【图】MixCaptions: Video Subtitles下载
【图】MixCaptions: Video Subtitles
【图】MixCaptions: Video Subtitles

MixCaptions: Video Subtitles iOS

MixCaptions 简介

Make content accessible to all and increase video view time with one simple trick for Instagram and Facebook – Add Subtitles to your videos (aka – closed captions, open captioning, or transcription). MixCaptions can do this for you with the push of a button.

If you vlog, create DIY videos, have a huge international audience etc – adding subtitles will tremendously benefit you and here is why.

Videos have topped social media as the preferred format and most viewers watch video without sound (Instagram and Facebook both auto play video with sound OFF) or may be living with a hearing disability. Subtitles on your video will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Creators use MixCaptions as the final step to complete editing their videos. Simply open MixCaptions, choose your video, generate captions, and the app will automatically do the rest. You can also easily edit captions to your preference.

– Choose a pre-recorded video and transcribe up to 30 minutes long
– Edit speech to text subtitles for accuracy
– Change the display location of captions (top, middle, bottom)
– Supports 23 languages (English, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese)
– Customize font, color, and background of your captions
– Add a text or image watermark (i.e. logo)
– Support most common video ratios including vertical and 16:9, perfect for Instagram, IGTV, Stories, Facebook, Twitter
– Save video with caption baked in the video

Subscribe for Unlimited Access to Pro Features

– Unlock watermark and gain unlimited access to upcoming features 
– Subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.
– Subscription auto-renew at the cost of the selected plan, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Setting after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.
– Terms of use – https://www.mixcord.co/terms-of-use-agreement.html
– Privacy policy – https://www.mixcord.co/privacy-policy.html

Have any comments? Want to request a feature? Please Email Team@mixcord.co

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MixCaptions 下载

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I tried to add Portuguese subtitles in a English video and it didn’t work.


everything is good but the funds are really really small.

This is a ripoff

I subscribed, so why am I also being nickel-and-dimed to pay for captions by the minute? What exactly did my subscription get me if I have to pay on top of it? That seems like it should be illegal.


I love it I love it I like it it’s cool

epic gaymer

It’s honestly a really good app and the captions are incredibly accurate, but it only comes with a limited time and I don’t have the money to pay for more time. I get that the app developers need to make money somehow, but it just makes the app unusable and I don’t see the point of having a captions app when you can’t caption your videos

the skiing culinaria

Have to add all manual text for ASL video and the buggy app doesn’t load it to save the file. What a waste


I’ve been using the paid version of this for TikTok and the degree of control is unparalleled compared to other apps. The only piece of feedback I have is could you make it possible to control the width of the text? It’s frequently clipped or covered by UI elements since TikTok videos are vertical and don’t have much in horizontal screen estate. THANK YOU! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


So this app is great, it’s easily the cleanest captioning app I’ve used. Not cheap but worth it If you’re a content creator



Banjo bob20111

Great interface that has you captioning videos in minutes. Loved it!


They basically trick you into buying an affordable yearly subscription only for you to find out when you want to do another video that you will be charged more to buy “credits”. So essentially you pay a $5 yearly subscription fee to then be charged more to continually use the app in the form of “credits”. I don’t know why App stores keep letting fraudulent apps like this exist.


The generated captions are okay. Having to purchase minutes for automated captions is insanity. Clips on iPhone is something I’d rather contend with. Being hearing impaired myself, I feel ripped off. Not happy.


I am using this app for the second day. It’s exactly what I have looked for for months. I use it for my daily African Proverbs video series and my podcast videos. Thank you


Love this app. So easy to use!


FINALLY a user-friendly captioning app! So pleased after trying other apps that take way too long with way too much frustration.


The amount of control over what fonts, placement, and editing of the closed captions are AMAZING. To unlock all the fonts is $3.99 a YEAR. Not week or month, a YEAR! That upgrade also removes the app watermark and gives you the ability to embed your personal watermark! I’m a TikTok content creator and there are several websites that can remove the TikTok watermark and allow them to be downloaded. Being able to embed my watermark in vids is amazing and prevents my intellectual property from being stolen. Thank you so much for this app! I love that I can make my videos accessible to the hearing impaired community!

Edilene FS

Muito fácil de usar e muito rápido na execução!!!!


Just one of the paid apps that you pay after you download but free to download. Just make it paid for gods sake!

experienced online s

How i wish i would of read the reviews i was recommended this app from another influencer and on top of purchasing the app to remove the watermark, $4 Then i have to purchase minutes….. 7 bucks for 60 mintues. As often as i use it it’s not worth is. Either include the unlimited minutes in the first purchase or don’t even have a watermark. I’m deeply annoyed about this. do not recommend. It would of been a great app with this exception.


I had about $60 of caption credits, once my old phone broke, they didn’t transfer. Complete waste of money thrown to these clowns.


You pay $4.99 per year, and you still have to pay additional amounts to receive “minutes.” The second I find a better app, I’m deleting this one.


I needed to add captioning quickly. This app made the process quick and painless. I had to correct a lot of punctuation, but the accuracy of the transcription was very good. Wish I didn’t have to keep paying for storage though.

fashion dress

K.C. undercover

Ella Du

I paid for the pro version which was like $3.99 and then after transcribing (10) 15 second clips it prompted me to buy more credits. I would rather pay one fee upfront and move on.


