all over the world. Loved by children and parents alike, My Town games introduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit www.my-town.com

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小疯狂的手医生游戏苹果官网最新版下载,孩子们准备好成为一名医生。有点疯狂的医生的手我们的新游戏会给你一个机会,给治疗受伤的手。那些谁爱的是一个博士,现在可以得到疯狂的医生的手在游戏初期培训。 的手医生游戏Freatures : 游戏的主要特点: *为医生患者的选择。 *冰烧伤手指降温手的温度。 吡啶***治愈的血点。 ****绷带的手割伤。 *****选择器用于拔出从受伤的手针。 ****** X光机搭手的X射线,并得到手部手术的决定。 *******棉去除clueing的伤口。 ********活页夹装订脱臼的骨头。 *********水喷雾器疯狂的手医生。 **********注射手的治疗。和额外的点滴准许医生。 ***********拉泽是用来杀死细菌。受过训练的医生可以使用拉泽接受治疗。 ************放大镜给钉治疗。 *************美甲吸尘器来清洁指甲。 **************指甲剪为剪指甲手。 ***************共享选项与同事的医生(博士)和朋友们分享 ****************频闪仪为博士 *****************普拉斯的有点疯狂病菌。 那么还有什么?立即下载手医生。并开始做手部手术。觉得自己像一个博士实现你的梦想是一个疯狂的医生。


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