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【图】World Conqueror 3
【图】World Conqueror 3

World Conqueror 3 iOS

World Conqueror 3 简介

World Conqueror 3 is a newly-developed strategy game released in 2015 by EASYTECH!
Commander! War is about to begin. Lead your army and conquer the world!
EASYTECH will continue to create the most outstanding war strategy games as always.

【Military Career】———————————————–
***32 historical Campaigns(3 difficulty levels) and 150 military Tasks
***5 Challenge modes to prove your commanding skills and 45 Challenges in total
***Promote your generals, learn new Skills and hire more Generals from prestigious Military Academies
all over the world
***Accomplish assigned Tasks in cities and Trade with merchanrts in ports
***Build various Wonders of the world and explore the Universe

【Conquer the World】———————————————–
***4 scripts from different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960
***World pattern changes over time. Choose any country to join the war.
***Choose different sides and countries to gain different awards.

***Real-time game play: you will experience World War II, the Cold War and Modern Warfare
***50 Countries and 200 famous Generals will join this Global War
***148 Military Units available and 35 special general Skills
***12 Technology, including Conventional Weapons, Naval, Air Force, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons,
Space Weapons and etc
***42 wolrd Wonders will play a key role in your victory
***11 Conqueror Achievements awaits you
***Open Auto battle and AI will lead instead of you
***Seamless World Map and zoom in&out
***Challenge other Players to gain extra awards
***Support Game Center

If you found your game’s language is wrong, please set your device to English, and set it back to your language.

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World Conqueror 3 下载

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I would like an updated AI because they are pretty dumb. I would like the countries to be more balanced. Other than that I absolutely love the game and could spend hours playing it. Great game.


This game is to broken. If You choose to be an allied power, then the rest of the Allied powers are weak it’s the same for the axis powers. Then, when your getting to a solid point in the game and you try to rush anybody, axis powers just parachute spam. This game is impossible to play if you have no good generals. This game needs to fix the absurd power of the enemy teams because it’s to much.


Please find a reasonable way to counter japan in 1939 and 1943 being that I mainly play as the Soviet Union or Britain I have to always divert money away from Europe and sometimes no matter what I do the Japanese AI spams so many troops either A make China and India more powerful or lessen the Japanese income by including manchuko as a playable nation getting rid of the northern Chinese city or cities that japan holds


Ok first the campaign needs to be easier and the world conquer mode needs to be better because every enemy general has been buffed while you and your allies get punished and no matter what at around the 50th turn your dead so please you need to make the game a little more human like the computer makes no mistakes and the player is the main target I SAW CHINA GO THROUGH ALASKA AND PUNISH AMERICA JUST TO GET TO BRAZIL, ME!!!

General FTD4

If you look at the most critical reviews you will see a lot of crazy stuff but the truth is that they just aren’t skilled i beat 1939 has Thailand!!!!! And I’m only 14 I’ve had this game for about a year and I have never used money or in app purchases I’ve also beaten 1939 & 1942 as Russia if that means any thing so what some people say Is just baloney


I play this game for 3 years! I hope this game will be better! Getting form Taiwan,China

your mommer

Get it

Ty cobb17

More conquest modes for the full world, and even separate segments of the world more advanced like pacific and Europe You guys used to have repeatable missions that rewarded medals, bring them back, the daily videos that replaced them are practically worthless ^these are needed Below are other things to think through You could throw in some extra commanders… potentially with extra commander skills for the unique additions I’m okay with my enemies randomly assigning a new general, that makes sense, but my enemies should never be allowed to recruit a unit type that isn’t allowed to be recruited in that zone… a supertank on a level one or two city with no factory level, I mean come on A section on the home screen that explains a plethora of information NEVER explained in the game, some of it even after playing for over a year doesn’t make sense to me. Aliens specifically, we just don’t know. We need to know, exactly, how the different commander skills work in relation to the two types of aliens at least For conquest, it would be ideal to have the option for your enemies to surrender, when it’s obvious that you will win, would help the game not drag out painfully long You should also get SOME medals for beating a conquest again, since they take so long, doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but something… maybe 1/10 or 1/5 of the original reward Air Force upgrades, so… the motorized infantry are obviously better, how about you make it so you have an option in settings which troop you have equipped to be deployed when paratrooping. See, I’ve been holding off on upgrading it since commandos are so worthless against aliens as well as, generally, every other tactical form of warfare Similarly, there can be more tactical usage of lower level fortress units by allocating the lower cost option for lower health/Lower level fortress units, this would help tremendously Maybe some form of online/Bluetooth/local device play that could be incorporated in conquest matches, or selecting two or more countries for your regular conquest options to be played locally, I would actually like to see how fast I could win playing as every single country of an alliance Please work on this game, it’s the best one you guys have, so it should be built on


Great game! This game is better than the 4. They should make a WW1 game I would love to see that.