Do not use this app. 1. You have to buy mins, they give you credit of 7 milliseconds and you buy the rest. I am not tech savvy and I’ve tried several times to put captions on a 1 min video and it will only do it for 1 second. No matter what I do. You stole my money. DO NOT USE THIS APP. And after reading these five star reviews, I think it’s fake and @apple needs to look into it. This app is a SCAM! DO NOT USE


I’m using this to make my videos more accessible to my followers and I absolutely love how easy it is to use. And the captions are amazingly accurate! Thank you so much for creating this app! ❤️


I like the auto caption for uploaded videos and then I just tweak it a little for where there was a mix up! My one and only ask- allow for free movement of the captions. I want to use this for Tik Tok, but can’t because the captions are either too high or too low on the screen, or in the middle, cowering my content.


Don’t buy it! The payment is only to remove the watermark after a couple of uses you need to pay for each minute. 20$ for 300 minutes!! Not worth it! You actually devalued your own app by not being clear of the payments !! This isn’t future anywhere!


I paid for the subscription and now they are charging me for each video I create. Please don’t waist your time with this app. I wish I could rate 0 stars.


This app works great. It transcribes well and generally I only have to make a few tweaks. The one thing that could be improved is a few more places of placement for text. If there was a way to have the caption a third of the way up and 2/3rds of the way up, it would be really helpful for those that use it for tiktok. Because in its current position it is either hidden by text on the bottom of the screen or the top speaker part of the iPhone.


I paid a yearly fee to pay per minute? Also the video res comes out lower after adding CC. So disappointed.


It’s free to download, but to actually add captions to videos, you have to pay for minutes. Kinda upset cause I’m tight on money. Maybe I just need to be better at reading reviews.


I really love the concept and how easy it’s to work with this application Hundred ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Loved using this app, but now I can no longer pull logos from the “Files” app for my personal watermark. The only option I have now is the photos app, but my “Favorites” album isn’t even an option. And how do I delete a watermark file? When I chose the wrong format from a photo album for a logo, I couldn’t get it off the video. Please fix! Thanks!




This is a really good app, but it needs help. When there needs to be an extension/trimming of the lyrics showing on the screen, there seems to be no way of making that happen. If there is, it doesn’t work because I can never do it. I always end up going to iMovie to adjust and that’s not good enough- since I’m paying annually for this app. It’s almost there, but not quite- please consider adding more editing tools- especially on lengthening how long a lyrics stays on screen/trimming. Thank you!




The captions did not show up until the end of the video every single time I saved it. Even in the app, they werent showing up or switching as saved. Super dissatisfied and disappointed to have spent money unlocking the app.

Cailey Brown

After captioning 3, 59 second videos, I bought a yearly subscription because I liked the app. I tried captioning a 4th video (also 59 seconds) after paying for the subscription and it directed me to buying more time. If I knew I had to buy time I would not have upgraded to a yearly subscription. I think the yearly subscription should come with unlimited time. Captions should be more accessible and not only to those who can afford it.

Joropo Group

Muy malo, perdí mi dinero, no me reconoció palabras del español al inglés no la recomiendo


Tried deleting and re installing app but still get an error msg ‘ cannot connect to Apple App Store’ when trying to purchase without watermark. Otherwise the CC seems to work well.

Briana 222

It was going really well at first, but then I downloaded the video and my who video looked like it had a filter on it! It turned my face whiter (which I was quite offended about). I paid for the $4.99 option and expected good quality but instead I got a filter that made me lighter and the whole quality fuzzy.


Incredibly easy to use. The only app I’ll need for captions.


I bought the 4.99 package and keep trying to use the speech to text feature. It keeps saying it cannot detect any audio. It’s a high quality video. Tried a few times and it’s using my credits anyway. Super frustrating.


I tried several of the other captioning/subtitling apps from the App Store now and this is the best one I’ve found! I don’t like the whole ordeal with paying for minutes to use for automatic transcriptions, but the app works and is fairly smooth with only some minor changes needed (e.g. can’t have text switch from one line to the next without having a single frame where there’s no text, but if it’s auto generated, there’s no missing frame of text). I originally mentioned a technical issue (squished videos, which is due to the way your video is encoded) I was having and also emailed the team and they were very responsive! If you’re having the squished video issue like me, I’ve found that the best option is to screen record the clip I want and use that instead, as those always show up normal in the app.


Love this app for adding captions to my IGTV videos but you do need to proofread every sentence to make sure it’s correct. Translations are usually like 85% accurate, I find.


But can we have an easy way to export the whole video’s transcript? Just splice together all the captions to export as a text?

Marcel D V

I’m a social media manager and I found tools like Adobe Premiere Pro to be laborious and you know you can’t trust embedded captions on the platforms. I’ve only used it for IGTV so far but it’s been super easy to use and edit.


I don’t recommend this app! I paid for the minutes and both times it did not read the audio at all. I hope I get a refund.


I am trying this app and it doesn’t translate a video clip for a movie into Spanish (United States) then asking me to pay for more time to experiment. Recommend you do a trial method with unlimited time to give users the experience of using your app.


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