【图】7Krave: Food Delivery in JA下载
【图】7Krave: Food Delivery in JA
【图】7Krave: Food Delivery in JA

7Krave: Food Delivery in JA iOS

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7Krave 详情

7Krave is the ultimate mobile app in Jamaica where users can search for food and discover great places to eat. 7Krave allows users to be able to browse through updated interactive menus and photos and ultimately place orders and have the meal delivered to them.

Food Related? Use 7Krave

**The 7 unique Features of 7Krave **

1. Order now or pre-order your next meal and we deliver the food to you. Payments include cash, credit card or your personal 7Krave Wallet.

2. Search for and view the full details of a restaurant or restaurants belonging to a specific cuisine. (E.g. Chinese Restaurants)

3. For the first time you can search for a specific food and view all the details. (E.g. Ackee and Saltfish).

4. Browse any Restaurant’s full Menu visually with all the details.

5. Take advantage of restaurants’ promotional offers including coupons.

7. View collections of food and restaurants and simply keep up with what is trending. E.g. Hottest Burger Joints


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Cancelled my order after accepting payment and order 2 days in a row. Day 1: apparently kitchens restaurant had closed ( said on app it was open for 2 more hours ) Day 2: I did not specify exactly what extras I wanted with my meal ( and there was no option to do so when ordering ) . So cancelled my order


Get rid of the service fee and watch your sales grow that service fee is way too high… from time to time I see you guys remove it, get rid of it all together.


My first two uses were satisfactory. I just waited 1.5 hours today to receive soggy fries etc with my KFC order. Hungry and disgusted.


There are several reviews about now nice and responsive the app UI is. Fine. But these people are literal frauds. They don’t know what they’re doing at all. I ordered my food through the app and received notifications that the food arrived and it did not. They took my money and I received nothing. Don’t believe the reviews and dont believe anything they say.


Very poor customer service, your meals literally will not be delivered. The telephone numbers provided will also go unanswered.


I’ve used this app so many times and never have I ever had any issues with my delivery. Sure they may have been late once but they called to let me know! Awesome service and easy to use platform!


This looks like it’s a Kingston only app. 😒


Normally order and they delivered to my home address then I order one day and they stop doing delivery to my home address and they didn’t even get me a call I had to call when I noticed my order was taking forever and then they say I would had to wait 5-7 working days to get my money and they take my money knowing that they don’t do delivery to my home address


Got my order in minutes, bearer was really courteous! Please keep this service active guys!


Since I’ve been using this app my order has been correct, on time and hot… a


I really wish this service was available in Portmore. Y’all should think about expanding. This is my foodie app whenever I’m in Kingston. The delivery rate is very reasonable and they don’t charge service fees 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.


They are good service but they take forever to deliver


Your website is friendly and easy to use. Awaiting my first delivery. More anon

Nicola Doe

This app is the worst. If I had the option to give it a negative star. They try to keep up with other companies but failed. The restaurants either sends out half the orders or gives you the wrong order or they accept orders times they don’t comply with. WORST APP EVER

Brian Royes

The user interface of the app is really responsive and simple to use. Made ordering food online a lot easier than I expected.


Delivery speed is on point. This is the best fast food app i have seen in Jamaica. I’m impressed.


Nice app but noticed on my iPhone 11 when ordering there was no way to go back to order from another restaurant I had to close the app

sash beck

The app keeps crashing can someone please fix it




I love using this company to order food. I always get timely and exceptional service every time we use this service. I love that I can track my order through the app or if I booked through the website someone will call to let me know my order has been received. I love it!


Very well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Checked out one of my favorite places and discovered they were charging 1300 extra per plate plus delivery. On a 900 jmd order adding 1300 to that is just robbery.


This app is wonderful. Clean and easy to use interface, very few glitches. The only thing is paying with card, it always takes forever and prompts me to cancel and try again, but when I leave it to process for a few more minutes, it goes through. Wish this would be fixed as it is very discouraging. I’ve cancelled my order many a time because of this message, before I figured it out.


Terrible app didn’t even contact me to tell me that my order got cancelled. Waiting so long just to find out. I recommend cutdiline or quickplates they contact customers upon order and if any altercations are needed.


I decided to write this review because I appreciate the consistency of the service 7Krave provides. At all points of contact I receive exceptional service. The web and mobile platforms are user friendly, the team that calls me(for varying reasons) are always polite and friendly and the delivery men are also friendly and ensure they represent the 7Krave brand well. The delivery time varies of course but never unreasonable based on where you’re ordering from. However if there are any delays I always get a call from the team. The food is always in the desired temperature as if I had bought it at the restaurant myself. Thanks 7Krave Team !!!


This app shot!!!!!


This is the app of the future, thank God it exist. I can sit the comfort of house and whip up a great meal for the family in just 1 min “literally.” It makes everything so easy and smooth to the touch, the user experience is beyond intuitive, it’s fluid and well organize. I did not expect so much from the menus when browsing, 7krave app appears light, but it’s riddled with depth, alot of information, and at the sametime it’s not cumbersome, it just delivers an informative experience layered underneath. Kudos to the developers, I know I’ll be lifer, and will recommend this to everyone. We don’t have an app like yelp or can Google certain restaurants here in Jamaica, so this app just bridges the gap and help us make a decision. The bikers are on time, service is emmaculate, and customer service is over the top, this is how it ought to be done. My only small gripe is that I wish it was open all day Sunday, hopefully one day.

ruddy rock

It all I use when I’m in Jamaica


We’ve been waiting and it certainly did not disappoint. Love this app and everything the company stands for. A+ in all areas


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