Germany and Japan take over Russia in 30 turns and Britain in 40. I was Australia

Knight Realm45

This game is something I recommend playing. I like the World War Two aspect as well as, you can play it with or without WiFi. Great, fun, great game. I think it’s under rated for how good it is.


I had this game for a couple of years and I really enjoy playing it! To whoever is reading this review I encourage you to at least try it. I like the scenarios in this game like 1939, 1943, 1950, 1960, and there’s a alien mode which is a little difficult but with the right generals and spending budget (in game currency) There is also a campaign mode which I don’t really play a lot but it’s fun as well. The only thing about this game that can be improved is the borders between the states in America. NewYork takes up almost all of the Northeast and some of the Midwest. But, other than that the Gameplay is great.

world of conpuer

Why is it that the bots can recruit a SUPER tank in a only infantry city is it a glitch or am I missing something. Here are the cities, in 1939 in Leningrad timoshanko is recruited with a TANK in a light infantry city, and so on.please fix it or make it possible for me.


Very good and it’s very challenging but add more wars pre ww2 like the Franco-Prussian War, Napoleonic Wars and WW1


It’s a fun but challenging game. You don’t have to pay to win but you can.its just over all the best out of all the world conquer games.


Yeah this game was a cheat to lose


It’s a fun, challenging, single player strategy. It takes a lot of real thought and skill to beat. It’s a tad too challenging. Enemy AI don’t appear to have the same resource restrictions as you, enemy AI are far more intelligent and persistent than Allied AI, which leads to some rather unfortunate situations (the entire world against Australia as I’m currently playing). Don’t download if you’re quick to anger at being screwed over by your team.


B.kuhhjdhrTvygyhkgtrhdj E Ru Other. Needs Better Lin.B


No matter what strategy I use no matter who I play as I always lose even after years of practice


This game is awful, the AI is way too difficult. The developers are basically forcing you to do micro transactions to make the game playable, Easytech has to be the worst mobile game developer of all time!


So I like the game because it doesn’t give u ads I like how the tanks look real and the graphics But I like worldconquerer4 better I recommend playing this and make you opinion


I like the game but in the 1950-60 other countries are not relised and it stays the same and some counties just disappear


Game is fun but as many have said, your allies are always stupid so it removes all fun during conquer mode

Delta 606

When you play the conquer world game mode your allies get crushed! Another thing I would like to review is how all the country’s except your selected country is AI and they can just put as many generals on the battlefield as the AI robot wants. There is two things I’d like to see added 1. An online multiplayer and not a AI filled game mode because I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it’s not that fun when your playing against a robot because it’s king of predictable what they are going to do but if you give the players an online server then not only would it be a more fun but it would make the game a better experience. 2. Please lower the prices of things 🙏 some of the prices are outrageous I mean 210 medals for a 3 star tank general that is crazy also the price to rank your general up from let’s say L cornel to cornel that is quite a hefty amount and don’t get me started on the generals you could buy with medals I mean come on over 2000 medals for gaurdrian no one has that much medals unless you buy the amount of medals from the in game store also why can’t you make it so you can star up the Generals you bought This is my review please read and make the suggested changes


I would like to start saying this is not a perfect game, none of such exist. But it’s one of the best mobile grand strategies. The game is hard, but it’s fun to have a challenge. But my units do disappear out of nowhere and the friendly AI is a potato. But it is definitely bearable (referencing the times I took over the Soviet Onion as Romania and Hungary in different games). It’s fun yet challenging, and you can buy decent generals with no pay. Personally I recommend McCain, Meyer, and Boris. And the map makes me long for bleach. And oml the allied AI can take over my land and oil reserves… It’s a great game with minor issues


Ok this game is AWESOME!!! But I do have a suggestion for this game too.Can you add multiplayer to this game that would be amazing because you would be going against other players and not with just some bots thank you 😁


I love this game and these games are rare and amazing thank you easy tech. But rn I’m stuck and it’s so annoying bcs I’m not the right level to do the mission and so I have to redo one I haven’t gotten all 3 stars and I can’t I wish that all u needed to do was get a victory on the level and you can move on

burger eater 2007

How are the Germans able to spawn super tanks at the Minsk but when I take it back then I can’t spawn them makes no sense

DDSoccer player

This game is great but could you make more games like world conqueror pls.


