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【图】BitLeague – Bitcoin Banking
【图】BitLeague – Bitcoin Banking

BitLeague – Bitcoin Banking iOS

BitLeague 简介

BitLeague is a pioneer in mobile crypto banking, a leading voice in bitcoin investing, and an advocate of financial independence for all. Offering zero commission trading, 9% returns, and the market’s lowest loan rates, we’ve redefined bitcoin banking for good.

The Goods:
-Enjoy the highest guaranteed return rates in the market, up to 9% year over year.
-Pay zero fees. No matter what. We’re 100% free, and we always will be.
-Say hey to sub-4% rates on bitcoin backed loans from your own collateral.

The Guts:

Superior Security
By fortifying our networks and servers under the guidance of the world’s largest and most successful cybersecurity firms, we’ve built a robust and virtually impenetrable framework.

Better Practices
We believe the future of finance lies in the digital age—so it’s up to the companies of today to lay the groundwork for customer trust and loyalty for years to come. Here at BitLeague, we start earning that trust from the minute you visit our app. All employees undergo an extensive background and credit check before and during their tenure with us, and all financial processes are US FinCen registered and adhere to the strictest AML/KYC compliance guidelines.

An Extra Layer of Protection
All fiat currencies are stored in secured, regulated U.S. custodial bank accounts— and for U.S. residents, all USD invested into a BitLeague account is also covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000.

The Goal

We created BitLeague because we wanted to give you more options for your currency.

To choose how you’d spend it, and where you’d save it.

To choose to let it earn interest or to move it around.

To choose to lock it up in a bank vault, or in its digital form.

No, we weren’t the first financial institution in the world. And no, we won’t be the last. But we’d like to think we are the first institution that cares about more than just figures or data. That values how comfortable you are as a customer. That wants you to be successful, profitable, and incredible. Because, the way we see it, life’s a whole lot more fun with a little more crypto in your wallet.

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BitLeague 下载




I want to trade with your platform at Arizona which is where you don’t allow people to trade at with your platform. I would be glad if you can work on that real quick

Jeremey XVX

Potentially phishing for personal info when signing up. 99% of the reviews on this app are for other apps that were copied and pasted multiple times.

Anthony Crentrale

I went through some review, so I decided to have a try. The interface is friendly, connect to my wells fargo, bingo, I can buy now. It says all trading is commission free, so I bought 30 dollar BTC, and yes, the amt is zero for fee, hmm, how do they make money. I see, they are like ETRADE just announcing zero commission promotion, we consumers finally get into an era, no need to pay commission anymore. I love it, BYE BYE COINBASE. Of course, if you want to buy other crypto, u still need coinbase, if you are a hardcore bitcoiner as me, I will only use bitleague. Next step, I bought its one year term deposit with my 30$ btc, no problem, I got it, 6.7% interest, what a great deal, I shall move at least half of my money in wells fargo to here, bank pay me nothing. Again, how come bitleague making money? Oh, I see they also do lending business, gotcha, it’s a cryptocurrency bank, it make money on lending, fine, looks like they want to shake JP Morgan. Anyway, I will use this app for a while and will come back to share more.

Mark Gricker

I always look for a place to buy bitcoin cheaply. When I find out bitleague allowing buying bitcoin commission free, was excited. Of course, I am not a newbie, can I trust it? I checked it’s website to get more background . American company , that’s solid, as an american company, it has many eyes on it, SEC, banking regulators, don’t mess with Uncle Sam , anyway, it’s much better than those Malta registered peers. I want my money safe, and bitleague uses American bank, that’s another tick. My money is safe for at lest 250k. They offer 9% if deposit bitcoin for 3 years. Ok, that’s like bank CD, but much higher rate, so it’s like salt. I got whT these guys doing, they want to be coinbase plus salt lending . Hmmm, not bad. I download app, and the process is similar to peers, need to give personal info, add bank, then u can start buy. Bought 100$ BTC, quick and done, and no FEE. Great! I think this app is a breakthrough, and coinbase shall worry on this


Hi everyone so when this platform first came out there were a lot of errors and glitchy problems. But after patching updates and really listening to there feed back they have really stepped it up. I look forward to wat they are planning next. Thx guys and good job


Love this app and support from the developers。


It is a very good btc wallet I haven’t had a single problem with it~


so excited I can earn 9% on my bitcoin savings


They have added everything I would want in an app,


Very secure


This application does what it says & does it well! I have no complaints whatsoever


coinbase charge me a lot! this one is free


much better than coinbase


working for I watch?


Set up nice


Without a doubt。 this is the Super App for Crypto.


Constant updates. great UI. great exchange integration.


Nice job guys thanks。


bitleague is fantastic, They have the infrastructure in place to be a leader in the future fintech industry and the storage of digital assets,


So many good things to say about this app. Getting funds from fiat accounts is easy, the exchange is also easy and fees truly are zero. I’ve not found any other exchange that offer zero fees to convert fiat/crypto. Awesome. Must try it out.


the return is high here




Im a big coinbase fan but this is the future, High int yield account is important


Thank you team


best place to buy~ store bitcoin


I used to use coinbase。 have to say if you want to earn interest on ur bitcoin。 this is better


This app is very good for iOS users because it allows me to sync all my devices with one universal program!


Great overall platform. but only have bitcoin


This service is excellent


No problem at all!


Great app


Works well


Easy to navigate and use


I love it


good one


top app so far


I do recommend

Islui lKashkoam

I like it charges nothing for people trade bitcoin here


say bye to coinbase


the int rate is much better than any bank


i give 5 stars


Best HODL app on the market with awesome API tools, Keep up the great work,


I really like this app and this company! Their reply is very quick


a great wallet for me


Love it! So easy!




good tool to manager my bitcoins


I give this 5 stars


Very easy and performance for bitcoiner


Good app


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