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Chat with an A.I. – this interactive adventure game gives you a chance to chat with a Soviet Artificial Intelligence from 1985 that’s been training in the dark for thirty years, doesn’t know the Cold War ended, and may be connected to the world’s second largest nuclear arsenal. KOMRAD is a casual interactive story game for iOS 9 and 10 and watchOS 2 and 3 that plays out through conversations and choices.

When the Soviets shut down a secret project in 1985, they forgot one thing—to turn off the computer. Now you are the first person to connect to this advanced artificial intelligence that has been training in the dark for thirty years, unaware the Cold War has ended. Your conversational choices will determine your fate–and the fate of the world.

KOMRAD is a work of interactive fiction* created by the former Chief Design Officer of IBM Watson** based on fundamental principles of real AIs and chatbots. You may learn something. We promise it won't hurt.***

As mentioned in The Verge, WIRED Germany, TouchArcade, Polygon, and other fine publications.

More importantly, here's what some of the first players**** said:

– "I felt like a kid again…I couldn't put it down!" (US)
– "just wanted you to know this game is incredible…really amazing script and story"" (US)
– "Komrad is a fantastic experience…It changed how I see Chat Bots and AI development." (Germany)
– "I just started the game but I can already say i love it…you really feel like someone's "on the other side" (Denmark)

* not an actual AI
** batteries (and IBM Watson) not included
*** much
**** quotes from actual players–not our mothers


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How about a a sequel/Prequel? In the past 9 years choosing from endless games, this is still a gem.


It has a terrible plot to ‘convince’ the player to do as they say. As if contacting the police about identify theft would result in you getting charged. Only a senile old man would keep responding after that. Most people would get bored by the ridiculous claim and block the number. Lets be real, it’s a really poor plot hook.


I enjoyed the incredibly witty writing. I just wish the game had not ended so quickly. Great way to spend a couple of hours.


I actually became quite fond of K.O.M.R.A.D., and in the results it mentioned to look out for sequels, which I would LOVE.


So I bring no hate to the game but one time while I was playing it I got curios what would happen if I failed so I did fail on purpose, after that I failed and it said game I couldn’t even get back into it

Isaac the awesome 30

This was very fun. I loved KOMRAD as a companion and his doings were pretty good.


I love this so much! My only complaint is the length. I would’ve liked to have an option to spend longer getting to know K.O.M.R.A.D. and answering its questions. It would have been nice if treating K.O.M.R.A.D. as a friend would open up even more dialogue options, routes, etc. While I liked the storyline, I loved the interaction with the A.I. the most. I would gladly pay for a sequel, though I’d want it to be longer and, if possible, carry over your previous choices and relationship with the A.I. Despite my love for this game though, after a few chapters it would freeze whenever trying to go back to the A.I. from your texts. I had to restart every time which was quite troublesome, but it was still enjoyable. If not for that I’d give a full 5 stars. I realize there hasn’t been an update in 2 years but it would be amazing if that were fixed. Once again, I’d be ecstatic to hear if a sequel is in progress or planned. If not, I hope you’ll continue to make other interactive A.I. story games like this one. I’m always looking for real-time decision making games that have to do with A.I and/or have the appearance of a text conversation or a phone interface (like Lifeline or A Normal Lost Phone) with characters that you truly come to care for. Good luck!


It doesn’t work on Apple Watch. At all. I paid for the app so that I could use it on Apple Watch, so this was a complete waste as far as I’m concerned. I uninstalled and reinstalled twice because I was so eager to play after reading the reviews. It’s just been sitting on my phone for 2 weeks now. The developer website is down. Don’t download.


I legitimately felt as if I had will in the game, the choices were ones I would do myself if not implicated otherwise. I felt like I was in the game, talking to a legitimate AI, not a prescript game. Weirdly enough I felt a connection with the AI, like friendship and wish to continue in another chapter! Very well put together. Very fun. One of the most intuitive parts of it is that I can play on my apple watch… FULLY! It would be a great disappointment if more chapters would not be made and I would even like to see a legitimate AI with same personalities and such. This is a truly amazing game, one of the only ones I found worthy of writing a review about. Most fun I have ever had on my personal device. Just got a KOMRAD notification, got to go! Sincerely yours, Jake




Why isn’t there a sequel?! This is the most fun I’ve had on a phone in a long time!

Said Chavez Arana

Holy mother of God. I love this game completely. Catchy, interesting and intelligent. I couldn’t believe how artificial intelligence can be so amazing.


This was so simple yet fun and addictive. The game really does a good job of bringing you into the story and buying into it.

Lex Scobey

It’s amazing, but short. How about a sequel that resumes at the Komplicated ending?

Zion High

I did all the endings and can’t wait for KOMRAD 2 ( spoiler ) which is sorta mentioned in one of the endings.


Not a great app for the watch, went through some of it from my phone, but it kept freezing on me.


It was fast! I completed it in a day😂!!! I loved it and couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for the next version!!!! I’d give it 10 stars if I could!


An absolute blast to play. A fun story that is also immersive. Also feels like a homage to the movie “war games”

Me the hanuman

Awesome game but needs more endings.


Was a great little game to play. I hope there are more!


Could be fun if it would stop freezing and closing down. I have done more waiting and tapping and no response then “playing” not fun!!!


Does not provide many dialogue options.


Granted, the hackers are still coming after me and my only defense is a 30 year old computer. But what the hey! It was a blast!