Really fun game but hard further on


Make the year WW2 started so we can play as chechslovakia and Austria also one flaw were the heck is new zealend and Jamaica should be allies along with Haiti and dom republic not trying to complain but there’s a lot of country’s missing also I think Ireland was independent in WW2 not sure though is you don’t read this I’ll put in on wq 4 too


I would just like for this game to be added more campaigns and levels and that generals were easier to get


The allies in the second tier is stupid u can’t win as them the axis get like 5 mil more power then the allies it’s stupid and when u play a country in the allies Britain just bombs in one place for the whole game they don’t do anything same goes for the axis which is more stupid and if u play as the allies u get way less country’s then the axis and it’s impossible to play as a 1st world power because u fight on two fronts or more and the Japanese spawn like 5 mil. light units but the uS-SR and the Japanese fight each other witch didn’t really happen in World War Two but the uS-SR never fights the Japanese when they are getting invaded.

ki ki cool dude

Ok Very Good but I complete 1939 and 1944 then I get good generals But i can’t Beat the Other conquests so I can not beat any campaigns.nice game though. One more thing can you make a game where you can choose countries to fight and control your own war? Cause I have been dreaming of a game like that for years? Thanks!!!


Love it but needs historical accurate and need some mods and More countries


This game is really great but I think that there should be an online mode where you and your friend or friends can either join forces and take on the world or go head to head with the world as enemies


Alright so this game is WAY TOO HARD! If your fighting the Japanese Navy good luck on surviving! It seems to frustrating especially as the US I’d recommend some nerfs to the game


It is a good game and the conquest for WW2 and 1950 is good but the game got lazy with the generals in 1960 what I mean is that Iraq general is just called commander also same goes for Cuba and I think Iran but why. If they needed a general why can’t they give them a name and picture like Castro for Cuba or Hussein for Iraq not just be lazy and say “Commander”

war fan two

You should add a sandbox mode please where our can put the country’s and buildings and level them to what level resources and you can chose which is ally and enemy for sandbox and add multiplayer please . One of them or both.


1. A good diplomacy 2. Dificulty bar. 3. Multiplayer 4. More historical plz (1939 Remove Spain,USA, Thailand.Canada, Egypt, India , Australia are part of the British Empire.) 5. More ways to earn medals 6. Ur allies are Trash and don’t do anything


This app s the best game I’ve evered played in all of the games

alsom history kid do

It is fun and you can do all kinds of stuff and every time you play a new level it is different

copy write stoper

The game is quite unfair when it’s your first time playing. But, play European war and war of generals or whatever for practice because the AI is way easier to deal with. You can use it as a practice game. Once I came back to world conquer 3 I had won my first game. I know I’m late for this, but i recommend this strategy.


This is a great game it has some negatives like Spain and China but it is great maybe lower the legendary generals to 5 dollars I would like to have a full map of the world but this is one of the best games ever and that’s why it’s a 5 star but maybe a update will make it better pls read

little boby the bob

This game is legit hard if your the allias the axis play great but your team plays bad your team can’t defend themselves in the Cold War mode Russia goes over powered and starts pounding on Europe and China starts pounding on the west there is no country that gets left alone for a good amount of time also I’m pretty sure the A.I. aims for you more then the other A.I. plz just add a difficulty bar or just make it easier then I would do 5 stars


Hey guys. BEST game on the app store. Me and my brothers play it EVERYDAY. I was going to request you guys to add Pass and play. My brother would love to play together. Thanks though for the wonderful game.

Acejun 188277279

I love this game but it needs better ai for you to play against. When you play conquer world the ai is just bad and your alliance makes bad decisions the whole time. You should also make planes a unit. But over this is a great game of focus and war. I recommend it to everyone.

Bomas eats children

Amazing game but can we get a ww1 version?

Jurassic Gamer146764

I love the game but the alien war is bad. I can’t even see how someone can beat it. I have L General Patton and he can do more damage then he receives from enemies. But in the in the alien war he receives more damage than he can do. And about 5 countries were defeated in the first 11 rounds. An the aliens do more damage than the other countries do. So I think it needs improvement other than that the game is amazing.

A Aiello

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and find it a great time passer. Though some unbalance (ex. Axis is more likely to win in 1939 than the allies), it is a fun game to play. I don’t like how troops leave marks on the ground though. It gets kinda confusing when looking at 7 different colors near the end. Thx for reading


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