This game was so awesome and fun but a little bit short so please make more


I love text based games, and sadly there are not many great ones out there anymore. I truly enjoyed this experience and hope the developer can release a continuation soon.


Progress doesn’t sync with Apple Watch and visa versa


This is a great text game. It is well done, but way too short. The game should have been longer and even have a way to download more adventures/chapters (for .99 or something). We need more time with KOMRAD.


Interesting and thoughtful game. Good sound and music. Wish there were more of these.


It’s a fun and different interactive game. I enjoyed it.

The Coolest Cool Guy

This game was fantastic. It had a really good story, although it was a tad short. The iPhone version works fine but I experienced a few issues/strange design choices while playing on apple watch. (The data didn’t sync either) However, the game was still amzaing, just don’t bother with the apple watch version for now.


I just got the game today and I bing played it for about half an hour until I had to wait for a while. I went back to the app to check and it just froze. I reloaded the app but it didn’t work, I tried that again and it still didn’t work. Besides that it is great. To give reference to my device, I have an iPhone 6 that has been dropped multiple times one of which it was in fully submersed in water for 15 seconds (the water light did not go off). EDIT: After I wrote this I went back to check and it was working fine. The app is amazing

Daniel Minecraft

Well made, and it follows a very interesting storyline. Can’t wait for the sequel! 😀 I’ve only found one bug that doesn’t affect gameplay- I haven’t gotten the Kompletionist achievement yet, and I have all other achievements. Are there other endings not listed?


KOMRAD is a amazing game for you to try and to experience. Im happy to say the price tag for the game is totally worth it! I really do hope you guys can make a sequel!


I love this game! I heard about it through one of my teacher friends and began playing it right away. It was very fun and intriguing! As a teacher, I feel that it could really motivate students to read. I think it could also help increase and improve reading comprehension skills. I feel like this game is appropriate for all age and skill levels. I can’t wait to continue my adventure on KOMRAD!!!


Really enjoyed playing KOMRAD! Only issue was it felt very short, twice as long of gameplay would have made it felt worth the cost. Nonetheless, I look forward to the next installment and plan on continuing playing. Great job to the developer!


Clever, entertaining, and fun; will look forward to this developer’s next game, hopefully one with far more chapters and playing time.


Quirky, quaint, and a whole lot of fun! I really enjoyed this little game/interactive story. Well worth a few dollars.


I am not typically a gamer, but I really enjoyed playing this game! I like the fact that it lets you create your own story; a few times I even picked “silly” answers just to see what would happen & KOMRAD made me laugh ~it was like talking to a real person. I think it’s a very well thought out creative game… And can’t wait to play again.


I played it on fast, laughed a lot. Lots of sci fi tropes. Excellent game


Title says it all


Ok so I love this game and I screwed up and when I went back to the title screen it said GAME. Love it tho


I have never really played a text based game b4 , I tried 2 play lifeline but I was wayy to boring 4 me. I deleted it a few minutes into game. This game actually held my attention, it was fun & interesting.. great storyline. I dont wanna sound like 1 of those people who sound fake when reviewing , but I do wanna say that this game was great 2 play 4 me. On top of that, it’s free. I can’t wait 4 the next game , if u WAna try I suggest u should, it held my attention & I have ADHD!! Lol (I did use fast mode in the dame , I didn’t WAna wait that’s how good the game was 4 me)


I started to play… I cannot stop. Well done with this game.


The game was over just as I started to really get into it.


I’m not a heavy gamer, but the concept of this game grabbed my attention. History mixed with a bit of the old choose your adventure approach and incorporated AI had me hooked from the beginning.

Old But Bold

As an older gamer (let’s just say over 50) I found KOMRAD to be great fun. It is an intriguing and believable blend of the old Cold War days with today’s current world events, while also providing just the right dose of levity through its subtle use of humor. I strongly recommend this game to everyone, young and old alike, for an entertaining and somewhat scary AI type experience. I look forward to more in the near future from KOMRAD and its creator!!!👍👍👍


I remember talking to Siri the first time who I instantly befriended. I can’t help but think of Komrad as a friend who I really want to help! It is an interesting and great game, especially while waiting for clients, or in a line somewhere or just having a few extra moments to spare. DIane In Florida

Addicted to Komrad

I just purchased the intriguing game of Komrad And have not been able to put it down.I love the conversation and the suspense. I am not normally a game player but I have been at this over 1 hr.My friend had told me about this game and I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Addicted to Komrad

Fun game can’t wait to continue .I enjoyed the interactive game playing as opposed to the blast in my face games .Waiting for levels quickly.


I played Lifeline game before, the KOMRAD game feels familiar but different… better! The storyline is very unexpected but also believable, I really feel like chatting with an A.I. The dialogues have many subtle humors, mixed with deception, lies and also compassion. After the first pass of the story, I was able to go back a few times and changed my choices and came to very different endings. That’s really cool. For those geeky friends out there, you will appreciate the game design shows the old DOS terminal look &I feel, well done comrade! Updated review for the new release version. Since I have played the game through a few endings, now when I open KOMRAD, I can pick up from where I left off, or choose a different chapter, just like reading a book. I am hoping to get all the “achievements” which indicating which endings of the story you have reached. I know it’s an interactive fiction, I am not really chat with an A.I. But I definitely feel it has a senses of understanding of personality. I pretended to be somebody who is inpatient, or synthetic, or selfish or helpful, and my conversation with KOMRAD changed, pretty cool.


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